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Evolution Live Craps: Review, Hints and Playing Strategy

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  • Live Craps on Desktop and Mobile.
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  • Live Craps on Desktop and Mobile.
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Introduction to Evolution Live Craps

Evolution Live Craps has been created in its very own speakeasy-themed studio, to deliver a truly authentic casino craps experience to online live casino players.

Live Craps online is something that Live Dealer enthusiasts have long been waiting for. Now online players from around the world will be able to play an authentic game of live craps with a live dealer on any device type, in a way never imagined before.

Of course, there have been some adjustments made to the game to allow for it to be played online. I think Evolution has done a very good job of delivering a live dealer craps game online that plays almost identically to how you play in a land-based casino.

live craps online

Differences you can Expect

The role of the Shooter (the person who rolls the dice) has been replaced with a robotic arm that launches the dice into the table. When you’re playing at the table, you are effectively assigned the role of Shooter. So although it’s a multi-player game, each player assumes the same role for betting purposes.

The Dealer who manages the game is responsible for loading the craps dice into the artificial arm.

The playing interface has been developed to help beginners and experienced get the most from the game. There is a good mix of options to help you navigate through the bet types and some nice tutorials that help give specific advice at points throughout the game.

Not all Craps options you’d see on the Las Vegas strip are available at the table, however, the most popular features and bets are.

Some of the payouts have been modified from what you might be used to, so I’d encourage you to familiarise yourself with these before you start playing.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to play Evolution Live craps, identify some simple playing and betting strategies and I’ll recommend the best live casinos, so you can get the best experience of playing live craps online with a live dealer.

Live Dealer Craps Explained?

Craps is a dice game, where you bet on the outcome of two dice that are rolled.

Craps looks a complicated game, but really it isn’t.

What is complicated is the terminology used around the game. It’s unfamiliar and because of that, it makes the game difficult to understand.

So I’ve created this guide from a layman’s point of view, using simple language and slowly introducing the terms that are more commonly used.

Simplistically there are two types of dice rolls during the game.

  1. The Come Out Roll
  2. The Point Roll

During both of these roll types, you can make One Roll bets, which are bets on numbers or a combination of numbers and they last for one roll — win or lose.

Then there are Multi Roll bets – which are bets placed on the table that stay there until they are resolved.  There are restrictions on when some of these bets can be placed, which is determined by the roll type being performed.

I’ll cover the betting combinations, and explain how the Rolls work, before getting into the more complicated Multi Roll bets.

You can get started at a really basic level, by placing One Roll bets. You’ll have fun and possibly win, it really is that simple!

live craps online table

Live Craps Bets Online?

As I mentioned above every time the dice is rolled in Live Craps, players have the opportunity to place a bet.

There are two types of bets you can make playing live craps online:

  1. One Roll Bets
  2. Multi-Roll Bets

The simplest bet to make is the One Roll Bet, which can be made at any time during the game, regardless of the dice roll that is being performed.

Multi-Roll bets are a bit more complicated and need some explanation of the roll types before explaining the bets you can make.

One Roll Bets

One Roll bets exist for one roll. Once the roll has completed you either win or lose the bet.

One Roll bets can be placed at any time during the game round, regardless of the stage of the game.

Valid bets include:

  1. Field Bet – you bet that the next roll will be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. This pays 1:1.
  2. Seven – This pays 4:1 if a 7 is rolled.
  3. Craps – This pays 7:1 if a 2, 3, or 12 are rolled.
  4. Crap2 – If a 2 is rolled, it pays 30:1.
  5. Crap3 – This pays 15:1 if a 3 is rolled.
  6. Crap 12 – If a 12 is rolled, this pays 30:1.
  7. 11 – An 11 pays 15:1.
  8. C&E – Craps and 11 is a combination bet that covers 2, 3, or 12 (pays 3:1) or 11 (pays 7:1).

One Roll bets on Live Craps
live craps table state

Live Craps Dice Rolls

Before discussing the Multi-Roll bets, we need to understand the purpose of the Come Out and Point Rolls.

In layman’s terms, the Come Out roll, while it’s a betting segment in its own right, is there to create a Point Number for the Point Roll.

The Point Roll is where the major action of the table takes place, and it’s here you see people screaming and shouting at the table while the money rolls in as the shooter does his job by not hitting the Point Number or the Number 7.

