Playtech Live Roulette

Playetch Live Roulette has gone through quite a change during 2017/2018.

The more traditional looking roulette tables and studio environment has been replaced with a modern studio, modern tables and a new interface for players to use.

The result is a fantastic array of choice for the discerning live Roulette player.

European and French Roulette are the main choices, with variants such as Speed, Themed and local language Roulette also available.

Playtech Live Roulette is streamed from 3 studios, each having their own unique playing look and feel.

Playtech calls them “Experiences” rather than “studios” in the playing lobby. I’ll call them both to make it easy.

Unfortunately American Roulette isn’t on the list. Live Roulette streamed from land based casinos is due to be added shortly with a deal struck with Authentic Gaming.

Playtech Live Roulette dealers & Table

Playtech Live Roulette can be found in the Live Casino Lobby of these great casinos.

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Studio Locations & Experiences

  • Riga Latvia – The newly built studio (an upgrade from the original studio),  holds all the modern and themed tables. Here you’ll find the Grand Royale Experience, which is an opulent looking environment decorated in Gold, Silver and Browns, giving the impression that you’re in a high class casino.
  • Romanian Studio holds the very modern Soho Experience, which is different from what we’ve seen before.
  • Manila, Philippines Studio – The Sapphire Experience has a dark atmosphere coupled with a colour scheme of Purple. The dealers speak very good English. They all wear microphones so hear them in very clear. The Emperor Experience which has exclusive Mandarin Speaking dealers, is decked out in Red. The dealers speak very softly and of course in Mandarin.

Playtech Live Roulette playing Interface

The roulette playing interface has gone through a number of transformations into something that is now completely compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices.

Everything is laid out to make betting and obtaining information very easy.

The playing actions you take most are laid out across the bottom of the interface, making it easy for you to place, double or remove bets.

Other options used less frequently are tucked away in drop down menus to the side of the screen. Others, like statistics, can be opened permanently, allowing you to see how the wheel is playing across the whole range of key statistics.

The roulette playing interface contains the following options:

  • Statistics – you can display up to the last 1000 spin results of the wheel and view them in lots of different ways.
  • Game settings allow you to control the volume of the dealers voice and game sounds, whilst also setting the quality of the video stream to suit your bandwidth requirements.
  • Access your game history gives details of every one of your spins wins & losses.
  • Betting Options – In addition to the standard betting grid there’s a Racetrack to place French and Neighbour bets (2). A selection of special bets and the ability to save and use Favourite bets is also an option.
  • The Chat function can be used to speak with the dealer during play or the pit boss if you need help with something.

Playtech Live European Roulette

Live European Roulette is available at these casinos

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European Roulette which is played with a single zero and has a RTP of 97.30% is the standard Live Dealer Roulette game at Playtech.

It’s currently the only format available on the tables, but does come in two playing options, Standard and French Roulette (which I’ll explain a Little further down the page).

The European Roulette tables are located across two of the twos and three of the playing experiences, so you’re bound to find a version to suit your playing preferences.

I like the Grand Royale roulette table, with the Pearl and Diamond Roulette tables from the Sapphire Experience a close second.

With the Grand Royale Table you get close ups of the wheel , while the other studio versions limit you to more longer range views of the tables.

Betting times vary across the tables & studios as can the spin to spin times, which vary between 41 seconds to 50 seconds.

Playtech Live French Roulette (La Partage)

Play Live French Roulette at these casinos

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French Roulette or La Partage is the traditional way of playing and presenting roulette.

The wheel and bet types are the same, just the betting grids differ with a slightly different layout.

The exception is the La Partage rule is in operation on this table.

If you’ve placed an even money (outside bet), like odds/evens, red/black, etc, and the ball lands in Zero, you get half your stake back.

While the RTP for European Roulette is 97.30%, French Roulette with La Partage has an RTP of 98.65%.

It’s somewhat obvious that French Roulette is better to play statistically, as it has a lower house edge on even money bets.

If you’re playing inside bets the RTP is the same as European Roulette.

Like all other live casino suppliers, Playtech provides a European and French skin for the same table. They are listed separately in the lobby giving you the choice of which game to load.

