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Travel Fever Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Introduction To Travel Fever Live

Travel Fever Live is a live dealer entertainment gameshow by On Air Entertainment. It’s their first true gameshow, although some would argue that 9 Pots of Gold Live was the first, which I count as a live slot, not a live dealer game.

This is a big wheel game with six bonus rounds, but with a difference. A 54-segment wheel is mounted horizontally, like a roulette wheel containing instant win and bonus segments. Rather uniquely, towards the centre of the wheel, there are six further sections, each nine segments wide,  identified as continents, which also contain multiplier payouts.

This travel-themed game is low volatility and can pay up to 2000x if conditions are right. For the most part, you’ll get small regular wins and can turn your bankroll over for a long time.

At first sight, the game looks quite complicated, but it follows a simple formula that is easy to understand once you’ve got your head around it.

In this review, I explain How to Play Travel Fever Live and each bonus round in detail. I’ll also cover playing strategies and some things that may not be obvious when you first start playing. As usual, you can skip all the text and head for my Video Review, where you’ll see me explain everything you need to know.

travel fever live

Travel Fever – An Overview of the game.

It’s probably best for me to start with an overview of the game so you understand what you’re looking at.

Travel Fever is a Travel-themed game, so elements of the game are places or modes of transport.

The big wheel contains 54 segments, occupied by an even distribution of multipliers and segments covering six different bonus round types. Towards the centre of the wheel are a further six sections, labelled as continents – within each continent, there are nine segments containing multipliers.

The betting grid lets you bet on the Bonus Rounds and the continents. A successful bet on a Bonus Round will enter you into the bonus round. A successful bet on a continent will deliver a multiplier win. An additional bet called the Continent Collect pays if each of the six continents is drawn in sequence without a duplicate occurring.

It’s possible to win a Bonus Round and a Continent bet simultaneously.

It’s also possible to win a multiplier from the outer wheel if you have an active bet on a Bonus round.

The bonus rounds don’t guarantee a win. Five require you to make a playing decision, which can make or break the bonus round. The minimum you’ll go away with is 1x. The sixth bonus round is a slot which you have no control over. All of the Bonus rounds use RNG to determine the payout, while the results are determined using player choice/ RNG or the physical result of a wheel being spun or dice being rolled.

Game rounds are relatively slow to complete if a bonus round is triggered, which is most of the time. The most you can win is 2000x in the Golden Spin Bonus Round (Bike).

You’ll find that the Icons and descriptions of the games are not necessarily that intuitive, but the more you play, the better you’ll understand what’s happening.

Video Review of Travel Fever Live

travel fever live video review

The Travel Fever Wheel

The Travel Fever Wheel, mounted horizontally, contains 54 Segments and six continent sections.

The segments are broken down into

  • 42 Bonus Round Segments – Golden Spin, Happy Race, Flying Dice, Train Rush, Lucky Hike and Ship Hunt, each occupying seven segments.
  • 12 Multiplier segments – 9x and 1x, each occupying six segments.

The Six Continent Sections (Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, South America, and Africa) are located toward the centre of the wheel, with each covering nine segments of the wheel:

  • Each section contains seven 5x multipliers, one 1x multiplier and one 9x multiplier.

travel fever wheel

The Continents

There are six continents on the wheel. Each continent occupies nine segments, which contain seven 6x multipliers, a 9x multiplier and a 1x multiplier.

The betting grid lists the six continents:

  1. Asia.
  2. Europe.
  3. Australia.
  4. North America.
  5. South America.
  6. Africa.

A bet placed on a continent will win 1x, 9x or 6x.

If the outside of the wheel also lands on the 9x or 1x spot, only one of the bets is paid, even if you had bet on the bonus round and continent.

For the most part, you’ll win your money back or make a profit with the 9x win. But there will be some spins where you only win 1x.

