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Gravity Roulette Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Introduction & Background to Gravity Roulette

Gravity Roulette is a live dealer roulette game that enhances payouts with multipliers. It’s the second “Gravity” gameshow from Ukrainian-based live casino developer BETER Live.

Unlike most multiplier roulette games, which restrict the multipliers to straight-up bets, Gravity Roulette allows them to be active across all Inside Bets.

This means you can play Gravity Roulette in the same manner as you’d play regular European Roulette, with the added benefit of getting enhanced payouts up to a maximum of 1000x

Of course, nothing is for free. The regular payouts for all inside bets have been reduced by a few points to fund the bigger payouts. Outside bet payouts are unchanged.

The slight twist of allowing the enhanced payouts on all inside bets makes this a more playable version of multiplier roulette. It’s less volatile than Lightning Roulette or Quantum Roulette, so your bankroll should last longer if you don’t play too aggressively.

Gravity Roulette is broadcast from a themed space studio that uses gravity-inspired vortexes during the multiplier number selection process.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play Gravity Roulette and some betting strategies and demonstrate some of the playing and betting options you can use in my video review.

Overview of Gravity Roulette

Gravity Roulette extends the scope of roulette games by allowing all inside bets to benefit from multiplier payouts up to 1000x.

This is a classic game of Roulette played with a single zero European Auto Roulette wheel.

A live dealer presents the game, providing commentary and chatting with players.

At the start of each round, five numbers are selected, and multipliers between 50x and 1000x are assigned.

All Inside bets qualify for multiplier payouts, with the payout rate dependent on the type of bet placed. A straight-up winning bet gets the total value of the multiplier, while a split bet gets 50%, a line gets a third, and a corner bet gets 25%.

The published RTP is 97.40%, slightly better than standard European Roulette at 97.30%.

Game rounds take approximately 55 seconds while betting time lasts 20 seconds.

gravity roulette betting time
Gravity Roulette 1000x Multipliers

How To Play Gravity Roulette

You play Gravity Roulette the same way you play any game of Roulette. The only difference is the payout structure.

So if you have favourite numbers, like birthdays, anniversaries, and lucky numbers, place your bets on the table using the betting grids in the playing interface.

There are many ways to bet; I’ll explain those later in the review.

Before we start, let me remind you where the multipliers come into play.

  • All Inside Bets qualify for the multipliers, but the payouts are affected by the type of inside bet you’ve placed.
  • Outside bets pay at the standard roulette rate – see the payout tables below for further details.

There are 20 Seconds of betting time, so you have to be relatively quick with placing your bets.

Placing Your Bets

There are multiple ways to place your bet on the betting grid.

  • By using the grid in the playing interface on a Desktop or Mobile.
  • I am using the Race track to place section and neighbour bets.
  • The special bets menu, where you can select from several bet patterns or from patterns you’ve previously saved using the Favourite bet functionality
  • The last method uses the previous results history and statistics, where you can click on any displayed number in the stats screen.

Betting Time

I’ve placed a selection of bets using the betting grid, and a Tiers section bet using the Racetrack.

Gravity Multipliers are Chosen

gravity roulette multiplier selection

Up to five numbers are selected as Gravity Numbers for the game round.

A Random Number Generator Engine (RNG) determines the numbers and the value of the multipliers for each number.

The values range from 50x to 1000x.

The RNG engine ensures its selection process for the numbers and multipliers brings the game in on its published RTP.

The Wheels is Spun

gravity roulette wheel

The wheel is an Auto Roulette Wheel, spun up using motors, and the ball is introduced to the wheel using compressed air.

Gravity is used to determine the result when the speed of the ball is slow enough for it to drop into one of the numbered pockets.

Once the result is known, a motorised brake stops the wheel from spinning.

The wheel is spun opposite from the previous spin for each new game round.

Final Result & Payout

gravity roulette result

On this particular spin, I won a total of €1.50.

Odds, Payouts & RTPs

The first thing you’ll notice about the payouts is they are less than what you’d typically receive if you were playing standard European Roulette.

The payouts for the Inside bets have been reduced. This is quite normal for multiplier roulette games. The multipliers have to be paid for, so an effective way is to reduce payouts.

Outside bet payouts remain the same as standard.

What’s not apparent from the payout table is how the payout is calculated if you bet on a number that wins with a multiplier.

The payout is dependent on the type of bet you have made.

A straight-up bet pays 100% of the value of the Multiplier.

For the other inside bets, the payout is calculated as Multiplier divided by the number of numbers the bet covers.

So for a Split, the Multiplier is divided by two, and for a Line, by three. For a corner, four.

The RTP for Gravity Roulette is published at 97.40%, rather than the usual 97.30%. This has to do with how the RNG engine delivers the RTP from the multipliers- so you shouldn’t worry too much about this.

Bet TypeGravity Roulette Payout
Straight-Up29:1 (999:1)36:1
Split-Bet14:1 (999:1)17:1
Street Bet9:1 (999:1)11:1
Corner bet6.5:1 (999:1)8:1
0/1/2/36.5:1 (999:1)8:1
Line Bet4:1 (999:1)5:1

Strategies To Win on Gravity Roulette

The great thing about Gravity Roulette is there is no need to adopt any strategy strategies to get the multipliers. I advise sticking to your regular strategies if you naturally play inside bets. If you don’t use any, here are some tips that might help.

First off, don’t use progression strategies like Martingale. These work as ways to recover your balance when losing – which will happen most of the time. They are designed to bring you back to your starting point but can do the opposite and wipe you out completely.

