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Live Casino Game Shows

A new phenomenon in live casino games has been building over the past few years. It’s a new category of casino games known affectionately as online live game shows or Live Casino Entertainment Game Shows.

This new game type brings a different dimension to gambling online with a live dealer.

The game’s dynamics are different from the more traditional live dealer games with fixed odds and payouts like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

The best live game shows promise entertainment, significant, unpredictable wins and a playing experience like nothing you’ve seen before.

All major live casino software providers (Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play) created new games in this category.

In this article, we’ll explore each of the games, identify similarities between them and most importantly where you can play.

Dream Catcher

The first wheel of fortune game with multiplier segments, which boost wins by 2x or 7x. Big wins are possible with consecutive multipliers and a 40x! It has been done.

Spin A Win

Playtech Spin A Win is a similar game to Dream Catcher, but with additional side bets and a great alternative if you like more edge to your game. You can play side bets without the main bet.

mega wheel

Pragmatic Play’s twist on Dream Catcher and Spin A Win. In this version, one number is chosen to receive a multiplier for that spin. Wins can be boosted by 500x.

Monopoly Dream Catcher

A big wheel game, with a special Monopoly bonus round that’s triggered by landing on the 2 or 4 Rolls Bonus segments. The Chance boosts wins or pays cash prizes.

Crazy Time

A Big Wheel game with four separate bonus rounds. Multipliers can boost the payouts of the Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time Bonus rounds. Bet small for some big wins.

adventures beyond Wonderland

4 bonus rounds take centre stage in this Big Wheel game. Lots of opportunities for good wins. Watch out for the caterpillar giving random multipliers.

Money drop live

Based on the popular TV Series, you’re given a total prize fund that you have to try and keep while navigating through 3 drop rounds. You keep what’s left!

mega Ball

A bingo-type game where you buy multiple cards to play. Get wins for completed lines. The mega ball at the end can boost wins by up to 100x! A great game to turn over your bankroll.

Cash or Crash

A classic gambling game, that uses a bouncing ball machine to make selections. Do you gamble and climb the ladder for bigger wins, take half and gamble the rest, or take your winnings?

deal or no deal the big draw

Another game of Deal or No Deal, this time from Playtech. While the main game is similar to Evolution, the twist is the bingo side bet, which gives some great payouts.

Deal or No Deal

Based on the iconic TV series Deal or No Deal, the objective is to find the best prize in one of the briefcases. Deal and take the win or gamble with No Deal.

Gonzos Treasure Hunt

This is basically like a slot bonus round, but you make your selections up front and watch the game unfold, as prize drops and multipliers add to your wins.

sweet bonanza candyland

An entertainment game from Pragmatic Play, with three bonus rounds. A maximum multiplier of 20,000x is possible with payouts capped at £$€500,000. The RTP ranges from 91.59 to 96.83%.

crazy coin flip game show

Crazy Coin Flip is an RNG slot game with the Coin Flip bonus round taken from Crazy Time. Qualify with the slot, boost the multipliers and flip for some of the biggest wins you’ll experience. The RTP is 96.05%.

boom city live gameshow

Boom City Live is a multi-bonus round live entertainment game that uses two dice rolls to determine the results. The giant game grid has numbers and bonus squares. Where the two dice results intersect is the winning tile. Max Payout is 20,000x.

playtech everybodys jackpot live slot game

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot is an exciting community slot game with four bonus rounds and two progressive jackpots. Play with one bet per spin, with the game result on the slot determining whether it’s a payout for a line or entry into one of the bonus rounds.

Monopoly Big Baller Live gameshow

MR. MONOPOLY returns in the bingo-style game, where you win by completing lines on bingo cards. Entry into the three or five rolls bonus rounds needs the cards completed before MR.MONOPOLY takes you on a journey around the board for big multiplier wins.

greatest cards show

The Greatest Cards SHow is a live entertainment gameshow from Playtech. It uses a horizontally mounted wheel with the contents of a fifty-two-card deck of playing cards. Three RNG bonus rounds can deliver multiplier wins up to 5000x. The game’s presentation is excellent, although the bonus rounds could be better.

What Are Live Entertainment Game Shows?

There’s been a bit of a debate about what constitutes a live game show. The lines are a little blurred. You could argue any online live game with a host/presenter is a game show.

