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Live Multiplier Blackjack Games: A Comparison Guide

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Introduction To Live Multiplier Blackjack

Live multiplier Blackjack continues to grow in popularity, and more game developers than ever are coming out with their versions and putting their unique spins on the concept.

While standard Blackjack remains one of the most popular live dealer games worldwide, multiplier Blackjack attracts many players due to the enhanced payouts on offer.

I will show you the market’s three main multiplier Blackjack games.

I’ll cover the ins and outs of each, look at how the multipliers work, show you the odds and RTPs, and how they compare with each other.

To preface this guide, I recommend against playing multiplier Blackjack.

While payouts can look appealing on the surface, the reality is these games carry a very high house edge, and, in my opinion, the whole multiplier concept is gimmicky.

To kick things off, I will tell you what multiplier Blackjack is.

What Is Multiplier Blackjack?

The payouts are low when you play standard Blackjack; unless you’re playing optional side bets, the most you can win is 3:2 for a Blackjack.

While this suits the vast majority of gamblers just fine, many players want the chance of winning more significant amounts of money, and that’s where multiplier Blackjack comes into play.

Multiplier Blackjack features multipliers that can multiply your winnings. Most game developers make you place an additional side bet – used to fund the multipliers.

If you win a hand with an active multiplier, it’s applied to your win. This significantly increases the amount of money you can win from a single hand.

However, game developers have had to get creative to compensate for the (potentially) higher payouts.

With Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack, for example, you need to pay a whopping 100% fee – equal to your main bet – to qualify for the multiplier bonus.

So, unfortunately, the games can cost you a lot of money if you encounter an unlucky streak.

The Three Main Multiplier Blackjack Games

There are three Multiplier Live Blackjack games in the market.

Two are from leading suppliers, Evolution and Playtech. The third is from a new entrant, Stakelogic, hoping to grab market share!

Below, I explain how these three games work and provide basic information so you can make an informed decision if you fancy playing a few hands.

Lightning Blackjack – Evolution

lightning blackjack cards dealt

Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack carries a similar theme to the one found in their hugely-successful Lightning Roulette game, which uses multipliers to increase potential wins.

The game uses one of Evolution’s scalable Blackjack tables, which ensures an unlimited number of players can play the game.

To qualify for the multipliers, you need to place a side bet; doing so will allow you to collect a 2X to 25X multiplier on your payout if you win two consecutive hands.

Thankfully, no other significant rule changes are present in the game, and it’s easy to pick up, regardless of whether you’re a brand-new or experienced player.

How The Multipliers Work

To qualify for the multipliers in Lightning Blackjack, you’ll need to pay a mandatory 100% fee – equal to your main bet.

A multiplier will come into play – randomly – once betting has closed to each hand value for that specific game round.

You can view these behind the dealer. There are six different multiplier sets available.

If your hand beats the dealer, the standard 1:1 payout applies. In addition, the multiplier from the previous round will appear and carry over to the next hand you play.

If you win the next hand – with an active multiplier – your Blackjack bet benefits from this boosted multiplier.

So, for example, if you placed a £5 bet, and the multiplier was 10X, you’ll win 10:1 rather than 1:1.

While it can sound complicated, I feel it’s pretty easy to pick up, and it didn’t take me long to get to grips with how it worked when I first played.

Odds and RTPs

When I first saw the average RTP of Lightning Blackjack, I was pleasantly surprised. Evolution claims it’s 99.56%!

However, further examination reveals that this RTP only applies to the first-hand dealt from the shoe. Subsequent hands dealt must consider the lightning fee (the side bet) and multipliers. This means the RTP varies significantly, and it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the exact RTP as there are several variables.

Wizard of Odds ran some calculations and determined the house edge likely sits at around 17.6%; I find this shocking, and it means the realistic RTP is 82.4%.

Evolution has, essentially, built a money-printing machine!

Regarding payouts, non-multiplier winning hands are worth 1:1, as in standard Blackjack. A Blackjack pays 3:2, and insurance is available for 2:1.

The multiplier payouts vary depending on what’s been assigned to you; they range from 2X to 25X.


One thing I like about Evolution is that they always provide detailed strategy guides for their games. This helps ensure you’re following an optimal strategy, which you can find buried in the help files.

What complicates matters in Lightning Blackjack is that the strategy you should follow changes depending on the multipliers you’ve been assigned.

Furthermore, following the basic Blackjack strategy won’t work because you have to win two consecutive hands to enjoy the multiplier wins.

I’ve found this means you often have to end up doubling down and splitting hands you wouldn’t usually. I also found that you’ll need to “hit” in situations where you’d stand in standard Blackjack.

The strategy chart is very long and needs clarification, so I will not post it here. However, you can view it here if you want to check it out.

