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StakeLogic Super Stake Roulette – Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Super Stake Roulette Live Game Review

Super Stake Roulette is Stakelogic’s first multiplier roulette game.

They have tried to do something different from Lightning Roulette, Mega Roulette and Quantum Roulette by integrating a bonus round money wheel, where you can win multipliers up to 5000x. You’ll need to play the additional Super Stake option to have more multipliers and the chance to play the wheel.

In this review, I’ll explain the two ways to play Super Stake Roulette, offer some insight into playing strategies and compare it with the other multiplier roulette games.

super stake roulette

Super Stake Roulette At A Glance

  • Super Stake Roulette uses an Automatic Single Zero European wheel.
  • Only Straight-Up number bets receive the multiplier payouts.
  • Up to five Silver multipliers are free, and they can pay between 50x and 750x
  • You can have additional five golden multipliers that pay between 100x & 1000x and the chance to go on the money wheel by playing the super Stake option for a fee of 50% of your total bet.
  • The money wheel has multipliers between 50x and 5000x.
  • The only way to play straight-up bets is directly on the betting grid.
  • The RTP is 97.30%.
  • Autoplay is not available.
  • The Straight-up payout is 29:1. Regular roulette pays 35:1.

super stake roulette hot and cold numbers

What is Super Stake Roulette?

Super Stake Roulette is a game of European roulette with multipliers.

There are two tiers to the game.

The first is available to all players and are the Silver Multipliers, which have values between 50x to 1000x. Up to five straight-up numbers are selected to have the randomly chosen multipliers. To win, you must have placed a straight-up bet on the number where the multiplier is, and of course, the ball has to land in that pocket.

The second tier is the Gold Multipliers, which can be played by paying an additional Super Stake Bet, which adds 50% to your initial bet. You will receive up to five multipliers, between 50x and 1000x, with the chance to play the Money Wheel if the ball lands on a number with the money wheel symbol. The multipliers on the money wheel range from 50x to 5000x.

Only Straight-up bets qualify for the multipliers, with the standard payout for a straight-up number reduced from 35:1 to 29:1.

All other aspects of Super Stake Roulette are the same as standard European roulette.

How To Play Super Stake Roulette?

You start by deciding whether to play the Super Stake bet.

If you want the chance to spin the money wheel, you’ll need to set the feature to on by pressing the button on the screen.

The feature adds a 50% levy to your total initial bet amount and will give you up to five golden multipliers, including the money wheel symbols.

Only straight-up bets can benefit from the multipliers and money wheel symbols.

super stake roulette instructions

Placing Your Bets

You can place your bets directly on the table or by using the racetrack to place section bets and neighbour bets. Note: this will not put all the bets as straight-up bets, so if you want to play the multipliers, you’ll need to place the bets directly on the table.

If you’re not playing the straight-up bets, use the racetrack and the table grid to place the bets you want.

Popular Inside Bets with payouts include:

Straight-up – 29:1, Split – 17:1, Street – 11:1, Corner – 8:1 & 6 Line – 5:1.

Outside Bets include:

Column 2:1, Dozen -2:1, Red/Black – 1:1, Odd/Even – 1:1, 1-18/19-36 – 1:1

super stake roulette

Selecting the Super Stake Multipliers

When the betting time has ended, the game randomly selects Silver and golden multiplier numbers, including the golden money wheel symbol.

The multipliers get placed on the betting grid over the assigned numbers.

At the side of the screen, you will see a summary of the multipliers with those you have bets on highlighted.

super stake roulette multipliers
multipliers closeup

Spinning The Wheel

The roulette wheel used in Super Stake Roulette is an automatic type, which uses motors to spin up the wheel and an auto-brake to stop the wheel once the result is known.

The wheel rotates in the opposite direction for each game, with the spin starting from the last result number.

While the wheel is spinning, the camera angle changes so we can see the ball travelling around the rim and eventually drop into one of the pockets.

The presenter calls out the winning number, and you wait to see if this matches your bets.

If you bet on a number and it won, you’ll get paid per the pay table.

If you had a straight-up bet on a winning number with a multiplier, you’d get the value of the multiplier.

If you have played the Super Stake and the result is a golden wheel, and you have a bet on that number, you’ll enter the money wheel bonus round.

super stake roulette closeup of the wheel

The Super Stake Money Wheel Bonus Round

When you enter the Super Stake Money Wheel bonus round, the stake used is the amount you had on the winning number. The stake is the amount that gets multiplied by the result on the money wheel.

The wheel contains 54 segments, each containing a multiplier value.

  • 50x has 21 segments
  • 100x has 12 segments
  • 125x has five segments
  • 150x has five segments
  • 175x has four segments
  • 200x has three segments
  • 500x has three segments
  • 5000x has one segment

The presenter spins the wheel hard, so it completes tens of revolutions before coming to a halt from the friction of the flapper positioned at the top of the wheel.

Where the flapper stops is the result.

super stake money wheel full

Super Stake Roulette Statistics

You can view the results statistics in three ways.

  1. Distribution of the results across the wheel – highlighting the hot and cold numbers.
  2. The distribution of results by bet type and wheel sections is available on the second tab.
  3. A complete list of up to the last 500 results shows the multipliers, which ones and the payouts from the money wheel.

It’s possible to place bets using the statistics by clicking on any field.

super stake roulette statistics

Super Stake Roulette Strategies and Tactics

Using a strategy for playing Super Stake Roulette can make or break your enjoyment of the game.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to play the Super Stake option for the chance of getting on the money wheel. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of doing this.

