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Winfinity Cabaret Roulette Live – Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Cabaret Roulette Live Game Review

Cabaret Roulette from Winfinity gives a new twist to live dealer multiplier roulette games.

The game is set in a Moulin Rouge-style studio, with a red-adorned heart as the backdrop, with theatre-style lighting paying homage to the Roulette wheel that sits centre stage encased with feather boas. The presenter is similarly styled in a burlesque style basque that would make your mother blush!

The multipliers have a maximum value of 2000x on a straight-up number. All bet types that include a single number with a multiplier will receive a portion of the multiplier relative to the bet type if the number wins. For example, if you have a split including the number, you’ll get 50% of the value of the multiplier as your payout.

A theoretical maximum payout of 9951x is possible by combining a complete number bet with a 1000x multiplier and the Star Bonus.

The twist in Cabaret Roulette is the Bonus Features, which are selected before each game round using a unique three-reel slot. The features either add additional multipliers to the betting grid, double the existing multipliers or extend the use of multipliers to inside and outside type bets.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play Cabaret Roulette with the bonus features while also looking at betting strategies and how this game compares with other multiplier roulette games. I’ll also include my video review if you’d prefer to see the game in action and hear what I think of the game.

cabaret roulette overview

Cabaret Roulette At A Glance

  • Played on an Auto Roulette Wheel with a single Zero (European Roulette)
  • Between 1 and 5 multipliers up to 1000x are initially assigned to each game.
  • Inside and outside bet types benefit from the multipliers.
  • A theoretical max payout of 9951x.
  • Heart Bonus feature adds to existing or creates new multipliers up to 2000x.
  • Star Bonus Feature adds up to 20 multipliers to non-straight-up bet types.
  • 2x Bonus Feature doubles the value of existing multipliers.
  • 3 of the same symbols are needed to trigger a bonus feature
  • Bets can be placed on the betting grid/Racetrack or statistics
  • Reduced payout table for all bet types – see below for more information.
  • RTP of Cabaret Roulette is 97.30%.

cabaret roulette full screen image

What is Cabaret Roulette?

Cabaret Roulette is a version of Multiplier roulette with an additional randomly triggered “Bonus” process that extends the use and value of the base multipliers before each spin of the roulette wheel.

It’s a different take on what we’re used to, with the allocation of the multipliers playing a more central role in the game.

Straight-up bets are not the only bets to benefit from the multipliers, as all inside bets get a portion of the multiplier if the number is part of the bet made. One of the bonus features enables multipliers for specific inside and outside bets. If you’ve placed a split, corner, column or even money bet, you can benefit from up to 20 multipliers.

Unlike other games in this genre, there is no fee to pay to activate the Bonus Feature, making it open to everyone playing.

The paytable has been adjusted accordingly for all Inside and Outside bets, paying a reduced amount than standard European Roulette. The reason is quite simple: to pay for the multipliers!

The presenter in Cabaret Roulette controls the events of the game but plays no active part in spinning the wheel or Slot, as these are both automated.

The Slot used to trigger the Bonus features contains three reels with one win line, which needs to have three matching symbols to activate the feature. Feature wins occur frequently, but not every game round.

Video Review

Watch me play Cabaret Roulette and listen to what I think of the game as well as demonstrate some of the betting strategies I use when playing.

winfinity cabaret roulette live video review

How To Play Cabaret Roulette with a Live Dealer

The gameplay in Cabaret Roulette follows this sequence:

  1. Players place their bets.
  2. Multipliers are chosen and applied to the betting grid.
  3. The Slot spins to reveal the bonus feature.
  4. The Bonus Feature is applied to the betting grid.
  5. The roulette wheel spins, and the result is determined when the ball settles into one of the numbered pockets on the wheel.

Playing Your Bets

Straight-up numbers are allocated multipliers on every spin, while all other bet types rely on the Star Bonus feature to apply multipliers to specific bet types on the board.

The usual rules of Roulette apply, so you’ll get a payout if you have a bet that covers the winning number.

Multiplier payouts are paid if a multiplier covers the number in the result. That includes multipliers assigned to non-straight-up bet types.

cabaret roulette placing bets

Place your bets directly onto the betting grid or use the Racetrack to place neighbour and section bets. The Statistics panel is also a useful tool for placing bets as you can quickly bet on the Hot/Cold Numbers and past results.

Multipliers Are Chosen

Between One and Five multipliers up to 1000x in value are chosen once betting time has closed.

These are displayed on the wall behind the presenter before being applied to the betting grid.

cabaret roulette multipliers

Slot Bonus Features

The presenter turns their attention to the three-reel slot machine, which is responsible for applying a bonus feature.

Not every spin results in a bonus feature.

Three bonus features – Heart, Star, and 2x- require three symbols on the pay line to “win” the feature.

