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Hi, I’m Neil, an ordinary guy with a passion for table games. I’ve been playing at land based and online casinos for over 25 years. Since early 2011 I started playing Live Casino online and haven’t looked back.

I’ve played at loads them and have had some really mixed experiences along the way. But I love playing online now as much as I do in a real casino.

Live Casino has really taken off in the past couple of years. New software providers are coming along and there are some really great new games and playing experiences being developed. I really enjoy trying them all out so I can then write about them in this blog. Hopefully, you’ll find the content useful.

live three card poker

My Favourite Live Casinos

I’ve played at loads of live casinos and there are a few that I keep going back to time and time again.

I really like them as they have a great selection of games, a variety of playing experiences and I get paid quickly when I win.

If you want to find out more then click on the link.

View my Favourite Live Casinos

Reviewing online live casinos

When I’m not researching online I’m playing in land based casinos in London and once a year I get to visit Las Vegas.

It’s hardly surprising that with experience comes opinions. I like to say how it is, provide the facts and leave the rest up to you.

The information on this site is factual and as unbiased as I can be.

Take some time and browse through all the information. My reviews are a good starting place.

Live Casino Games – The Best Places to Play!

Best Live Blackjack Casinos

Live Casino Blackjack

These are my best live Blackjack casinos, chosen because they cover all of the playing preferences you could want. My quick summaries will help you narrow down the best live casino to play at.


Recommended Casinos

Best Live Roulette Casinos

Live Casino Roulette

A good mix of live casinos with great roulette games that have a wide range of stake options. There are multiple betting options at most and you’ll even find La Partage being offered.


Recommended Casinos

The Best Live Baccarat Casinos

Live Casino Baccarat

Roadmaps – check. Side Bets – check. Hands dealt quickly – check. A good variety of software and dealers – check. Now with Mandarin speaking dealers at Bet365’s Emperor’s Room and Live Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming. Don’t miss out.


Recommended Casinos

The Best Live Casino Holdem Casinos

Live Casino Holdem

Low and high stakes games can be found for this single deck, single hand, multiplayer game. It’s really down to which software you prefer. I know what I like, see if you can tell.!


Recommended Casinos

The Best Live 3 Card Poker Casinos

Live 3 Card Poker

Evolution gaming has the market cornered here, so it’s all about which live casino you prefer. I like dedicated tables. Generic tables are just as good and play more quickly.


Recommended Casinos

Best Live Sic Bo Casinos

Live Sic Bo

Very popular with players from Asia. Not a great deal of choice at the moment with only one live casino offering live Sic Bo. Thankfully it’s one of the best casinos out there!


Recommended Casinos

Live Hi Lo

Live Hi-Lo

Probably the easiest live casino game to get to grips with. Very popular in land based casinos. Read how and where to play.


Recommended Casino

Best Live Caribbean Poker Casinos

Live Caribbean Poker

Live Caribbean Poker is gaining in popularity.

Now 3 live casino Software suppliers are providing this game and for the first time, it has entered mainstream European live casinos.


Recommended Casinos

bet on Poker

Bet on Poker

Another version of Texas Hold’em style poker to make it to the live casino studio.

Not the same as Casino Hold’em. On this game, you can play and bet on as many hands as you like at different times during the game round.


Recommended Casinos

Live Casino ultimate texas holdem

Live Ultimate Texas Holdem

Arguably the best version of single hand Texas Hold’em style poker.

I’ve got to say I love this game. The ability to increase your bet as you see the cards dealt is pure genius.

I love the fact that you can take a gamble & bet 4 times your initial stake. The Trips bet pays out even if the dealer beats you!.


Recommended Casinos


How can Live Casino Comparer help me?

I really want you to be able to find the answers to your questions easily and quickly so I’ve arranged the content on the site into relevant sections. Once into the guts of the site, you’ll come across multiple ways to search for what you’re after.

