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Evolution Live Roulette

evo roulette video

  • Evolution has produced 9 different versions of live roulette.
  • Roulette is their most popular game.
  • 1000’s of players can play at the same table.
  • Evolution uses Roulette wheels made by TCSJOHNHUXLEY & Cammagh.
  • The wheels and dealers are monitored to maintain the integrity of the game.
  • The Dealer alternates the spin direction for every spin on most wheels.
  • The wheels are checked for Bias during maintenance.
  • The balls are checked for conformity every time they are changed.
  • The dealers go through extensive training.
  • The RTP for European Roulette is 97.3%.
  • The RTP for American Roulette is 94.74%.


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  • Evolution & Pragmatic Games
  • Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Monopoly.
  • Double Ball & Lightning Roulette.

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  • Evolution Crazy Time.
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  • Evolution Live Casino provider.
  • Crazy Time, Funky Time, Lightning Roulette.
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Evolution has produced 9 different playing versions of live roulette.

Whether you like fast games, playing with studio dealers, or on tables streamed from land-based casinos, there’s something for everyone.

It’s Evolution Gaming’s most popular live casino game by a mile. You only have to look at players’ numbers at each table in the Roulette lobby to see what I mean.

Rather surprisingly Automatic Roulette gets the most players. I’ll explain later why I think that is.

Every game is essentially the same, the differences come with how the game is presented and some of the rules available on certain tables.

I’ve produced this comprehensive review to explain the different versions and how they compare with each other.

Playing Interface

There’s 3 different screen layouts to choose from. Classic view is normally displayed if your connection speed is low.

Evolution Roulette

Multi-Camera View

Evolution Roulette

The Multi-Camera view takes its lead from Immersive Roulette.

Multiple HD camera views are automatically switched during the game round to give you the best view of the table and wheel.

Even the most experienced dealer has fun trying to catch the right camera to look into.

3D View

evolution roulette 3d view

The 3D View gives a more traditional view of the table with the betting grids and racetrack permanently displayed on the table.

The cameras are static and you’ll be lucky if the dealer makes eye contact with you.

Classic View

evolution roulette with live dealer in classic mode

The Classic view is primarily used when connection speeds are low as the interface uses less video bandwidth.

However, the great thing about this interface is all the playing options and chat are permanently displayed without being overlaid on the wheel.

I use this when I want to chat with the dealer and see what other people are saying as I play.

Placing Bets

Bets can be placed individually on the main betting grid and by using the racetrack. With this, you’re able to bet on one number and include up to 9 neighbours.

Evolution roulette betting grid

Special Bets & Statistics

evolution roulette statistics

On the special bets interface you can make complete number bets, Finale En Plein and Finales En Cheval.

Previous results statistics are available up to the last 500 spins, with information on number dispersion across the wheel and how often the different sectors are being hit.

You can use the Statistics interface to place bets.

The Save favourite bets function is a useful tool if you have a favourite layout.

You’re able to reuse that layout on any table at the same casino.

Mobile Evolution Roulette

Mobile players are well taken care of. The playing interface has been developed in HTML5 so it can adapt to any device type.

However, I’ve experienced intermittent results with some of the older Android devices I’ve been using to test with.

It would seem some of them don’t like switching between Landscape and Portrait modes. So watch out for that.

As a general rule you’ll also see slight differences between the playing interface on Tablet and Mobile devices. That’s primarily to do with optimisation for the different screen sizes.


Tablet Interface

evolution roulette mobile

Evolution Roulette can be played with the tablet in horizontal or vertical orientation with the choice of two game modes: Video Mode and Auto Zoom Mode.

Video Mode – this is the default mode. You tap the Play button and the video stream starts. In this mode, you see live video of the wheel and the dealer is in a small area in the top half of the screen.

Auto Zoom Mode – enlarges the video automatically to full screen during the wheel spin, then minimizes the video when the ball has landed in the pocket in 3D or Classic View.

You also have the option to choose between Classic and Multi Camera views of the table.

Smartphone Interface

The Smartphone interface is a bit funkier and Evolution has done a pretty good job of squeezing in all the functionality on such a small device.

You can view the table in both Portrait and Landscape modes.

The betting grid takes up the whole screen.

