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Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel Stats – Using history trackers to play Mega Wheel better

pragmatic play mega wheel statistics

Live Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play’s first live game show. A winning spin can pay up to 500x your bet when one of the numbers on the wheel is boosted with a win multiplier before the spin takes place.

Mega Wheel is different from other wheels of fortune, where you win a multiplier before it’s applied to a number.

Here it’s totally random, which prompts the use of stats trackers to try and see when a win multiplier is ‘due’.

Unlike other popular wheel-of-fortune games, Mega Wheel has no bonus rounds – it’s all about the randomly assigned win multiplier.

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Mega Wheel Overview

Let’s go over the basics of Mega Wheel, just in case you’re unfamiliar with the game.

The wheel consists of 54 segments, each containing one of nine numbers. During each game round, one of the numbers gets selected to have a multiplier from a preset range. The maximum is 500x.

You place a bet on a number. Choose between one that hits more frequently, one that gives a big win or any combination of numbers. You may even bet on the entire wheel.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Mega Wheel is 96.51% with optimal play, whatever that may be, over an infinite number of spins.

In reality, the profitability will be influenced by how often the multipliers hit and how large they are.

Mega Wheel Probabilities

In the table below you can see the probabilities of landing each of the numbers available in Mega Wheel.

If you’re chasing a 500x win multiplier with bets on 15, 20, 30 and 40, you’d cover 6 / 54 segments for an 11.1% chance of winning.

The chance of landing a multiplier is 1 in 54 assuming you have bet on the number.


NumberNumber of
of Win

What can stats trackers tell you?

The best use of stats trackers in any game, including Mega Wheel, is to decipher how the RNG works and how often it pays the biggest prizes.

In the case of Mega Wheel, you’ll want to know how often multipliers hit, and when they do, are they small or large, and then how often the largest one hits?

These statistics would allow you to develop a good strategy for playing the game.

However, you will discover the 500x win multiplier (on numbers 15, 20, 30 and 40) hits, so rarely, there’s no viable way to pursue it with any strategy.

That means you can’t exploit Mega Wheel by using historical results trackers of any kind. Because the outcome you want is so rare, you can only place a bet hoping it will hit.

For example, the chance of winning 40x on a number 40 bet in Mega Wheel is 1.85%. The opportunity of also landing a 500x win multiplier on it is once every 1000 times the number hits. The chance of hitting number 40 with a 500x win multiplier would be 0.00185% or once every 540 spins.

Crucially, even if the outcome hasn’t happened for 2000 spins, the chance of 0.00185% remains in place on every single spin.

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Why use stats trackers for Mega Wheel

Players turn to stats trackers for Mega Wheel because of how the multipliers are randomly applied. They want a tool to predict when the multipliers will hit and what they will be.

However, the win multiplier can’t be ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ as every spin is independent of all previous ones. The multipliers are assigned using an RNG that has no control mechanism to even things out.

Whatever segment you bet on is equally good as any previous bet, regardless of the result.

Players use stats trackers because of Gambler’s Fallacy, which believes an outcome is due because it hasn’t happened in a while. Or at least the probability of it happening is more likely because it hasn’t happened for a time, which is false, hence the fallacy part.

Mega Wheel Stats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can stats trackers help me win on Mega Wheel?

No, stats trackers can’t predict the outcome of the next spin. Stats trackers can only provide an overview of how the game has performed during the previous spins and how often it pays its maximum wins.

What is the maximum win multiplier on Mega Wheel?

The maximum win multiplier on Mega Wheel is 500x, and it can land on numbers 15, 20, 30 and 40.

What is the best bet to make on Mega Wheel?

The game pays its maximum wins on the rarest outcomes. It makes sense to place bets on numbers 15, 20, 30 and 40, which gives you a chance to land the 500x win multipliers. Bet these numbers in singles or combined with bets on other numbers.