Table State

When you arrive at the table, a coloured puck is used to indicate what Roll is next to be performed. It’s important to know this, so you know what type of bet you can place.

If the Puck is Black and says OFF, you know the next roll of the dice will be the Come Out roll.

If the Puck is White and says ON, the next roll is a Point Roll.

The Come Out Roll

The main objective of the Come Out Roll is to Roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If this happens the number rolled is known as the Point Number and the game moves to the Point Roll Stage. However other number combinations will generate a payout if they are rolled, depending on where on the table you have placed your bet.

During the Come Out rolls there are two places where bets can be made:

  • The Pass Line – Where bets are paid out when something happens.
    • If a 7 or 11 are rolled, you win and you’re paid even money.
    • If a 2, 3, or 12 (these are Craps Numbers) is rolled you lose your bet.
  • The Don’t Pass is effectively the opposite, where you’re betting on something not happening.
    • if a 7 or 11 is rolled you lose
    • if a 2, 3 is rolled you win, if a 12 is rolled it’s a push.

You have to make at least one of these bets.  The bet will remain on the table while winning rolls are being made. As soon as a loss is incurred bets are removed from the table.

The Point Rolls

Once a point number has been rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), the puck on the table is set to ON (indicating we’re in the Point Roll stage) and the point number is highlighted on the table.

At this stage, only two numbers count. The Point Number and 7.

The shooter keeps rolling the dice until he either rolls the Point Number, in which case that’s a win for the Pass Line bettors and a loss for the Don’t Pass betters.

If a 7 is rolled the Don’t Pass line betters are paid and the game round ends and we go back to the Come Out Roll stage.

Any other numbers rolled during the point roll are not important, unless you have placed other bets on the table.

That is the basics of the game.

It’s quite acceptable and usual if you only have a small bankroll to just play the Pass or Don’t Pass bets.

If you’re planning on doing this you should have at least 10 x the minimum bet as your bankroll.

Multi-Roll Bets

These are bets that are placed on the table and remain there for a series of rolls until a losing roll is made. They can only be made at specific points during the game.

  • During the Come Out Roll – Both the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line can be bet on.
  • During the Points Roll – The Come Bet, Don’t Come and ODDS Bets can be placed during the Points Rolls.
  • Anytime – These are essentially bets on the next number to be rolled. You can bet to Win or Lose, i.e. that a number will occur before a 7, or a 7 will occur before the number. The Hardways bet is one of 4 pairs you can bet on – a pair of fours, pair of sixes, pair of eights, or a pair of 10’s. Any other combinations are losses.

Multi-Roll Bets Explained in more detail

Come / Don’t Come Bet

These bets behave in the same way that the Pass and Don’t pass bets play. But they are paid during the Points rolls.


If the first roll after placing the bet is a 7 or 11 you win, 1:1. When the result is a 2, 3, or 12 you lose. If the result is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then this becomes another Point number and the bet is moved to the corresponding Point number on the board. This becomes an additional point number for the game round. If the next roll is a 7 you lose, if a point number is rolled before the 7 you win even money.

Don’t Come

This is the opposite of the come bet. If the first roll is a 2 or 3 you win, 1:1. If the result is a 12 then it’s a push. When a 7 or 11 is rolled you lose. If either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled this becomes a Point number. If a seven is rolled before the point then you win, if the point is rolled first you lose.

Either way, if the Point Number or a 7 is rolled the game round ends, and we go back to the Come Out Roll.


After the Point number has been established it is possible to place a bet called the Odds. These bets pay the true odds, i.e. no commission is taken, so this is the best paying type of bet for value.

The pay-out is determined by the number rolled.

Take Odds

Pass Line/Come. This pays if the Point is rolled before a 7. Odds will win together with your original bet.

Lay Odds

Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come. This pays if a 7 is rolled before the point. Odds will win together with your original bet.

How To Play Evolution Live Craps

The game starts with the Come Out Roll, which is indicated by the Puck displaying OFF.

To start playing, place a bet on the Pass Line.

Come Out Roll

When the betting time has completed the shooter fires the dice up the table.

  • If the result is a 7 or 11 – you win and the bet is resolved.
  • If the result is a 2, 3, or 12 – you lose and the bet is resolved.