  • The Heart feature adds additional straight-up or boosts existing multipliers.
  • The Star feature adds up to 20 multipliers to all bet types.
  • 2x feature will double the value of all the multipliers on the board.

cabaret roulette slot
star bonus
heart bonus
2x bonus

Cabaret Roulette Wheel Spins

Once all of the multipliers have been applied, the Auto Roulette wheel jumps into action with the ball injected into the rim in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel.

As the wheel slows, the camera angles change, so we get a close-up look as the ball hops and skips until it’s collected by one of the numbered roulette pockets.

The result is displayed on the screen, and players with an active bet covering that number receive a payout.

cabaret roulette win

Betting On Cabaret Roulette

You can make betting as easy or complicated as you like when playing roulette. It’s no different in Cabaret Roulette; the only additional thing you might need to consider is the multipliers. However, I’ll skip discussing strategies for those until the next section and concentrate on the bets you can make.

The Roulette wheel is covered in 37 numbers, from Zero to Thirty-Six. Each number is assigned a colour, either Red/or Black, except Zero, which is coloured Green. The numbers have other properties, such as being Odd or Even.

The betting grid is laid out in numerical sequence from left to right in 3 x 12 squares. The zero sits in its square at the end of the grid.

The betting grid does not represent how the numbers are positioned in the roulette wheel. To see those, you need to use the Racetrack. This is significant if you want to play preconfigured bets like neighbours or Section Bets.

Bets are grouped into two types.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets cover all numbers and combinations of them. Outside Bets cover larger groups of numbers, typically paying less than inside bets as they are more likely to win.

The easiest bet to recognise is the Straight-Up bet, where you place a chip on a number. This has the biggest payout. You can cover more than one number using a variety of bets, which cover between two and six numbers with one chip. These are the Inside Bets I was talking about.

Outside Bets

The Outside bets are placed if you want to cover more than six numbers with a chip. Typically, these are groups of numbers arranged on the betting grid in Columns (containing 12 Numbers), Thirds of the grid also containing 12 numbers, Odd/Even & Red/Black and High/Low containing 18 numbers. These bets pay less than Inside Bets but are more likely to win.

With the Racetrack, you can place bets on a number, and either side of that number is known as the neighbour bet. You can also place bets on sections of the wheel using the preconfigured French bets called Tiers, Voisons, Orphellins & Zero.

The Best Bets in Cabaret Roulette – How I bet

I tend to mix up my bets, as I like to cover sections of the wheel and pick some favourite numbers.

With the possibility of getting multipliers on non-straight-up bets, you can place some Outside bets, which could increase the payout substantially if there is a multiplier attached to the payout.

So my typical bet would look like the Tiers section bet plus the numbers 14, 17 and 20. And maybe a chip on Red or Black and Zero

Cabaret Roulette RTP

Winfinity Cabaret Roulette has an RTP of 97.03%.

Bet Types and Payouts

BetCoversPayoutMultipliers with BonusRTP
Inside Bets
Straight-Up1 Number19:150x to 2000x97.30%
Split2 Numbers14:150x to 1000x97.30%
Street3 Numbers9:150x to 750x97.30%
Corner4 Numbers6:150x to 500x97.30%
Line6 Numbers4:130x to 300x97.30%
Outside Bets
Dozen/Column12 Numbers1.5:110x to 150x97.30%
Red/Black18 Numbers0.75:15x to 100x97.30%
Odd/Even18 Numbers0.75:15x to 100x97.30%
Low 1-18/High 19-3618 Numbers0.75:15x to 100x97.30%

Strategies and Tactics for Playing and Winning on Cabaret Roulette

I’ve been playing Multiplier Roulette games since Lightning Roulette debuted in 2018, and I’ve tried and documented many strategies for playing.

Each game has specific rules, meaning no strategy fits them all.

Finding a strategy for Cabaret Roulette Live is not so difficult because of how the multipliers work.

You’ve got Straight-up multipliers each game round, and then you sometimes have multipliers for other bet types if the Star Bonus Feature is active. Therefore, you must consider both when deciding on your betting strategy.

In my opinion, Cabaret Roulette is best played without chasing the multipliers. Experience has shown me that adopting a conservative betting strategy reaps the rewards. You don’t want to lose too much a spin, but you want to give yourself a chance to win with a multiplier when they occur.

So my strategy is to place a Section bet, some straight-up number bets and an Outside Bet.

I place the outside bet to offset the chance of not winning the inside bets, and I also get a chance at a multiplier with the Star Bonus feature.

A more conservative approach would be to limit the straight-up bets and concentrate on more bets that give a portion of the multiplier value if you win.

How Not to Bet

Don’t cover every number for lots of spins, as in the long term, it’s a losing strategy. Place this bet occasionally, as you might catch the 1000x / 2000x multiplier.