However, I take a different view; in my mind, there are three types of Live Games.

  1. In traditional table games, players come together in a casino or home environment to play against each other.
  2. Table games where alterations to the rules allow for significant payouts. These are typically games with Multipliers, so Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, and Super Sic Bo fall into this category.
  3. Entertainment Games – A new styled game bringing together some aspects of traditional live dealer casino games, blended with RNG/Augmented reality, with a sprinkling of multipliers and the chance of massive payouts for a small bet.

This article is about the games that fall into category three, Entertainment Game Shows.

History of Live Casino Game Shows

This new breed of games was born out of the desire to attract more players to live casino games.

To somehow find a way to bring some of the excitement of slots into a live game. Another critical component was to make the games entertaining and immersive to try and attract an audience that would otherwise shy away from playing the more traditional table games.

The first of these live dealer entertainment games to be created was by Evolution, who has been pioneering the way forward in this new category. The game Dream Catcher looks like a familiar wheel of fortune game, but with a twist. Evolution added Multiplier segments to the wheel to boost the possible wins. Playtech followed suit with their version, Spin A Win, and the rest is history.

The next significant advancement was the addition of Bonus rounds to these games. Evolution created Monopoly Live, and this was a game-changer. This game has a recognisable brand, but more importantly, augmented reality takes the player on a journey into a virtual world to play the bonus round. The opportunities for huge wins are limitless, with many over 1000’s of stake value.

At this point, games consisted of a Big Wheel, multipliers, augmented reality and some known game branding.

Game development went four ways:

  • Multipliers were applied to more traditional games, boosting the payouts even more.
  • The use of other mechanics to drive the games
  • Using themes from famous board games and TV shows to create new games.
  • The bringing together of slots live and augmented reality.

Have all Entertainment Game Shows been successful?

The live casino providers have been trying to outdo each other with varying degrees of success.

Not all games released have remained popular after the initial surge to play them.

One of the issues is player engagement and involvement. For a game to succeed, there must be a gambling element and decisions required by the player. Games that need just a wager to be made and then watch the game unfold are not that popular in the long term, regardless of the payout you can get.

The one exception to that is Crazy Time from Evolution. It is by far the best online game show, the number of player’s amounts to 1000’s in a session and the payouts have been absolutely mega.

Live Game Shows in More Detail

Let’s take a look at all the game show live games

I’ll break them down into categories to make them easier to digest and compare.

  1. Big Wheel Game Shows
  2. Bingo Type Game Shows
  3. Augmented Reality / Slots
  4. Dice Game Shows

Big Wheel Game Shows

The Big Wheel used to drive the game is shared between these games.

The most straightforward are Dream Catcher, Spin A Win and Mega Wheel.

Evolution Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the original Entertainment game by Evolution and is responsible for starting off the new genre of live casino game shows.

The Dream Catcher wheel has 54 segments with 2x and 7x Multiplier segments that can further boost wins. The standard max payout on the wheel is 40x.

The objective is to bet on a numbered segment where you think the wheel will stop.

Playtech Spin A Win

Spin A Win

Playtech launched Spin A Win shortly after Dream Catcher was released.

This wheel has 51 segments with one 2x and one 7x. The side bets that can be played alongside or independently of the main wheel spin are different in Spin a Win.

Wins and payouts are similar to Dream Catcher, but the side bets add that extra twist, which can be fun to play.

Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel

pragmatic play live mega wheel

The Mega Wheel from Pragmatic Play came along after Dream Catcher and Spin A Win.

It’s a 54 Segment wheel, but the multipliers are chosen before each spin using a Random Number generator.

The maximum multiplier is 500x, which puts Mega Wheel in a different league from the rivals. Also different is multipliers are active for every spin, making payouts more likley.

Evolution Monopoly Dream Catcher

monopoly dream catcher

Monopoly Dream Catcher is the second generation Wheel of Fortune game.

This game uses a big wheel like Dream Catcher, with Chance and Bonus Round Segments replacing the multipliers.

Landing on a bonus segment initiates the bonus round where you roll a dice to move around a virtual Monopoly board, collecting multipliers as you go.

Some big wins occur in this game.

Make sure you check out my strategy for playing Monopoly Live.

Evolution Crazy Time

crazy time

Crazy Time is arguably the most liked and hated Big Wheel game of them all.