The Continents have an RTP of 96.30% and pay between 1x and 9x.

travel fever continents

How To Play Travel Fever Live

As mentioned, Travel Fever is a big wheel game with 54 Segments containing multipliers and Bonus Rounds. Within the wheel are six additional sections labelled as countries, each giving multiplier wins.

The betting grid has twelve betting positions:

  • Six for the bonus rounds – Flying Dice, Lucky Hike, Train Rush, Ship Hunt, Golden Spin and Happy Race.
  • Six for the continents – Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Europe and Australia.

There’s also an additional bet spot for the Continent Collect Bet.

When Betting Time opens, you can bet on some or all bet spots.

travel fever bets

Once betting time has closed, the presenter spins the horizontal wheel until it stops on a segment.

  • If the Segment is a bonus round, the Bonus round is initiated for those players with an active bet on the bet spot. Otherwise, the rest of the players get to watch the Bonus round as it plays out.
  • If the Segment is a multiplier and you have a bet on any bonus round, you get paid the value of the multiplier.
  • If you’ve bet on a continent, you’ll receive the corresponding continent multiplier for the Segment unless the multiplier has already been won (you can only win one multiplier per game).

Travel Fever Bonus Rounds

The six Bonus rounds in Travel Fever are:

  1. Golden Spin – Bicycle Icon. This slot game is based on 9 Pots Of Gold with a max win of 2000x.
  2. Happy Race – Wheel Icon. A decision-making game where you predict whether the cars will turn Left or Right. The more you get right, the higher the payout.
  3. Flying Dice – Aeroplane Icon. Choose one of three sets of dice. If your dice contain a pair, you win at least 5x.
  4. Train Rush – Train Icon. You pick a location, which is assigned multipliers. The roll of a dice determines the destination.
  5. Lucky Hike – Compass Icon. Pick Red or Blue for this wheel spin with random multipliers.
  6. Ship Hunt – Anchor Icon. This is a bit like Battleships. You must pick three locations on a grid containing hidden ships with multipliers.

The bonus rounds occupy seven segments each on the Travel Fever wheel, giving a 77% chance you’ll get a bonus round each spin. The alternative win is a 9x or 1x payout.

Let’s look at each bonus round in more detail, where I’ll provide the RTP and the minimum and maximum payouts possible.

Golden Spin Bonus Round

A Bicycle icon on the wheel and betting grid represents the Golden Spins bonus.

This bonus round is a slot game based on the 9 Pots of Gold Slot. It’s probably the most complicated regarding how the wins and payouts are accrued, but the Bonus Round has the highest payout of 2000x.

When you enter the game, the number of “spins” for the round is chosen by an arrow moving between six symbols, each representing a number between 5 and 10 spins. Where the arrow stops is the number of spins for the game round.

The game is played on a three-line, five-row video slot with twenty fixed pay lines. Wilds substitute all symbols except the Free Spins and Pots Symbols.

Three Free Spin symbols will initiate the free spin wheel, where a Multiplier is chosen to be applied to wins during the free spin sequence. Free spins can be re-triggered by getting three or more free spin symbols.

Wins in this game are converted into multipliers, and after all spins are complete, players will receive the total multiplier as the payout. I’ve known this bonus round to pay 1x and a few hundred x. It can be pretty streaky!

The big payouts come from the Pots of Money, where you need three or more to appear on the reels to get a multiplier. Three Pots pays 1x, Four 5x, Five 15x, Six 40x, Seven 100x, Eight 500x and Nine 200x.

Golden Spin has an RTP of 96.69% and a payout of 1x to 2000x.

golden spins

Happy Race Bonus Round

The Happy Race Bonus involves making six decisions on which way six racing cars will turn during a race to the finish line.

The presenter will spin a steering wheel containing four sectors, 2 for left and 2 for right. You pick which sector, Left or Right, the wheel will stop on. If you answer correctly, you progress to the next level.

