Live Lightning Roulette: The Best Strategies Tips and Demos


What is Lightning Roulette?

Essentially, the game is much the same as standard roulette and played with the usual roulette wheel with 37 pockets divided into Green — which is zero — and Red and Black, from one to 36. What makes Lightning Roulette different is — as the name suggests — its speed and unique features like Lucky Numbers.

Lightning Roulette is essentially European Roulette but with the opportunity to win up to 500x on a straight-up number. In this regard, the Lighting Roulette rules are the same.

A straight-up win without the multiplier applied pays 29:1; in normal roulette, you’ll get 35:1.

All other bets on the roulette table pay their regular payout but don’t qualify for the multiplier win.


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Lightning Roulette Tips

Since its release by Evolution Gaming, I’ve been trying to find a Lightning Roulette strategy that will deliver a win with the 500x bet multiplier.

I’m happy to say I’ve found one, and it will get you a winning bet with a 500x bet multiplier.

However, the trick is hitting this when your bankroll is in a state to deliver you a profit.

This approach/system/strategy will help make that happen but won’t guarantee it.

In this article I’ll explain the different sort of bets you could make and how with this strategy you’ll improve your chances of getting that big payout.

lightning roulette

Live Lightning Roulette Betting System Demo

I’ve produced a video of me testing out the betting system for Lightning Roulette.

Have a look at this Lightning Roulette demo and see for yourself what actually happens.

Best Way to Bet on Lightning Roulette

How the Multipliers in Lightning Roulette work

lightning roulette multipliers

Bet multipliers of 50x 100x 200x 300x 400x 500x are assigned to up to 5 randomly selected numbers on the roulette wheel every spin.

The number selection takes place after bets have closed, so there is no way to predict how many or which numbers are being selected before you make a bet.

The multipliers are only available if you’re betting on straight-up numbers.

Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

Many players wonder if Lightning Roulette is rigged. Two areas often come in for criticism. Firstly the wheel and whether results can be influenced. Secondly, just how random are the multipliers?

Let’s deal with each one separately.

The Roulette Wheel and its operation undergo regular maintenance, following Licensing and the manufactures guidelines. The Wheel operation is checked to see if it’s in balance and rota speeds are operating within the stated tolerance. The ball is checked for size and weight. The Wheel used in Lightning Roulette is a Sealed Auto Roulette wheel, so the dealer plays no active role in spinning the wheels.

The RNG Engine used by the casino is fully tested and certified by an outside agency on behalf of the licensing body responsible for passing the game. A complete history of Results is maintained and those records can be checked to ensure the numbers selected are truly Random.

There is only one Lightning Roulette table provided by Evolution Gaming, which all online casinos use. If the game was rigged, all the casinos would be affected. Some it would benefit, some it wouldn’t, so it would become apparent very quickly if the wheels had been rigged. The Casinos wouldn’t stand for it and neither would customers who would go running to the hills. The result would be disastrous for the casinos and the supplier.

Trust is everything. I’m happy to know that the Licensing bodies and the Casinos have as much riding on clean games as players do.

In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely that lightning Roulette is rigged.

What Kinds of Live Lightning Roulette Strategy Work?

Regular Roulette strategies won’t work for this game, as most rely on you playing even money type bets.

Something like Martingale or Fibonacci won’t work when playing Lightning Roulette.

Only Straight up bets qualify for the multiplier win, so you’re looking for betting patterns that cover whole numbers only.

The choices are are:

  • Bet on a section or sections of the wheel, by this I mean the French bets:
    • Voisins du zéro (Voisins) – Covers 17 numbers on the wheel
    • Le tiers du cylindre (Tiers) – Covers 12 number on the wheel 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33.
    • Orphelins – Covers 8 numbers 17-34-6 and 1-20-14-31-9.
  • Place a bet on random numbers over the board.
  • Bet on a whole column or columns of numbers – Each column has 12 numbers so you’ll cover 1/3 or 2/3’rds of the wheel by doing this.
  • Bet on all numbers of the same colour, or all odd or even numbers. This will cover half the wheel.

All of the above cover portions of the wheel.

The coverage will determine the number of times you hit a winning number to be paid at 29:1, and within that, the number of times you hit a winning number with a multiplier.

All of the above carry a high risk of you Not getting either and, therefore, losing your bankroll quickly.

What Is a Lightning Roulette Strategy That Wins?

I want to start and say that this strategy will work.

It will get you a winning number with a bet multiplier and probably a few.

It will also get you a winning number with a 500x multiplier if you play for long enough.

What it won’t guarantee is that in the end you’ll come away with a profit.