Remember this for your Strategy

Your bets should not take more than 10% of your bankroll – I encourage less, but ensure they are no more. You want to keep playing as long as possible, so your bets should allow you to turn over your bankroll often. A Kamakazi approach will lose your money quicker than Usain Bolt can run the 100 meters!

How Cabaret Roulette Compares with Other Multiplier Roulettes

Cabaret Roulette has extended the cover of multipliers to every bet position on the betting grid, making it unique in the Live Casino industry.

The closest you can get is Beter Live’s Gravity Roulette and Playtech’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette roulette which both offer multipliers on all Inside Bets.

The difference is Cabaret Roulette offers multipliers on the Outside Bets through the Star Bonus Feature – so they are not active every spin, maybe every 8th spin! The Inside Bets are active every spin.

The initial Straight-up multipliers, which cover between 1 and 5 numbers with a value up to 1000x, are comparable with Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette and Red Door Roulette as they all pay 19:1 for straight-up wins and have a max payout of more than 1000x.

Other games have a better Straight-up payout (29:1). They have fewer multipliers with even bigger payouts, such as Super Stake Roulette, Ultimate Roulette and Mega Fire Blaze Roulette.

But other games don’t include the Outside bets, Cabaret Roulette is unique with this, making a compelling reason to play.

Cabaret Roulette Results Tracker and Statistics

Results and statistics can be tracked in the playing interface.

Statistics are available for the last 500 games, which you can filter down to the previous ten games.

You can see the frequency of the result with Outside Bets covering Dozens, Columns, Zero, Big/Small, Red/Black and Odd & Even.

The distribution of Hot/Cold numbers has its chart, with the last five Hot and Cold Numbers displayed.

The Smart Bet section shows the last win number and lets you bet on that and its neighbours or opposites. It’s not a statistic; it’s more of a betting option.

The final section lists all the last results, including the multipliers and their values. You can place bets using this chart, too.

Using the previous results can help you decide the bets you want to place, but it’s no indication of what will happen next, as each spin is a random event with a random result.

Hot & Cold Statistics

cabaret roulette hot cold statistics

Outside Bet Statistics

cabaret roulette outside statistics

Smart Bet Statistics

cabaret roulette smart bets

Results Statistics

cabaret roulette results tracker statistics


I love the presentation of Cabaret Roulette. It reminds me of Ultimate Roulette from Ezugi, with its colour scheme. However, the themes are different, and the Can Can Moulin Rouge theme with the presenter in a themed costume makes the game pop.

I applaud Winfinity for not doing a direct copy of the other roulette games with multipliers. They have tried to be different, which has resulted in a game that is not only unique but very playable.

I love not having to pay a fee for the enhanced multipliers generated during the bonus round – something I detest, but this comes at a cost with reduced payouts for the whole paytable.

A benefit of this is that Winifity has included all Inside Bets to benefit from the multipliers and has a feature that enables multipliers on Outside Bet positions. So everyone playing has a chance of getting an enhanced payout.

It would be easy to break down this game and compare its different parts to other games and find it’s not quite as good, but you have to look at the game as a whole to appreciate what they have done. Cabaret Roulette is a game all players can play, and all can feel they have a chance of getting multipliers.

There are some improvements that would improve the game, I would have liked to have seen an Auto Play function and the statistics improved to include information on section bets, so you can’t work out which are the hot sections on the wheel! These small usability things would be the icing on the cake.

Well done Winfinity!

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Cabaret Roulette?

Cabaret Roulette is a live dealer game of roulette with multipliers up to 2000x from Winfinity. It comes with a free-to-play Bonus feature that adds or tops up multipliers, doubles existing multipliers and gives multipliers to non-straight-up betting positions.

What is the maximum Multiplier on Cabaret Roulette?

The maximum multiplier is 2000x, generated by the 2x bonus feature.

Is Cabaret Roulette better than Lightning Roulette or Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

You can’t do a side-by-side comparison between Cabaret Roulette and Lightning Roulette. While they are both multiplier games, Cabaret Roulette is more complex because it has a different paytable and a bonus feature that Lightning Roulette doesn’t have.

What is the RTP for Cabaret Roulette?

The RTP is 97.03% for Cabaret Roulette.

Is there a strategy for playing Cabaret Roulette?

There is no one betting strategy for Cabaret Roulette. It’s a game where you can use your usual betting pattern and get good results because the Bonus feature adds more multipliers and gives multipliers to Outside Bets.

Where can I play Cabaret Roulette?

You can play Cabaret Roulette Live at casinos with Winfinity Live Games. One great example is Winz.Io Casino.

Where You Can Play Cabaret Roulette

Winfinity Live Casino

  • Winfinity Blackjack, Roulette & Baccarat.
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