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bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live Review & Strategy Guide

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Super Mega Ultra Live is a live dealer entertainment game show produced in collaboration between bet365’s in-house games team and Playtech. This exclusive game is only available at the bet365 Live Casino.

The name Super Mega Ultra Live describes the three payout levels of this Big Wheel gameshow, which has two wheels that give Instant Wins and access to two bonus rounds.

Payouts ramp up as you progress through the Super, Mega and Ultra levels, with a maximum multiplier of 2500x waiting for you if the results fall kindly.

Playtech has used a 54-segment wheel mounted horizontally for the central part of the game and a 27-segment wheel mounted vertically for the Ultra level, which contains boosted multiplier prizes.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play Super Mega Ultra, describe the two bonus rounds of Slot Spins and 7s Heaven, and discuss playing strategies that may help you get the best playing experience. In my review video, you can watch me play and demonstrate each bonus round.

game view of Super mega Ultra

What is bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live Gameshow?

Super Mega Ultra Live is a live entertainment gameshow with a 54-segment wheel to deliver instant win prizes or access to two bonus rounds: Slot Spins and 7s Heaven.

Five unique Level Up sections on the wheel boost the value of payouts. These take you from the starting level of Super to Mega and finally to Ultra.

When a spin lands on a Level Up, the payouts on the wheel double, generating a second spin of the wheel. If the second spin results in another Level Up, the game moves to a second wheel containing 27 segments with boosted payouts for all Instant Wins and Bonus rounds.

Under certain random circumstances, when landing on the Level Up the first time, the game can boost you straight to the Ultra wheel without needing a second Level Up win.

The Slot Spins bonus round delivers seven spins of a 4×4 slot with multiplier payouts generated for three like symbols in a row.

The 7s Heaven Bonus Round requires players to choose up to three hidden multipliers from a grid of nine symbols. The payout tables used during the bonus rounds are determined by your game level: Super, Mega, or Ultra.

The RTP for the whole game is 96.90%, which is in line for games of this type.

Where to Play Super Mega Ultra Live

Super Mega Ultra Live is an exclusive game for bet365.

You’ll only find it on the bet365 website in the live casino section. No other online casino has access to this game.

So, if you want to play, you must go to bet365.

bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live Video Review with All Bonus Rounds

My Video review contains an inplay demonstration of how to play, showing each bonus round in action. I also talk a little about strategies.

Super mega Ultra video soon

 The Super Mega Ultra Live Wheels

Before we get into how to play, I’d like to explain the game’s various components to help you understand how to play and, more importantly, how to bet.

  1. The 54-Segment Central Wheel is used during the Super and Mega Levels.
  2. The 27-segment wheel is used during the Ultra Level.

54-Segment Wheel

The central wheel is mounted horizontally. It has 54 segments, including a mix of Instant Win fruit symbols, Bonus Segments, and Level Up segments.

The most common segment is the Cherry, with 20 Segments, followed by Grape with 10 segments, Lemon with eight, Watermelon with five and two gold segments. There are two segments for each bonus round and five Level Up segments. In Super Mode, the payouts range from 2x to 20x for the Instant Wins and 10x to 300x for the Bonus Rounds. In Mega mode, the payouts are doubled, except for the Bonuses, which range from 20x to 500x.

Super Mega Ultra Wheel

27-Segment Wheel

The second wheel has 27 segments, with 10 Cherries, 6 Grapes, 4 Lemons, 3 Watermelons, 2 gold, and 1 for each Bonus Round.

It’s the same size wheel as the 54, it’s just each segment covers two sections.

The wheel is accessed when Ultra mode is activated, and payouts range between 20x and 150x for the bonus rounds and 75x to 2500x.

