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  • Crazy Time Dream Catcher on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Monopoly Live And Dream Catcher Editions.
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Introduction to Evolution Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the awesome looking new entertainment game developed by Evolution Gaming. For the purists among us, the full name of Crazy Time is actually “Evolution Crazy Time Dream Catcher Edition”, although I fully expect “Crazy Time” to be the name it becomes known as.

Todd Haushalter first revealed the game at the ICE Exhibition in February 2020, and had this to say about it:

“It’s a carnival of activity, with a wheel loaded with bonuses. There are shows within a show. Crazy Time is the most fun casino game ever made and definitely the most expensive!”

Crazy time has certainly lived up to the hype, it’s a game like we’ve never seen before! However, that’s not strictly true. The main mechanic of the game is a Dream Catcher style wheel, which provides the opportunity to enter not one, but 4 special and completely different bonus rounds.

A presenter hosts the game, their job is to spin the wheel and take part in the bonus rounds, by explaining the process and adding excitement to what’s going on.

Crazy Time is 5 games in one. It’s like Monopoly Dream Catcher on steroids. It’s going to blow people’s minds!

Crazy Time Video Review with All 4 Bonus Rounds

How Do You Play Crazy Time?

The central core of the game is the Crazy Time Wheel. The presenter is responsible for initiating each new game round by spinning the Crazy Time Wheel.

The outcome of each spin of the wheel is either a number – One, Two, Five or Ten, or one of the following 4 bonus rounds.

  1. Coin Flip Bonus Round.
  2. Cash Hunt Bonus Round.
  3. Pachinko Bonus Round.
  4. Crazy Time Bonus Round.

If the wheel stops on a number, the payout will be equal to the number multiplied by the bet amount.

Each Bonus Round has its own distinct rules and entertainment value, with Crazy Time and Cash Hunt requiring audience participation by making a playing selection.

The outcome of each bonus round is a prize, in the form of multiples of your original bonus bet. What makes the game round even more exciting is the opportunity to have wins increased with an additional multiplier chosen even before the wheel is spun, during the Top Slot selection. This can lead to some very being wins during the Bonus Rounds.

Playing Evolution Crazy Time

Crazy Time Betting time

Crazy Time Betting Time

The game round starts by selecting the bets you want to place.

You can bet on any, all, or a selection of bet spots on the betting grid. The playing interface comes with a couple of “Bet All” Buttons, one for the Number segments on the wheel and one for the Bonus segments.

Crazy Time commences after 15 seconds of betting time have expired.

Crazy Time Top Slot Spin

crazy time top slot spin

Once betting time has completed, the presents starts to spin the main Crazy Time wheel. At the same time the Top Slot spin commences.

For the spin to be valid and for the Multipliers to carried through to the main game, the two halves of the win line on the slot need to line up horizontally.

If they do, the selected multiplier becomes active for the main wheel spin.

The Crazy Time Money Wheel: Overview and Game Spin

The money wheel has 54 Segments, which contain either a number (1,2,5, or 10) or a bonus game symbol.

There are four Coin Flip Segments, two Cash Hunt, 2 Pachinko, and one Crazy Time Segment.

On average, a bonus round will be triggered every 6th Spin — although don’t count on it!

When Betting Time has completed the presenter spins the wheel, which also starts the Top Slot spin.  Each new spin is started in the opposite direction from the last.

One of two outcomes will occur when the wheel stops.

  1. If the wheel stops in a number segment, those players betting on that segment will win. If a Top Slot multiplier is active the result will be multiplied again by that number. The game ends and betting time starts again.
  2. If the wheel stops on a bonus segment, the Bonus Round for that segment will be initiated.

crazy time wheel spinning

Did You Know?

  • The Crazy Time Wheel is made by TCS John Huxley – the same company that makes the Dream Catcher and Monopoly Dream Catcher Wheels.
  • The Crazy Time wheel is entirely mechanical – there are no motors controlling the speed of the wheel.
  • As the wheel is mechanical breakdowns do occur. The strops are known to snap, so they are replaced regularly during system maintenance.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The Coin Flip Bonus is initiated when the wheel stops on one of the labelled bonus segments. Only those players that have bet on the segment are eligible to take part. Other players will be able to watch the action as it unfolds.

The most frequent bonus round is likely to be the Coin Flip because it occupies the most segments on the wheel, with 4.

You are guaranteed to win something from the coin flip.

The round starts with a random multiplier being assigned to each of the Blue and red sides of the coin. The ideal is for both to be decent, but when i’ve played generally one is high and the other low.

