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Live Gravity Blackjack – Strategy & Playing Rules

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How To Play Gravity Blackjack

Gravity Blackjack is a multi-player table game. An unlimited number of players can play the same hand without impacting other players’ decisions.

It’s a popular format for Blackjack, as every player gets a unique experience, with the game flowing at a predictable pace.

The table looks familiar because it’s a copy of the Quantum Blackjack Table from Playtech. But that is where the similarities end.

There are two elements to the game:

  1. A central hand of Blackjack, where the player’s hand is played against the dealer’s hand.
  2. Four optional side bets that can have their payouts boosted by a randomly generated multiplier. This is the unique part of the game.

beter live gravity blackjack

Gravity Blackjack Rules

Gravity Blackjack uses eight decks of 52 playing cards. The dealing shoe gets replaced when four decks remain.

Vegas rules are in operation. The dealer gets two cards during the initial deal. If the dealer shows an Ace, you can take insurance before he checks for Blackjack.

You can split pairs, but split Aces only receive one extra card. A BJ with split Ace is not a Blackjack. It’s counted as 21.

You can double on any two cards and split hands.

Gravity Blackjack Table Rules at a Glance

  • Gravity Blackjack uses eight decks of cards.
  • The dealer stands on 17 or more.
  • Double down on any two initial cards.
  • Double down on Split hands allowed.
  • Only one Split per hand.
  • Split Aces get one card.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Insurance pays 2:1.
  • Dealer checks for Blackjack only on Ace, not 10.
  • Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an Ace.
  • RTP – 99.29%.
  • 10 Card Charlie rule in place.
  • 21+3, Lucky Ladies, Perfect Pairs & Dealer Bust side bets.

Playing the Hand

As I mentioned above, the player hand can is playable by an unlimited number of players. Each player’s decisions are unaffected by what other players do. Some excellent bits of technology enable this capability. Let me explain.

The player’s hand initially receives two cards. Once the cards have been dealt, they are slid into a receptacle in the middle of the table. The physical cards are replaced in the playing interface with computer-generated images. These are the cards you play.

Playing Decisions

Depending on the cards, you’re presented with several playing options.

  1. Hit – You indicated that you want an extra card.
  2. Stand – You are happy with your hand and want to stick with it.
  3. Split – You have a pair and would like to create two hands. Another wager is taken for the second hand.
  4. Double – you wish to buy a third card for the same amount as you initially bet. You cannot take any other cards.

The computer-generated images update as you make your playing decisions. Once you have selected Stand, your cards are locked in.

playing decisions

You may see more cards dealt on the table after you have decided to Stand. This will be other players trying to improve their hands or just playing it differently from how you did.

The important thing is your hand remains yours.

Once all players have finished, the dealer shows their down card and plays out the rest of his hand. He will have to take cards until he has seventeen or more, at which point he must stand. The dealer does not split or double on his hand.

If the dealer up card is an Ace, you can insure against him having a Blackjack. If he has, you’ll be paid 2:1. The game round ends, and all players lose unless they have a Blackjack, in which case the stake is returned as a push.

10 Card Charlie Rule

It’s mathematically possible to be dealt ten cards without busting. If this happens, you automatically win, regardless of the total of the dealer’s hand.

The Four Side Bets in Gravity Blackjack

The Side Bets

You can play four optional side bets alongside the main hand. The side bets operate independently, so if you bust out on the main hand, the side bets remain in play unless they have already lost.

The four side bets are:

  1. Perfect Pair wins if you receive a pair as your first two cards. Payouts vary depending on the type of Pair.
  2. 21+3 – This Poker side bet uses the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s upcard to form a 3-card poker hand.
  3. Dealer Bust is a bet on the dealer’s hand-busting. The more cards the dealer busts with, the higher the payout.
  4. Lucky Ladies will win if the player’s first two cards total 20 or the hand contains a Queen.

Gravity Blackjack Side Bets

Multipliers on the Side Bets

The USP of Gravity Blackjack is the Multipliers you can receive on the Side Bet payouts.

Here’s how it works.

After bets have closed and before the dealer deals, the game decides whether a random multiplier applies to one of the side bets.

The multipliers can be 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x or 10x.

The multiplier floats down to the side bet and will boost payouts by that amount. Of course, you need to win the side bet to get the payout, which is more difficult than you think.

side bet multiplier
close up of multiplier

How are the multipliers paid for?

The multipliers are paid for by reducing the standard payouts for some side bets by a point or two. Please look at my Blackjack Payouts chart to see the payout comparisons.

If you want the opportunity to win payouts with multipliers, Gravity Blackjack is where you should play.

Let’s look at the side bets in more detail.

