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Nexus Roulette Live Review, Strategy and How to Play

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Introduction & Background to Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette is a newly styled live dealer roulette game that uses four roulette wheels to deliver multiplier payouts up to 5000x.

Nexus Roulette gets its name from the definition of Nexus, which is “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”. In the case of the four wheels, the connection between the results powers the game.

If you think the game looks familiar, you’d be right. We’ve seen this combination of four wheels and multipliers before at Netent when they released Roulette Max, just before they were closed down after Evolution purchased them. Some of the team at On Air Entertainment worked at Netent, hence the connection.

But Nexus Roulette is different. It has many features we’ve not seen before and is a studio that is literally out of this world.

In this review, I’ll explain how the game works, so you can better understand how to play. I’ll talk about strategies for playing and winning, and there’s a video review where I demonstrate the game and what I think.

Overview of Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette looks like a complicated game, but it’s not. It just needs a little bit of an explanation.

The game’s central theme is Roulette, with one main wheel and a betting grid. Three other wheels generate the straight-up payout multipliers for the main wheel. The second function of the four wheels is to support a range of side bets, which rely on the results of all four wheels.

Nexus Roulette is played like other games of European Roulette but with a couple of restrictions on how you bet.

Only Straight-up and inside bets can be played if you want to make regular European Roulette bets. You’ll benefit from the multipliers generated by the three additional bonus wheels for any straight-up wins. Inside Bets (Line Bets) pay their standard value and don’t get any benefits or boosts to payouts from the other wheels.

The Outside Bets and Column Bets are replaced by a series of special Nexus Bets covering Columns, Colours and Range bets. These bets use the four wheels to determine the results and the resultant payouts. Payouts are generally generated when at least two wheels have the same result, which happens more times than you think. You won’t be able to place any Odd/Even High/Low or Dozen Bets.

There are several ways to play Nexus Roulette, which can keep the game exciting and give many different ways to win.

The Nexus side bets reduce the risk of betting on one outcome, while Straight-up bets are the only way to get the large multiplier wins of 500x to 5000x.

Overall the RTP for the main bets ranges from 90.71% to 97.30%.

nexus roulette wheels

How Nexus Roulette is set-up

Let’s start with the game’s setup so you understand what you’re looking at.

There are four Auto Roulette wheels. The main wheel is at the front and is identified by a Blue Circle motif on top of the central turret on the wheel.

The other three wheels are located towards the back of the studio and are identified with a Green Triangle, Orange Square and Pink Hexagon.

Only the main wheel has a betting grid; through this, you place your main wheel bets and the Nexus side bets that cover all four wheels.

The main wheel is spun first, with the others turning after a slight delay. Ideally, the ball lands in the main wheel first, so you see the result with the Triangle wheel finishing second, the Hexagon third and finally, the Square result. There’s meant to be a 5-second delay between them.

Bet types are split between the main wheel bets and the Nexus Bets. It’s impossible to place an Odd/Even, High/Low or Dozen Bet anywhere in the game. Inside bets are allowed on the primary wheel, and outside bets are covered mainly by the Nexus Side Bets.

The Racetrack can be used to place section bets, as these are all inside bets.

How the Multiplier Payouts Work

The purpose of using four roulette wheels is to determine the Straight-up multiplier payouts for each game round and the Nexus Bet payouts’ value. Again these can seem complicated, but they are not.

A straight-up bet has a base payout of 29:1, but this can be increased if the results in two or more wheels are the same. The more results that match, the higher the Multiplier.

  • The Main Wheel matches with another wheel – the Multiplier is 50x
  • Two wheels match with the main wheel result – the Multiplier is 500x
  • All four wheels match – the Multiplier is 5000x.

Also, the straight-up payout can increase when matches are across the wheels but not with the main wheel. In these circumstances:

  • If any two-wheels match, the Multiplier is increased to 50x.
  • When the three wheels match, the Multiplier is 500x.

It goes without saying that to win, you should have an active wager on the winning number on the main wheel.

How the Nexus Bet Payouts Work

The payouts for the Nexus Bets work similarly, using matches across the four wheels to determine the payout values. The Nexus bets cover Outside bets (Column and Colour), Range bets and Number matches. None of the bets requires you to specify a number. The bets pay when there are specific matches across the wheels.

  • Column Bet – Pays 8x when three wheels land on the same column and 20x when all four wheels land on the same column.
  • Colour Bet (Neon or Red) – pays 3x when three wheels match and 4x when four wheels match.