Secondly, cover sections of the wheel using the french bets, Voisins, Tier, Zero, and Orphelins. Look at the statistics to see which areas are hot, and either bet them or the cold ones!

Thirdly, don’t bet more than you can win in one spin. It seems obvious, but a strategy covering many numbers is flawed. You’ll get lots of wins, but you need to get some large multiplier wins to offset the bets you’re making. This is a high-risk strategy, but you may prefer to play like this.

Gravity Roulette Statistics & Result Tracking

gravity roulette results history
gravity roulette wheel statistics

The results statistics are compiled using the last 1000 results and can be viewed in several ways.

Placing bets using the Statistics interface is possible, so be careful when clicking around.

The most interesting statistic to me is the dispersion of previous results. Roulette is a random game, but it will, over time, deliver a predictable results pattern.

One Thousand spins isn’t a huge number, so be careful when using the statistics, as they represent only a tiny part of the overall return to player information.

These stats help see short-term trends, and if you are a trending player like me, you can have some fun with your bets.

The main statistics show results for the Ouside side bets. While this is useful, multipliers can’t be won on outside bets, so you must identify the numbers for the sections you want to bet.

The results distribution across the wheel is shown but only highlights the Hot and Cold Numbers. Again, this is useful, but I’d like to see a breakdown for sections of the wheel.

The History Tab would show the previous results by number and the value of the Multiplier if it were won. You can use these stats and cross-reference them to the Outside bets stats to see which are trending more and use that information to make your betting decisions.

Tips For Beginners

My advice to new players of Gravity Roulette is don’t go chasing the Multipliers. They will happen. Naturally, some will hit, but most won’t.

  1. Remember, Multipliers are active on all inside bets, so play your regular game.
  2. Cover sections of the wheel or place your favourite numbers.
  3. Don’t bet more than you can win on one spin – this is important for bankroll management.
  4. Don’t forget to place Outside Bets. You can use them to offset your losses from your inside bets.
  5. Don’t use progressive Strategies. They won’t work with Inside Bets.
  6. Enjoy the game. Gravity Roulette can be fun.

How Gravity Roulette Compares with Other Multiplier Roulette Games

As a game, Gravity Roulette compares well with the other Multiplier Roulette games in the market.

The main difference is that Gravity Roulette gives access to the multipliers on all Inside Bets. While Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, Power-Up Roulette, Super Stake Roulette and Mega Roulette don’t.

The multiplier values on Gravity Roulette go up to 1000x, the same as Quantum Roulette, but not as good as Nexus Roulette and Super Stake Roulette at 5000x.

The closest game in comparison is Playtech’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, which also has multipliers on Inside Bets but beats Gravity Roulette with a possible top payout of 10,000x!

Gravity Roulette is an excellent option for a low volatile game with a good max payout with the ability to play all inside bets.

Pros and Cons of Gravity Roulette

Pros of Playing Gravity Roulette

  • The leading Pro is all Inside bets qualify for the multipliers. Only one other roulette game offers this capability.
  • The multipliers range between 50x and 1000x.
  • Game rounds spin to spin take 55 seconds, an excellent quick game.


  • The Racetrack can’t be adjusted to place just straight-up bets.
  • The statistics don’t show the results as percentages for the wheel sections.

Video Review of Gravity Roulette Live

Beter Live Gravity Roulette Video Review


Gravity Roulette is an excellent addition to live dealer roulette.

BETER Live has produced a game that isn’t a direct copy of other roulettes. They have dared to be different.

Allowing multipliers for all inside bets isn’t a new thing, though. We’ve seen it at Playtech in their niche game Mega Fire Blaze Roulette.

But Gravity Roulette appears to be targeting the roulette market currently dominated by Evolution, Pragmatic and On-Air roulettes, and I think it will do well.

The significant difference is the ability to benefit from enhanced payouts on all inside bets.

I think its success will be because it will appeal to a broader range of players as it keeps the game’s volatility the same as standard Roulette.

There are a few improvements I’d like to see to help players a bit more. The first would be a setting for Roadmap betting, allowing section bets to be placed as straight-up bets. The second would be to display the results percentages for the wheel sections in the statistics.

I like the game’s presentation; it reminds me of Quantum Roulette, but BETER has done enough with the production and colour scheme to make it look different and support the Gravity theme.

This game is very playable and offers something different that should appeal to all players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Gravity Roulette?

Gravity Roulette is a new generation live dealer roulette from games developer BETER live. Unlike other roulette games, Gravity Roulette applies multipliers to all Inside betting positions.

Is Gravity Roulette Easy to Play?

Gravity Roulette is played precisely the same way as regular Roulette; the only difference is the payout structure for Inside Bets, which can be boosted up to 1000x.

Does Gravity Roulette Live Use RNG?

Yes, RNG is used to pick the multiplier numbers each game round and assign the values to them. The rest of the game is live dealer roulette, including the Automatically operated wheel.

Is there a winning strategy for Gravity Roulette?

There is no such thing as a winning strategy, but you can use betting strategies to increase the game’s enjoyment and hopefully get some multiplier wins. For more information, check out my Strategy Guide.

What is the RTP of Gravity Roulette?

The RTP is 97.40%.

What is the highest Payout on Gravity Roulette?

The highest payout is 1000x on a straight-up number.

Popular Variations

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If you like the Gravity Theme, try BETER Live Gravity Blackjack, with multipliers on the side bets.