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Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Live – What we Know So Far

Gold Bar Roulette Live is a new live casino game by Evolution, due for release in 2022.

The exact date of release is unknown, so check back here regularly as I’ll be updating this article as more information becomes known.

If there is one thing we are being told about Gold Bar Roulette is it’s the first big innovation since lightning roulette that will take live roulette by storm.

The game is set to be huge!

Date of Release for Gold Bar Roulette – Sometime during 2022.

evolution gold bar roulette

What is Gold Bar Roulette?

Gold Bar Roulette is a new live casino game from Evolution, that contains multipliers like no other game before it.

Every time you win we’re promised that something awesome will happen!

Evolution has clearly lavished lots of money and development time into this game as the early glimpse of the Gold Bar Roulette studio is very impressive.

The roulette wheel sits in front of an open gold bullion vault, with its thick door wide open revealing the golden ingot bars inside.

Down each side are lockers containing gold bars, but it’s not clear whether these play any role in the new game.

gold bar roulette logo

Gold Bar Roulette Multipliers

Early hints suggest the multiplier values will be “Skys the Limit”, meaning there is no limit on how high they can get.

We’re also being teased with a new game mechanic that requires operators to have installed Evolutions Bonus Engine, as it’s hinted that multipliers can be carried over to future spins. Perhaps it’s a bit like Lightning Blackjack, where that functionality is already in use.

Gold Bar Roulette Strategies

Undoubtedly playing strategies will be needed when playing Gold Bar Roulette. It’s difficult to say what these may be, but my best guess is you’ll need something to help you pick the result so you get the chance of getting a multiplier.

How to play the multipliers will very much depend on how the game is constructed.

evo gold bar roulette live


Evolution Gold Bar Roulette live is set to be a monster game. Not much information has been forthcoming since Todd Haushalter made the announcement on the 8th of February 2022.

However, we’re led to believe that within a few months more information will be available, and you’ll read it first here.