Secondly, whatever decision you make, you need to decide how you’re going to bet to enable you to get the multipliers. We’ll discuss the options.

Should You Play The Super Stake Bet?

Playing the bet will cost you 50% of your total stake. The option is a fee, which you don’t get back.

It buys you up to 5 more multipliers, known as golden multipliers, including a chance to win a spin on the money wheel. The wheel has one 5000x segment- all the other values are available through the multipliers you can win on the table.

The only reason to play the Super Stake option is to get the 5000x multiplier. The Silver multipliers are freely available to all players, and they can pay up to 750x, which isn’t available on the wheel. The next highest on the wheel is 500x after the 5000x.

You could argue that having up to ten multipliers on the betting grid gives you more chances of winning with a multiplier, but that is costing you an extra 50% per spin. You have to work out if it is worth it.

I advise only playing the Super Stake if you want the excitement of seeing the money wheel spun. This is a long-term losing strategy unless you get the 500x or 5000x payout.

Best Chance for getting a Multiplier

I’ve been playing these multiplier roulettes for some time. The only way to guarantee getting a winning multiplier is to have a bet on every number.

You’re fine if you catch a multiplier early, but your bankroll will disappear if you go 20 rounds.

Remember, you are betting 37 units and get back 29 units for a routine win. You’re down eight every spin. The longer this goes on, the quicker your balance depletes. The bet here is will the multiplier, when it comes, is big enough to cover the losses.

Sections of the Wheel Betting

The best alternative is a happy medium of placing section bets on the wheel and covering them with straight-up bets. This pattern reduces your outlay and chances, but it is a more sensible strategy if you want to play for a long time.

I use the racetrack to see the numbers I want to bet and then apply that to the betting grid. Alternatively, decide on the section and use the neighbour bets function as another way of identifying the numbers and placing the bets manually on the grid.

These will work with the Super Stake on or off. You already know what I recommend for that.

super stake roulette full bet
super stake roulette section bet

Super Stake Roulette Video Review

Super Stake Roulette – how does it compare with Lightning, Quantum, Mega &  XL Roulette?

Super Stake Roulette differs from the other multiplier roulettes in two ways.

  1. You need to pay a fee to play for qualification into the bonus round.
  2. There is a separate bonus round, where you are guaranteed a multiplier win between 50x and 5000x.

You can only win multipliers on straight-up numbers, the same as the other games.

The 29:1 payout for a straight-up number is the same as Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, XL Roulette and Mega Roulette.

1000x is the largest multiplier you can win in the main game, which is better than any other multiplier roulettes.

In terms of presentation, I’d say Super Stake Roulette is the best. It is light and visually appealing.

Stakelogic could learn from the others and make it easier to place straight-up bets on the playing interface. Autoplay is also missing.

Regarding RTP, the game returns the standard European roulette of 97.30%. But there is no mention of whether this is the whole game or parts thereof. I suspect the RTP for straight-up bets is far less.

 Super Stake
Number Of ZerosOneOneOneOneOneOne
Straight-Up Payout29:1, with up to 10 random win multipliers29:1, with up to 5 random win multipliers29:1, with up to 5 random win multipliers29:1 with up to 5 random win multipliers29:1 5 Multipliers
23:1 8 Multipliers
17:1 11 Multipliers
24:1 36 Multipliers
Even-Money Bets Payout1:11:11:11:11:11:1
Win Multipliers50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x, 500x, 1000x50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x.50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x, 500x.50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x, 500x.50x to 500x50x to 8000x
Boosted Multipliers50x to 5000x on the Money WheelNoneNoneNoneNone1000x – 8000x
Additional FeeYes, 50% to qualify for the bonus money wheel.NoneNoneNoneNoneNone
House edge2.70%2.70%2.70%2.70%2.70%2.70%


Stakelogic Super Stake Roulette competes well with the other multiplier roulette games.

What makes it stand out is the addition of a bonus round using a money wheel and the potential for a 5000x payout.

The game’s presentation is first class; I like it the most out of all the games.

The playing interface disappoints as it’s challenging to set up straight-up bets with ease. You can work around it, but it’s a faff.

I wouldn’t say I like the Super Stake Option, where you have to pay to enter a part of the game. I would like to have seen a bit more imagination used to find ways to pay for the bonus rounds.

That said, you have the choice to play it or not – the decision is whether you think it’s worth it.

However, I do like the excitement of the wheel and the anticipation as you wait to find out what you’ll win. I wish it were part of the core game.

A good job by Stake Logic, but somtweaksks would make this game fly.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Super Stake Roulette?

Super Stake Roulette is a live dealer game of European Roulette with Multipliers ranging from 50x to 1000x. There is also a bonus round that can pay up to 5000x

What is the maximum Multiplier on Super Stake Roulette?

The maximum multiplier you can win is 5000x, but you have to be playing the bonus round to get it. On the main table, the highest multiplier you can win is 1000x, but you have to be playing the Super Stake Option. Without Super Stake, the highest multiplier is 750x.

Is It Worth Playing Super Stake Roulette?

It’s worth playing the game, but you have to decide whether the lure of a 5000x payout is enough for you to play the Super Stake option.

What is the RTP for Super Stake Roulette?

The RTP is 97.30%.

Is there a strategy for playing Super Stake Roulette?

There are strategic ways to play Super Stake Roulette. The objective is to get a multiplier, so finding effective ways to cover the board are the strategies you will use.

Where can I play Super Stake Roulette?

You can play at most casinos that have Stakelogic games. My personal preference is Unibet.

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