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Evolution Crazy Coin Flip Live – What we Know So Far

Evolution has created its first-ever Live Slot and they’ve called it Crazy Coin Flip.

It’s a mash-up between an RNG slot and the live crazy time bonus round, Coin Flip – hence Crazy Coin Flip Live!

The objective of the game is to play the slot. When you get 3 scatters you’ll enter the live Coin Flip bonus round, where the coin is flipped for big multipliers!

The release date is presently unknown but it will be during 2022.

crazy coin flip slot

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip

Here’s a high-level view of how to play Crazy Coin Flip.

There are two parts to the game.

  1. An RNG 3 Wheel Slot.
  2. A live Coin Flip Bonus Round.

The RNG Slot is personal to you. The way the game has been created is to have the live Crazy Coin Flip Bonus Rounds going every minute. Once you’ve won three scatters on your slot you’ll be eligible for the next Coin Flip round. Until that is achieved you’ll be playing the Coin Flip Slot, winning money on lines and symbols, until you get the scatters.

  • Once you have got the 3 scatters you qualify for the Bonus round.
  • If your scatters come with multipliers all the better as these will be taken through to increase the multipliers in the coin flip.
  • Once you’ve qualified you’ll have the opportunity to “Top Up” the multipliers on the Red and Blue sides. This is done on the Slot, so there is a cost to “Topping Up”.
  • Then the Crazy Coin Flip round happens.
  • The presenter places the familiar red/blue sided coin on the flipper and flips the coin. The side pointing upwards wins – the multiplier associated with that colour is your prize.

crazy coin flip bonus round

Crazy Coin Flip Strategies

It’s a bit early to predict what strategies will be needed in playing Crazy Coin Flip. One thing for sure is whether topping up will be a valuable thing to do, or whether you should play the default multipliers.

It’s going to be a balance between how much you spend and how much you could potentially win.

What we do know is one side of the coin will have a low multiplier value and the other a high one.

As the game suggested, it really is a coin flip! 50-50 chance of winning a good payout!

Carrying in a multiplier from the scatters is probably the best part of the game, as you know you’re in for a big win.

My advice would be to wait for that to happen and then top up as much as you can to maximise the benefit of having multipliers multiplied!


In some ways, Crazy Coin Flip live Slot is a bit of a test for Evolution.

This is the first time they have created a live Slot.

Future games in the genre will depend on this being a success and I think if they can balance decent wins on the slot with the odd big Bonus win, they’ll have a winner on their hands.