Nexus Bet

This bet pays when the number results match across the wheels. No number bet is needed, just a bet that a match will happen.

  • Two Wheels match with the same result pay 5x.
  • Two wheels match one number, and the other two matches another – pay 10x.
  • Three wheels matching the same number pay 50x
  • Four wheels match the same number and pay 500x.

Range Bets

The range bet is where you wager on the total of the four results.

  • 0 to 16 pays 365x.
  • 17 to 40 pays 13x.
  • 41 to 74 pays 2x.
  • 75 to 102 pay 2.5x.
  • 103 to 119 pays 14x.
  • 120 to 144 pays 86x.

How To Play

Now that we’ve established the game’s components, let’s look at how to play Nexus Roulette.

The game round starts with 18 seconds of betting time.

This is your opportunity to place your bets on the betting grid directly or by using one of the supplied tools like the Rack Track, Neighbour Bets, Special Bets or perhaps a pre-saved Favourite.

Remember, Straight-Up bets get the benefit of the Multipliers. Inside Bets pays the standard payout rates. Outside bets can only be played using the Nexus Bets.

Placing Your Bets

Nexus Roulette Placing Your Bets

I’ve placed three bets.

A Straight-Up bet on number 14, a bet on Nexus (which pays for number matches across the wheels), and a Range 17 to 40 bet.

Main Wheel Result

Nexus Roulette main wheel result

The ball on the Main Wheel has dropped into number 14! – happy days!!

At this point, I have a 29:1 win. But we need to wait for the results of the other three wheels to see if number matches increases the payouts.

The Three Wheels Results

nexus Roulette three wheel results

The result for the Triangle Wheel is 26 Neon, the Square Wheel is 6 Neon, and the Hexagon Wheel is Neon 13.

There are no number matches, so my 29:1 payout for the number 14 stands.

As there are Three Neon colours in the result, the Neon nexus bet will pay 3x (although we didn’t bet on it).

The range total for the four wheels is 59, which we missed.

Final Result & Payout

Nexus Roulette win result

On this spin, I won 14.50 for correctly picking the number 14. There were no multiplier increases, and neither of my Nexus bets won.

Odds, Payouts & RTPs

I’ve listed all the possible bets, payouts and Return To Player (RTPs) values for each bet type.

The payouts do not include the initial bet amount. This is returned if you have a win.

Note: It’s impossible to place an Odd/Even bet, a High or Low Number Bet or a Dozens Bet.

To receive a payout, the Red/Neon Bet needs at least three matching results across the four wheels.

The same is true of the Column Bets; 3 wheels need a match result for you to win.

The Nexus Bet only needs two matches across the four wheels before a payout is possible.

The best bet RTP-wise is the Line Bet, which returns 97.30% – the same as European Roulette.

The worst-performing bet is the Range Bet for 17-40, with a return of 90.71%.

Ways to Place Your Bets

I briefly mentioned some tools and types of bets you could make. For completeness, let us remind ourselves of what they are.

French Bets – Use the Racktrack

These are bets on sections of the wheel. They are called Tiers, Orpheins, Voisins and Zero. They place different bet types, like splits and straight-up bets, to cover all the numbers for a section of the wheel. Use this carefully to place Stratight-up number bets, as the Racetrack can’t do that.

Inside Bets

Bets on Straight-up numbers or between numbers.

Line Bets

These include Split bets, covering two numbers, and Street bets covering three numbers. Corner Bet covers four numbers on the corner where they meet. The Six Line bet covers 6 numbers (2 Line Bets in a block).

Outside Bets

The Outside bets are just for the Nexus Bet and do not contain all the traditional bets. There are just two Outside bets available.

  1. A Column Bet covers twelve numbers on the betting grid. There are three columns to choose from.
  2. The Colour Bet is for all Red or Neon pockets on the betting grid.

Range betting

This is a new bet type, where you can bet on the total of the four results when added up. It’s a specific bet and unique to Nexus Roulette.

