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Crazy Time Stats Tracker – LIVE Statistics, Past Results, How To Use Them Properly

crazy time stats

On this page, you can see the live results of Crazy Time wheel spins and read about all the statistics, what they mean and how you can use them to win more on Crazy Time.

Crazy Time is an Evolution live game show, which is the most popular live game show available today.

Many players use Crazy Time stats analysis tools, like results trackers, to improve their play and find ways to win more often.

Crazy Time players examine the aggregated results of previous wheel spins and game statistics to determine the probabilities of the next result. A popular method is to use the number of spins that have elapsed since the last occurrence of a particular outcome.

Other online stats trackers don’t tell you this, but there are two Crazy Time games.

The original Crazy Time broadcasts from studios in Riga, Latvia and the second Crazy Time, known as Crazy Time “A”, is broadcast from a studio in Bucharest, Romania. Crazy Time “A” was added in 2023 because the original game couldn’t support the number of players wanting to play and also to add resilience in case one of the games breaks down or cannot operate.

The Results for these two games differ, so make sure you’re referring to the correct stats for your game.

Here are my real-time live results trackers for Crazy Time and Crazy Time “A” games.

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Real-Time Crazy Time Results: Live from the Studio in Riga, Latvia

These are the current Crazy Time Results; you can view them in this table as they come in real time.

I keep one month’s worth of data, which you can filter by result type to help you see when the last big wins occurred.

You can also see the Frequency hits for each result and review the data for the last 24 hours, week and month.

These statistics relate to the Crazy Time game hosted by the Studio in Riga, Latvia. There are other wheels for which you’ll find the results below.

Real-Time Crazy Time “A” Results: Live from the Studio in Bucharest, Romania

These are the current Crazy Time Results for the game in the studio in Bucharest, Romania.

The game is distinguished in the lobby as Crazy Time A, so these results and statistics are for the Crazy Time A Wheel.

As with the other results, I keep one month’s data. You can filter the Results Statistics by day, week or month and see the real-time results by Result Type.

Use the data to find the specific information you’re after.

Do Stats Apply To All Casinos?

Crazy Time is a game streamed from two locations: Riga, Latvia (the original Crazy Time) and Bucharest, Romania (Crazy Time “A”).

Regardless of the online casino you’re playing at, all players participate in the same game with the same outcomes, as shown in the statistics above. Their fortunes are all dependent on the same spin of the wheel.

Whether you play the game through LeoVegas, Vbet or PlayOJO, your experience with Crazy Time will be the same. The results history trackers show one set of results which apply to all casinos.

Within the playing interface, you’ll see the results of the previous 21 spins of the wheel, which is usually good enough for the casual player. But if you want more in-depth statistics, you can see them in the results trackers I’ve created above.

The Expected Results

After monitoring thousands of spins, I have compiled these expectations for Crazy Time.

Use them as a reference against the live stats above to monitor your own game and devise your betting strategies.

Segment on WheelNumber of
Chance to HitSpins Between
Number 12138.89%2-396.08%1:1
Number 21324.07%495.95%2:1
Number 5712.96%895.78%5:1
Number 1047.41%13-1495.73%10:1
Coin Flip47.41%13-1495.70%~13x, up to 5,000x
Cash Hunt23.70%2795.27%~25x, up to 12,500x
Pachinko23.70%2794.33%~25x, up to 5,600x
Crazy Time11.85%5494.41%~50x, up to 8,000x

The Bonus Rounds

Coin Flip is the most commonly triggered bonus round in Crazy Time. If you like it, there’s a spin-off game called Crazy Coin Flip. You can expect to win 15x regularly, and you’ll regularly see instances where one of the multipliers is 2x or 3x. There are the rarer cases when it goes up to 50x or 100x. The largest recorded win was 5,000x.

Cash Hunt is responsible for all the top wins this game has ever recorded. The Crazy Time bonus round doesn’t even come close. According to some sources, Cash Hunt also has the highest RTP bet in this game. This is the riskiest and potentially most rewarding bet, as you must choose from one of 108 hidden multipliers, hoping you get the highest payout.

Pachinko seems to be an inferior bet to Cash Hunt, the other bet that appears in two segments. Pachinko pays less on average and doesn’t go up as high as Cash Hunt. Also, note that Pachinko is the worst bet according to the developer’s RTP values. However, it’s a popular bonus round with a spin-off game created, Crazy Pachinko.

Crazy Time is the most rewarding bonus round on average, but it’s difficult to bet on it with any certainty that it will land due to the very nature of probability. 200 game rounds could easily pass between two hits. It’s the equivalent of betting on the same number on roulette and expecting to hit. Add 50% to the difficulty as there are 54 segments on the Crazy Time wheel, compared to 37 pockets in roulette. Crazy Time also has a spin-off game, where you can play the Crazy Time wheel as a bonus round during roulette. The game is called Red Door Roulette.