Each of the six levels is given multiplier payouts determined by the spin of a bonus wheel at the start of the game round. The bonus wheel contains six sectors:

  • 2  x Extra Chance – This gives the player an extra life if he picks the wrong direction. The multipliers in this game are 1x to 60x. A loss in this game pays 1x, and you win 60x if you reach level six.
  • 2 x Cash Out – This is by far the best section to have; you get to Cash Out your win after reaching level 2. The payouts for this are 1x, 14x, 26x, 53x, 100x, 210x, 420x.
  • 2 x Checkpoint – Winnings are secured at the second and fourth rounds. So, if you get a loss after either of those rounds, you drop back and pick up the prize at the checkpoint. The round payouts are 1x, 15x, 15x, 50x, 50x and 100x.

If you get the first decision wrong and don’t have the Extra Chance, you’ll only win 1x on this bonus round.

Happy Race has an RTP of 97.09% and a payout of 1x to 420x.

happy race

Flying Dice Bonus Round

An Aeroplane icon depicts the Flying Dice Bonus round.

This is the only entirely “Live” Bonus Round in Travel Fever and involves three sets of three dice and a multiplier dice.

Your job is to pick one of the three sets of dice, coloured Red, Blue and Orange. After making your choice, the presenter drops the six dice into a pachinko-type machine. The dice bounce around as they fall to the floor.

The objective is to get a pair or more with the coloured dice you chose initially.

  • No pairs pay 1x.
  • A pair pays 5x.
  • Triple pays 20x.

The presenter then drops a dice covered in multipliers – 1x 1x 1x, 3x, 3x, and 5x. The multiplier on the face pointing upwards is applied to the dice win, giving the final payout.

It’s possible to end this bonus round with 1x if you don’t get a pair and the multiplier dice result is 1x.

Flying Dice has an RTP of 96.62% and a payout of 1x to 100x.

flying dice

Train Rush Bonus Round

The Train Rush Bonus Round is a pick-type bonus round.

The objective is to pick a destination from six, the Beach, Farm, Park Market, Theme Park and the Observatory, where you think the Train will travel.

You can’t pick the destination where the Train is currently – which is the destination from the previous bonus round.

After you’ve picked your destination, each is assigned a multiplier from a pool of multipliers – 5x, 10x, 15x, 15x, 18x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 35x, 50x, 75x and 100x.

The presenter initiates a dice roll. The dice is covered in six colours representing the destinations. If the dice stops on the current destinations, it’s rolled again. You’ll win the multiplier payout if you’ve picked the destination the dice roll stops on. If you didn’t win, you get a 1x payout.

Train Rush has an RTP of 96.36% and a payout of 1x to 100x.

Train Rush

Lucky Hike Bonus Round

A Compass depicts the Lucky Hike Bonus round.

In this bonus round, you have to pick either the Red or Blue colour on the compass pointer, which is spun on a wheel containing twelve segments, representing the Desert, Partk, City, Waterfall, Port, Forest, River, Countryside, Bus Station, Volcano, Campsite and Canyon.

Each destination is assigned a multiplier from a pool of twelve: 1x, 1x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 12x, 14x, 17x and 21x.

The presenter spins the pointer, and the destination where your compass colour points to is the multiplier payout you win.

Lucky Hike has an RTP of 96.14% and a payout of 1x to 21x.

Lucky Hike

Ship Hunt Bonus Round

The Ship Hunt Bonus round is very similar to the game of Battleships.

It’s played on a 4×4 grid containing 14 hidden ships and two blank squares.

You have three picks to locate the ships, each having a multiplier assigned.

One ship has a 9x multiplier, three have 5.5x multipliers, four have 2x multipliers, and six have 1x multipliers.

After you’ve chosen your three squares, the location of the ships is revealed, and you get the combined payout for the vessel you found.

Ship Hunt has an RTP of 96.01% and a payout of 1x to 20x.

ship hunt

The Continent Collect Bet

The Continent Connect is not a Bonus Round but is a unique bet you can place, which delivers a 63x payout if it wins.

The wager is for each of the six Continents to be the winning result on the wheel consecutively, without a duplicate occurring before the sequence of six has been completed.

