Evolution Atlantic City Roulette

Evolution Atlantic City Resorts Roulette is a land based roulette table that’s streamed online from the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.

This table is different from other dual play roulette tables because it’s the first American Roulette version to be streamed live online. Up to now players have had to make do with Evolution Studio  American Roulette or a version from Visionary iGaming.

American Roulette differs from European Roulette as it has two zero segments on the wheel (0 and 00). European Roulette has a just a single Zero.

The significance is the effect it has on the expected Return to Player (RTP) values.

American Roulette has a RTP value of 94.74%, while European Roulette has a better RTP of 97.30%.

Game Specification for Evolution Atlantic City Resorts Roulette

The game is American Roulette and uses the standard Evolution American Roulette Playing Interface.

This differs from the European Interface to accommodate the extra zero on the betting grid.

Also different is the ability to place bets on different sections of the wheel.

The American version of the wheel has a different number sequence than on the European wheel. This affects the game in a number of ways:

  • The traditional Racetrack with French Bets can’t be used on the American table. An alternative racetrack with up to 9 neighbour bets is provided instead.
  • There is no predefined section bets available to use. A good solution is to create your own and save them as a favourite to use later.
  • Watch out when using Favourite bets created in a European Table. As the number sequences are different between wheels, check to see the bets behave as you want them on the American layout. This could prevent a costly mistake from happening.

Best Atlantic City Roulette Casinos

A rather limited selection of casinos offer Evolution Atlantic City Roulette. Fortunately Mr Green is one of the best.

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American Racetrack

American racetrack

European Racetrack

Game Play Images

The table is presented with a multi camera view that changes as the game round progresses.

While there is no overhead view of the table, which is normally one of the options, the other views are fairly classic. A closeup of the wheel, a view down the table and some side views of the wheel.

Images of players in the casino is heavily restricted, which is one of the reasons why we don’t see much in the background.

Resorts Atlantic City Roulette

Evolution Atlantic City Roulette intro

Down the table View

Evolution Atlantic City Roulette down the table

Wheel Close Up

Atlantic City Resorts Roulette wheel closeup


Atlantic City Resorts Roulette wheel

Result View

Atlantic City Resorts Roulette result

Mixed Mode

Atlantic City Resorts Roulette mixed

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet

As you’d expect American Roulette can be played on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet device types.

The table is available 24 hrs a day.

During the European day it’s a very quiet table to play, mainly due to the time difference. The table gets busier during the evening and late at night it’s very busy indeed.

Obviously when the table is busy in the casino game rounds will take longer. The dealer has to settle on table bets, which is something a studio dealer doesn’t have to contend with.

Where you can play

At the moment Evolution Atlantic City Roulette is being rolled out over the Evolution network.

Early adopters include Mr Green and William Hill where the tables are available 24×7.