Best Low Stakes Live Roulette in 2019

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Neil’s Best Low-Stakes Online Roulette Casinos

Here are the best low-stakes online roulette casinos operating in 2019, where you can start small to enjoy yourself.


  • Home of Live Roulette.
  • Over 30 Live Dealer Tables.
  • Stakes from 0.20 a spin.

4 / 5 Stars



  • 20p Lightning Roulette.
  • NetEnt & Evolution.
  • Live Beyond Live Tables.

4 / 5 Stars



  • Huge Selection of Tables.
  • Multiple Suppliers.
  • Minimum from 10 pence.

5 / 5 Stars



  • Evolution Live Tables.
  • Huge Selection of Dedicated Tables.
  • 10p Minimum Bets.

4 / 5 Stars



  • 10p a spin on Pearl Table.
  • 1p Penny Roulette.
  • Playtech Software.
  • Live Casino Bonus – T&C’s.

4 / 5 Stars


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Introduction to Low-Stakes Live Roulette

Low-Stakes Live Roulette is, I think, the best all round game to play if you want to bet small and I’m going to tell you why.

Unlike any other form of gambling, you get to pick the risk that you want to take on every spin.

There are 17 different bet types you can make playing roulette.

The riskiest is the Straight Up Bet which pays 35:1 for a win, whilst the least risky is Red/Black, which pays even money 1:1.

That coupled with being able to bet as little as 1 pence a spin on an RNG game to 10 pence on a Live Roulette table, means you should be able to play for a few hours.

Low-Stakes Live Roulette Bets Explained

When Roulette tables and stakes are advertised you normally see a monetary stake range displayed for the table limits.

They look something like this, 0.10 – 75,000 or 0.10 – 200.

They look the same right? But they’re not. The first is advertising a stake range for the whole table, while the second is advertising the minimum and maximum bets allowed for a Straight Up Number.

Confusing isn’t it? The only way to be really sure is to visit the table and check out the Pay Tables.

What’s even more confusing, some Casinos maintain the minimum bet across all the Bet Types, while others have different minimums depending on whether they are Inside or Outside Bets. Again the only way to tell is to look at the Pay tables.

Fortunately I’ve done the hard work for you. I know there is nothing more frustrating than loading up a table only to find the minimum bets are not as you expected.

As a general rule Playtech Casinos opt for displaying stake information based on the Straight Up number, while most other live casino providers display the complete range.

Don’t get suckered into playing somewhere where the lowest roulette stakes are not what you expected. Use the information below to choose where to play.

Low Risk Bets

There is a difference between low limit bets and low risk bets.

Low limit bets are ones where you’re able to bet a small amount of money.

Low Risk Bets are ones that are more likely to win than lose. For example a high risk bet is single number. There is a 37:1 chance you’ll get it. While a bet on Evens/Odds Black/Red there is a 98.7% chance you’ll win.

High risk bets are referred to as Inside Bets and lower risk bets are referred to Outside Bets.

Roulette betting Grid and Racetrack for low stakes live roulette tables

Inside Bets – Higher-Risk Roulette Bets

Bets Description Payout
Straight Up A bet on any single number 35-1
Split A bet placed on the line between any two numbers, either horizontal or vertical 17-1
Basket A bet that covers 0-1-2 or 00-2-3 or 0-00-2 11-1
Street A bet on any 3 horizontal numbers in a row, e.g 1-2-3 or 7-8-9. 11-1
Corner A bet placed at the intersection of 4 numbers, e.g 7-8-10-11 or 29-30-32-33. 8-1
Top Line A bet covering 0, 00, 1-2-3 6-1
6 Line A bet covering two adjoining Streets, so 6 numbers are covered. 5-1

Outside Bets – Lower-Risk Roulette Bets

Bet Description Payout
Column A bet that covers one of the 3 vertical columns.
3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-33- 36
1st 12 (Dozen) A bet that covers numbers 1 to 12 2-1
2nd 12 (Dozen) A bet that covers numbers 13-24 2-1
3rd 12 (Dozen) A bet that covers numbers 25-36 2-1
Odd A bet that covers all odd numbers 1-1
Even A bet that covers all even numbers 1-1
Red A bet that covers all Red numbers 1-1
Black A bet that covers all Black numbers 1-1
1-18 A bet that covers numbers 1 to 18 1-1
19-36 A bet that covers 19-36 1-1

Best Low-Stakes Live Roulette Games

You can play roulette for low stakes in three ways online.

  • Software-written games that use a Random Number Generator (RNG) engine to determine the result.
  • Live Dealer games, using real wheels and dealers, with the images streamed from studios or casinos.
  • A hybrid game produced by live casino providers. A computer controls the spin and release of the ball into a real wheel. This is often called Auto Roulette.

RNG is a popular variety, where you’re playing roulette against a computer. Everything you see and hear is computer generated, right down to the choice of the winning numbers.

Many people prefer playing roulette this way as it’s just you and the computer. The game is fast and generally you can play for very low stakes.