Super Stake Blackjack – Stakelogic Live

super stake blackjack multiplier in hand

Super Stake Blackjack is the second live game from Stakelogic to utilise its innovative Super Stake mechanic.

I first saw it offered in Super Stake Roulette, and while I don’t think the game took off as much as it could have, it set a precedent, and the game developer will continue to release games with multiplier mechanics in the future.

When I first saw Super Stake Blackjack, I thought it was a clone of Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack. However, on further inspection, I noticed some unique differences. I still don’t recommend playing it, though, for reasons I’ll explain shortly.

Super Stake Blackjack is a classic game of Blackjack, although players can win multiplier payouts on hands that contain unique golden cards.

In addition, it’s on a scalable table so unlimited players can play simultaneously.

The multiplier ranges between 2X and 30X, and I will explain how the multiplier mechanic works in the section below.

How The Multipliers Work

To qualify for the Super Stake Blackjack multipliers, you must place a 50% “Super Stake Fee”.

You pay this at the beginning of the game round before the hand begins. Then, a random number generator will select six random cards once the betting has closed, which appear behind the dealer.

Each card will have a random multiplier of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 8X, 10X, 12X, 15X, or 30X.

Cards with multipliers become known as the “golden cards’ ‘, and if they’re dealt to anyone, they will turn gold.

The game begins as a standard Blackjack game would. Only your first two cards qualify for the golden cards. If you hit and pull a golden card later, it doesn’t apply a multiplier to your winnings.

If you win your hand – and it contains a golden card – your main bet will benefit from the multiplier value selected before the round begins.

However, I don’t like that you don’t get your Super Stake “fee” back when you win.

Odds and RTPs

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find as much information about the odds and RTP as I could for Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack.

Super Stake Blackjack has a standard payout of 1:1 – the same you’d find in conventional Blackjack games.

However, you must remember that you’re effectively only being paid out at 0.5:1, as the mandatory “fee” costs 50% of your bet.

As a result, this game gets incredibly expensive very quickly, especially if you go on a losing streak and fail to hit any multiplier wins.

Another concern of mine is the game’s RTP.

Blackjack is famous for its high RTP, and it’s one of the reasons why so many players prefer it over other casino table games like Roulette.

Stakelogic claims that the RTP is 98.01%, but that’s only if you play to optimal strategy.

Regular Blackjack games generally hover around the 99% mark, and you don’t get odds of just 0.5:1.

I’m hoping you can already start to see the issues I have with Super Stake Blackjack.


One of the only things I like about Super Stake Blackjack is that, unlike Evolution, they’ve ensured that standard Blackjack’s basic strategy applies.

This means there are no additional strategies you need to be aware of.

So instead, load up any Blackjack basic strategy chart, and follow the decisions; they’ll work for you in Super Stake Blackjack.

If you’re interested, Stakelogic has also put together its strategy guide, which you can read here.

Quantum Blackjack Plus – Playtech

full screen playtech quantum blackjack plus

Playtech’s Live Quantum Blackjack Plus is a unique, enhanced version of their previous Quantum Blackjack.

Playtech has done an excellent job of keeping up with the primary player, Evolution. While their successes in developing casino table games and video slots have declined recently, their live products are generally solid.

Quantum Blackjack Plus uses a six-deck shoe, and each deck contains 52 cards.

In addition, Quantum Blackjack Plus brings bigger multipliers into the mix, which can be worth between 2.5X and 10X.

Aside from these added multipliers, the Blackjack game has primarily stayed the same. However, I do want to address a couple of differences.

Firstly, the dealer pushes on a 3-card bust, regardless of your hand-holding.

However, if your hand contains a multiplier, you will still win.

Also, if you win a hand with a multiplier, you don’t get your stake back – something I can’t say I’m a fan of.

How The Multipliers Work

Before a game round begins, the random number generator selects three or five cards inside the dealing shoe.

These cards become multipliers for that specific round, and one value of either 2.5X, 3X, 5X or 10X applies to all cards.

Once the game begins, if a player receives a card with one or more multipliers, their winnings multiply by the cumulative total of the multipliers.

The multipliers apply if the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand or if the dealer busts with three or more cards.

If a player holds more than one multiplier in their hand, the multipliers combine, so it’s possible to get a total multiplier of 50X.

Aside from the multipliers, the main difference in the game is a push if the dealer busts with three cards.

Odds and RTPs

On paper, Quantum Blackjack Plus looks pretty good!

The advertised RTP is 99.57%, which is excellent for a multiplier Blackjack game. The multipliers are already included in this RTP.

However, the RTP doesn’t feel near this high when you’re playing. As a result of the new pushing rule, a lot of hands end up in pushes, and while you get your stake back, you essentially have to wait for the dealer to bust with four or more cards before you have a chance of winning your main stake back.