The Puck stays off and you can place another bet on the pass line for the next Come Out Roll.

If the result was a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 – the Point has been established, the Puck will switch to ON and is placed over the top of the number on the board. This is now the Point Number.

The Point Roll

The bet you placed on the Pass Line when the Point was established stays there until the Point Number is rolled again, in which case you win or if a seven is rolled, you lose.

An ODDs bet can be placed alongside the bet on the pass line, which gives a different payout, depending on what the Point number is. This is always greater than the normal payout, so worth playing.

The bets are resolved when either the Point number is rolled again (Win) or Seven is rolled (lose). When this happens the Point Rolls are over and the Puck changes to OFF and we go into the Come Out Roll again.

During the Points Roll, you can place Multi-Roll and Single Roll Bets on the table before every roll. It’s possible to get winning streaks where the bets keep paying out as long as the Shooter doesn’t roll the Point or a Seven.

Live Craps Online Betting and playing Strategies

If you’re a beginner at playing live Craps online or you’re fairly inexperienced, I’d suggest you start with only one bet, and that is the Pass Line bet.  Don’t try and be clever and place other bets. The Pass Line bet will give you a sensible turnover for your money if you have 10x the stake as your bankroll.

Here are two craps betting strategies you can try on Evolution Live Craps to get you going. They are basic but give you a start.

Remember to make sure that in your settings you have opted for your winning stake to remain on the table.  Your winnings will be are paid to your balance.

6/8 Hedge Strategy £/€/$100 Bankroll Live Craps Strategy

In this betting strategy, you’re hoping to hit six and eights before a seven is rolled. You will lose a seven or eleven on the Come Out roll, but that is gambling!

Place £/€/$10 on the Don’t Pass for the Come Out roll.

Once the Point has been established, place a one-unit bet on the Six and Eight. You’re hoping to hit six and eights before 7 rolls.

When you hit a six or eight we’re going to spread the bets to the rest of the inside numbers (Five and Nine). If we win some more we’ll put to one side our initial investment and hope to win more.

At this point, you want to aim to cover 5, 6, 8, and nine, and for every win, we take some profit and add to those numbers.

All we’re trying to avoid is a seven being rolled before the Point Number.

The Iron Cross Live Craps Strategy

With this live craps strategy, you will win with every roll of the dice, except when a seven is rolled.

This strategy covers all the numbers through the Field Bet and the Five, Six and Eight, and the Don’t Pass.

Place a £/€/$10 bet on the Don’t Pass, then when the point is established, bet on the Field and the 5, 6, and 8. (if you can, hedge the odds on the Point). We need to roll as many numbers as we can without rolling the Point or a seven.

Evolution Live Craps Hints and Tips

  1. Play the Odds bet on the pass line for the best returns on your bet. There is no commission taken on these, so you get the true Odds returned.
  2. Until you get an understanding of playing live craps just play the One Roll bets. They are straightforward and easy to understand.
  3. You can join the game at any time. In land-based games, it’s considered bad form not to wait for the Come Out roll.  With online craps, no one will know or care what you’re doing at the table.
  4. Use the facilities in the playing interface to help you understand what is going on. Use the dealer Assist function to test out making bets to see what happens to them when you chose a dice result.
  5. Take breaks from the table every now and then. It will help preserve your bankroll and will ensure you come to the game fresh, so you can make good playing decisions.
  6. Start with low bets until you get a feel for the game and how the dice are rolling.
  7. Above all, enjoy yourself!

Live Craps Payouts

These are the payouts you can expect to receive during a game of live craps online.

One Roll Craps Bets Payouts

3, 4, 9, 10 or 111:1
2 or 122:1
Crap 230:1
Crap 315:1
Crap 1230:1
C& E (Craps and Eleven)
2, 3, or 123:1

craps dice being rolled

Multi-Roll Craps Bets Payouts

Pass Line / Don’t Pass1:1
Come / Don’t Come1:1
Take Odds Pass Line/Come
4 or 102:1
5 or 93:2
6 or 86:5
Lay Odds Don’t Pass / Don’t Come
4 or 101:2
5 or 92:3
6 or 85:6
Place to Win 4 or 109:5
Place to Win 5 or 97:5
Place to Win 6 or 87:6
Place to Lose 4 or 105:11
Place to Lose 5 or 95:8
Place to Lose 6 or 84:5
Hard 4 or 107:1
Hard 6 or 89:1

Live Craps Return to Player

The theoretical payout percentage for live Craps ranges from a poor 83.33% right up to 99.17%.