Main Bet
Straight-Up- Main Wheel28:197.05%
Straight-Up – Any 2 Wheels49:1
Straight-Up – Any 3 Wheels499:1
Straight-Up – All 4 Wheels4999:1
Line Bet (Main Wheel Only)
Six Line5:197.30%
Street (3 Line)11:1
Column Bet
Column: 3 numbers in bet column7:195.89%
Column: 4 numbers in bet column19:1
Colour Bet
3 Reds / 3 Neon2:193.35%
4 Reds / 4 Neon3:1
The Nexus Bet
Any number on 2 Wheels4:191.96%
Any number on 2 Wheels, another number on 2 wheels9:1
Any number on 3 Wheels49:1
Any number on 4 Wheels499:1
Spread Bets
Spread Bet 0-16365:194.36%
Spread Bet 17-4013:190.71%
Spread Bet 41-742:194.52%
Spread Bet 75-1022.5:193.92%
Spread Bet 103-11914:195.80%
Spread Bet 120-14486:193.95%

Strategies To Win on Nexus Roulette

There are several ways you can play Nexus Roulette and, therefore, several strategies you can adopt.

The thing about strategies is they can’t guarantee you’ll win. I like to think of a strategy as an organised game approach. You have a game plan that, when executed, will keep you in the game for longer and give you more opportunities to win.

Over the long term, the RTP of the game dictates the house will always win. But as players, we play for the short term, where gains can be high and the lows, well, they can bankrupt you.

A successful Nexus Roulette strategy will enable you to keep playing and give you opportunities to benefit from some of those multiplier wins.

So what do we need to consider before betting?

The RTPs across the game are different, so playing a part of the game with a high return to the player is an obvious starting point.

The best returns are for the Inside Line bets – with an RTP of 97.30%. These bets and payouts are the same as regular Roulette. Therefore, they do not attract multipliers and are not very volatile bets. Placing Inside bets will give you the best long-term return. But you’re not playing Nexus Roulette for safe stakes, are you?

The next best bet is the Straight-up bet, with an RTP of 97.05%. These bets benefit from the multipliers generated by the other three wheels. The maxim payout is 5000x! Which will happen once in a blue moon. The more likely result is 50x for two matching results and 500x for three.

Consider placing a few straight-up bets to benefit from the multipliers.

The best value bet, in my opinion, is the nexus Column bet, which pays 7:1 for three wheels matching and 19:1 for four matching results. The RTP is 95.89%.

Strategies I Use

I play Nexus Roulette because I want to enjoy the whole game experience. For me, the hook is seeing the three wheels’ results as they come in. You watch eagerly, waiting for matching results to complete your bets.

So the obvious thing is to have bets on parts of the game to keep that excitement building. At the same time, try to guarantee a win to at least cover your initial bet outlay, giving you a chance for a big multiplier win.

Let’s say my starting balance is 100 units. I won’t bet more than 10% in one game round. My objective is the bigger wins with Multipliers, but any success is good to keep the bankroll turning over. I feel the following gives me the best chance.

  • Two units on Nexus Bet
  • 2 Units in the Range 75-102 bet.
  • 2 Units on a Nexus Column
  • 4 Units on Straight-Up Numbers
  • The Total Bet is 10 Units

If you’ve got a better strategy, please let me know.

Nexus Roulette Statistics & Result Tracking

Nexus Roulette Hot & Cold Numbers
Nexus Roulette Bet Type Statistics
Nexus Roulette last 500 Results

The statistics and results tracker information are among the brilliant things within Nexus Roulette.

You can see the statistics for up to the last 500 spins. These can be broken down in the following ways.

  • Results by Number dispersed across each of the four wheels. If you want to know what one wheel is doing, you can see it.
  • Hot & Cold numbers for each wheel.
  • Percentage hits for the Nexus Bet.
  • Results distribution for the Red and Neon bets.
  • A detailed breakdown of the history of the Wheel Sum bet.
  • Breakdown of the Column bet results by Column
  • The sectors of the main wheel where the ball lands (French Bets).

Finally, detailed information on the main result and the value of the multipliers won. This statistic gives you a good feel for how often a multiplier occurs.

Tips For Beginners

My initial advice is to tread carefully if you’re new to roulette. Don’t go mad placing bets everywhere, hoping to get the big wins.

This is a low-volatile game, so you’ll get regular wins if you play carefully, and you might get lucky with a decent multiplier.

  1. Covering the whole board with straight-up bets is one approach I wouldn’t recommend because it will usually be a losing bet. You’ll get a return, but it will be less than you bet for at least every ten spins. If this type of betting tempts you, only cover half the numbers in whatever pattern you like most.
  2. Bet small and build your balance slowly – stay in the game for enjoyment and hope for some nice wins.
  3. Play the Nexus bet. The payouts are not massive, but you don’t have to specify a number. This bet covers all numbers and relies on result matches across the wheels.
  4. The Range bet is also friendly – stick to the lower volatile ranges. The ones that pay 2x and 2.5x deliver most of the time.
  5. Have fun and enjoy this game. It’s different from other multiplier roulette games.

