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Pragmatic Snakes & Ladders Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Introduction to Pragmatic Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes & Ladders Live is a long overdue live casino entertainment game. And who better to produce it than Pragmatic Play, which has a history of producing entertainment games using dice? A perfect combination.

Like the classic board game we played as children, Snakes & Ladders Live uses a die roll to move along a giant board covered in multipliers and power-up squares. You avoid the snakes and climb the ladders to reach the biggest prizes.

The main board is one of two Bonus round features. The other is the Snake Totum, which can be won alongside instant win prizes during the initial dice roll phase of the game.

The maximum payout is 10,000x, so get rolling and hope the snakes smile kindly.

In this article, I review Snakes & Ladders Live, explain how to play, investigate some playing strategies and see how the game compares with other Live Entertainment games. If you want to get a flavour of the game more quickly, try watching my review video, where I demonstrate how to play and show each of the bonus rounds in action.

Pragmatic Play Snakes & ladders Live

Snakes & Ladders Live At A Glance

I thought Snakes and Ladders Live looked complicated when I first saw it, but it isn’t, and you soon get the hang of how to play.

Essentially there is a qualification process where four dice are rolled. The result can be nothing, an instant win or entry to one of two bonus rounds.

The main Bonus Round is the Snakes & Ladders Board, where a dice is rolled to advance up the board, trying to get as high as possible to collect a multiplier. Landing on Powers-Ups can double the remaining multipliers, and safe zones protect your winnings if a snake bites you. The Snake Totum Bonus round delivers multipliers or access to the Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus game.

  • A six rolled anywhere during the game results in an extra roll.
  • Four dice are rolled at the beginning of each game, which can give instant wins or access to the two bonus rounds. A fifth dice determines the number of rolls for the S&L bonus round.
  • The instant wins pay between 1x and 20x depending on the result combination of the symbols on the dice.
  • Two bonus rounds – The Snakes & Ladders Board and The Snake Totum deliver wins up to 10,000x.
  • Power-Ups during the bonus rounds double the remaining multipliers on the board.
  • There are seven safe zones on the S&L board, which protect wins even if you slide down a snake to a lower-value tile.
  • Unless a six is rolled, only one Dice roll is used in the Snake Totum bonus round.
  • The RTP of the game is 96.30% (ranging between 96.26 – 96.41%)
  • The maximum payout is 10,000x.

I’ve documented in more detail how the bonus rounds work and provided more information about the different aspects of the game.

While playing, I’ve noticed some things that may not be immediately obvious, so I’ll share those that should help you enjoy the game more.

Female Dealer Snakes & Ladders
Male Dealer Snakes & Ladders

Who Snakes & Ladders Live will Appeal To!

Snakes & Ladders will appeal to anyone with a soft spot for childhood board games. It will undoubtedly bring back memories of rolling a die across the carpet sat around the board with your family. I remember games taking ages as you climbed the ladders and the snakes sent you back down the board. The snake by the last square always seemed to get you!

Fortunately, the Snakes and Ladders are not fixed in this Pragmatic version. Six ladders and six snakes get randomly spread around the board.

Gamblers will like this game, too, as it’s not too volatile, and the bonus rounds occur frequently enough to keep your interest. Out of nowhere, a few rolls of six can have you climbing the Totum pole or racing up the board for decent multiplier wins.

How To Play Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes and Ladders Live is played by placing bets on the outcome of 4 Rolled dice. Prizes are awarded for dice combinations, from instant win multipliers or access to one of the bonus rounds if you’ve placed an active bet on those options. Some dice combinations won’t win, so even if you place a bet on all outcomes, you may still lose!

The three phases of the game are:

  1. Placing Bets on the Seven possible outcomes of the four rolled dice.
    1. Diamonds
    2. Stars
    3. Diamond & Star Combinations
    4. Snake Totem
    5. Snakes & Ladders 2 Rolls
    6. Snakes & Ladders 3 Rolls
    7. Snakes & Ladders 5 Rolls.
  2. The Snakes & Ladders Bonus Game.
  3. The Snake Totum Bonus Round.

If the result is Snakes & Ladders, a fifth dice is rolled to determine the number of rolls to be applied during the Bonus round (2, 3, or 5).

I will describe each stage below based on the game rules and my playing experience.