Playing Interface Options

The playing interface contains a range of options and facilities to help you get the most from playing live craps online.

My Numbers

My Numbers is a unique feature that helps you keep track of the number combinations and their payouts.

It’s useful to keep track of what bets you’ve placed and also what numbers haven’t been bet on.

It’s possible to place bets directly using the Numbers interface – a bit like betting in statistics in Roulette.

my numbers

Craps Tutorial

The Craps Tutorial is there to assist you in understanding how to play live craps online and what bets to place.

The tutorial also usefully displays the payouts for a particular bet spot if the result happens to be that total.

The tutorial is interactive, so you have to click on bet spots to get the information.

You can access it any time by clicking on the Shirt and tie icon on the bottom of the playing interface.

craps tutorial

Dealer Assist

The Dealer Assist feature is a facility that you select in the Settings menu, to keep your winning bets on the table, ready for the next game round.

Your winnings are paid to your balance but you’re effectively letting the initial bet ride for the next dice roll.

dealer assist


The game statistics show in real-time the bets and results of the live craps game on two screens on either side of the table.

There are two statistics:

  1. Top Number – shows the five dice totals that all players have bet on.
  2. Popular Bets – shows the top five bets spots that players have placed their bets on for the next dice roll.

The Dealer Assist feature is a facility that you select in the Settings menu, to keep your winning bets on the table, ready for the next game round.

Yo r winnings are paid to your balance but you’re effectively letting the initial bet ride for the next dice roll.

Top Numbers

craps top numbers

Popular Bets

popular craps bets

Evolution Live Craps FAQ

Is Evolution Live Craps easy to play?

Live Craps is easy to play once you have a basic understanding of the game rules and bet types. You can actually start playing straight away by placing a range of bets on the outcome of the dice roll.

How are the Dice Rolled?

The dice are normally rolled by a shooter, who is one of the players at the table. In the Evolution Live Craps version, the role of the shooter has been replaced by a robotic arm that throws the dice onto the table.

Is there a live dealer at the table?

Yes, a live dealer is there to retrieve the dice and load the shooter and also to provide commentary and tips throughout the game.

Is there any help when playing live Craps?

Yes, the playing interface contains tutorials and hints and tips on the bets you can make for each roll.

What is the RTP for Live Craps?

Live Craps has a maximum RTP of 99.17%, but it drops as low as 88.18%.

What is meant by One Roll and Multi-Roll Bets?

One Roll bets remain on the table for just the roll you’ve bet on. You Win or Lose. The Multi Rolls bets remain on the table until they have been resolved. Normally when a 7 or Point number has been rolled. The Multi-Roll bets can bring in big returns if there is a long streak of winning rolls by the Shooter.

Where is Evolution Live Craps located?

The live craps table and studio has been built at Evolution’s studios in Riga, Latvia.

When can I play Evolution Live Craps online?

Live Craps can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the best bet in live craps?

The best bets you can make in Live Craps are the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come. The house only has an advantage of around 1.40%, and if you choose to lay or take odds this reduces the house edge even further.

What is the Minimum stake in Live Craps?

You’ll be able to play live craps at an Evolution live casino for a minimum bet of 0.10.

How much bankroll do I need to play Evolution live craps?

You need to have at least 10 times your Pass bet stake if you want to enjoy a long game of craps. Obviously the more bet type you place the larger your bankroll needs to be. A conservative bankroll is always 10x your total stake.

Are there strategies to win at Craps?

I’d say there are betting strategies you can use that will help limit the amount you lose when the dice are not rolling well. There are also betting patterns you can play that maximise returns if the dice are running well. However, there is no strategy that will guarantee you will win playing live craps online.

Things to Know about Table Etiquette

Live Craps has its own table etiquette, so it’s worth going through some of these, because if you end up playing for real in Las Vegas, at least you’ll know how to behave at the table.