How Nexus Compares with Other Multiplier Roulette Games

The significant difference that Nexus Roulette has when compared with other multiplier roulette games like Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, and Super Stake Roulette is Nexus Roulette is live.

No RNG engine is used to pick the numbers that will have multipliers or what values they will be.

Nexus Roulette is unique because it is live.

The maximum payout is one of the biggest at 5000x. Lightning Roulette has 500x, Quantum Roulette has 1000x, and Super Stake Roulette has 5000x.

Nexus Roulette is a slightly slower game – as four wheels deliver the results. But we’re talking about seconds difference, which in the scheme of things isn’t much of a player issue because something is always happening in the game. The bean counters at the casinos may disagree – but who cares about them when playing experience is the goal?

Pros and Cons of Nexus Roulette

Pros of Playing Nexus Roulette

  • The whole game is Live – there is no RNG involved.
  • Auto Roulette wheels are used to keep the pace of the game fluid. You get consistent spins with an actual wheel and ball.
  • You can bet small amounts.
  • There are lots of betting options.
  • The game is low volatile – you’ll get many small wins if you bet wisely.
  • The presentation of the game is fully immersive.


  • You cannot place Outside Bets for Odd/Even, Hi/Low or Doxens Bet.
  • The Rack Track places sections bets but can’t be changed to make them straight-up bets. You have to work those out manually and save them as favourites.
  • The betting at first glance looks complicated, so likely to scare new players off.
  • The RTP is in line with European Roulette for some bets, but the Nexus Bets have a lower RTP.
  • The game is marginally slower than other multiplier Roulette games.
  • The RED and Neon Bets refer to the Red and Black Pockets on the wheel. I’d like to see some consistency on the wheel. While the numbers are “Neon,” the pockets are still black!

Where You Can Play Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette is available at online casinos with On Air Entertainment live dealer games.

The list is growing. There are lots of options. Pick a casino with an excellent welcome bonus or, failing that, one with lots of live dealer games so that you can chop and change.

On Air has a small range of live dealer games. They include Blackjack, European Roulette, Blazing Dragon Tiger and the popular Card Matchup.

Video Review of On-Air Nexus Roulette Live

nexus roulette live video review


When I first saw Nexus Roulette, I was confused. There appeared to be so much going on that I almost didn’t want to play. I dived into the help files and understood the concept but found translating to what I could see challenging. This is probably due to my age and ability to absorb information more than anything else.

Anyway, I started playing, and it didn’t take long before I grasped what was happening.

My verdict – Wow! Once you understand the bets and the four wheels’ role in determining the results and enhanced payouts, you get sucked into a game that delivers from start to finish. You’re engaged to the fourth wheel’s last result, hoping it will complete a match and boost the payouts.

Some fiddling around with the bet types and deciding how I wanted to play a crucial role in my enjoyment.

What’s more, the game is Live. There is no RNG anywhere in sight. This is what I want. A live game should be live. The casino or game makers should not use RNG to bring games in on RTP. This is gambling. Both parties should be taking the same risk, in my opinion.

Nexus Roulette delivers where other games don’t—good job, On Air.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Nexus Roulette?

Nexus Roulette is a new generation of live dealer roulette from On Air Entertainment that delivers multipliers up to 5000x without using RNG. It uses four automatic live roulette wheels to bring a fast-paced game with many betting options that keep you entertained until the last spin.

Is Nexus Roulette Easy to Play?

Once you get the hang of the multiple betting options and how the four wheels deliver the multipliers and payouts, you’ll find Nexus Roulette easy to play.

Does Nexus Rouette Live Use RNG?

No RNG is used in the making and playing of Nexus Roulette. The game is completely “Live”.

Is there a winning strategy for Nexus Roulette?

The easy answer is no, but this has to be qualified, as there are strategies that help extend your playing time and maybe help you win. But none can guarantee you’ll win. Check out my Strategy Guide for more information.

What is the RTP of Nexus Roulette?

The RTP ranges from 90.71% to 97.30%. The RTP you experience will depend on the bet types you choose to play.

What is the highest Payout on Nexus Roulette?

The highest possible multiplier is 5000x. This requires all four roulette wheels to land on the same number. Three result matches pay 500x, while two pay 50x.

Where can I Play Nexus Roulette?

Nexus Roulette is available at all On Air Entertainment Casinos. I recommend Leo Vegas.

Popular Nexus Roulette Casinos

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