In addition to the numbered segments on the wheel, Crazy Time has four Bonus rounds. Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time Bonus rounds all promise wins of multipliers. The question is, “how high will they go”?

A further multiplier can boost these wins, leading to 1000’s x wins.

You’ll love or hate Crazy Time. I’m in the love camp.

Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland

adventures beyond wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is the same sort of game as Crazy Time.

Notable differences include the theme based on Alice in Wonderland and the four bonus rounds.

There is a real mix, from Dice games to another wheel used solely to deliver multiplier wins. Watch out for the caterpillar, affectionately known as Wilber, who gives out free multipliers when the mood dictates.

Not quite as volatile as Crazy Time, so worth playing if you like a regular return on your bankroll.

Playtech Money Drop Live

money drop live

The Money Drop Live is a big wheel game, but with a twist. Every Spin of the wheel delivers a multiplier win at the start of the game.

Your objective is to try and keep hold of the prize fund for as long as possible. Whatever amount of money remains at the end of the game is yours to keep.

All you have to do is survive the three drop rounds. You have to place your money on up to 4 platforms. Three of them drop, losing whatever money was on them.

It’s a case of how brave are you? Will you risk all for the big prize or spread the risk to take something home?

A very clever game that really challenges risk vs reward.

Pragmatic Sweet Bonanza Candyland

pragmatic sweet bonanza candyland live

Pragmatic Play has entered the live casino game show category with Sweet Bonanza Candyland. This is a Slot inspired game, using a big wheel as the main game mechanic.

The wheel has fifty-four segments, five of which are bonus round segments when landed on initiate a bonus round.

Unlike other entertainment games, all the bonus rounds are RNG, with player choice playing a small role in the Candy Drop. Sweet Spins is a slot based on the popular Sweet Bonanza, while the Sugar Bomb drops multipliers on the wheel.

The game has a max multiplier of 20,000x and payouts are capped at half a million £$€ depending on the currency you’re playing in.

The Greatest Cards Show

Intro for Greatest Cards Show

The Greatest Cards Show is a first in this entertainment category. Rather than the wheel mounted vertically, Playtech has boldly decided to lay it horizontally.

The game has three RNG Bonus rounds, but how the wheel is laid out is the main difference. Rather than a random selection of numbers on the wheel, the contents of a pack of playing cards are used. They are ordered in sequential number order, which suits section betting.

The highest multiplier comes in the Light Show Game round, which can pay 500x. The Spot Light Game has a maximum multiplier of 2000x.

Bingo Type Game Show

A bingo machine drives the results in this category of entertainment game show.

Coloured and numbered balls are drawn from a bingo-style machine to provide the results.

It’s a bit different from the big wheel games we’ve become used to.

Evolution Mega Ball Live

mega ball

Live Mega Ball is the first live Bingo type game from Evolution. It is possible to purchase up to 400 cards to play with each game round. The objective is to get multiple winning lines on a card. The more lines, the greater the payout.

The unique feature of the game is the Mega Ball at the end. A multiplier value up to 100x is allocated to the final ball.

Should this last ball complete a line on your card, it will multiply the win by that number.

Watch out for the extra Mega Ball that can sometimes appear to boost wins even more!

Evolution Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash live comprises a prize ladder that you have to climb. The higher you go, the larger the multiplier payout you receive.

A bouncing ball machine decides whether you advance up the ladder, crash and lose your money, or get a free life and a boosted payout. You decide whether to take the money and run, take half and gamble half, or risk all on the next ball.

Will it be green so you can proceed, or will it be red to see you dead?

A simple yet compelling game from Evolution.

Playtech Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is based on the Deal or No Deal TV series. Sixteen briefcases each contain a monetary prize, which is determined by the amount you paid to enter the game.

A bingo machine draws numbered balls. You’ll enter the qualification process if the number matches one of your briefcases.

Six matched briefcases are needed before the banker can make an offer. Do you take the offer or gamble for a bigger prize?

A nice Bingo side bet adds some more excitement to the game.

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

monopoly big baller live studio

Monopoly Big Baller is a bingo-inspired game, coupled with the MR.MONOPOLY bonus rounds made famous in Monopoly Dream catcher.

There are four main cards and two bonus cards to play – much less than Mega Ball. Each card can benefit from free spaces and multipliers, which keeps the excitement going while you wait for the bonus rounds.