The presenter then flips the coin into the Flip-o-Matic machine. The side of the coin facing upwards is declared the winner and players are paid the multiplier assigned to that colour.

It’s possible that this Bonus could pay up to 5000x, but that would need a multiplier of 50x having already been applied by the Top Slot before you entered the game round.

Sometimes when a low multiplier has been assigned, a Rescue Flip might occur, where the coin is flipped again.

Once the bonus round has completed the game round goes back to the main betting time.

crazy time coin flip bonus round

Did you Know?

  • The Romans called Coin Flipping navia aut caput (“ship or head”). In England, it was referred to as Cross and Pile!
  • The odds of the coin landing on its edge is 1 in 6000.
  • A coin toss is sometimes used to determine a winner if the result of something is a draw.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

The Cash Hunt bonus round appears on 2 segments of the Crazy Time wheel.

The Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery that contains 108 random multipliers scrolling across the screen. These get covered by symbols and then shuffled, so you don’t know where they are!

Your job is to find the biggest multiplier you can, by hunting it down from the random symbols being displayed on the screen.

To pick one, you aim with your mouse or finger and fire a cannon, shooting the symbol of your choice.

All the symbols are removed and your multiplier prize is revealed!

The cool thing is, every player will have a different outcome depending on the symbol they choose.

crazy time cash hunt

Did you know?

  • A Shooting Gallery is popular at Amusement Arcades and Fun Fairs. They normally involve using an Air rifle to shoot pellets or corks at targets or items to reveal hidden prizes.
  • I once won a stuffed animal that was so big it needed its own seat on the train home!

Pachinko Bonus Round

The Pachinko Bonus Round is the only bonus round that requires no intervention from the player.

The large pegged Pachinko wall has 16 drop zones at the top and 16 Prize Multiplier Zones at the bottom. The objective is for the “Puck” to work its way down to the prize zone bouncing off pegs as it goes, with it ending up, hopefully, in one of the highest Multiplier Zones.

At the start of the Bonus Round, a random generator adds multipliers or the word Double to each of the prize landing zones.

The presenter then climbs the stairs at the back of the board and drops the puck into the Pachinko wall from a randomly selected drop zone.

The Puck works its way down the wall, changing direction as it bounces off tiny pegs until it reaches one of the prize zones.

If the puck comes to rest in a prize zone containing the word “Double”, all the multipliers in the other zones are doubled in value.

The presenter takes the puck again and drops it for a second time from a randomly picked drop zone. This process can continue until either a maximum multiplier of 10,000x has been reached, or the puck lands in a prize zone containing a multiplier.

The game round ends when the Puck finds its way into one of the prize zones containing a multiplier.

On occasions when the puck lands in a zone containing a prize multiplier of between 2x-4x, a Rescue Drop may be triggered. When this occurs, the presenter will drop the puck into the Pachinko wall again. The game round concludes when it lands in a prize zone containing a multiplier.

crazy time pachinko

Did you Know?

  • Pachinko is a mechanical game that originates in Japan.
  • It uses an upright pegged board with small silver metal balls that are dropped or fired into the machine.
  • Prizes are won when a ball enters one of the prize slots.
  • In 1994 the Pachinko market in Japan was valued at more than $300.million.
  • In 2015 Pachinko in Japan generated more gambling revenue than Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore combined!

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The Crazy Time Bonus Round is the money-making round of the game. The win potential is huge, which is why there is only one Crazy Time segment on the main wheel.

On entering the bonus round through a red door, you’re greeted by a huge virtual crazy time wheel. The wheel has 64 segments which are filled with multipliers, Double and Triple symbols before each game round.

At the start of the round, you have to choose one of three coloured flappers (Blue, Green, or Yellow) that are positioned at the top of the wheel. When the wheel stops you get the prize for the segment where your flapper stopped.

If your chosen flapper stops on a Double or Triple, all multipliers are increased by that amount and the wheel is spun again for players playing that colour. The game continues until the flapper lands in a multiplier segment.

It’s possible for multiple doubles and triples to be added, right up to a multiplier maximum of 20,000x!

crazy time big wheel

Crazy Time Playing Strategy

Most people wonder if there is an optimal playing strategy for Evolution Crazy Time.

I’m certainly interested, as there are places in the game where you have to make choices. Some of those choices will be influenced by probability, others by how much bankroll you have, and others by your experiences of what happened the last time you played.

Crazy Time is undoubtedly about the bonus rounds. If you want to be “in it to win it”, you must have an active bet on the bonus round positions on the betting grid.