When you’re playing at a real craps table you have to be careful about betting against the Shooter. While these are valid bets, with some central to a good strategy, being openly against the shooter is not a good thing to display. However, when you’re playing live craps online, there are no other players to annoy, so playing these bets can be done without any sort of intimidation or bringing bad luck to the table.

In real craps, the number Seven is considered to be unlucky (for obvious reasons), so players should not be naming the number directly. If the dice roll is a seven, the croupier will quickly turn the dice so it doesn’t display the number seven while waiting for the next shooter.

Joining a game when the puck is ON is considered bad form and considered unlucky. It’s best to wait for the Come Out roll before joining a game.

Always tip the dealer. You will get better attention and they will help you with your bets more if you’re tipping them.

When you’re the shooter, always keep the dice over the table and in one hand. Don’t use two hands to touch or pick up the dice. The cameras above the table need to see what is happening to the dice at all times.

Glossary of Live Craps Terms

Craps has its very own terminology, so it’s worth spending a minute explaining the main terms.

  • Shooter – Is the person who rolls the dice. In live Casino Craps, the shooter is a player at the table, and it rotates around the table depending on who wants to roll the dice. In Evolution Live Dealer Craps, the role of the shooter is performed by a mechanised arm and you the player assume the role of the shooter.
  • ODDS – This is a bet that is paid to its true odds. Most Craps bets are paid minus a small commission (the house edge). The Odds bets have zero house edge.
  • Point – Is the number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, which is rolled during the Come Out Roll.
  • Come Out Roll – The initial roll of the dice by the shooter. It’s performed before the Point has been established.
  • The Point Roll – The roll of the dice after the Point has been established.
  • Craps – Are the numbers 2, 3, or 12.
  • Easy Ways – Rolling an even number without it being a pair.
  • Hard Ways – The rolling or an even number when it is a Pair. Or just rolling a Pair.
  • Inside Numbers – Betting on 5, 6, 8, or 9.
  • Lay – To bet on a seven being rolled before the point has been established.
  • Lay Odds – To give odds behind a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come when you betting against the Shooter.
  • Outside Numbers – Betting on 4, 5, 9, or 10.
  • Push – Is a Tie. Your bet is normally returned to you when a Push occurs.
  • Take Odds – To bet the Odds on the Pass or Come Line.
  • Yo – Short for Eleven.

Evolution Live Craps Video Review

evolution live craps video

Where can you Play Live Craps Online?

Live Craps can be played online with a real dealer at casinos that have Evolution live casino software as an option.

Evolution is the only mainstream live dealer supplier to have an online live craps game that you can play with a live dealer.

There are RNG alternatives (Evolution has one), as do other suppliers, but this is the real genuine article.

The casinos I’ve listed are the ones that I trust most. Others will have the game, but I’m not happy recommending them.


  • Evolution Live Craps Online.
  • Stakes from 0.50 – 5 k.
  • Live Craps Welcome Bonus Available.

4 / 5 Stars


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  • Live Craps on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Stakes from 0.50 to 5 k.

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  • Live Craps on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Stakes from 0.50 to 5 k.
  • Lots of live dice game alternatives.

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  • Live Craps Dice game.
  • Stakes 0.50 – 2.5 k.
  • Plenty of live dealer game alternatives.

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Live Craps Summary

Creating an online live version of a famous land-based casino game is hard. There is a lot to consider, from technical aspects to how bets are placed, and in the case of live craps, how the dice are rolled.

Evolution has developed a great solution to all of these and has also had the foresight to create online tutorials to help players play the game.

There will be new players who absolutely love this online live craps. It’s an easy way to learn the game, which then opens the door to playing at a real table in a real casino.

There’s something for experienced players too, and while they may feel that atmosphere is lacking at the table, I’m sure they’d agree that it’s pretty close to playing the real thing!

I started the other way round, playing some sessions in Las Vegas, and if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. I just followed other players’ bets and took the advice of the croupiers running the game.

Evolution Live Craps has given me the opportunity to learn the game, at my pace and also given me the confidence to research and use a number of playing strategies.

It’s a great addition to live casino games and one that will prove very popular in the US States that allow online live gaming.

Recommended Reading

  • Wikipedia has the most comprehensive explanation of Craps that I’ve found online. If you like data this is a great place to visit.
  • If you want to learn all about playing craps, this guy has a Youtube channel that explores everything to do with playing craps.