For the video, you can select between full-screen mode and a smaller mode which floats the video over the betting grid. You can move it around with your finger, or get rid of it completely.

This works well in either screen orientations.

Evolution European Live Roulette

Evolution Live Roulette

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This is Evolution live roulette in its native form. It’s European Roulette that can be played in three viewing modes; Classic, 3D and Multi Camera.

You might hear it referred to as Immersive Lite and that’s a throwback to when the multi-camera version was first released during 2015.

The viewing modes are configurable by the casinos, so you’ll find some haven’t taken either the 3D or Multi-Camera view. I’m not certain why!

The live dealer is seated at a real table, although size-wise it’s smaller than a normal land-based table.

Betting time is around 17 seconds with a whole game round taking about 45 seconds.

Evolution American Roulette

Evolution American Roulette

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American Roulette is the latest addition to Evolution’s Live Roulette stable.

This version is played with two zeros on the wheel, a single zero and double zero. The effect of this is to reduce the RTP to 94.74%.

If you had to choose a game of roulette this would not be it. The RTP on European Roulette is far superior at 97.3%.

There are players that like playing this version and surprisingly you can find in in European land-based casinos as well as on the strip in Las Vegas.

The live dealer stands beside the table, rather than being seated.

The table also has its own studio area with American type branding to give it a more authentic feel.

Betting time is around 17 seconds with a whole game round taking about 45 seconds.

Evolution Speed Roulette

Evolution Speed Roulette

Evolution developed Speed Roulette to give players a faster playing experience. It’s the fastest game of roulette you’ll find online.

Betting time is 10 seconds while the whole game takes 25 seconds.

There is no full or half table as with other versions. The dealer sits at a wheel and spins the ball from there, very similar to Immersive Roulette.

Play at

Evolution Immersive Roulette

Evolution Immersive Roulette

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Immersive Roulette was a ground breaking concept when it was first released and it wasn’t long before copy cats appeared.

What’s different was the introduction of multi HD cameras giving different views of the tables and wheel during gameplay.

Slow-motion replays were added to give Immersive roulette its special feel.

Even now, the Immersive wheel is kept in its own dedicated area within the Riga Studio.

There’s no roulette table, the dealer sits at the wheel and makes the spins. Previous results are displayed on the screen and also on a BillBoard to the side of the dealer. Very similar to the ones you see in land-based casinos.

The roulette dealer is normally very chatty and because the table is in its own area it’s much easier to hear what they are saying. It’s probably the table that has the most interaction with players.

Game rounds take about 48 seconds with a betting time of around 25 seconds.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette

Evolution Double Ball Roulette

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Double Ball Roulette is exclusive to Evolution Roulette. Two balls are fired into the wheel using a firing mechanism developed by Evolution#s technicians.

There is a 1300:1 Payout for both balls landing the same number.

It happens more often than you would believe. But you’ve got to pick the right number first!

Game rounds take about 40 seconds with a betting time of approx 18 seconds.

It’s another version that only has a roulette wheel.

The theoretical payout for inside bets is 94.67%-97.22% & Outside bets is 94.67%-97.30% .

The theoretical payout for a Double Ball Jackpot is 95.03%.

Evolution Lightning Roulette

lightning roulette

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Lightning Roulette is Evolution’s latest generation of live roulette where wins are enhanced with Multipliers.

The game is based on European Roulette but with a twist.

Up to five numbers are selected when the betting time has completed and are assigned win Multipliers. These range from 50x to 500x.

If you’re lucky enough to have bet on one of these numbers and it comes in, you win!

The facility is only available on Straight up bets. A normal straight up win will pay 29:1 rather than the standard 35:1, so it’s not the best game in terms of return.

The multipliers don’t hit as regularly as you would think.

I’ve produced a lightning roulette review and strategy video that explains how to play and what happens when you chase the 500x win.

Most Evolution casinos carry the game, but it’s optional so you may find some that don’t.

Xxxtreme lightning Roulette is an alternative game, that is aimed at players that like a more volatile game. Play only if you’re prepared to lose more than you win!

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette

gold bar roulette

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Evolution Gold Bar Roulette is another multiplier game of roulette, but with the unique feature of being able to carry forward multipliers to future game rounds.

It’s not clear how this will work, but we’re promised much bigger multipliers than lightning roulette.