Betting On Snakes & Ladders

There are seven betting options. Of the seven, three are for the Snake & Ladders Bonus round, one each for 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls.

Each dice contains 2 Diamonds, 2 Stars, and an SL and ST symbol. Before you place a bet, you know the Diamonds and Stars will appear the most on average.

Snakes & Ladders Betting Options

The Diamond, Stars and combination bets of both give instant wins in the form of multipliers.

Diamond Payouts

  • Two Diamonds pay 1:1.
  • Three Diamonds pay 2:1.
  • Four Diamonds pays 5:1.

Star Payouts

  • Two Stars pay 2:1.
  • Three Stars pay 5:1.
  • Four Stars pays 20:1.

Combination Payouts

  • Two Stars & Two Diamonds pay 5:1.
  • One Star & Three Diamonds pay 8:1.
  • Three Stars & One Diamond 20:1.

The Snake Totum gives access to the Snake Totum Bonus round, requiring three dice to contain the ST symbol.

The SL Bonus 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls and five rolls betting positions give access to the Snakes And Ladders Bonus Round when two SL symbols are rolled and the fifth dice rolls either a 2,3, or 5.

Auto Play

If you’re playing for a long time, I recommend using the Autoplay facility to set up a recurring bet. Place your bets on the grid, click Auto Play and select the number of spins you’d like to play.

You’ll also have to set a win-and-loss limit before you’re allowed to activate the auto-spins.

Using this ensures you don’t miss any game rounds and, more importantly, help you manage your bankroll.

The autoplay can be stopped at any time. Otherwise, it will run until you have run out of spins or money!

The Dice Roll

Five Tubes resembling green Bamboo canes stand in a line, each tube containing a Dice. The first four canes/tubes contain dice to determine the result. If the result includes two SLs, a fifth dice is used to decide whether it will be a 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls or five rolls bonus round.

A sprung plate at the bottom of each tube launches the dice upwards, causing them to fall back down. The symbol on the upper face of each settled dice is used to determine the result.

Instant Win Prizes are paid immediately.

If the result is one of the bonus rounds, the bonus round is initiated.

Winning an Instant Win and Bonus round prize simultaneously is possible, so watch out for those!

Snakes & Ladders dice shaking result

The Snakes & Ladders Bonus Rounds

There are two Bonus rounds in Snakes & Ladders

  1. The Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus Round
  2. The Snake Totum Bonus Round.

The Snakes & Ladders Bonus Round can consist of two, three or Five Rolls of a dice.

The Snake Totum consists of one Dice Roll, and one of the possible results is entry to the Snakes and Ladders Board bonus game.

The Snakes & Ladders Bonus Round

Access to play the Snakes and Ladder Bonus Board is won when at least two dice contain SL symbols. The number of rolls on the board is determined by the roll of the fifth dice, which can be two Rolls, Three Rolls or Five Rolls.

The number of SL symbols won is significant because they determine the number of Power-Ups placed randomly on the game board.


Power Ups will double all the Snakes and Ladders board multipliers when they are landed on.

  • Two SL Symbols = two Power-Ups
  • Three SL Symbols = four Power-Ups
  • Four SL Symbols = six Power-Ups

The Snakes & Ladders Board of eight tiles by eight tiles (64 Tiles) contains 6 Ladders, 6 Snakes, Powers-Up Squares, Multiplier Squares and Safe Squares.

The elements’ location and the multipliers’ values are selected randomly at the start of each new bonus round.

snakes & ladders Board

Safe Tiles

Safe Squares are permanently active on tiles, Eight, Sixteen, Twenty-Four, Thirty-two, Forty, Forty-Eight and Fifty-Six. When landed on or passed, a safe tile locks in the last multiplier prize obtained. So should you, later in the round, be sent down the board by a snake to a lower level, the value of the multiplier banked will be paid.

Playing the Snakes & Ladders Board

The bonus round is like the childhood board game. The presenter rolls the dice and moves the counter along the board, one tile at a time. Landing on a ladder will move you up the board more quickly while landing on a snake’s head will result in a slide down the board to where the tail ends.

If you pass a safe tile, the multiplier tile from the previous roll is locked in and will be paid if the last tile you end on is of a lesser value.

The objective is to get as high on the board as possible in the rolls you have won entering the game.