The bet is placed once and only gets removed once the sequence is broken or the sequence of 6 wins.

The RTP for this is 97.26%, and the Payout is 62:1 plus bet when it wins.

continent collect

Travel Fever Playing And Betting Strategies

Travel Fever Live is a very low-volatile game.

The game has been designed to give regular payouts. You will get a payout on every bet you make. Your payout may not be more than you’ve bet, but it will still be a payout.

The bigger payouts are reserved for the bonus rounds, and four in particular: Flying Dice, Train Rush, Golden Spin and Happy Race. Golden Spin and Happy Race have the best maximum payouts of these four.

So, let’s look at the overall betting strategy and individual strategies for each bonus round.

Overall Betting Strategy For Travel Fever Live

Is betting on all bet spots a good idea?

In Travel Fever Live, the answer is yes; you should be on all bet spots. Why play a game and not give yourself the chance to win on every spin? Covering less of the Bonus Rounds or Continents will only reduce the opportunities to win.

You could, of course, make the game a little more volatile by not betting on the low-paying bonus rounds. These would be Lucky Hike and Ship Hut, as the maximum you’ll win on these is 20x and 21x. Doing this will exclude 14 out of the 54 segments on the wheel, so your chances of getting a bonus round drop from 77.77% to 51.85%.

My advice is to bet on all Bet Spots.

Should I bet on the Continents?

Most of the time, the Continent bet is free. By that, I mean the bet pays 5:1 + your stake back, so that’s 6:1, so you break even most of the time if you bet on all six continents. There will be times when you win 9:1 and times you’ll get 1x – but this is only likely to happen 11% of the time for either one – so it’s a bet worth making, in my opinion.

Bonus Round Strategies

Some Bonus rounds have no strategy because you do not influence the outcome. Golden Spin falls into this category as it’s a slot game you watch. RNG chooses the number of spins, the game runs on RNG, and the result is RNG. No human intervention is needed at all. So sit back and keep your fingers crossed that you get the Free Spins, which is how you get the big paydays.

Flying Dice Strategy

In the Flying Dice Bonus Round, you need to choose a colour. You have a choice of three, Red, Blue and Orange. Some people go with their favourite colour, others prefer a colour the same as the last win, others choose a colour opposite the last one to win, and some, including me, always choose the same colour – mine is Orange!

Each colour has an equal chance – so go with your gut.

Lucky Hike Strategy

The Lucky Hike had one decision point. Do you pick Red or Blue? There are several ways to decide; you can go with most players by looking at the decision statistics or going against them. Or go with your favourite colour or do something random. I tend to stay with one colour until I get a bad result, then change to the opposite colour.

Train Rush Strategy

There is a 1 in 5 chance of picking the destination station for the train correctly. I tend to look at the statistics of past results and try not to bet on one that’s occurred recently. The selection process for the winning destination is down to a dice roll, so it’s a live process that, over time, will produce a standard distribution of results, meaning anything can win.

Ship Hunt Strategy

You must pick three squares containing hidden ships in a grid of 16 and try to miss the two empty squares. The game round is RNG, so there is no real strategy other than picking three random squares. I change it every time I play, never choosing the same three.

Happy Race Strategy

This bonus round has the most decisions to make. You’ll have made six correct decisions if you’re lucky enough to get to the end.

I made it one to the end, and I just threw in a couple of the same decisions and alternated a couple, and it worked for me. It was pure luck. This is one of those bonus rounds where you need to go with your gut. There’s a 50% chance you’ll get it right each time!

I’ve found the first decisions to be the hardest as if you get this wrong, you’re going home with a 1x multiplier!

Strategy Summary

No one strategy will work on the bonus rounds. You have to go with what feels right. Sometimes you’ll win, and sometimes you’ll lose. That is how betting with RNG goes.

Travel Fever Live Return To Player (RTP) & Expected Returns

The RTP for Travel Fever is balanced across all aspects of the game, so no one part of the game plays differently from another. You’ll get bad beats, and some surprise wins when you least expect it. That’s the nature of gambling.