Of course, the RTP will be accurate long-term, but I must be honest and say it doesn’t feel like it when I play.

If you choose to play the optional side bets, you WILL lose a lot of money unless you get fortunate and hit a succession of multipliers.

Non-multiplier winning hands payout at 1:1, and Blackjack pays at 3:2.

If you’re interested in the side bets – Perfect Pairs and 21+3 – the RTPs are 93.89% and 95.38%, respectively. Payouts vary between 6:1 and 100:1, depending on the cards you’re dealt.


As we saw with Stakelogic’s Super Stake Blackjack, basic strategy rules apply in Quantum Blackjack Plus.

This is something I’m happy to see – and the only change in rules is the lack of a payout when the dealer busts with three cards.

However, while you should be following basic strategy while playing Quantum Blackjack Plus, don’t kid yourself. Having an active multiplier in your hand will make you play differently, especially if it’s a big multiplier.

While I’d still advise following a basic strategy, I know how hard it is to hit 15s and 16s when holding a high multiplier.

How These Games Compare

So far, I’ve talked about three games; Lightning Blackjack, Super Stake Blackjack, and Quantum Blackjack Plus.

These are the three leading multiplier Blackjack games on the market today. However, I expect to see more appearing, as they’re a big money maker for online casinos and game developers.

While each game carries the same central theme, multipliers, there are slight differences in how they play and what rules and strategies apply.

Below, I show how the games compare with each other.

How The Multipliers Are Paid For

Adding multipliers in these live Blackjack games means there is, undoubtedly, more considerable win potential.

So, where does the money come from to pay for these multipliers?

Naturally, game developers and online casinos aren’t happy to lose more money to benefit the player!

Below, I show you how each of the three games pays for the multiplier payouts.

  • Lightning Blackjack: You pay a “Lightning Fee” on every hand in Lightning Blackjack. This is equal to 100% of your main bet.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: Super Stake Blackjack charges a fee, although it’s half the cost of Lightning Blackjack. You must place an additional side bet worth 50% of your main bet.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus doesn’t charge a fee. They cover their multiplier expenses in another way, which I’ll discuss shortly.

The Maximum Multiplier Achievable

While each multiplier Blackjack game boasts large multipliers, the reality is that the maximum multiplier can vary quite a lot.

Below, I’ll walk you through the top multipliers achievable on the three games.

  • Lightning Blackjack: The highest possible multiplier you can hit in Lightning Blackjack is 25X.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: In Super Stake Blackjack, the most significant multiplier you can achieve is 60X. Combining multiplier values in your hand leads to bigger multipliers.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus boasts the most significant potential, with a maximum multiplier value of 1,000X

The RTPs

Pinpointing the exact RTP of each multiplier Blackjack game can be challenging.

The advertised RTPs often look great, but they need to consider the wins with multipliers. I’ll show you the published RTP figures from the game developers below.

  • Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack has an advertised RTP of 99.56%. However, this RTP is only valid on the first-hand dealt from the shoe. Subsequent hands will have lower RTPs.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: Super Stake Blackjack has an advertised RTP of 98.01%.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus has a main-hand RTP of 99.47%, although when I played, it didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere near this.

Side Bets

Side bets are a popular option for many Blackjack players. Not only do they add to the excitement, but they also increase the amount of win potential- often by a lot.

While I generally avoid them (the house edges can be incredibly high), they’re sometimes a bit of fun. Below, I’ll walk you through the games’ side bets (if any).

  • Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack does not offer any additional side bets.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: Super Stake Blackjack offers four side bets; Golden Pairs, Golden 3, “3”, and Buzz-T. The most significant side bet payout comes with playing Buzz-T and busting out with eight or more cards. Doing so will award 250:1.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus offers two side bets – both ones you’ll probably be familiar with; Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The RTP of the Perfect Pairs side bet is low – 93.89% – while the 21+3 side bet’s RTP is slightly better, at 95.38%.

Dealing Shoe

Players have differing opinions when it comes to manual vs automatic card shufflers and shoes. There’s also no “one-size-fits-all” approach in the live Gaming world, and different game developers take different approaches.

I like a manual shoe and shuffle, as it better emulates the feeling of being in a high-end land-based casino. However, I understand why others would prefer automation, as it speeds things up significantly!

Below, I compare how the three games deal their cards.

  • Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack uses a manual dealing shoe.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: Super Stake Blackjack uses a manual dealing shoe.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus is the only game with an automatic shuffler. Therefore, every completed game leads to a shuffle.

Which Strategy To Use

When playing Blackjack, I strongly advise you to follow a basic strategy chart.

These charts outline the best-possible mathematical decisions you can make, depending on the two cards you hold and the one face-up card the dealer has.

