Betgames Lucky 5

Betgames Lucky 5 is a lottery based game, where coloured balls with numbers on them are drawn from a selection of 36 balls.

A draw is held every 5 mins.

If you’ve played the traditional lottery it’s all about picking the numbers you think will be drawn out.

You generally get a prize if you identify 2 or more numbers, with a jackpot being paid for picking all of them.

What’s different with this lottery based game is the number of betting combinations you can make.

Where you can play

Casino Stakes Dedicated
Bonus Countries
Bet on Poker 1 – 100
Bet on Baccarat 1 – 100
War of Bets 1 – 100
Lucky5 1 – 100
Lucky7 1 – 100
Wheel of Fortune 1 – 100
Dice 1 – 100
No No 100% Welcome bonus up to £100.


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Betgames Lucky 5

betgames lucky 5

This game is all about the betting. There are loads of different combinations that can be selected.


betgames lucky 5 Numbers bet table

White Balls

betgames lucky 5 white Balls bet table

Green Balls

betgames lucky 5 green Balls bet table

Red Balls

betgames lucky 5 red Balls bet table


Blue Ballsbetgames lucky 5 Blue Balls bet table

Different Colours

betgames lucky 5 - different colours bet table

Betting Process

You pick one or as many of the selections above.

Then you use the betting selector to select the numbers and the amount you want to bet.

betgames lucky 5 bet Slip

Press Place Bet and you’re done.

The Result

The result is displayed live on screen for only a few seconds. When the live feed disappears you get a holding image with the last 5 results.

betgames lucky 5 Results

If you miss those you can go to the Results page that’s displayed at the top of the screen.