Playtech Prestige Roulette

Prestige Roulette is available at these casinos

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If you like Multi Camera angles and close up views of the dealer and wheel, Prestige Roulette is the game for you.

There is no table in this game, just a wheel with the dealer sitting to one side.

The wheel is in it own studio environment, which is quiet so lends itself well to chatting with the dealer.

Betting time is about 16 seconds during which you see the dealer in close up and from different angles.

In truth this game is all about the wheel and ball, with most of the game round spent in close up watching the wheel.

I really like this because it shows a high level confidence with a game. Nothing is hidden from the players views, which adds a great trust factor.

The wheel is spun from the last winning number and in an alternating direction for each spin.

The spin to spin for a game round is 46 seconds.

Playtech Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette can be played here

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Playtech Speed Roulette has been developed for players that like a quicker game of roulette.

Time has been shaved off the betting time window, which is about 10 seconds on this table.

The dealer also acts faster, giving a spin to spin time of 35 secs which is 6 seconds quicker than the normal roulette tables.

Again, there is no table, just a wheel and it’s located among other general play Blackjack tables, which makes it a nosier table to play.

Given that its purpose is speed play I can understand why a separate environment hasn’t been created for it.

Playtech Slingshot Automatic Roulette

Slingshot Roulette is available at these casinos

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Playtech Slingshot Roulette or Automatic Roulette is surprisingly one of the most popular live roulette games.

It’s essentially a hybrid game consisting of a real wheel and ball that is controlled by a computer and compressed air.

There’s obviously no chat or frills for this game. It’s a wheel and betting grid.

Betting time is 15 seconds, but what surprised me is the spin to spin times.

Prime Slingshot comes in at 60 seconds a game while SlingShot 2 takes a full 75 seconds, both much slower than their live dealer counterparts.

A RNG (Random Number Generator) engine is not used to determine the wining numbers, that’s just down to the wheel, ball and gravity.

Playtech Themed Live Roulette + Age of the Gods Roulette

Play Live Age of the Gods Roulette

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Themed roulette tables are a popular way of engaging with existing and potentially new players.

Generally if there is a major sporting event, like the football World Cup or the Olympics or a significant date in the calendar like Christmas, Easter & Halloween, there’s an excuse for a themed table.

Playtech is actually the best at producing these types of tables.

Specific dealers are bought in to run the games with most having specific skills or knowledge on the subjects.

I particularly like the Halloween Roulette and what they’ve done for the football World Cup.

Playtech Age of the Gods Roulette goes one step further than the themed tables.

This concept is about bringing together popular slot themes and extending them into a live casino product.

Ages of the Gods Roulette is part of the Progressive Jackpot network, where for part of the stake you have the chance to win a massive jackpot.

The video shows a small jackpot being won!

Playtech Native Language Roulette Tables

Play Roulette in Russian,Italian & Mandarin at these casinos

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Native Language tables are almost expected these days. Playtech has an array of them. English is the default language but local language tables are also available.

The most obvious is the Mandarin language tables at the Emperors Palace Studio.

Italian can be found on the Triumph Roulette table and Russian on the Ruletka table.

Even the UK which is already English gets it’s own table with UK Roulette, hosted by a native UK dealer.

Playtech Mobile Live Roulette

Playtech Live Roulette on Mobile

Playtech has done a great job is designing the playing interface for Mobile players.

In a word it’s intelligent, so you haven’t got to hunt around for options when you’re playing.

When it’s betting time, the betting grid is maximised and the video display minismises so you have no trouble in laying your bets. When betting time is over the video of the wheel is made bigger so you can see the action as it unfolds.

Switching between Landscape and Portrait modes is seamless, you get a good playing experience with both, which is unusual with Mobile Live Roulette.

Play Live Roulette on your Mobile

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Playtech has a really great live roulette product. It’s slick on all devices and there are different experiences across all tables.

They are not all the same.

Some you’ll get close up views of the wheel and dealer, others, you’ll see a wider view.

Betting times and Spin to Spin for the game rounds change across the tables.

The differences aren’t much, but can make a difference depending on how you like to play.

You will have a good playing experience, there’s no doubt. The mobile live roulette is truly impressive.