Live Sic Bo

live sic boSic Bo is a dice game that is very popular with Asian players, in fact it is the second most popular game to Baccarat in casinos in Macau. The game originated in China and can now be seen in casinos across America and the United Kingdom.

Sic Bo in Chinese means “Dice Pair” and is sometimes also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small or Hi Lo. In online live casinos it is only known as Sic Bo.

The game is a simple one. Three dice are rolled and the player predicts the outcome of the dice roll. If he guesses correctly he wins. If not he loses.

Live Sic Bo Betting

You can bet on all sorts of number combinations and most of this article will explain what they are.  If your a regular Sic Bo player then you will notice that some of the casinos bets you’d normally be able to place are not represented here.  That is because this article relates to live Sic Bo as played in a live casino and not the general Sic Bo betting patterns.  If you’d like more information then you can read about the full range of Sic Bo bets at Wikipedia.

Small / Big – Pays 1:1

Small – You bet on whether the total of the 3 dice is between 4 – 10 inclusive.
Big – You bet on whether the total of the 3 dice will be between 11 – 17 inclusive.

If 3 of a kind are rolled then both bets lose.

Number Bet

You are betting that a particular number will appear on as many dice as possible. If it appears on one dice you get paid 1:1, two dice you’re paid 2:1 and there dice you’re paid 3:1.

Pair Bet – Pays 5:1

You bet on one of 15 possible two dice combinations out of the three dice, e.g. One & Two, Four & Six, Five & Six. You win if both numbers appear.

Total Bet

Here you are placing a bet on what the total of the three dice added up together will be. Possible combinations range from 3 to 18, with 3 & 18 being excluded, so you can bet on 4 to 17.

The payouts depend on the number chosen. Typically they are:

4 or 17 will pay 60 to 1
5 or 16 will pay 30 to 1
6 or 15 will pay 17 to 1
7 or 14 will pay 12 to 1
8 or 13 will pay 8 to 1
9,10,11 or 12 will pay 6 to 1

Double Bet – Pays 10:1

You are betting that a specific pair will appear in the three dice, e.g. a pair of Fours, or pair of Fives.

Triple Bet – Pays 180:1

You are betting that a specific 3 or a kind or Triple will appear in the three dice, e.g. 3 Threes or 3 Sixes.

Any Triple – Pays 30:1

You don’t have to name the triple in this bet, you are just betting that any triple will appear on the 3 dice.