Ultra Wheel

Super Mega Ultra Payout Tables, RTP and Sector Distribution

Super Mega Wheel Payout Table

SymbolNo of SegmentsSuper
Cherry202:14:120 – 30:196.45%
Grape104:18:130 – 50:196.45%
Lemon85:110:150 – 80:196.45%
Watermelon58:116:170 – 90:196.45%
Gold220:140:190 – 150:196.45%
7’s Heaven210 – 50:120 – 80:175 – 500:196.51%
Slot Spins25 – 300:110 – 500:160 – 2500:196.90%
Level Up5n/an/an/an/a

Ultra Wheel Payout Table

SymbolNo of SegmentsSector Payout Values
Cherry104 @ 20x, 4 @ 25x, 2 @ 30x
Grape62 @ 30x, 2 @ 40x, 2 @ 50x
Lemon42 @ 50x, 1 @ 60x, 1 @ 80x
Watermelon31 @ 70x, 1 @ 80x, 1 @ 90x
Gold21 @ 90x, 1 @ 150x
7’s Heaven1n/a
Slot Spins1n/a

How to Play and Bet on Super Mega Ultra Live

bet365 has Super Mega Ultra Live in its Live Casino section under gameshows, which includes all the gameshows currently produced by Playtech.

When the game launches, you can click the Game Info button for a basic summary of its parts. It’s not quite the video explainer we’re used to, but it’s good enough to get the gist of the game.

When the betting time opens, you have Eighteen seconds to place your bets.

You can bet on the five symbols Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Watermelon, Gold, the Bonus Rounds, Slot Spins, and 7s Heaven.

The wheel is mounted horizontally, which is unusual for these games but seems to be a growing trend. You’ll find wheels like this at the Greatest Cards Show and Travel Fever gameshows.

The presenter spins the wheel in the opposite direction each game round.

A leather strop provides friction on the wheel, slowing it down to an eventual stop. The section immediately below the strop is the winning segment.

  • If it is a Symbol, players with bets on that symbol receive the nominated payout.
  • If the result is a Level Up segment, the wheel is spun again, with all payouts on the wheel doubled.
  • If the result is one of the Bonus segments, the bonus round is initiated for those with winning bets.

It’s possible that when landing on the Level Up, the game will randomly choose to skip to the Ultra wheel, which usually requires two consecutive Level Ups on the central wheel to trigger its use. The Ultra Wheel contains boosted multipliers for all the bet types.

Placing your Bets on Super Mega Ultra Live

Placing Your Bets

Placing your bets is easy. You have eighteen seconds of betting time and seven bet options.

  1. Select the stake amount you want.
  2. Tap or dab each of the betting positions you want to place a bet on. If you’re going to bet on All, use the provided “Bet All” function button.
  3. It’s possible to repeat and double a previous bet.

Use the AutoPlay Feature to play a few game rounds with the same bet. Just select how many game rounds – 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 or 99 and your loss and single win limits, which, when hit, will stop the Auto Play feature.

Presenter Spins the Wheel

Dealer spins the Super Mega Ultra Live wheel

The presenter spins the wheel once betting time has expired.

The result is either:

  • An Instant Win.
  • A Level Up. In this case, the presenter spins the wheel for a second time.
  • Another Level Up. The Ultra Wheel comes into play for one spin.
  • A bonus round. Either the Slot Spins or 7s Heaven.

Super Mega Ultra Result

Bonus Rounds of Super Mega Ultra Live Explained

There are two bonus rounds.

  1. Slot Spins.
  2. 7s Heaven.

Both are random number generator (RNG) mini-games, where the outcomes are multiples of the initial bet amount.

Slot Spins requires no player participation, while 7s Heaven requires players to choose hidden multipliers.

I explain the bonus rounds in more detail below.

Slots Spins Bonus Round, Max Win and Strategy

Super Mega Ultra Slot Spins

Slot Spins is a 4×4 Slot.

You get seven spins of the slot and win when three like symbols appear on the same horizontal line.

It’s possible to have more than one winning line.

A wild symbol takes the place of any other symbol to make up a winning line.

Each symbol has a payout value, with three cherries paying the lowest at 1x and four wilds paying 100x. The payout table has the complete list.

The payouts change depending on the game’s level. The base payouts occur when the super level is active, wins double in the mega level, and are six times as much when the ultra mode is active.

The multipliers get added together to give a total winning multiplier when all seven spins are complete.

Slot Spins Payouts Table

SymbolNo of SymbolsSuper

Slots Spins Strategy

There is no strategy for Slot Spins. You sit back, watch the RNG take over and decide the results. The presenter plays a small role by pulling a starting handle.

