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Betconstruct Live Casino Software

betconstruct-logoBetConstruct is an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based betting and gaming solutions. They are a privately owned company founded in 2003 in Armenia.

Their head office is based in the UK and they have offices in Armenia, USA, Malta, Latvia, Peru & South Africa.

They employ over 800 staff who serves clients based in Europe, Russia, Central and South-Eastern Asia, and Africa with an extensive range of products, back-office tools, Sportsbook, white-label and turnkey solutions.

Products lines include:

  • Betting Software Sportsbook – Odds Feed, Financial Betting Software, Virtual Sports & Free Games software
  • Gaming Software Products – Poker, Skill Games, Casino Suite, OGWIL Software, Live Dealer, Virtual Games & Fantasy Sports
  • Data Feed Solutions – Odds Feeds, Live Scouting, Stats & Live Sports Video Streaming
  • Retail Solutions – Gaming and Betting Software for physical premises.
  • Marketing Solutions – Affiliate, Agent and CRM systems.

BetConstruct holds licenses to operate from the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and are currently applying for a licence with the Malta Gaming Authority.

In terms of this article though I’m interested in just their Live Casino product and that’s what I’ll be discussing here.

One of the great things about reviewing live casinos is that I get to test out and investigate all different types of live casino software. If I was just playing I’d probably stick to just Evolution Gamings software, but I’m glad I’m not as I just wouldn’t come across software providers like this.

One of the reasons why BetConstruct haven’t been on my playing radar is that they haven’t held a UK gaming License and no casinos have been able to offer their platform to UK players. However, that is about to change which is great news as their live casino games have something different to offer players.

Their Live Casino Studio was built about 2 years ago (2012-2013) and is located in Yerevan, Armenia.

I’ve listed below a Live Casino that has their software and the great thing is you can fire it up and load the games and watch what’s happening without needing to register. On the other hand, if they accepted me as a player I’d be depositing and playing for the reasons you’ll discover below.

The Best BetConstruct Live Casinos

CasinoGames & StakesDedicated TablesBonuses


Blackjack 2 – 500
Roulette 1 – 500
Baccarat 1 – 500
Dragon Tiger 1 – 500
Bet on Poker 0.50 – 500
Keno 0.25 – 500
Hi-Lo 0.50 – 500
Bet On Teen Patti 0.25 – 500
Rusky Poker 1 – 100
Pai Gow Poker 0.25 – 500
Blackjack VBET
Blackjack FTV
Switch Blackjack
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Blackjack 2 – 18k
Baccarat 1 – 700
Roulette 0.50 – 500
Casino Holdem 0.50 – 1.5k
Bet on Poker 1 – 6k
Dragon Tiger 1 – 10k
Hi-Lo 0.10 – 100
Keno 0.20 – 500
Bet on Teen Patti 0.10 – 820
Blackjack VBET
Blackjack FTV
Switch Blackjack
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Blackjack 1 – 7k
Roulette 0.50 – 10k
Baccarat 1 – 10k
Dragon Tiger 1 – 10k
Russian Poker 1 – 430
Bet on Poker 0.50 – 8k
Bet On Teen Patti 1 – 5k
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The Games

BetConstruct offer four regular live casino games:

  • Live Roulette – 3 tables in English, Armenian and Turkish.
  • Live Blackjack – 5 tables in English, Russian, Turkish and Armenian.
  • Live Baccarat – 1 table in English.
  • Live Dragon Tiger – 1 Table in English.

three unique versions of existing classics that allow you to bet on odds that are determined by the house during the course of each hand.!

  • Live Bet On Baccarat – 1 table in Russian.
  • Live Bet On Poker – 1 table in English.
  • Live Bet on Teen Patti (based on 3 card poker) – 1 table in English

and two table games with a twist

  • Live Russian Poker – 1 table in Russian.
  • Live Fortuna Roulette – Which is basically normal roulette but with the wheel hung vertically rather than on the horizontal, akin to the Wheel of Fortunes you see in land-based casinos.

All of the games come with the following general customisation options, the ones that are game-specific are listed beside each game.

  • Tipping the dealer.
  • Adjust audio and Video controls.
  • Viewing hand history.
  • Live Chat with the Dealer.
  • View game in a pop-out window.
  • Full help facility with gameplay information.
  • Simultaneously play multiple games or tables.
  • Access to the lobby and cashier.

Only generic tables are currently available.

