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Imagine Live Casino Review

Imagine Live, formally known as Digitain Live Casino, is an Armenian Live Casino provider with a strong pedigree.

Founded in 2020, this live casino operator is an innovator, choosing to put customer and player requirements first rather than blindly following their competitors.

Although relatively new, we already see premium product design aligned with innovation. The introduction of Robot Camera arms on Baccarat and Blackjack, and a commitment to provide Blackjack tables with low minimum stakes for 2023 set Imagine Live apart.

The team and live casino studios are based in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

imagine live casino

Imagine Live By The Numbers

  • Studio based in Yerevan, Armenia.
  • Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette currently live.
  • Multiplier Roulette – Dynamite Roulette.
  • Currently, five more licence applications are in progress.
  • Auto sorting Blackjack Lobby.
  • Low-stakes Blackjack tables.
  • Robotic Camera arms provide sleek zoomed-in images.
  • New Studio opening in Romania.

Imagine Live Blackjack

Imagine Live has committed to always having enough low-stakes seats on their Blackjack tables. This is quite a statement. No Bet Behind or scalable Blackjack options exists. The thinking behind this is players don’t like Scalable Blackjack, and Bet Behind provides a poor playing experience,  so neither is needed if there are enough seats on regular tables!

What’s more, Imagine Live are the only provider to offer true Las Vegas Rules regarding the Dealer peeking for Blackjack. Most Blackjack games only have the dealer peeking for BJ if his upcard is an Ace. Imagine offers this if the upcard is also a face card.

Blackjack Details

  • Eight Deck Shoes.
  • Vegas Rule’s inc dealer Peek for BJ on Face cards.
  • Double on any card.
  • Split Aces get one card.
  • Doubles on Splits.
  • Side bets – 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.
  • No Bet Behind.
  • Low minimum stakes on all tables.
  • The RTP is 99.45%.
  • Auto Hit and Auto Stand feature.

Another unique feature, and not one used that frequently, is the disconnection policy, i.e. what happens to your hand if you’re disconnected while playing?

Unlike other live casino providers, Imagine Live has an in-built feature which, if the player fails to act, will Auto Hit the hand until the value exceeds 11, at which point the hand will stand. That way, you stay in hand, rather than it being mucked and you lose your initial stake.

imagine live blackjack
imagine live blackjack robot arm

Imagine Live Roulette

Currently, there are three Roulette options, all based on single zero European Roulette. Gold Roulette is a multi-camera, immersive game, while Classic Roulette has more static camera angles.

Auto roulette is another option for those that like a quicker game without a dealer/presenter.

Of course, Roulette wouldn’t be the same these days without a multiplier version. Imagine Live Dynamite Roulette is a multiplier roulette. It offers up to ten multipliers from 50x to 1000x each game round. The multipliers are only active on Straight-up bets, which have a base payout of 29:1.

Roulette Details

  • European Single Zero Roulette
  • Two live dealer wheels – Gold and Classic.
  • Two Auto Roulette Wheels.
  • Dynamite Roulette – Multiplier roulette with a max payout of 1000x.
  • The RTP is 97.30%.

imagine live gold roulette
imagine live dynamite roulette

Imagine Live Baccarat

Baccarat comes in two versions. Gold Baccarat uses a Robotic Camera Arm to zoom into the cards on the table.

Speed Baccarat has the traditional camera setup.

Both games have 15 seconds of betting time, and game rounds take about 38 seconds.

Banker and Player Pair Side bets and the range Egalite bet for ties are available.

Baccarat Game Details

  • Baccarat is played with an eight-deck shoe, which is changed when one deck remains.
  • Cards are “burnt” at the beginning of each new shoe.
  • Player and Banker Pair Side bets.
  • Unique Egalite Range Side bets for Ties up to 160:1.
  • The RTP is 98.76 Player, Banker at 98.94%, and Tie at 85.64%.
  • Tie Pays 8:1.

imagine live gold baccarat
baccarat with Robot Arm

Innovations and USPs

The most prominent innovation coming from Imagine Live is using a Robot Arm.

It was first introduced to hold a camera on the Gold Baccarat table. Rather than multiple cameras and angles, the camera is mounted on a robotic arm, which moves into the cards giving close-up images. This has several benefits, 1. There is no need for lots of cameras, 2. there is no need to use computer-generated images in the mobile playing interface – you can see the cards. 3. Reduces the use of camera jigs and cabling in the studios.

The Robot Arm is also going to be used for Blackjack. It will have a camera mounted at the end of the arm and be programmed to zoom into each playing position as players make their decisions. The dealer always looks at the player, whether they are sitting in box 1 or 7.


The Lobby has an inbuilt Auto Sort facility that presents the tables in the order where seats are available first. There’s no wading through full tables to find a seat as they are correct before you. This is a nice player-friendly touch.

As all Blackjack tables are low stakes, there is no need for min bet filter buttons.

Games & Studio Roadmap

The new games roadmap for 2023 looks like this.

  • Dynamite Roulette. It was launched at the ICE conference in February 2023.
  • 2nd Auto Roulette Wheel.
  • Dragon Tiger.
  • Speed Roulette
  • Pirates Plunder – A big wheel game show
  • Multiplier Sic-Bo 102 (102 betting positions)
  • American Roulette
  • Andar Bahar
  • Teen Pati
  • New Poker Variant
  • Casino Hold’em


The main studio is at Digitain’s head office in Yerevan, Armenia.

A new purpose-built studio is currently under construction on the same site and will open in April 2023. Phase 1 will include a 4-table dedicated area for one partner, a new Asian area (China Town) with Dragon Tiger, Sic-Bo and a 3rd Baccarat, American Roulette and a further 13 blackjack tables. July, the 2nd phase will deliver an additional 25 blackjack tables.

A new studio in Romania will be operational by the end of 2023

Video Review

imagine live video review


Imagine Live has a refreshing outlook for developing live casino games.

While starting with the traditional three, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, they have already shown they are not afraid to buck convention and give players what they want.

That means loads of low-stakes blackjack tables, no bet behind options, and genuine American-style blackjack.

Robot arms deliver unique camera views and a lobby focused on getting players to the first available seat as soon as possible.

They don’t intend to be driven by what their competitors are doing and have a roadmap that meets the requirements of their customers while developing games that no one else has.

Dynamite is the code word for multipliers, so we’re likely to see more Dynamite games launched, as this game genre is popular among players that like more volatile games and the chance to win big!

The expansion plans for Imagine Live are impressive and very much in progress, with all the new studios being fully operational by the end of 2023.