Power-ups are a good thing, as they double the multipliers on the board.

Rolling a six gives an extra roll, so they are to be prized when they happen.

The game ends when the last roll has been completed.

You win the multiplier amount on the tile you end up on unless it’s lower than the multiplier banked by the last safe tile, in which case you get that.

The Snake Totum Bonus Round

The Snake Totum is a column made up of 18 vertically stacked tiles. All tiles have six facets, except tiles 6 and 12, which have 12 facets each.

The facets contain Multipliers, S&L Bonuses and advance symbols.

The Snake Totum is divided into three sections of 6 tiles.

If you land on tile six and it is a multiplier, the multipliers on tiles 7 to 11 are multiplied by that value.

The multiplier on six is also added to the multiplier on 12.

If 12 has a multiplier and you are lucky to land on it, tiles 13 to 18 are multiplied by it.

How the Bonus works.

A large dice is rolled, and you advance up the Totum pole tile by tile for the value of the dice.

Only one roll is performed unless a six is rolled when another roll is allowed.

You’ll either walk away with a Multiplier prize or entry in the Snakes And Ladders board, with 2, 3 or 5 rolls, depending on the tile value you landed on.

snake Totum

Snake Totum Snakes & Ladders Win

If you land on an S&L tile, you’ll qualify for the Snakes & Ladders Board. You’ll either have 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls, depending on the value of the tile you landed on.

Power-Ups for the S&L game are available depending on what part of the Totum Pole the S&L tile was:

  • Tiles 1 to 5, there are none.
  • Tiles 7 to Eleven, there is one.
  • And between 13 & 17, you’ll get two Power-ups.


Snakes & Ladders Odds, Payouts and RTP

The good news is the RTP for Snakes & Ladders is roughly the same as other entertainment game shows, with an Optimal RTP of 96.42%.

Parts of the game have slightly different RTPs, which you can see in the reference table. The differences are minor, so you’ll not notice the differences.

The RTPs are evenly balanced between the parts of the game, and this was my experience when playing.

You seem to get frequent Bonus rounds. However, the more regular wins are attributed to the Diamond/Star and combination bets.

Payouts are capped at 10,000x on the Snake Totum and Snakes & Ladders Board. Multiple Power-Ups boost the multipliers on the S&L Board while rolling sixes with the 6th & 12 tiles already set with multipliers will boost the wins significantly.

Dice CombinationSymbolsRTPPayout
DiamondsAny 2 Diamonds96.30%1:1
Any 3 Diamonds2:1
4 Diamonds5:1
StarsAny 2 Stars96.30%2:1
Any 3 Stars5:1
4 Stars20:1
Stars & Diamonds2 Stars + 2 Diamonds96.30%5:1
Star + 3 Diamonds8:1
3 Stars + Diamond20:1
Snake TotumAny 3 ST95.09% – 96.26%2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders 2 RollsAny 2 (or more) SL95.57% – 96.26%2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders 3 RollsAny 2 (or more) SL95.18% – 96.31%2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders 5 RollsAny 2 (or more) SL95.71% – 96.42%2 – 10,000:1

Playing And Betting Strategies To Win on Snakes & Ladders Live

There are no parts of the game where decisions are required from Players – apart from placing the initial bets.

As such, there is no strategy to play Snakes & Ladders Live.

The game is designed to play the Bonus rounds, so that’s one easy decision out of the way. Place bets on all the bonus round options.

The Instant Win bets of the Stars, Diamonds and Combinations shouldn’t be ignored. These bets come in the most frequently, so if you want to turn your bankroll over, you can’t forget these.

Do you bet on all of them? – well, yes, you do. If you follow trends, you may wish to bet on some more than others or increase your bet on one position. But you must monitor your bankroll and adjust the bets accordingly if you lose too often.

So, my strategy for playing is to bet on all positions but adjust the amounts regularly, to ride the wins & losses.

My betting might look like this

I expect most of my spins will lose. I aim to lose slowly until the bigger wins from the Bonus rounds come in. Of course, that relies on the bonus rounds paying more than 10x, which isn’t guaranteed, and my bankroll holds up. The game needs to be “Hot” for you to walk away with a profit.

I place three units each on Stars, Diamonds and Combinations and one each on the four bonus round options. That’s a total bet of 13. A unit can be whatever value you like.