There is no way to influence the game.

Slots Spins RTP

The RTP for Slot Spins is 96.90%.

7s Heaven Bonus Game, Max Win & Strategy

The 7s Heaven Bonus Round is based on a 3×3 grid of tiles (they have the number seven on all of them.

At the start of the bonus round, multipliers get assigned to each tile.

  • For the Super and Mega Levels, the multipliers are 10x, 20x, 30x & 50x.
  • For the Ultra Level, the multipliers are 25x, 100x, 150x and 250x.

The tiles are flipped over and shuffled, with the 3×3 grid reformed.

Players are then requested to pick some tiles.

  • If the level is Super, you can pick one tile.
  • On the Mega Level, you can pick two tiles.
  • If you’re at the Ultra level, you can pick three tiles.

Once the timer has elapsed, the hidden multipliers are revealed. The multipliers on the tiles you picked are for your final multiplier prize.

Strategy For the 7s Heaven Bonus

This bonus round’s result is entirely random. There is no way to predict the value of the multipliers under the tiles you pick. My advice is to choose a pattern you like and stick with it. RNG determines the result, so good luck with getting the top prize!

Super Mega Ultra 7s heaven

7s Heaven Payout Table

Game ModePossible Multipliers
Super & Mega Mode10x, 20x, 30x & 50x
Ultra Mode25x, 100x, 150x & 250x

7s Heaven RTP

The RTP for 7s heaven is 96.51%.

Super Mega Ultra Live Statistics & Results Tracker – Should You Monitor The Stats?

The game results trackers and statistics are pretty limited.

Although the statistics are supplied, they are limited to the last twenty-eight game rounds.

They show the result of the last game, including the payout. If you know the payouts by heart, you can spot where a Level Up has occurred.

You don’t get any information on the results of the Slot Spins or the 7s heaven outcome, although I can see sense in that, as every player gets a different result.

Super Mega Ultra Live: an Optimal Playing Strategy

Playing and Betting strategies for these Big Wheel games are generally the same, and with Super Mega Ultra Live, it’s no different.

Past results do not indicate what will happen in the future—one is not linked to the other. However, that doesn’t stop gamblers from using all the information to help them determine the next result!

I’m in that camp myself. I believe that long-term results tend to average out. But when we bet we’re doing it in the short term, which tends to give streaks of results. I look to bet on a streak at the right time. Sometimes, I manage that successfully, and others, I don’t.

But playtime is the overriding thing I’m looking for when I play an entertainment gameshow like Super Mega Ultra.

I want my bankroll to last as long as possible so I can enjoy a session, participate in many bonus rounds, and generally feel I have a chance of winning, even though that is not usually the case.

I will concentrate on a strategy that gives you longer play time, explain why that happens, and if you’re really lucky, you might be one of the few who walks away with a profit!

Playing Strategy

The objective of my Playing strategy is to give yourself the maximum chance to win while balancing your bankroll. You want to be in the Bonus rounds when they occur and win enough money in the interim to keep your bankroll turning over.

Now for some home truths.

To win big on Super Mega Ultra, you’ll need two level-ups, and then you’ve got to get some consecutive wins on the Slot Spins, as this is where the bigger payouts will occur.

  • The Maximum Win you can get on the Super Wheel is 80x.
  • On the Ultra Wheel, it’s 150x.
  • On Slot Spins in Ultra Mode, it’s 2500x.
  • In 7s Heaven, it’s 750x.

So, to set some expectations, you’re more likely to get the first two and less likely with the second two. You’ll have more wins from Mega mode, which will range from 15x to 150x and probably from the Slot Spins Bonus.

How I Bet

I ensure that my total bet is never more than I can win on a single spin.

My base bet is on Cherry, which has 20 Segments on the wheel. I also place a bet on Slot Spins and 7s Heaven. The bet will be 1 unit each on the bonus rounds and three on the Cherry. If I win on Cherry, I win 6 for a bet of 5 units.

This bet covers 24 segments plus the five level-up segments, for a total of 29. It covers over half the wheel of 54, which offers an expected return of just over 2:1.

