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Roulette Strategy

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Points to note before you read on

Most of the well-known roulette strategies are played using the even bets (referred to as Outside Bets) on the table and they all work on the same type of progression basis where you double or reduce your next bet depending on whether you win or lose on a spin.

None of the Strategies will make you rich, but if you get on a run you can make some money as long as you bale out before the run ends.

Quite frankly that is the most difficult thing to do. A canny player will know when and walk away with a profit. A player like me will push and push and generally walk away with nothing other than having had a good time.

Even money bets are Red / Black, Odd / Even, High / Low numbers.

There is an automatic house edge built into Roulette and this is controlled by the number of zeros that are included on the wheel. A single Zero, commonly referred to as European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. Double zero, also known as American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%.

It’s possible to minimise the house edge on European Roulette if you’re playing even money bets by finding a casino that offers La Partage. This will often be marked as French Roulette. The rule returns half your even-money stake if the ball lands in Zero.

Make sure that you pick a Live Casino that has a low minimum and high maximum stake range. As most of the strategies involve doubling your bet you can very quickly run out of betting options. Unibet and Leo Vegas have some of the best stake ranges and are casinos I trust.

Martingale Strategy

Roulette Chips

Reverse Martingale Strategy

Roulette Wheel closeup

D’Alembert Strategy

Roulette wheel with ball and hand

Reverse D’Alembert System

Evolution Salon Prive Roulette

As it says really, you do the reverse of the D’Alembert strategy. For every win, you increase your bet by 1 and for every loss, you reduce your bet by one.

So using the same sequence as above

  • 1st Bet – Bet 4 win.
  • 2nd Bet – Bet 5 win.
  • 3rd Bet – Bet 6 loss.
  • 4th Bet – Bet 5 loss.
  • 5th Bet – Bet 4 win.
  • 6th Bet – Bet 5 loss.

In this 6 bet sequence, you end up with a loss of 3.

Pros – Need to set your bale out limit and stick to it.

Cons – You’ll only win if you have more wins than losses in a sequence.

Fibonacci System

Roulette wheel with zero

Reverse Fibonacci

french roulette dealer

With the Fibonacci System, you move one step forward with a loss and two steps back with a win.

With the Reverse Fibonacci System, you do the opposite.

When you win you move a step forward and when you lose you move back two steps.

So the sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89………etc.

  • 1st Bet – Bet 1 win.
  • 2nd Bet – Bet 1 win.
  • 3rd Bet – Bet 2 loss.
  • 4th Bet – Bet 1 loss.
  • 5th Bet – Bet 1 win.
  • 6th Bet – Bet 1 loss.

So you have 3 wins and 3 losses and end up -1 down.

Unlike the Fibonacci System where you’d turn a profit of 1 in the reverse, you end up 1 down.

Now, this strategy works best when you have runs going and you are increasing your bet after each win.

The key is to bale out before you get the loss, so set yourself a limit and stick to it.

This is riskier than the normal Fibonacci system so I’d not recommend playing it.

Roulette Strategy Summary

Remember these are playing strategies, not winning strategies.

At some point during the sequence, you will be up more than 1 point so you have to decide whether it is more important for you to stop and bank your profit or continue and chance to make a loss.

Remember having a good time should be your priority when playing roulette so you should play at some of the best live roulette casinos I‘ve listed on this site.