  • With a 1:1 win, you’ll get back six units – down seven units
  • With a 2:1 win, you’ll get back nine units – down four units
  • With a 5:1 win, you’ll get back 18, a profit of 5 units.

You’ll lose on losing rounds, which do happen. You be down on winning instant win rounds on anything lower than 5:1. This is OK, as you want to slow down the losses while you wait for the bonus rounds.

If you want a less aggressive strategy, I suggest keeping the unit value low so you’re not losing a lot of money.

Of course, another option is to play less of the Instant Win bets. Try betting on just the Stars or Diamonds. This will save you six units but reduce the number of wins you’ll get.

Its swings and roundabouts, I’m afraid.

Video Review Including the Bonus Rounds

Snakes & Ladders live Video Review

Snakes & Ladders Statistics & Result Tracking

At last! A game that provides some great statistics of what’s happened in the past.

A rolling summary across the bottom of the screen and in-depth statistics for each game part.

You can display the statistics for up to the last 500 rounds.

I recommend you study statistics before playing, as you’ll understand how the game plays and how often the bonus rounds appear.

Recent Results

recent statistics

The recent results show up to the last 500 game-round results. For each, you’ll see if there was a win and, if so, what the win was, and the payout generated.

Statistics also show the percentage for result type, Star, Diamond, Combination, Snake Totum and S&L 2, 3 and 5 Rolls.

Bonus Round Statistics

bonus statistics

The Bonus Round statistics give information about each round, including the number of rolls, the ending tile and the final multiplier payout.

This covers all the Snakes & Ladders Bonus rounds and the Snake Totum.

Rolls Statistics

rolls stats

The Rolls statistics indicate how often the symbols occur during the primary dice roll.

Then there are more details for each bonus round, where you can see how often each number on the dice has occurred during the game.

Tips For Beginners

Pragmatic Play Snakes and Ladders Live is very easy to play as it has no requirement from the player other than an initial bet.

Once you’ve placed your bet, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Watch as the game unfolds, and keep your fingers crossed that you get a nice win.

In terms of tips, here are a few that will help with your enjoyment of the game.

  1. Read this review and the in-game help files to understand how to play the game. You must be familiar with the various components, how the bonuses work and the features within the round.
  2. Review the statistics of the game. A lot of information is held here. You can immediately see how the game plays and the frequency of the results. It helps you to know what to expect.
  3. Manage your bankroll. Don’t bet big if your bankroll is small. You’ll end up losing it quickly.
  4. Bet within your means. I would bet only 5% of my bankroll each game round.
  5. Use Auto Play to help manage your betting, and set a loss limit.

Pros and Cons of Snakes & Ladders Live

When considering the Pros and Cons, I’ve felt the playing experience and how well I enjoyed playing.


  • It’s a straightforward game to play. The only input required by the player is to place a bet. Sit back and watch the game unfold.
  • The studio design is good, with the Jungle theme fitting nicely with the Snakes and Ladders.
  • Lots of good statistics are available for past results.
  • The RTP is consistent throughout the game. While the game is volatile, wins are frequent. They are just not very big most of the time.
  • The Bonus rounds don’t take too long to run. The game flows well.


  • No player interaction is required, so there is no opportunity to influence the game’s outcome, as you would in Blackjack.
  • There’s a lot to understand with the bonus rounds and many features to get your head around.
  • The RTP is in line with other entertainment games – an opportunity lost, in my opinion, to do something different.
  • While the bonus rounds seem frequent, Players may get bored quickly because there is little variety.
  • As entertainment games go, it’s ok but lacks anticipation build-up. I didn’t feel too invested in the game; I became almost accepting of the results without getting the high I would hope for.

How Snakes & Ladders Live Compares

So where do Snakes & Ladders fit with other Entertainment games? Does it compare well?

Let’s take a look and see how it compares.

Snakes & Ladders is a dice-driven game. Only Pragmatic produces game shows with this type of game mechanic. Their other popular game is Boom City, which has more bonus rounds and uses a central board to deliver the results from dice rolls. Boom City makes a traditional use of the Dice. In contrast, Snakes & Ladders use standard dice in the bonus rounds and dice with symbols for the initial qualification/instant win phase.