The panels below describe what you’ll find to help you get there more quickly. I can recommend the Lists of Live Casinos, which give a good overall summary of what you’ll find at each of the live casinos and you can drill down from there.

List of Live Casinos


List of Live Casinos

If you’re a seasoned live casino player then the summary table is probably a good place to start. The games and casino information can be sorted to display the data in the order you want. You can then choose to read my more detailed reviews of live casinos or click the “play now” button to be taken directly to the live casino you want.

View the Lists

Live Casino Reviews


Detailed Casino Reviews

I’ve recorded my experiences of playing at live casinos in a series of reviews. These are the only casinos I would recommend and cover what I think of the software, the playability, payment options, security, customer support and bonuses. All live casinos are NOT equal, so it’s worth taking the time to compare live casinos or read my reviews.

Read the Reviews

Live Casino Games


Live Casino Games

There are eleven different games currently being offered at Live Casinos (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, Sic Bo, 3 Card Poker, Dragon Tiger, Bet on Poker & Hi-Lo). Learn how to play, where the best places to play are and what game features are available at each live casino. You will find that the best games can be found across a number of live casinos!.

Live Games

List of Live Casinos


Live Casino Software

There’s a whole range of live casino software providers in the marketplace and you’ll see the same ones popping up at different live casinos. I’ve collated information on them all so you can read about what they have to offer and which casinos use their software.

Software Providers

Mobile Live Casinos


Mobile Live Casinos

Live Casino has met mobile and now you can play on the go on your tablet or mobile phone. The software providers are still developing the games, so not everything is available for all devices. See my analysis of the market to see what you can play on your mobile.

Go Mobile!

Live Casino Free Play


Live Casino Free Play

A number of live casinos offer the ability to play for free. I find this particularly useful when I’m learning a game, or just want to get used to the software. Unfortunately, not all software providers provide the facility, but I’ve found a few casinos where you can play for free.

Free Play!


How this site began

Have you ever had one of those days when you’ve been looking for something on the web and haven’t been able to find it? Well, this site is the result of one of those days.

I was looking for detailed information on the games you can play at live casinos. I wanted to find a casino that had live blackjack with side bets and used 8 decks.

After trawling through umpteen sites and registering at numerous online casinos I eventually found what I was looking for.


To cut a long story short, a few months later I started Live Casino Comparer to record all that information.

This site continues to grow as I investigate and play at live casinos in my spare time.

Hopefully, you’ll find all the information I’ve collected relevant to your search and it answers any questions you have about what makes a good casino and where it’s safe to play.

Trustworthy Live Casinos

I’ve only listed live casinos that I’ve played at and consider to be reputable.  What do I mean by reputable? – well, they have to be safe and secure, fully licensed & audited and known in the industry to be trustworthy. Above all, they must be able to demonstrate that they treat players with integrity and honesty.

Unfortunately, there are online casinos that don’t have players best interests at heart. You only have to read some of the player forums to see the ones that don’t or won’t pay if you win. I keep myself up to date with the latest news and therefore ensure that I don’t list those casinos on this site.

Reviews Explained

The casinos that I’ve rated low are still good places to play, they perhaps don’t have the range of games or all of the options you may be looking for. That’s why you should use the list to compare casinos against each other and read my reviews of live casinos for more detailed information.

I hope you find the information contained on the site useful and you find the right live casino to play at. I’m interested in any feedback you may have, so please contact me if you’d like to see any additional information added to the site, or notice any errors or omissions that should be corrected.

Playing Online should be fun!

Gambling online should be fun. This website has been put together to remove some of the stress of finding the best online Live Casinos to play at.

I’m hoping that you found this site because you were looking for advice and recommendations on where it’s safe to play.

Gambling does have its darker side, so if you’re new to playing online or indeed feeling that you are not in control of your gambling, I would encourage you to visit the Gambleaware website.

This is an independent information and support resource for gamblers and their families.