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Monopoly Big Baller Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

Monopoly Big Baller Live

Introduction to Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller is a bingo-style live entertainment gameshow by Evolution. It’s a cross between Mega Ball and Monopoly Live and the second gameshow to use the now-famous MONOPOLY game board for its bonus rounds.

The game has a riverboat theme, with a Bingo Style machine as the main in-game mechanic.

You can win big on the Bingo Cards, as free spaces and multipliers can boost payouts. At the same time, the 3 and 5 Rolls bonus rounds can deliver some significant wins, as MR.MONOPOLY walks around the board collecting multipliers.

In this review, I’ll explain how to play MONOPOLY Big Baller, discuss playing strategies, and show you the bonus rounds in my video review.

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What Is MONOPOLY Big Baller Live?

MONOPOLY Big Baller is essentially a game of bingo, played with 4 Bingo cards.

You can win prizes by completing lines on your Bingo cards. Payouts for a completed line can range from 2x up to 199x, depending on the Bingo card you’re playing.

You can play two additional bonus cards, the 3 Rolls and five rolls. If either or both of these are complete, you win access to the MONOPOLY board bonus round.

Each card contains 25 Numbers in a 5×5 grid format. For each game round, the presenter draws 20 balls from a Bingo machine containing 60 coloured balls numbered 1-60.

There are two types of bingo cards:

  1. The Chance card is given a multiplier in the centre, so any completed line passing through the centre receives an increased payout.
  2. The other type of card is a Free Space card. The centre spot of the card has a free space that helps complete lines running through the centre.

Once the cards have received their numbers, MR. MONOPOLY randomly adds multipliers and Free spaces, which increases the probability of completing lines and boosting payouts.

monopoly big baller live studio

What you should know before you play MONOPOLY Big Baller

  • You can select the type and number of Bingo cards to play between the Chance and Free Space cards.
  • There are three types of multipliers. One covers the whole of a card, another just a line and another just a number.
  • A line multiplier can pay up to 50x.
  • The minimum payout for a line is 2x.
  • To win the 3 Rolls, you need three numbers.
  • To win the 5 Rolls, you need four numbers.
  • There will be two bonus rounds if you get 3 and 5 rolls simultaneously.
  • The RTP is 96.10%.

Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller Video Review

If you prefer to watch rather than read, here is my Monopoly Big Baller video review. It includes a discussion on strategy and a 5 Rolls bonus round. Why don’t you watch to see how I did?

monopoly big baller video review

How To Play MONOPOLY Big Baller

The game starts with 12 seconds of betting time.

Firstly decide how many bingo cards to play and whether you will play the bonus round cards.

Mixing up the combination of Chance and free Space cards is possible. You can decide how many of each to have. We’ll talk more about this choice in the Strategy section.

After selecting your bet amount, click on the bet spot on the cards you wish to play.

monopoly big baller betting round

Randomly generated numbers populate the four bingo cards and the three and five-roll bonus cards.

Once betting time has closed, MR. MONOPOLY pulls a lever, adding a random selection of multipliers and free spaces to the cards.

The bingo ball machine jumps into life, selecting 20 balls from the 60 coloured balls bouncing around inside the round plastic orb.

As each ball draws, the number is dabbed with a red dot if it exists on the card. The summary statistics update to the right of the screen.

Once the selection of 20 balls completes, the game totals up any win lines you have and applies any active multipliers.

Your payout is displayed on the screen if you’ve won.

Monopoly Big Baller Live balls being drawn

Multipliers and Free Spaces Explained


Bingo cards can have three types of Chance multipliers assigned to them.

  1. Standard – is a multiplier of 10x or 20x assigned to a unique number. If a winning line contains this number, winnings for that card get multiplied by that amount.
  2. Line – is a 20x or 50x multiplier assigned to a line. If that line wins, it receives the payout of that multiplier.
  3. Global – this has a value of 2x or 3x and will multiply any wins on the card by that amount. It will also multiply all other multipliers on the card.

Free Spaces

MR.MONOPOLY can randomly apply Free Spaces to bingo cards. These act as drawn numbers, so they are good to have as you’ll need fewer physical numbers in a line to win.

Bonus Rounds Explained

The bonus rounds are where you can win big multipliers. Ideally, you want to enter the bonus round with a multiplier.

The bonus is essentially the same as the ones we’ve seen in Monopoly Dream Catcher. But in MONOPOLY Big Baller, the “Rolls” are increased to three and five.

Each of the bonus rounds is identical in how it’s played. It’s just the number of “Rolls” performed that is different.

The Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds could be triggered simultaneously, with one following the other if you’ve won both during the main game.

