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Pragmatic Play Boom City Stats – What to search for in Boom City history trackers to improve your game

boom city stats tracker

Boom City is an exciting entertainment game show by Pragmatic Play. Unlike similar games that use a big wheel, Boom City has a 6 x 6 prize grid containing 36 squares and uses two physical dice to select the winning square.

The most significant wins come in the bonus rounds, where your decision-making can make all the difference to the final payout.

Getting the bonus rounds, however, is more luck than judgement, as two elements control that:

  1. The layout of the grid and position of the bonus squares
  2. The result of the two dice.

Many players rely on the Boom City results history, also known as stats trackers, to try to time betting on the bonus rounds at the ‘appropriate’ time, when a bonus round is seemingly ‘due’.

Stats trackers usually present the game data to show you when the dice picked the last bonus round.

Here I’ll cover the topic in detail to see if stats trackers can help you improve your game and, if not, the correct way to play Boom City.

Read more about how to play Boom City here, or head to BetVictor or LeoVegas to play the game.

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Boom City Quick Overview

You probably landed on this page because you already know how to play Boom City and are simply looking for a stats tracker, but I’ll repeat the main things about this game.

There are two phases.

  1. Phase one is the main game where you place bets on a selection of Numbers and Bonuses, which appear randomly on a 36-square grid. The result of two rolled dice determines the winning square. Sometimes, a Power-Up assigns multipliers to some of the grid squares before the dice get rolled for a second time.
  2. Phase two occurs when one of the bonus rounds, Boom or Bust, Lucky Drop, or Dice Battle, is triggered.

In the following section, you can see the probabilities of hitting each square.

Boom City Probabilities

PrizeNumber of
1x Bronze12 to 131:133.3% – 36.1%
2x Silver9 to 112:125.0% – 30.6%
5x Gold4 to 65:111.1% – 16.7%
Power Up3(2x to 5x)8.3%
Bust SymbolRandom0?
Dice Battle1 to 2min 3x – max ?2.8% – 5.6%
Lucky Drop1 to 2min 5x – max ?2.8% – 5.6%
Boom or Bust0 to 1min 10x – max ?0.0% – 2.8%

  • The most likely result will be the Bronze Square, which pays 1:1.
  • The square chosen the least is Boom or Bust Bonus Round, which has up to a 2.8% chance of being picked.

All of the prize categories can appear in different quantities in each game. This adds another level of randomness to the game, which explains why you see the probabilities expressed as a range.

In-built Boom City Results History

You’ll be happy to learn that Boom City has an in-built results tracker. It runs as a ticker across the bottom of the screen showing the previous twenty-two results.

A statistics option also shows the past 500 results, including details of the bonus rounds and power-ups.

While this is useful, and with some practice, you can quickly glance and see the last occurrence of the event you’re looking for, it’s not as easy as using a purpose-built tracker.

However, you can draw some conclusions using the stats tracker, but it may not provide the answers you were looking for.

What do stats trackers tell you?

Stats trackers can give you a good idea of what you can expect from the game.

By glancing at a stats tracker, you can get a pretty good idea of how often the bonus rounds are triggered and how many games it takes on average to trigger a bonus round. You’ll get a good feeling for the game by doing this.

Perhaps more importantly, you can see what kind of wins each bonus round gives.

It’s not just about triggering the bonus round or reading the rules of the bonus round. It’s best if you see what it looks like in practice.

What is the usual win in a bonus round? What are the minimum and maximum you have seen lately? And what kind of variance does it appear to have? Is it a bonus round that issues small wins all the time? Or a bonus round that can deliver a big win only once in a while? That’s crucial information, and a clever gambler can find it in the results history.

Why do players look at previous Boom City results?

Players usually start looking at previous results when they haven’t won for a while. Typically it’s to see if a bonus round is ‘due’, which should give them a higher chance of winning.

This behavioural pattern is known as the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Can you predict the outcome of the Roll of the Dice?

Contrary to popular belief, stats trackers aren’t here to tell you when a result is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. They are there to provide factual information from which you draw your conclusions.

Each new game round is independent of all the results that came before. Results even out over time. However, this can take a while—indeed, more than the 500 results presented in the statistics.

Even if a result was ‘cold’ and “due to even out”, you can’t possibly know when that will occur next. It might be another 1000 game rounds before that happens, and then it might happen three times in a row!

Predicting the next game round is impossible based on what happened before.

The probabilities are not affected by this either. The likelihood of hitting a Lucky Drop bonus round in Boom City is between 2.8% – 5.6% on every single spin, including the one after the Lucky Drop was triggered.

The two dice produce a total of 36 individual results. Predicting which one will occur is 36:1.

The grid contains 36 squares, randomly shuffled before each game.

So you have a shuffled grid and 36 possible outcomes on the dice – it’s near impossible to predict an outcome!

To win on Boom City, follow the correct Boom City strategy. And have fun!

Boom City Stats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the Boom City stats tracker help me make the correct bet?

No, as every new game round is independent of those that came before it.

Is there a Boom City stats tracker?

A built-in history tracker shows the outcomes of the last 500 game rounds, including what happened in the bonus round.

What is the best bonus round in Boom City?

The best and rarest bonus round in Boom City is Boom or Bust, which will either appear once or not at all on the 6 x 6 grid. The minimum payout from this bonus round is 10x.