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What is Ezugi 32 Cards?

32 Cards is the latest Asian focused live dealer card game to be created by Ezugi.

It follows in the tradition of Indian card games created by Ezugi, who also offer Andar Bahar and Teen Patti from their live casino studio in Romania.

The games are not exclusive to Indian players and can be enjoyed by anyone that likes playing live dealer card games online.

32 Cards, as the name suggests, uses a cut-down pack of 52 playing cards. All of the Aces, Twos, Threes, Fours, and fives have been removed, leaving 32 cards in the deck.

There are four betting positions on the table which are each dealt with one card. The position with the highest total wins.

ezugi 32 cards video

32 Cards has a familiar Ezugi look. The table is located in an Indian themed environment with the presenters wearing traditional-looking Indian scarfs, dupattas, over their normal costumes. Just stopping short of wearing Saris or shalwar kameez outfits.  Reinforcing its Indian heritage but not enough to dissuade players from trying the game.

The games playing interface is standard Ezugi, so players should be familiar with all of the features and function s of play, both on desktop and mobile devices.

It’s a game that can be played by an unlimited number of players. It’s quick and easy to understand.

How to Play 32 Cards online?

32 cards playing interface

32 Cards is played with one deck of 32 playing cards. The deck is shuffled between each game round.

All of the Aces through to fives have been removed from the deck.

The remaining cards maintain their face value with the exception of the face cards, which have been allocated numbers relating to their rank in the deck. Jacks count as Eleven, Queens as Twelve and Kings, Thirteen.

The objective of the game is to pick which of the 4 hands dealt will have the highest hand total.

There are four betting positions. each of the positions has been allocated an initial number.

  • Position 1 has Eight
  • Position 2 has Nine
  • Position 3 has Ten
  • Position 4 has Eleven.

Each of the positions receives one additional card. The hand with the highest combined total wins.

If two or more of the hands have identical totals a second card is added to those hands only, until there is a clear winner.

Each of the hands has different payouts. The trick is working out which hand or hands to be t on.

You are not allowed to bet on all four hand positions but can bet on three of them.

32 Cards Betting and Payouts

Betting on 32 Cards is allowed on up to 3 card positions. The playing interface prevents all four positions from being bet on by the same player. The reason is to stop the hedging of bets.

The odds are designed for two outcomes:

  1. To provide an edge for the game (the RTP).
  2. To prevent effective hedging of bets.

If you look at the RTP’s in the table you’ll see that this game has quite a low return to player. meaning you more likely to lose in the long term on the game.

Payout & RTP Table

Betting PositionPayoutRTP
Player 811:193.99%
Player 94.5:190.08%
Player 102.2:187.91%
Player 111:192.97%

Strategy for playing 32 Cards

32 cards betting positions

With games like 32 Cards, the strategy will be to concentrate on getting small wins.

Forget about the big payoff of the 11:1 on position 8. This bet only comes in once every 10-12 hands.

You want to be betting on the results that come in more often, which the 11 and 10 bets combined, win approximately 75% of the time.

I’d be placing bets on these two betting positions and structuring the amount so if one lost and the other won I’d always get my initial stake back.

32 cards game statistics

Ezugi 32 Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What is 32 Cards?

32 Cards is an exclusive live dealer card game from Ezugi, which is played with one deck of 32 playing cards – the Aces to Fives have been removed from a 52 card deck.

Are there any side bets in 32 Cards?

There are no side bets on 32 Cards. Just the four betting positions.

What is the biggest win on 32 Cards?

The biggest win on 32 Cards is 11:1 for a Player position 8 win.

Where does 32 Cards originate from?

32 Cards is a very popular Indian card game that has been adapted by Ezugi for playing online with a live dealer.

Where can I play Ezugi 32 Cards?

Ezugi 32 Cards can be played at all Ezugi Live Casinos.

Is there a strategy for playing 32 Cards?

There is a strategy you can use for playing 32 cards. It describes how you should approach the game, explains how RTP and probability can help you decide on how to play.

What do I think of Ezugi 32 Cards?

What I Like about 32 Cards is it’s different. It’s not a rehash of an existing game, it’s new to the online live casino player.

I also like that it’s very simple to play and understand. You get how the game is played in a few seconds.

With simplicity comes the challenge of trying to beat the game, and while I know that in the long term that’s unlikely, the fact that it is so simple you get the feeling you have a chance.

The statistics are helpful as they show how the game has played in the past. While the stats can’t help predict what will happen in the future they are an indication of what happens.

You can use that to help you decide on a playing and betting strategy.

My feeling is that any win is a good thing, even if it’s even money, so I’d be concentrating on those returns and building a small profit that way.

I think 32 Cards is a job well done by Ezugi and I know some players will absolutely love it.