The basic strategy helps maximise your chances of winning, reducing the house edge in the process. Some of the three multiplier games we’ve looked at allow you to follow a basic strategy.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with all three.

  • Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack is different from the standard basic strategy. Unfortunately, the strategy you should follow is pretty complex – and it took me a long time to fully understand it. Evolution has published its strategy guide on its website, and you’ll find a link to it further up on this page.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: Super Stake Blackjack follows standard Blackjack basic strategy rules.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: Quantum Blackjack Plus also allows you to follow Blackjack’s standard basic strategies.

Additional Rules

I’ve covered most of the significant points in the sections above. However, each game has a few unique rules and twists, which I will discuss below.

  • Lightning Blackjack: Lightning Blackjack multipliers remain valid for 180 days. This means you can come back anytime within 180 days, and the multiplier from your last round will remain. Another thing I should mention is that only the value of the Lightning fee is multiplied, not your main bet itself.
  • Super Stake Blackjack: When you’re playing Super Stake Blackjack, only the first two cards dealt can be multipliers. If you choose to increase your bets – by doubling or splitting – you won’t receive a multiplier payout.
  • Quantum Blackjack Plus: During Quantum Blackjack Plus, a multiplier in a winning hand means you lose your primary bet. Also, the round pushes if the dealer goes bust with exactly three cards. This is how Playtech pays for the multipliers. Unlike Evolution and Stakelogic, they don’t charge a fee.

My BRUTALLY Honest Conclusion On Multiplier Blackjack.

Should You Play ANY Of These Three Games?

When considering whether any of these multiplier Blackjack games are reasonable, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, the size of the multipliers and what the game developers have done to the game to compensate for the multipliers. Also, look at what the maximum multiplier is.

All three of these games are legalised mugging.

The RTPs could be better, your chances of winning are worse than in regular Blackjack, and some fees and rules are ridiculous.

I think Super Stake Blackjack is the worst of the three. It’s a game designed to rob players, especially those new to playing Blackjack and inexperienced.

This immediately rings alarm bells for me, as the promise of big multipliers and amateur players equates to big casino profits. The main reason I dislike the game is that even though you’re paid at even money, you only make 0:5, as you have to pay a 50% fee to play the hand!

Lightning Blackjack does an excellent job of coming close to being as bad as Super Stake Blackjack. For starters, the maximum multiplier is only 25X!

What’s so much worse is that when you win a hand with a multiplier, you have to wait until the next hand. If you fail to win the next hand, it’s all over! You’ve lost the multiplier and your cash. It’s a terrible concept, and I hope players are sensible enough to stay away from both of these games.

Quantum Blackjack Plus is just as bad, although it’s probably the least-worst of the three. You don’t need to pay a fee to play, the maximum multiplier is 1,000X, and basic strategy rules apply. If I had a gun to my head, forced to choose one of these games, Quantum Blackjack Plus would be my choice.

The reality is that none of these games is good. Therefore, you should avoid them all.

The ONLY time I would ever consider playing is if I sat on a huge chip stack, wanted a bit of fun, and fancied a bit of a gamble. Because ultimately, that’s what these games are, complete gambling.

As you can probably tell, I wouldn’t say I like these games, and while I’ve tried to be as fair and impartial as possible, now that we’re concluding things, I have to be honest.

So please save your money, play regular Blackjack, or try out some of the entertainment game show games, which I find to be much more fun and offer significantly more win potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Live Multiplier Blackjack?

Multiplier Blackjack is a new niche live dealer game of Blackjack. The core of the game is traditional Blackjack. However, the payouts are enhanced through multiplier cards, which can boost payouts up to 1000 times your stake!

Where Can I play Live Multiplier Blackjack?

You can play at casinos with Stakelogic, Evolution and Playtech live games. My favourite is Leo Vegas, which has all three multiplier Blackjack games.

Which Multiplier Blackjack has the Biggest Multiplier?

Quantum Blackjack Plus by Playtech has the most significant possible payout of 1000x.

Is Live Multiplier Blackjack any good?

It is certainly good if you like the excitement of big payouts. However, these come at a cost and, in the long run, aren’t worth it. My advice is don’t play Multiplier Blackjack.

Is there a strategy for playing Multiplier Blackjack?

You can use Blackjack Basic Strategy for Quantum Blackjack Plus and Super Stake Blackjack. Because of the way the multipliers work in Lightning Blackjack, Evolution has produced a modified strategy you can follow. For more info, see my Lightning Blackjack Review.

What Multiplier Blackjack Games are there?

There are three live Multiplier Blackjack games. Lightning Blackjack by Evolution, Quantum Blackjack Plus by Playtech and Super Stake Blackjack by Stake Logic.

Which is the best Multiplier Blackjack?

In terms of payout potential, Quantum Blackjack Plus has the best payout structure, with 1000x possible.

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