That depends on how long it takes for you to hit the multiplier wins and the frequency of them happening with the amount of bankroll budget you have.

Unfortunately is down to “luck” and probabilities.

My Best Lightning Roulette Strategy

lightning roulette strategy bet across whole tableMy strategy is simple: you place a bet on every single straight up number.

I told you it was simple!

Now let me explain, as it’s not as crazy as you might think.

How it works

Let’s say you place £/€1 on every number. That’s a total bet of £€37.

The worse you will win on a spin is £30. That’s a single number payout at 29:1 plus your stake back, resulting in a loss of £7 a spin.

The best you can win on a spin of £37 is £501, that’s if you hit the 500x multiplier.

How often do the multipliers come in?

lightning roulette strategy statistics

If we knew that for certain, we’d all be rich!

My advice is to look at the stats for the wheel.

You can go back as far as the last 500 spins and see how often the multipliers have been winning numbers. You can also see what multiplier was applied.

In the random screenshot above, you can see the multiplier was hit 10 times in 200 spins. One of them is at 500x and the others were all 100x, except one that was 50x.

We can use that as an example and do some math

I’m working on the assumption that a multiplier spin is hit every 20 spins on average, and the average payout over 10 multiplier wins for the multiplier is £135. As the loss on each non-multiplier spin is £7, you’ll need £140 before the first multiplier hits.

The win tops up the balance to £135. If this sequence occurs for 200 spins, you’ll need to start with a bankroll of about £210 or £250 to be safe.

This information is to guide you. In reality, multipliers don’t hit in a pattern. So my advice is double that starting bankroll to make sure you can get to the end of the 200 spins. In the example, you’d be in a profit of £30 after 200 spins.

The Reality

Now you’ve seen the theory, I want to talk briefly about the reality.

I’ve run a few sessions using the betting system. In the first session, I made small bets because my bankroll was quite small. I hit 50x and 100x multipliers, and one 250x. They came spaced out but not so far as to leave my balance too low. I had about 60 minutes’ play and ended up even.

My next session was using a larger bankroll.

I didn’t hit a multiplier for over 40 spins. When it did come in, it was 50x. The next I hit was after another 30 spins and was 100x.

As you can imagine, my balance was reducing at a steady rate. I played for about an hour and, quite honestly, I got bored. Nothing was happening and my bankroll reduced by half. I decamped and went to play some live Blackjack — and I managed to completely lose everything!

Later, I came back to Lightning Roulette and looked at the stats and my overall Lightning Roulette Strategy. Had I stayed there, I would have hit a 250x some 20 spins later. But no 500x.

Later that evening I went back again and there was a 500x hit. I think it would have been touch and go whether my bankroll would have lasted that long.

This is what I think – The bottom line

Having played quite a bit of lightning roulette I’ve concluded that it’s a marketing man’s dream.

Who wouldn’t want to play for a 500x win.!

The reality is it plays like a badly designed slot.

Let me explain

With a slot, you place a wager and spin the wheels. That’s one wager, one spin. With Lightning Roulette, you place one wager and then there are two spins before the outcome is known: one to select the multiplier numbers and one to select the final winning number. That one wager has to win twice for you to win! The odds are already stacked against you.

I got bored very easily, as the multipliers didn’t come in regularly enough to keep me interested.
Having five multiplier numbers every game would improve your chances, but that doesn’t happen that often.

If you want some side-bet action, it may be okay, but the 29:1 payout for a straight-up number is just poor when you can get 35-1 on normal tables.

My Final Word

Play Lightning Roulette for fun, no strategy or system will deliver you a profit, unless you hit the 500x in the first 20 spins.

If you use a system, make sure you have enough bankroll to cover the dead spins.

The 50x 100x wins don’t pay much when you think that normal roulette pays 35:1 anyway.

The 500x win is not life-changing unless you hit it on the first few spins with a large stake.

Slots may be a better option for you if you like big wins from a small stake.

If you want another live game, and one with huge potential, look no further than Live Monopoly Dream Catcher Edition. This game has an RNG bonus round that can pay out up to £500,000. However, you’ll need a decent playing strategy to get the bonus round.

Casinos You Can Use This Lightning Roulette Strategy At

Not all but most Evolution Live Casinos have Lightning Roulette. I’d recommend two casinos.

The Best Lightning Roulette Casinos 2020

Mr Green has a good low minimum bet of 0.20 a spin, making it a great place to test this strategy.

Unibet has a great selection of Roulette tables including Lightning Roulette. Stakes go as high as 10K.

Both have speedy payouts.