The Main RTP ranges from 96.01 to 97.26%, so you’d expect to lose over the long term.

The game has a low volatility, so you’ll have a win on every spin. It may not be big and may not cover your bet, but you’ll get some money back.

You can play this game with a relatively small bankroll and turn it over for as long as the wins come in.

If you manage to get up, I’d cash out and have a break before continuing to extend your playtime.

The big wins come in the Golden Spin Bonus round, including a free spins Bonus, which, when activated, can add tens of additional free spins and chances of better payouts. Getting Nine Golden Pots will see a 2000x payout.

Bet SpotNumber of SegmentsRTPPayoutProbability
Flying Dice796.62%1x to 100x12.96%
Lucky Hike796.14%1x to 21x12.96%
Train Rush796.36%1x to 100x12.96%
Ship Hunt796.01%1x to 20x12.96%
Golden Spin796.69%1x to 2000x12.96%
Happy Race797.09%1x to 420x12.96%
Happy Race Features
Extra Chance96.82%1 x to 60x
Checkpoint96.61%1x to 100x
Cash Out97.83%1x to 420x
Continent Bet
Africa996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
Asia996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
Australia996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
Europe996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
North America996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
South America996.30%1x, 9x or 5:116.66%
Continent Collect97.26%62:1

Results Tracker and Statistics

The last twenty-four results are shown on screen, giving details of who won the round, the bonus if that won, and the country. There is no information on the multiplier payout for the bonus rounds.

Sadly, there are no more statistics. It would have been nice to see a breakdown of each Bonus Round to look at previous wins and build a picture of how the game plays.

I’m sure someone will create a results tracker for Travel Fever Live, but at this time, there isn’t one available.

travel fever result statistics


Travel Fever Live isn’t a game that immediately stands out. When I first saw it, I thought it looked childish, setting my expectations low. Its wishy-washy pallet colour scheme didn’t draw you in to discover more.

I’ve played a few wheel game shows and can usually work out what’s happening quickly. I got the general premise of the game quite quickly, but I found some aspects of the bonus rounds over-complicated for a game that is quite simple. I liked my participation level in the bonus rounds, even if it reinforced my bad decisions by knocking me out early and leaving me with a 1x payout. The more I played, the more I resented this feature.

The game is slow; you’re in a bonus round almost every game. If you’re not in the bonus round, you’ll be waiting minutes for the next game round.

Small wins come along often, every game, if you bet on all game positions.

The horizontal wheel is a nice touch. We saw the first one at Playtech in their Greatest Cards Show game, and while both are different, they don’t add anything to the game. From a player’s perspective, it makes it harder to see what’s on the whole wheel, and you lose that tiny bit of anticipation seeing the bonus round you want coming into view until it’s too late.

This is a good, albeit safe, first effort from On Air Entertainment, but I would have liked to see something that delivered more of a punch.

This is not a game for gamblers. If you want something that will give you a buzz and get your adrenalin going, I’d advise playing something else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Travel Fever Live?

Travel Fever Live is a Live Dealer Gameshow by On-Air Entertainment. It uses a 54-segment big wheel to deliver a game with six bonus rounds, with a top payout of 2000x.

What is The Maximum Win on Travel Fever Live?

The maximum win on Travel Fever Live is 2000x in the Golden Spin Bonus round.

Is There a Strategy for Playing Travel Fever Live?

The only strategy is to bet on every position on the betting grid and keep your fingers crossed you can make some good decisions in the bonus rounds.

What is the RTP of OnAir Travel Fever Live?

The RTP range on Travel Fever Live is 96.01% to 97.26%.

Who is Travel Fever Live Aimed At?

Travel Fever Live is aimed at players who like low-volatility games, where you can bet small and keep your bankroll turning over for long playing sessions. New gamblers to Live Casino will find this a good entry-level game, and although it looks complicated, it’s easy to understand once you’ve played a few games.

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