The excitement comes when Multipliers are assigned to segments on the main wheel. The opportunity to win “big money” comes when these multipliers are assigned to the bonus segments on the wheel. The ideal situation is for a multiplier to be assigned to the Crazy Time bonus segment, from there you can only hope that doubles and triples are spun on the big Crazy Time wheel as that will really increase the payouts!

The game will mostly pay small wins on the bonus rounds – by that I mean from 5x to 25x, so generally, you’re not going to hit a “big win” regularly.

The 100x plus wins are less frequent, and 250x upwards are rarer. Expect wins of 10,000x to happen about once a month.

crazy time red door

How you should bet

In terms of a betting strategy, picking a number that occurs the most would seem an obvious choice to bet on. The payout table below shows the numbers, how frequently they appear on the wheel and the relative RTP for each. There is not much difference in the RTP between the numbers, however, some numbers will win more frequently, so take into account the number of segments they occupy on the wheel.

For the main wheel, I’d advise betting on one or two “value” numbers, like two and five, and hope to make most of your wins from the bonus rounds.

As for betting amounts, my advice is to start low until you get a sense of the game. It will be very easy to load up money on the bonus round betting spots and find your bankroll disappears before you get going.

If you’re betting on the Number and bonus rounds segments, my advice is to stagger your bets. Make sure that if you win a number bet it covers the losses for everything else you have bet on. This way you’ll be able to turn over your bankroll for longer.

Todd mentioned that a bonus round should appear every 6th spin, but that’s average, so expect it to be shorter or longer.

Probability Can Be Your Friend

I would also suggest you consider the laws of probability. So look at the previous results. If a bonus hasn’t occurred during say the last 12 spins, then there is a greater chance it will hit in the next 6 spins. So timing your bets and when you join the game can also have an impact on your betting returns.

You only have to see the experience on Monopoly live to understand that averages and probabilities count for nothing.  Be mindful that you can lose, and be happy when you win!

Crazy Time Hints and Tips

  1. Betting time lasts for 13 seconds, so you have to be relatively quick in placing your bets.
  2. Use the Autoplay Play facility if you place the same bets each game round. You can play up to 100 spins automatically, and set win and loss limits.
  3. I’ve experienced 30+ spins without getting a bonus. Don’t be discouraged when this happens, because you could easily get 4 bonus rounds in 5 spins!
  4. Don’t berate the presenter when the game is not going your way. Take a break and come back later if you’re on a losing streak.
  5. Don’t expect to win big quickly, this is a game when a big win comes out of the blue.
  6. Expect most Bonus wins to pay between 10x to 25x.
  7. Have fun. if you’re not, stop playing.

crazy time auto play

Return To Player for Crazy Time

The RTP for Crazy Time is similar to Monopoly Live, around 95 – 96%.  The exact RTP’s differ for each part of the game, which I’ve listed in the table.

Crazy Time will be highly volatile, which means you’ll get lots of very small wins and some dead spins. However, once in a while it will payout in spectacular style.

Right from the start, the game has been designed to give players the buzz of regular bonus rounds.

Bonus payouts for Crazy Time have been capped at €500,000. This is because the bonus game has the potential for bigger sums when there is an active multiplier for the Bonus Round in place from the Top Slot process.

Crazy Time RTP Table

BET Return To Player
1 96.08%
2 95.95%
5 95.78%
10 95.73%
Pachinko 94.33%
Cash Hunt 95.27%
Coin Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time 94.41%

Crazy Time Payout Table

Segment on Wheel Number of
1 21 1:1
2 13 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Pachinko 2 Up To €500,000
Cash Hunt 2 Up To €500,000
Coin Flip 4 Up To €500,000
Crazy Time 1 Up To €500,000

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Crazy Time be Available?

It is currently planned that Crazy Time will be launched in a pre-release form on the 10th June 2020 at Leo Vegas, although that date could change by a day or two.

What is Special about Evolution Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is based on the Dream Catcher entertainment game, but has 4 Bonus Rounds, each offering the potential of large payouts.

How often do the Bonus Rounds occur?

You can expect a bonus round to happen on average every 6 spins, although it can take over 30 spins to appear!

Where can I play Crazy Time?

You’ll be able to play at any Evolution Live Casino.

Is there a strategy for Playing Crazy Time?

Yes, there will be strategies for how you play Crazy Time. They will be dependent on your bankroll, the attitude to risk and reward, and your past experiences of playing the games.

How Much Can I win?