Snakes & Ladders has two bonus rounds, Crazy Time, Funky Time, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, and Sweet Bonanza Candyland have four. So you get a bit more variety in other games.

The maximum multiplier of 10,000x is impressive. While other entertainment games are uncapped, they’re unlikely to reach 10,000x. However, they cap wins at £$€500,000, whereas Snakes & Ladders doesn’t.

I’ve mentioned that RTP-wise, 96.42%, is in the same range as other entertainment games.

As for how this plays? – I think it’s a simple game that will suit a selection of players that like watching the dice roll and seeing the counter move up a Snakes & Ladders Board to collect multiplier wins.

Popular Gameshow Variations

I’ve already mentioned the other gameshows you can play, but let’s look at the alternative Dice games with multiplier wins.

  1. Lightning Dice by Evolution is a pure dice game where you bet on the outcome of dice dropped through a perspex ladder.
  2. Super Sic Bo, Sic Bo Deluxe and Ultimate Sic Bo, as variations of the ancient Asian game but with multiplier payouts.
  3. Bac Bo uses dice in this straightforward game where you guess which side will win.
  4. Craps is the original dice game from the casinos in Vegas. It is complicated but very enjoyable to play.

Where You Can Play Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes & Ladders Live is available at casinos with Pragmatic Play Live Casino Games.

My personal Favourites are Leo Vegas and Bet Victor.


Pragmatic Play Snakes & Ladders Live is the long-awaited live gameshow of the traditional board game we played as kids.

The main board has been cleverly incorporated into the game as one of the bonus rounds. You move up the board when the dice are rolled, using the ladders and hoping to avoid the snakes as you collect a multiplier win.

I like how Pragmatic has kept the original concept of the board and adapted it by changing the layout before each new game. The Power-up and Safe zones add to the experience, so you’re guaranteed a win, even if the snake takes you back down to the first square.

The process for qualifying for the bonus round is clever. Again using dice, five are shot up pipes resembling bamboo canes only to fall, revealing the result. I felt like I got many wins, and the bonus round occurred frequently enough to keep my interest.

However, I soon got a bit bored with only two bonus rounds. I like games that make me want to kick the screen in one moment and delight me the next. Snakes & Ladders didn’t get me like that. I enjoyed playing, but not enough to keep drawing me back.

The studio and design are excellent. I love the simplicity and attention to detail. Everything is on-point and easy to watch.

I felt the Snake Totum warrants something extra – one dice roll, and it’s all over too quickly. I want more time playing, especially as it’s the harder of the two to qualify for.

All in all, Snakes & Ladders has been worth waiting for.

I’d certainly recommend you play it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Snakes & Ladders Live?

Snakes & Ladders Live is a live dealer entertainment game show where you can gamble on the outcome of dice rolled. The game has two bonus rounds, a Snakes & Ladders Board and a Snake Totum, where you can win Multipliers payouts on your bets. The maximum win is capped at 10,000x, so this game has plenty of potential.

Is Snakes & Ladders Live Easy to Play?

Snakes & Ladders Live is very easy to play. It’s a game where you place a bet and watch it unfold before you. No player participation is required.

Is RNG used in Snakes & Ladders Live?

RNG is used to determine the Snakes and Ladders Board layout and Snake Totum and the multipliers’ value and placement. All other aspects of the game are live. You see actual dice being rolled and flipped to determine the results.

Is there a winning strategy for playing Snakes & Ladders Live?

There is no strategy to win Snakes & Ladders, but you can bet in several ways, which I discuss in more detail here.

What is the RTP of  Snakes & Ladders Live?

The overall RTP is 96.42%, but the range across the game is between 95.09% to 96.42%.

What is the highest Payout on Pragmatic Snakes & Ladders Live?

Payouts are capped on the Bonus rounds to 10,000x. There is no upper limit on how much you can win, but casinos will have a maximum bet which effectively caps the payouts.

Where can I Play Snakes & Ladders Live?

You can play Snakes & Ladders at casinos with Pragmatic live dealer games. My personal favourite, and the one I recommend, is Leo Vegas.

Is Snakes & Ladders Live as Good as Boom City?

While Snakes & Ladders and Boom City use dice, they are different games, so comparing them isn’t easy. Snakes & Ladders is more accessible to play and understand than Boom City.

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