Monopoly big baller bonus round

The Bonus Round

The bonus round consists of a MONOPOLY Board with properties, Free Parking, Go To Jail and Chance and Community Chest, and Income and Super Tax squares.

The squares are assigned initial multipliers, which get boosted when random houses and hotels drop on them.

MR.MONOPOLY starts on the GO square.

Two Dice are rolled, displayed on screen in a Blimp that floats above the game board.

MR. MONOPOLY moves along the board, stopping at the square corresponding to the total of the two dice.

  • A 3 Rolls Bonus gives three rolls of the Dice. The 5 Rolls bonus has 5 Rolls of the Dice.
  • Should a double be rolled, MR. MONOPOLY will move the required spaces and add an extra roll to the number of dice rolls.
  • If the square contains a multiplier, it gets added to your prize fund.
  • If the square is a Tax Square, your winnings are reduced by 10%; if it’s a Super Tax square, the reduction is 20%.
  • Landing on the Go To Jail Square will send MR. MONOPOLY to Jail requires the roll of a double before he can move on.
  • The Chance and Community Chest squares can award a prize or charge a mystery fee.
  • If MR. MONOPOLY walks around the board and passes GO; all future multipliers get doubled.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Payouts

Payouts on MONOPOLY Big Baller are straightforward.

You place your bets on a card, not an individual line. You get payouts for line wins.

The payout amount depends on any active multipliers on the whole card, a line or a number. Multiple multipliers can boost line payouts.

But there is a limit to the payout on a line.

  • The minimum line payout on either card is 2x your bet.
  • The maximum payout on the Free Space Card is 39:1.
  • 199:1 is the maximum payout on the Chance card.
  • The payout for the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls gets capped at £$€500,000.

A Multiplier on a card will boost any wins by 2x or 3x.

A line multiplier boosts the win for that line by 20x or 50x.

If a number has a multiplier and is part of a winning line, it will boost the payout for that line by 10x or 20x.

Payout Table

Free Space Card2 – 39:1 per line
Chance Card2 – 199:1 per line
3 RollsBonus Game
5 RollsBonus Game

The optimal RTP for MONOPOLY Big Baller is 96.10%.

Game Information Sometimes Overlooked

Before we get into playing and betting strategies for MONOPOLY Big Baller, let’s look at the game’s dynamics and how it works.

These are obvious things to know about the game, but not understanding the basic principles can lead to bad decision-making with playing strategies.

  1. The numbers on all cards, including the three and five rolls, are chosen randomly.
  2. The balls are drawn randomly from the bingo machine.

From this, we can deduce that:

  1. All numbers across all cards have the same chance of being drawn.
  2. Lines containing free spaces are more likely to win than lines without.
  3. The numbers on the Bonus cards have the same chance of being chosen as those on the main cards.
  4. Lines on the main cards will win more frequently because:
    • An individual number covers two lines, doubling the possibility of completing these lines.
    • Free spaces reduce the number of numbers needed to complete a line.

Playing Strategies and Tactics for Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller is all about making lines and getting the bonus rounds. You win payouts for completed lines and entry to the bonus rounds, which offer the opportunity for big multiplier payouts.

The decisions the player (you) needs to make are:

  1. The type of cards to choose.
  2. How many cards to bet?
  3. Whether to bet on the bonus rounds.
  4. Whether to bet on one or both Bonus rounds.
  5. How much to bet?

I base the information and tips here on logic, common sense and what I’ve found works for me when I’ve played.

These tips are not guaranteed to make you win; it’s gambling. These tips and strategies will allow you to have fun while playing and stop you from doing anything stupid that would make you lose quickly.

Anyone telling you they have a winning strategy for MONOPOLY Big Baller is not being honest with you.

Which Cards Should You Play?

Let’s ignore the Bonus cards and concentrate on the Free Space and Chance Cards.

Both cards offer something different.

  • The Free Space card has a free space in the centre of the card. The free space impacts four lines on the card, each needing only four numbers to complete a line.
  • The Chance Card has a centre cell with a guaranteed multiplier, so four lines will attract the multiplier if complete.

Both card types can receive additional Free Spaces and Multipliers, so your pick may not matter.

As there are four cards, you can choose the mix you have. They can all be one type, or you can mix and match. If you’re playing four cards, a good mix is two and two; you get the best of both worlds.

I put more weight on the free space cards because without completing lines, you win nothing. Reducing the odds of doing that seems the most sensible approach, so I play three Free Space Cards and one Chance Card.

monopoly big baller bingo cards

How to Play The Bonus Round Cards

Let’s face it; you’re playing MONOPOLY Big Baller mainly to play the bonus rounds. But if you’re not fussed about getting the rare 250x + wins, you could do it by not playing the bonus cards.