Why do players look at previous Crazy Time results

There’s a belief familiar to many gamblers that if a specific outcome hasn’t happened in a while, it will happen soon. Or the event is more likely to occur than an outcome that has happened recently.

For example, if Crazy Time bonus rounds are expected to be triggered once every six games but haven’t come up for 15 spins, you might believe a bonus round is ‘due’.

This belief has a name: the Gambler’s Fallacy or the Fallacy of the maturity of chances.

This is the basis behind every results tracker, regardless of the game. They aim to help the player place their bet on an outcome that is more likely to occur based on what has happened in the past.

In reality, the money wheel has no memory of previous results. The impact of each new spin will be independent of all previous ones.

The law of large numbers says the results will even out over time, which they will, but it’s still wrong to assume that any correction is due to happen on one of the following spins. It might as well be 150 spins from now; the Crazy Time Bonus Round will get triggered twice in a row.

Math, statistics and probability all work. But it’s drawing the wrong conclusion that creates problems.

Crazy Time Trackers

There are several Crazy Time stats trackers in the market, and they all do the same thing, displaying some or all of the following data points.

  • spin history
  • latest top multipliers
  • biggest wins
  • how many consecutive spins the result hasn’t occurred
  • how often has the result occurred in the last 24h
  • comparison between the theoretical and actual occurrence frequency
  • historical list of the last results of each bonus round win
  • average win for each bonus round
  • historical list of biggest wins

As I said earlier, this data is helpful if you want to see how the game of Crazy Time plays out.  It could be detrimental to your betting if you use the statistics to try and predict the next spin. There is no way to have any result ‘due’.

What are stats trackers good for

Crazy Time stats trackers do have a purpose that players can benefit from. Looking at the history of the results can give you a feeling for how the game is playing. They generally bear out the game statistics over the long term, but in the shorter term, they can be quite different.

In the screenshot above, you can, for example, see the average win of each of the four bonus rounds, so you’ll better know what to expect while playing Crazy Time.

Coin Flip pays the least and is the most frequently triggered bonus round, while Crazy Time is the most rewarding bonus round that’s triggered the least frequently. Cash Hunt and Pachinko should be about the same.

This is all valuable information – but don’t use it to predict the next spin’s outcome.

How To Read the Results

crazy time stats

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time bonus rounds haven’t been triggered for some time. Coin Flip was the only bonus that was recently triggered.

This, to many players, would indicate that now is the right time to place a bet since bonus rounds are expected to be triggered on every 6th spin. Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time are likelier to be the next bonus round than Coin Flip.

This isn’t true. On the next spin, or any spin for that matter, the four bonus rounds will have precisely this chance of getting triggered.

Result Frequencies

  • Coin Flip: 4 / 54 = 7.40% or once every 13-14 spins
  • Cash Hunt: 2 / 54 = 3.70% or once every 27 spins
  • Pachinko: 2 / 54 = 3.70% or once every 27 spins
  • Crazy Time: 1 / 54 = 1.85% or once every 54 spins

These probabilities aren’t influenced by previous spin results or the time that elapsed since the last occurrence of the result.

These probabilities will be the same in the spin after Crazy Time was triggered and will be the same if Crazy Time hasn’t triggered in the last 1000 spins.

However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t use the information. Just be aware that predicting isn’t an exact science, and randomness applies. But if you were to use probabilities to help you bet, these would be the most essential information to use.

  • Spins since the last hit
  • Frequency of hitting
  • Avg spins until hit

The frequency of hitting and the Average number of spins until hit are handy metrics that tell you what a reasonable expectation should be regarding the frequency of wins on that bet.

For example, glancing at the stats above would tell you that Cash Hunt will hit on average every 33 times, but it hasn’t hit for 59, so now would be a good time to start betting on Cash Hunt.

What is the right way to play Crazy Time?

If you’re looking for something to enhance your game and move away from randomly placing bets on a money wheel, I have a Crazy Time Strategy. It has been proven to be more successful than playing without one – and the stats tracker bears this out if you examine past results carefully.

The game of Crazy Time has its own rules, and any good strategy will rely on having an active bet on a bonus round when triggered, especially if it’s the Crazy Time bonus round.

There is a chance that historical stats trackers may do the opposite. You may miss out on a bonus round because “it wasn’t the right time to bet on it”.

My strategy does make sense, so check out that link.

Conclusion: How to win more using trackers

A live results tracker like this page’s is a splendid tool for understanding the game. It gives the player an overview of how frequent or infrequent various outcomes are.

Also, it’s a sanity check. You can see the past results, so you know the game is performing as it should. You see what’s going on.

Many players don’t know how well the four bonus rounds—Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time—will pay. And if you don’t know how much they usually pay to winners, how can you possibly create your strategy for the game?

After reading this page, you know how much these bonus rounds pay on average, which should help you plan a perfect strategy.

Keep this page open in a separate tab or window while playing Crazy Time so you can use it for reference.