This game is likely to be out during the course of 2022.

Evolution Dual Play Roulette

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Dual Play Roulette is Evolution’s land based streamed solution.

They fit a camera rig around a table in a land-based casino, connect up some technology to read the results of the roulette wheel and bingo, they can stream the table in real-time online.

An unlimited number of online players can play alongside land-based players.

Evolution is not the first to do this, but they were the first to stream HD quality pictures.

All tables are European Roulette and come from very well known casino brands across Europe, with the UK and London having the lions share of tables.

Currently, you can play at the tables from The Dragonara Casino in Malta, The Grosvenor Casino in London, The Hippodrome Casino in London, The Ritz in London, the Grand Casino in Bucharest, and the Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Portomaso, Ezugi and Authentic Gaming all have similar roulette products, with the Authentic solution probably pipping Evolution on the options in their playing interface.

Evolution Automatic Roulette

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Automatic Roulette isn’t a strange concept.

If you’ve played in a land-based casino you’ll see lots of people playing the Auto Roulette wheels when the regular tables are too busy to get near.

In Automatic Roulette, a real wheel is housed in a sealed case. The wheel is controlled using compressed air. A vacuum sucks the ball from the wheel panda puff of air is used to fire it around the edge, while the wheel is spun in the opposite direction.

Evolution provides 3 different versions. Depending on where you play you’ll see them labeled as Automatic or Slingshot roulette.

  • Auto Roulette – normally has a low minimum bet.
  • VIP Auto Roulette – the minimum bet is normally double the Auto Roulette minimum.
  • Auto Roulette La Partage – has a French layout and the La Partage rule is in operation.

All the games run at about the same speed as the studio live roulette, with a betting time of 17 seconds and a game round taking 45 seconds.

Evolution French Roulette

Evolution French Gold Roulette

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Live Roulette wouldn’t be faithful to it’s roots without French Live Roulette.

Evolution has produced a French Layout table skin with some extra software to handle the La Partage rule that’s in operation on the table.

This is where you get half your stake back if the ball lands in Zero on any even money bets you have placed.

They haven’t include En Prison, which is something you’ll find at the Authentic Gaming Superieur Table streamed from the St Vincent Casino.

In all other aspects the game is the same as regular Evolution Live Roulette.

Evolution Native Language Roulette

Native Language tables have been created to meet the demand of players from non-English speaking countries.

Localised Roulette is very popular as you can see from the different number of languages now being catered for.

With one or two small exceptions, all the Native Language tables are located in Malta studio.

Arabic, Francophone, Bucharest (Romanian), Flemish, Venezia (Italian), Ruletka Live (Russian), Dansk (Danish), Greek, Turkce (Turkish), Ruleta en Vivo (Spanish), Deutsches (German), Svensk (Swedish), Flemish, Norske (Norwegian), Finnish (Suomalainen_Ruletti), Francais (French) and Polish.

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Evolution Dedicated Roulette Tables

Dedicated Tables are created specifically for individual casino Brands.

They are fully branded and normally use the same set of dealers. The roulette tables are often located in specific dedicated studio areas for a casino brand.

Some house just a couple of tables, while others have dozens.

These tables are only for use by the casino’s own players only, so the casino is more likely to and able to run on table promotions. Everything is on-brand to make the playing experience more immersive for players.

Given the choice, I’d always play on one of the branded tables.

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Evolution Roulette Summary

Evolution has long been the leader when it comes to developing live dealer Roulette games.

While there were not the first to implement Land-Based Streaming, their Dual Play Roulette was the first to give near studio-quality images with a standard playing interface.

This product gives a new definition to live roulette that is seeing it’s competitors now further developing the concept.

No one can touch Evolution Speed Roulette if you want a quick game. It’s the fastest there is. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it serves a section of the player community very well.

A game can be made by the presenter.

I generally find and this is a good rule of thumb, if you want a good dealer, who’s engaged with the players and will chat more, play at one of the dedicated tables.

The presenters on these tables tend to be the more experienced and confident dealers, and in terms of the internal pecking order at Evolution, these are the tables that the dealers aspire to be on.

I can’t really criticise Evolution Roulette.

It’s a good slick product that does its job very well and there is a game for every type of player.