The main cards have some excellent payouts with multipliers and will come in more frequently than one of the bonus rounds.

A strategy that avoids the bonus rounds means you will likely maintain your bankroll roller and maybe turn a profit – BUT – It won’t be as much fun!

The strategy for the Bonus Cards is to PLAY THEM BOTH! No more explanation is needed.

The Three Rolls Card requires three numbers, and the Five Rolls Card requires four.

They both qualify for multipliers and random free spaces. So it’s a no-brainer in my book.

monopoly big baller bonus cards

Do You Play All Cards Or Just A Few?

Playing all the cards increases the odds of getting completed lines, but it also costs more than just playing a few.

The trade-off is more chances for a higher wager vs fewer chances for less money.

I advise playing two, then three, then four, and tracking how much you laid out for each and what your return was. Do this for a minimum of 20 rounds each. You’ll get a rough idea of the ideal number of cards to play.

I play all four cards.

How You Should Spread Your Bets

Let me start by saying that you shouldn’t bet more than 10% of your bankroll in each game round.

The worst-case scenario is you have ten losing rounds and bust out before you get into the game.

I like to start with a bankroll that gives me 25 rounds. I work out how much I can bet each game for 25 games by dividing 25 into my total.

I distribute more money to the Bingo Cards and less to the Bonus Cards. I use a ratio of 5:1.

I place one unit on each card and 0.20 on each bonus round, giving me a total bet of 4.40.

To break even, I must get four lines across all the cards. That’s base, without any multipliers. If I get multipliers, I’m in profit.

You can adjust the figures accordingly to suit your bankroll.

In this example, my bankroll is 110 units.

Of course, you can play just the Bonus Rounds or shift the wagering emphasis to the Bonus rounds. You’re likely to lose more than you win doing this, though. It’s a shame the streamers don’t show you their full session details when they get their big wins!

MONOPOLY Big Baller Strategy Recap

To Recap my playing strategy.

  • I play all the Bingo and Bonus cards.
  • I play 3 Free Space Cards and one Chance Card.
  • I use a 5:1 multiplier for making bets between the Bonus and Bingo Cards. i.e. I have five more chip values on a bingo card than on a Bonus Card. With a £110 starting bankroll, it’s one on each bingo card and 0.20 on each bonus card. My total bet for each game is £4.40.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Game Statistics and Results Tracker

There are no previous results history or trackers built into MONOPOLY Big Baller.

The game’s statistics show the number of balls drawn and how many remain for that game round.

There are multiple results for each game round, so Evolution probably decided it was too much data to provide for the odd player that s interested. It would also be nice to see the past multipliers for the bonus rounds in the playing interface rather than asking the moderator in the chat.


Evolution has done a cracking job with Monopoly Big Baller. I’m not usually a fan of Bingo-type games, but this one hooked me as soon as I started to play.

I enjoyed playing the bingo cards independently, as the multipliers and free squares give you a chance for some nice wins.

I also felt that qualification for the bonus rounds would be easier than on Monopoly Dream Catcher. That may be an illusion, as only a third of the balls are in play each game round.

Nevertheless, this is another Evolution winner and a game worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is MONOPOLY Big Baller Live?

MONOPOLY Big Baller is an entertainment game from Evolution, where a presenter draws balls from a bingo machine to make lines on cards players have placed a bet. There are two unique cards, which, when filled, lead into an animated RNG bonus round based on the famous Monopoly board game. All prizes get paid as multiples of a player’s bet, which sometimes pay more than 2000x.

What is the maximum multiplier?

There is no maximum multiplier set, but there is a limit on how much it will payout to a single player. The limit is £$€500,000.

What is the RTP?

The RTP is 96.10% for optimal play.

Do All Players Play the Same Numbers?

Every player playing the game will use the same cards and numbers. Of course, players can choose the number of cards to bet on and the type of cards to play.

What is the Largest multiplier possible?

Evolution has not disclosed if there is a maximum multiplier. However, if you enter the bonus round with a multiplier on the bonus card, it’s possible to rack up a sizable win.

Is there a strategy for MONOPOLY Big Baller?

The strategies for MONOPOLY Big Baller are more about which card types to bet on and how you distribute your bets across the different cards. I have written a strategy guide that describes some of the options.

How Many Bingo Balls Are Drawn Each Game Round?

The Bingo machine contains sixty coloured balls. In each game round, twenty balls get selected to fill lines on the cards.

Can you win on MONOPOLY Big Baller?

You can win, but you must manage your bankroll and not bet more than 10% on any game. Balance your bets between cards and place more money on the cards that will return wins more often. The bonus rounds are highly volatile, so the return may be small even when you play the bonus round.


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