Betconstruct Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

  • This is standard 7 Seat Blackjack played with 8 decks.
  • There is a Multi-Seat option where you can sit at up to 3 seats.
  • You can surrender your hand for half your stake.
  • You can double on a split.
  • 3 sides bets are available with of choice of two is possible. Pairs, Lucky 7 and Honey Bonus (which is a mixture of the 21-3 poker side bet & suited Blackjack ).
  • The pre-decision option allows you to select your play before it’s your turn. This speeds up the game.
  • Smart Player – Runs in the background and if you make a decision that is not based on the standard strategy you get a warning message and the option to undo the action.
  • More details in my Betconstruct Live Blackjack Review including review Video.
  • With Blackjack Switch you play two hands and have the ability to switch or swap the second cards between hands.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

  • European single zero roulette.
  • Specially blended table layout (Classic + Racetrack).
  • Statistics for the last 500 spins are shown with details of hot/cold numbers.
  • Ability to save favourite bets.
  • Special bets – neighbours, Final, Snake and splits.
  • Racetrack display.
  • Two viewing angles (Front & Top).
  • A bet building feature to enable complex bets to be built away from the game and then applied during the betting window.

live fortuna roulette

Live Fortuna Roulette

  • Vertical Roulette Wheel.
  • European single zero roulette.
  • Specially blended table layout (Classic + Racetrack).
  • Statistics for the last 500 spins are shown with details of hot/cold numbers.
  • Ability to save favourite bets.
  • Special bets – neighbours, Final, Snake and splits.
  • Racetrack display.
  • Two viewing angles (Front & Top).
  • A bet building feature to enable complex bets to be built away from the game and then applied during the betting window.

betconstruct live baccarat

Live Baccarat

  • Played with 6 decks dealt from a manual shoe.
  • 5 road maps can be displayed, Big Road / Big Eye Boy / Small Road/ Cockroach Road & Bead Plate.
  • Bonus side bets of Sum Bonus and Tie Bonus can be played.
  • Multi-Player game, i.e. an unlimited number of players bet on the same hand.

live bet on baccarat

Live Bet On Baccarat

  • This is played with 6 decks.
  • It’s a Multi-Player game, i.e. an unlimited number of players can play.
  • Based on the classic Baccarat drawing rules mixed with the ability to place additional bets (for odds as shown) as the cards are drawn. You can bet on the Number of cards dealt, the Colour of the cards and on whether the cards will be odd or even for the Banker or Player.
  • There are three betting rounds, before the initial deal, before the Bankers first card is opened & before the Players and Bankers second and if necessary extra cards are opened.
  • Odds are calculated by the software.
  • The pairs side bet is also available.
  • Dealer chat enabled.

live bet on poker

Live Bet On Poker

  • Played with one deck that is manually shuffled by the dealer.
  • This is a version of Texas Holdem, you play against the casino and are offered odds after each betting round on the hand’s probability of being the winning hand at the end.
  • Odds are re-calculated after each of the 4 rounds of betting, before the Initial Deal, before the Flop, before the Turn & before the River.
  • Multi-Player game with 18 betting positions.

Russian Poker at BetConstruct

Live Russian Poker

  • Russian Poker is a 6 card variant of Oasis poker.
  • Played with one deck that is manually shuffled by the dealer.
  • Live Russian Poker is not presently offered by any other live dealer platform.
  • Each player may play on min 1 and max tree boxes.
  • 1 and 3 boxed may be played only “blind”.
  • The player may win with two poker combinations in his hand.
  • The “Intelligent player” system helping the player to select the Bet or Fold option during the Final decision time. It’s based on the best practice of playing Russian poker.
  • Russian Poker offers also bonus bets, which attract players with very rich pay-outs. (Bonus combination on player hand or bonus combination on dealer’s hand).
  • The player may win on his Insurance bet in case the dealer is not qualified and then buy dealer qualification and win on his bet wager as well in the same game round.

Live Bet on Teen Patti

  • Live Bet on Teen Patti can best be described as a game of 3 card poker between two players, but you get to bet on either hand as each card is dealt.
  • The game is played with one deck that’s shuffled after each game round.
  • An additional set of side bets can be played, where you are betting on a specific hand value appearing during the game.
  • The outcome of Teen Patti is determined by poker hand rankings. the best hand wins.

betconstruct bet on teen patti
betconstruct dragon tiger

Live Dragon Tiger

  • Traditional Dragoon Tiger where the high card wins.
  • Ties pay 11:1.
  • Side Bets of Odd/Even, Big/Small.
  • Played with 8 Decks.
  • Comprehensive Road Maps showing results of previous hands.

Betconstruct Multi Screen

Multi-Window Display

  • Allows to display up to 4 different Live Casino Games or Live Casino games and other casino games including virtual RNG games and slots.

betconstruct live casino lobby

The Lobby

The lobby area displays the games that can be played. On selecting one of the games you are taken to another menu that displays the tables available and gives details of the dealer and language options on the table.


As a player, I really like the playing interface and the fact that they offer something different when it comes to side bets in Blackjack.

The Bet On games will really appeal to those gamblers out there, but I found that these two games are just too slow to play for any length of time. I suspect that the games have a good margin for the “house” and less so for the player.