The RTP is 96.10%, which is similar to a good slot.

Augmented Reality/Slot Type Game Show

An RNG engine drives this type of entertainment gameshow.

The game is a live game – there is a live host/presenter, but all aspects of the game, excluding the player choice, are driven by a Randon Generator Engine (RNG). The results are determined by a computer, not by a human being or live-action.

I would compare these games to Slots – they have similar RTP’s and in my opinion about as fun!

Evolution Deal Or No Deal Live

The Evolution Deal or No Deal is played slightly different from the Playtech Version. There is a qualification process to enter the game by gambling on a wheel, trying to get segments to line up. Win and you enter the game. At this point, it’s possible to top up the value of individual briefcases before the game starts.

An RNG engine allocates numbers to the briefcases which correspond with the prize amounts.

As the briefcases are opened the Banker makes you a cash offer for your briefcase. You can either accept the offer by dealing or reject the offer to see more briefcases opened and perhaps get a better offer from the banker.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

gonzos treasure hunt

Gonzos Treasure Hunt is a fusion of Live Dealer and Slots. In reality, it’s all computer-generated, from the images you see on screen to the game mechanics and presentation.

The only live part of the game is the picks the players make after betting time has closed. A computer generates the outcome. You sit, watch and see if you’ve won. There is no skill in this game. It’s all luck.

I think you should avoid Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt as it’s not very good.

Crazy Coin Flip

top up phase

Crazy Coin Flip bring the world of RNG Slots and live casino together in this unique game that delivers multiplier layouts on the flip of a coin. The coin flip looks familiar because it’s taken from the famous Crazy Time bonus round.

The aim is to build up multiplier values on the Red and Blue sides of the coin. The final flip reveals your result.

Along the way, you need to qualify for the final flip by getting three scatters on the five reel slot. Once you’ve done that, spin the following reels to boost the multipliers.

Scatter multipliers boost the final payouts. If you have one of these, go for it in the boost round to get the maximum you can.

The RTP is 96.05%, and the payouts have been capped at £$€500,000, as the possibility for the multipliers is endless.

EveryBody’s Jackpot Live Slot

Everybodys Jackpot live Slot game show

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot is an excellent addition to Playtech’s range of live slots. Using the famous Everybody’s jackpot slot, with its two progressive Jackpots, is a clever idea. The addition of four bonus rounds, with a potential payout of 6740x on The Block, is inspired.

All players play the same spins on the slot, getting payouts for completed lines.

Three scatters are needed to enter a randomly picked bonus round. Most of the bonus rounds rely on player participation to help determine a more personal outcome for each player.

One Jackpot triggers daily, while the other triggers after the total reaches a certain amount. Both pay 50% to one player while everyone else gets a share of the remaining 50%.

Dice Type Game Show

These are game shows where the main game mechanic is dice. A presenter will roll dice to determine a result acted on during the game.

The game is live, with a presenter, and the dice determine all results. The game may use an RNG engine for some aspects – usually the bonus rounds, where multipliers and prizes get randomly applied.

Boom City Live

boom city place your bets

Boom City Live is the first game show to use two dice to determine the game results.

The game has a big grid, randomly covered in Numbers and Bonus squares.

Two dice get rolled, one for the vertical axis and the other for the horizontal axis. Where the two intersect is the winning square.

If it’s a number square, the payout equals the value of the number. If the result is a bonus round, a bonus round initiates.

Powe Up squares can boost the multipliers and payouts.

Which is the Best Live Game Show to Play?

I think the best live casino game show is the one you like to play the most. It’s all down to personal choice.

It’s essential to consider the entertainment value of the game:

  • Did you have fun watching and playing?
  • Did you lose your money quickly or slowly?
  • Were the wins small and constant or big and not very often? The volatility of the game can determine if a player enjoys playing it.
  • Did the game make sense – i.e. could you work out the best way to play to get enjoyment?
  • Are you playing just for the thrill of the big win?

The best overall Entertainment Game show I would recommend is Evolution Crazy Time.

I think this game delivers on multiple levels.

You can play conservatively, and using a strategy can turn your money over for a long time while you watch others busting out chasing the big wins.

Equally, you can play high stakes on just the wheel and walk away with a profit – forget the bonus rounds.

