Playtech Spread Bet Roulette

Spread Bet Roulette Table layout with chips

Playtech Spread Bet Roulette is a new addition to Playtech’s selection of live Roulette tables.

Spread Bet roulette has been developed by Cammargh, to provide a side bet for Roulette tables.

It’s actually available on both European and American Roulette, however Playtech has opted for the European Version with Option 3 of the Spread variants.

For more info see the game data sheets at Cammargh.

The game is seen regularly in land based casinos with Playtech Spread Bet being the first online live dealer version.

What is Spread Bet Roulette?

A digital wheel behind the dealer has two concentric Rings, the outer wheel is the normal roulette looking wheel while the inner wheel with the same number combinations is coloured gold.

The wheels spin in alternate directions. When stopped, the adjacent numbers on the wheel when added up make the spread bet total.

The main roulette winning number is then used to determine the Spread Bet Result.

In the event the main wheel result is Zero, all spread bets are doubled and then returned to the player.

spread bet payout table

Best Playtech Spread Bet Roulette Casinos

Best All Round for Roulette
Table Limit 0.50 – 1k.
Spread Bet 0.50 -1k.
Trusted Casino.
Best Playtech Spread Bet Roulette
Friendly Chatty Dealers.
High Limits 0.50 – 80k.
Spread Bet 0.50 – 10k.
Good Alternative
Great Casino.
Stakes 0.50 – 10k
Good for Bonuses
Standard Playtech Roulette
Good solid casino.
low stakes 0.50-500.
Spread Bet 0.50 – 50.

Playing Spread Bet Roulette

Dealer running Spread Bet Roulette

You play this like any other game of Playtech live dealer roulette.

You place your bets on the main betting grid and also on the Optional Spread Bet locations.

Once betting has been locked, the dealer spins the normal roulette wheel. While that spins the Spread Bet Wheel stops locking in the Spread bet combinations.

Normal bets are paid out with the Spread Bet total confirmed and winning bets paid out.

NOTE: If the result of the main wheel is Zero, all stakes for the Spread Bet are doubled and returned to the player. This effectively makes the payout 1:1.

Spread Bet Betting Strategy

The RTP for the Spread Bet ranges between 93.06% and 96.57%, which in any book is a fairly poor return. When you consider the highest payout available is 400-1 and the most likely to be 1:1 or 2:1.

The normal single number payout for roulette is 35:1, while Odds/Evens – Red/Black pay 1:1.

If you’re planning on playing the Spread Bet, I’d advise betting on the 1:1 or 2:1 sections. These are most likely to appear and have the most number combinations.

I just don’t see the 400:1 as a value bet.

If you’re looking for a bigger payout the 7:1 section probably gives the best value.

Spread Payout Combinations
0-1 400:1 3
2-11 15:1 75
12-18 10:1 112
19-33 2:1 405
34-54 1:1 603
55-67 7:1 156
68-72 80:1 15

dealer with a winning spread bet
spread bet roulette billboard showing results


If you were to ask me whether to play side bets on roulette, my head would answer No, but my heart would say Yes.

Side bets are generally not your friend. If you’re playing for entertainment they can be great fun, especially if you have the bankroll to support them.

However the return to player is not very good, so in the long term the house will always win.

Spread Bet Roulette is one of the those games where it’s not necessary to play the bet.

Advantage players will probably avoid the bets as the returns are too low or too difficult to achieve.

Players looking for entertainment are more likely to stick small amounts just to have an added interest in the game.

Personally if I was looking for some side bet action I’d probably play Lightning Roulette. While strictly not a side bet, there is the added excitement of the 500x multiplier hitting on a straight up bet.

This may be a better option if you like to play straight up numbers.