RNG Roulette wheel for low stakes live roulette tables

Best RNG Low-Stakes Roulette

Game Min.Bet Max.Bet Software Inside Min Outside Min Available at:
NetEnt Low Limit 0.10p £50 NetEnt 0.10p 0.10p Leo Vegas
Relax Roulette 0.10p £5,000 Relax 0.10p 0.10p Unibet
Penny Roulette 0.01p £25,000 Playtech 0.01p £1.00 Betfair

Best Live Dealer Roulette with Low Stakes

Playing in real-time, with a real wheel and dealer, is fast becoming the most popular form of Roulette for Low-Stakes gamblers. Live Roulette has a real person/dealer spinning a real wheel in either a specially built studio or from the floor of a real casino. The action streams in real-time to your computer screen and you place bets in the same way as the RNG games, using a special playing interface.

Stake ranges — both low and high — far exceed what’s available for the RNG versions of Roulette.

The speed of the game is often a concern for low-stakes players, but the suppliers have thought of that and produced Live Automatic Roulette and Speed Roulette versions to quell any complaints about slow spin times.

3 female live dealers standing next to a live roulette wheel

Game Min.Bet Max.Bet Software Inside Min Outside Min Available at:
European Roulette 0.50p £5,000 Evolution 0.50p 0.50p Leo Vegas
American Roulette 0.20p £5,000 Evolution 0.20p 0.20p Unibet
Immersive Roulette £1.00 £5,000 Evolution £1.00 £1.00 Mr Green
Auto Roulette 0.10p £500 Evolution 0.10p 0.10p Unibet
Lightning Roulette 0.20p £5,000 Evolution 0.20p £5,000 Mr Green
French Gold Roulette £2.00 £6,000 Evolution £2.00 £2.00 Leo Vegas
Speed Roulette 0.50p £8,000 Evolution 0.50p 0.50p William Hill
Dragonara Roulette 0.50p £5,000 Evolution 0.10p 0.10p Leo Vegas
Pearl Roulette 0.10p £80,000 Playtech 0.10p 0.10p Betfair
Prestige Roulette £1.00 £80,000 Playtech £1.00 £1.00 Betfair
Live Beyond Live Roulette 0.50p £25,000 NetEnt 0.50p 0.50p Mr Green

mobile devices that you can play low stakes live roulette on

Playing on your Mobile

Finding low-stakes live roulette to play on your mobile device is surprisingly easy.

All of the recommended games and sites in this article have great mobile live casino solutions.

You’ll find Live Roulette is well suited for playing on a mobile phone or tablet. All the low-stakes tables are available for Android and iOS devices.

There’s more detailed information about playing Live Casino Games on mobile devices here.

Payment Methods

One of the inherent problems with wanting to play low stakes games like roulette is the ability to deposit a small amount at a casino.

There is absolutely no point in making a deposit of £100, when you only want to play 10 pence a spin. A £20 deposit is more than enough to cover those sorts of minimum bets.

However a lot of casinos place restrictions on the minimum amount that you can deposit or withdraw.

Fortunately, the ones I’ve recommended here have a really good selection of casino deposit options with sensible minimum deposit levels.

examples of deposit options for low stakes live roulette casinos

Casino Credit Card/
Debit Card
Skrill Neteller PayPal Paysafecard Bank Transfer Make your
Leo Vegas £10 £10 £10 £10 £10 £10 Leo Vegas
Mr Green £10 £5 £5 £5 £5 Mr Green
Unibet £5 £5 £5 £10 £5 0 Unibet
William Hill £5 £10 £10 £10 £10 0 William Hill
BetFair £5 £10 £12 £5 £5 £10 Betfair

Best Bonuses for low rollers

Bonuses are a great way of extending your playing time whether your a Low or high stakes player. One could argue that high rollers get a better deal, but honestly it’s all relative.

All players have the same opportunity to claim bonuses, either at initial sign up when you first join a casino or when you’re making additional deposits.

Unfortunately table games enthusiasts are normally penalised with very high wagering requirements, which make it almost impossible to withdraw any winnings.

I’m not going into a long spiel about this as I believe the best bonus for low stakes live roulette players is at Betfair.

There’s two reasons why you should take the bonus from Betfair.

  1. The Pearl Roulette table has a minimum stake of 0.10 a spin, on both inside and outside bets.
  2.  A 100% deposit match bonus up to £100. It’s only available to New Customers. Deposits made with Moneybookers and Neteller are not valid. Min buy-in £10, max bonus £100. Bonus wagering 45x. Roulette & Blackjack contribute 50% towards wagering. Use within 7 days. Full Terms & Conditions apply.

low stakes live roulette betfair offer

Low-Stakes Live Roulette is Fun and Easy to play without breaking the bank

You can play low-stakes live roulette from as little as 0.01 pence a spin. This is an RNG game from Playtech, found at Betfair.

For 10 pence a spin, you can play at a range of live casino tables with a live dealer spinning a real wheel. There are loads of different options for low-stakes roulette players.

The brilliant bonus from Betfair reduces the risk even more, with low wagering and some additional roulette chips that will extend your playing time.

You can also pick any of my Best Live Roulette Casinos. You won’t be disappointed, as they all have low-stake options.