Or play just the bonus rounds  – you’ll lose lots but hope to make it back up with a big win or two.

A lower volatility alternative would be Playtech’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland, which has the same game mechanic, but fewer big-win opportunities.

If you prefer something simpler, then Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel will do the trick.

What are the RTPs of the Live Game Show Games?

The RTPs are different, and depending on the game show you’re playing, there may be a range of RTPs for the different bet types.

Let’s look at each live entertainment game and compare the RTPs.

  • Cash or Crash – 99.59% RTP.
  • Spin A Win – 97.22% RTP.
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland – 96.82% RTP.
  • Everybody’s Jackpot Live – 94.25%, and the maximum 96.75% RTP.
  • Greatest Cards Show – 96.67% RTP.
  • Dream Catcher – 96.58% RTP.
  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt – 96.56% RTP.
  • Pragmatic Mega Wheel – 96.51% RTP.
  • Money Drop Live – 94.01% – 96.48% RTP.
  • Monopoly Dream Catcher – 96.23% RTP.
  • Boom City Live 93.49% to 96.21% RTP.
  • Monopoly Big Baller – 96.10% RTP.
  • Crazy Coin Flip 96.05%.
  • Evolution Deal or No Deal – 95.42% RTP.
  • Mega Ball – 95.40% RTP.
  • Playtech Deal or No Deal – 95.28% RTP.
  • Crazy Time – 96.08% – 94.34% RTP.
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland 91.59% to 96.83% RTP.

The most apparent game show to play is Cash or Crash, with the highest RTP. But this comes at a cost. The game is very straightforward and can return a profit by continually cashing out when in profit. Of course, no one plays like that, so the RTP will be much lower because of how people will play this game.

Good games to play are Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland. If you pay these sensibly, you’ll get a long playtime or return a profit. If you chase big wins, you’ll lose. These games are excellent for building anticipation and then swiping your legs from underneath you., leaving you swearing at the screen. In my experience, this is truer of Crazy Time than Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

Money Drop Live has great potential, but you need the boosters in play increasing the safe zones to really stand a chance of getting a decent win. The idea of allowing the player to determine the risk they want to take on the game is pure genius. It’s a game for all player types.

Summary of Live Entertainment Game Shows

I was a little sceptical when the first of the game shows appeared. I didn’t see how a game like Dream Catcher could deliver the same highs that a good slot gives.

In some ways, I’m right because Monopoly Dream Catcher gave us a bonus round that offers massive highs and lows.

This game was a turning point, as Evolution supplemented it with slots-type technology. The mix is delightful, with players able to anticipate massive wins for a small bet and still benefit from a “live” experience.

The games that have followed have been both experimental and groundbreaking. Crazy Time seems to have hit the peak, but with more games being developed off the back of TV series and famous board games, I’m sure there is a lot more to come.

Live Casino Game Shows Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Play Live Game Shows For Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot play live Casino Game shows for free. However, it’s possible to watch the games, and it’s also possible to play for as little as 0.10 a spin.

What is a Live Casino Game Show?

A Live Casino Gameshow is a relatively new concept in online live gambling. Games have been created to provide more entertainment, be it through elaborate studios, hosts dressed in costumes or live betting games we’ve never seen before. The minimum stakes are generally very low, with the potential for big wins being huge.

Which Software Providers Have Live Dealer Game Shows?

Only three Live Casino Providers currently produce live games classified as Game Shows. Leading the way is Evolution, followed by Playtech and finally Pragmatic Play.

What is the House Edge (RTP) on Live Game Shows?

The house edge varies between games. The lowest edge sits with Evolution Cash or Crash at 0.41%, while the worse is Playtech Deal or No Deal at 4.72%. Click here for a full list of Game Show RTPs.

What are the Live Entertainment Game Shows?

The Live Entertainment Shows are Dream Catcher, Monopoly Dream Catcher, Spin A Win, Crazy Time, Adventures beyond Wonderland, Cash or Crash, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw, Mega Wheel, Money Drop, Crazy Coin Flip and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Are there Strategies for Playing Live Online Game Shows?

There are playing strategies you can adopt to make your bankroll last longer, but there are no strategies that guarantee you’ll win. This is gambling, with a house edge already factored in. The only people to win consistently will be the casinos providing the games.

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