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Video Review

playtech football roulette video

The Lets Play studio really comes alive on match days, with multiple presenters at the wheel discussing everything to do with football.

Outside of match days, you can chat at leisure with an assortment of dealers who are clued up with the latest happenings in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga. Midweek you’ll also be able to chat about the Champions League and Europa League games while playing a few game rounds of roulette.

Live Football Roulette Rules: How Does It Work?

live football roulette

Live Football roulette is based on Playtech’s very popular live dealer game of European, single zero roulette.

You’ll find all the usual features on the table to help you manage your game of roulette.

The BetBuilder facility can be used to set up and save your betting patterns before you actually have to place a bet. Then when you’re ready just select them from your favourites and the bet is placed.

The Lucky Dip option will randomly select up to five, seven or eight straight-up numbers to bet on. It’s a fun way of placing bets if you just don’t know what numbers to pick.

Neighbour bets can be placed using the racetrack, which is permanently in view on the playing interface.

Statistics are available for every spin, going back to the last 1000. If you’re looking for trends this is a good place to start.

The Goal Side Bet

The Goal Side Bet is an optional side bet that can be played by placing a bet on the Goal section of the betting grid.

5 neighbour numbers are randomly selected during the betting time and identified on the betting grid with football shirts.

If you like the look of the numbers, you can place your bet on the special Goal square on the betting grid.

When the betting time has completed, a selection of multipliers 3x, 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x scroll through on the leader board screen, before one is selected as the payout for the Goal Side bet.

goal side bet

Is The Goal Side Bet Worth Playing?

By its very definition, this is a side bet, so the RTP is not as good as the main roulette game, which returns an RTP of 97.30%.

The Goal side bet has an RTP of 95.29%.

The draw of the Goal side bet is the 100x payout, and the fact you place a bet that covers 5 numbers for the full value of the one bet.

While that doesn’t improve the odds it does mean you’re getting value on the bet.

The beauty of this side bet is you get to see the numbers picked before you place your bet.

If I was playing sections of the wheel and the numbers appeared in the section I was playing I would probably play the bet.

Is there a Football Roulette Strategy?

There are loads of Roulette strategies designed to help you win money at Roulette. But is there a specific strategy for Football Roulette?

In all honesty, there isn’t. It is like every other game of roulette. You can follow some strategies, but in the long term be prepared to lose!

I think the best strategy for Football Roulette is to enjoy the chat and banter about the latest news in Football.

If you’re betting, place small even money type bets and play on the French version, where the RTP is better for these types of bets.

Play the Goal Side Bet only if you have the funds and don’t play too much, as the 100x doesn’t come up that often.

Get a better Return with Football French Roulette

Football French Roulette is another version of the game, this time with a French Roulette layout.

The betting grid is replaced with the traditional French layout, but more importantly, is the addition of the La Partage rule.

The La Partage rule means that half of every even money bet is returned to the player if the result is Zero.

This is quite significant for even money bettors, as it takes the RTP of Football roulette from 97.30% to 98.65%.

My advice is to play this skin of the game if you make even money bets. Everything else about the game is exactly the same – so you’ll not be missing out on anything by playing French Football Roulette.

football french roulette


If you’re a roulette player and like to chat about and listen to a discussion about Football, then Playtech Football Roulette is where you should head.

The Video wall is there to display content about current and future football matches and while the background noise initially appears cheesy it does add something to the atmosphere.

The best time to visit the table is when there are a few presenters running the game. I don’t know how often that happens, but it spices things up a bit.

The new Goal Side bet is an interesting addition. Whether the 50x or 100x wins are enough to tempt players we’ll have to see.

Like all side bets, it’s a bit of fun so if you have some spare cash and don’t mind losing, it could be worth playing every now and then.

Playtech has done a good job with re-launching this version of roulette and the new Lets Play studio looks great.