You can increase or decrease the ratio of the bet to suit your bankroll.

Alternate options exist—you can ignore the Cherry and bet on everything else. This bet is a higher risk, but it may reap some rewards.

You can Bet on All—there is even a button to let you do that. But this is high-risk, as you’ll lose on every spin unless you get a bonus or Level-up that pays more than your total bet.

The choice is yours, of course. I choose a more conservative approach.

Super Mega Ultra Live Tips and Tricks

These are the things I’ve noticed when playing Super Mega Ultra Live at Bet365.

  1. The maximum payout is 2500x, but you need 4 Wilds in Slot Spins while in Ultra Mode.
  2. The RTP of 96.90% is very similar to all live game shows.
  3. The volatility of the game is medium. You’ll get lots of smaller wins.
  4. The game moves at a reasonable pace.
  5. The 7s Heaven Bonus round requires you to make a choice. If you don’t, the game makes the choice for you.
  6. The Bonus Round results are all generated from RNG.

Super Mega Ultra win

The Best time to play Super Mega Ultra Live

The time of day you play does not affect the game’s outcome.

Playing early in the day, you’re more likely to have more of the presenter’s attention because chat will be less, and they’ll have the time to respond. Trust me, they like to have a nice chat, so if that’s your thing, play early in the day.

In the evening, there will be more people playing, so you might pick up more of a community vibe.

I play after I’ve eaten in the evening and I’ve settled down in front of the Television.

Is there a Super Mega Ultra hack or cheat?

I’m constantly amazed at why people think there are ways to scam a game and get wins by some artificial means.

Well, I’m here to burst that bubble. There is no way you can influence the game.

You have to play it like everyone else and take your chances to win or lose.

bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live Free play

Unfortunately, you cannot play Super Mega Ultra Live in demo or free-play mode.

The best you can hope for is getting some golden chips from bet365 for free spins.

They don’t happen often, so watch out for the special promotions.

Otherwise, the minimum stake is 0.10, so you could lay for really low stakes if you want to try the game without risking too much money.

How Super Mega Ultra Live Compares with Similar Game Shows

The obvious comparison is with the Greatest Cards Show and Travel Fever, which also have horizontal wheels.

However, all three games differ regarding bonus rounds and volatility. Travel Fever is very low-volatility—you win on every spin!

The most similar game in terms of playing style is Fashion TV Mega Party. The two studios have similarities. The bonus rounds are all RNG with some player choice.

The RTP is around the same.

If you want a more volatile game, choose Crazy Time or Adventures Beyond Wonderland.


When faced with the game for the first time, it’s not apparent what the name of Super Mega Ultra means. Watching a few game rounds gives little clue about the function of the second wheel.

It’s one of the few gameshows I’ve played in which I had to read the help files to figure out what was happening—which is not a good sign for a game. But after spending some time and experimenting with a few bets, everything clicked into place.

The game is not high-paying; although a max payout of 2500x is possible, its chance of happening is slim to none. This game will pay 15x to 100x all day long. Bigger wins and losses will be scarce, which is good news for your bankroll, as you’ll be able to turn it over with some sensible betting.

There’s lots to like about this game: the studio is lovely, the camera angles are well thought out, and the presenter plays a significant role in keeping the game moving. The foe excitement on the Slot Spins is something i could do without but that’s just a tiny niggle in what’s an OK gameshow.

I am surprised that there’s no Bet365 branding for the game, as it’s exclusive to them unless they think of making it a network game in the future. Who knows?

bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the biggest win on the Super Mega Ultra Live?

The biggest possible win is 2,500x on the Slot Spins Bonus. No more spins are performed if the win occurs before the 7th Spin.

What is the RTP of Super Mega Ultra Live?

The overall published RTP is 96.90%, while individual parts of the game range from 96.45% to 96.90%.

How often do the Bonus Rounds occur?

The bonus rounds account for four segments on the 54-segment reel, so the average for getting a bonus segment is every 13.5 spins.

Is there a strategy for Playing?

There are playing and betting strategies you can adopt to help you enjoy the game. I’ve detailed a strategy in the main review, which you can access here.

Where to Play bet365 Super Mega Ultra Live

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