The win potential is huge for this game. Multipliers for Pachinko can reach 10,000x, while Crazy Time can pay 20,000x. With a Top Slot multiplier boost of 50x, 100,000x is possible!

Differences between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live

There are going to be a lot of comparisons made between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. Which one is better to play? which one has the best payouts? and which one is more enjoyable to play are some of the questions that will be asked.

I’ve played both of the games and performed some analysis that will hopefully answer those questions.

Crazy Time vs Monopoly Comparison

Comparison Chart

Crazy Time
Wheel No. &
Crazy Time
RTP & Probability
Wheel No &
RTP & Probability
1 (21) 96.08% (38.8%) 1 (23) 92.88% (42.59%)
2 (13) 95.95% (22.22%) 2 (15) 96.23% (27.77%)
5 (7) 95.78% (12.96%) 5 (7) 91.30% (12.96%)
10 (4) 95.73% (7.40%) 10 (4) 96.02% (7.40%)
Coin Flip (4) 95.70% (7.40%)
Pachinko (2) 94.33% (3.70%) 2 rolls (3) 93.90% (5.55%)
Cash Hunt (2) 95.27% (3.70%) Chance (2) (3.70%)
Crazy Time (1) 94.41% (1.85%) 4 rolls (1) 93.67% (1.85%)

Crazy Time VS Monopoly Facts Revealed

  • Both Wheels have 54 Segments
  • Crazy Time initiates a potential multiple for any parts of the wheel on each new spin. Monopoly only does this with the Chance segment.
  • The probability of 1 & 2’s landing is better on Monopoly.
  • Number 1 has the best probability of being hit on Crazy Time.
  • There is the same chance of getting the Crazy Time Bonus as 4 Rolls in Monopoly.
  • The base 4 Rolls is more likely to give a better return than Crazy Time without multipliers.
  • The Optimal RTP for Crazy Time is 96.08% which is slightly worse than Monopoly at 96.23%.



The worse paying bonus on Crazy Time is the Coin Flip – it’s not unusual to get under 5x. 2 Rolls on Monopoly pays on average 10x.

An RNG engine is used to decide 2 Bonus results on Crazy Time – the Cash Hunt and Crazy Time. With Monopoly all game choices are physical.

Which game is better to play – Crazy Time or Monopoly Live?

If you like lots of things happening then Crazy Time is probably the better game to play as there is always something to interest you. However, you may get frustrated with the frequency of low wins. This will keep your balance turning over. If you just play numbers then there’s a better chance of winning bigger on Crazy Time than Monopoly, purely because Crazy time numbers can get multipliers from the Top Slot. It seems that No.1 gets them most frequently.

Does Crazy Time have better payouts than Monopoly?

For pure number bets – Crazy time is better to play. There are more ones and two’s on Crazy Time and you get multipliers potentially before every spin.

For bonuses – Crazy time has more plentiful bonuses and I feel they pay on average the same as Monopoly. But when you’re playing it feels less, which may be due to the way this high variance game is structured.

Is Crazy Time more Enjoyable than Monopoly?

This one is down to personal preference. I enjoy different aspects of each game.

I think the Numbers is better with Crazy time – I like the additional multipliers you can get and the higher frequency of ones and twos.

As for bonus rounds, this may surprise you.

I prefer the 4 rolls on Monopoly, for these reasons.

  • I like the physical aspect of dice being used to determine what happens next,
  • and the excitement of wanting doubles and also working out what number is needed next, to get the best multipliers on each shake of the dice.

As much as the Crazy Time Bonus rounds are great, I haven’t been hooked by any of them in the way 4 Rolls has done on Monopoly.

You need to play both to see if you agree with me:-)

Crazy Time Summary

Evolution Live Crazy Time is a live dealer entertainment game that is going blow players away. I think it’s going to be the most successful game to hit online gambling in 2020.

It’s going to give players a Bonus round fix they have never experienced before.

The Bonus rounds are all about multipliers, gaining the biggest one you can to give the highest payout possible for your initial stake.

The possibilities are endless in how much that could be!

close up of winning crazy time bonus segment

In other entertainment games, I’ve seen players moaning that the bonus round hasn’t hit for 50 or 60 spins!.

With slots, it’s more like 200 – 300 spins for the most volatile games.

My only concern at this stage is the frequency of the bonus rounds, and how having them too often may take something away from the anticipation of getting one.

However, having played several very long sessions, I can report the bonus rounds don’t occur every 6 spins. I had 30 spins before I got one, and then waited for another 20 before getting another.

Crazy Time is going to be as great as Monopoly Live and also frustrating as hell!