Perfect Pairs: Rules, Payout and RTP

The Perfect Pairs Side bet uses the player’s first two cards.

You win when you have a pair. How much you win depends on the type of Pair you have.

The RTP for Perfect Pairs is 95.95%.

HandUsual PayoutExplanation
Perfect Pair20:1 – 200:1Pair in the same suit
Coloured Pair10:1 – 100:1Pair in the same colour
Mixed Pair5:1 – 50:1A mixed coloured Pair Red/Black

21 + 3 Side Bet: Rules, Payout and RTP

21+3 is a favourite side bet in blackjack. It uses the dealer’s up card and the player’s first two cards. If these three form a 3 card poker hand, you win!

The minimum hand is a Flush, and the top hand is a suited 3-of-a-kind.

The side bet has an RTP of 96.38%, which is the best among all the side bets.

HandUsual PayoutExplanation
Suited three-of-a-kind100:1 – 1000:1Three of the same cards in the same suit.
Straight Flush30:1 – 300:1Consecutive cards in the same suit.
Three -of-a-kind20:1 – 200:1Three of the same card.
Straight10:1 – 100:1A run of consecutive Cards.
Flush4:1 – 40:1Three cards of the same suit.

Dealer Bust Side Bet: Rules, Payout and RTP

The Dealer Bust side bet tracks the performance of the dealer’s hand. If the dealer busts, you win!

The side bet gets interesting when the dealer has low cards. The more cards the dealer has when he busts, the higher the payout.

It’s not uncommon for the dealer to bust with 3 or 4 cards. The payouts start to get interesting at five cards.

If he busts with eight or more cards, the payout is 300:1. If the 10x multiplier is active, that is 3000:1!

The side bet has an RTP of 93.20%.

Dealers Hand Busts with:Usual Payout
8 Cards or more300:1 – 3000:1
7 Cards100:1 – 1000:1
6 Cards25:1 – 250:1
5 Cards10:1 – 100:1
3 or 4 Cards1:1 – 10:1

Lucky Ladies Side Bet: Rules, Payout and RTP

The Lucky Ladies’ Side bet is a great side bet, as two things are going on.

The side bet uses the player’s first two cards. If one of them is a Queen, you’re going to win. If you have two Queen of Hearts, you get the top payout.

Two card hands that add up to 20 also win. So you have two chances for a win with this side bet.

The RTP is 94.58%, which feels a bit low considering the payout options.

Pair of Queen of Hearts100:1 – 1000:!
Match 2020:1 – 200:1
Suited 2010:1 – 100:1
Any 202:1 – 20:1
Any Queen1:1 – 10:1

Gravity Blackjack Winning strategy

If you’re looking for a strategy to win when you play Gravity Blackjack, look no further than Blackjack Basic Strategy.

Basic strategies have been created to play Blackjack to its mathematical optimum. Using the system doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but you will play the game best within the rules.

Blackjack is a streaky game, so winning and walking away with a profit is possible. You need to use the strategy and not deviate from it. It’s mathematically proven to be the best way to play.

As for the side bets, there is no strategy. You either play them, or you don’t.

Ordinarily, I’d advise against playing the side bets. Still, as the multipliers on gravity blackjack are the central theme, it’s difficult not to play them.

Hard TotalCorrect Decision
8 and UnderHit
9Double against Dealers 3-6, otherwise, Hit.
10Double against Dealers 2-9, otherwise, Hit.
11Double against Dealers 2-10, otherwise, Hit.
12Stand against Dealers 4-6, otherwise, Hit.
13-16Stand against Dealers 2-6, otherwise, Hit.
17 and OverStand

Here’s the strategy for playing the soft hands in Gravity Blackjack. A “Soft” hand is one where an Ace can be used either as Eleven or One.

Soft TotalCorrect Decision
12 and UnderHit
13-14Double against Dealers 5-6, otherwise, Hit.
15-16Double against Dealers 4-6, otherwise, Hit.
17Double against Dealers 3-6, Stand on 7, otherwise, Hit.
18Double against Dealers 3-6, Hit on 9-A, otherwise Stand.
19 and OverStand

This table will come in handy if your hand contains a pair. Hopefully, you’ve played the Perfect Pairs side bet!

PairCorrect Decision
2-2Split against Dealers 4-7, otherwise, Hit.
3-3Split against Dealers 4-7, otherwise, Hit.
5-5Double on Dealers 2-9, otherwise, Hit.
6-6Split against Dealers 3-6, otherwise, Hit.
7-7Split against Dealers 2-7, otherwise, Hit.
8-8Split against Dealers 2-9, otherwise, Hit.
9-9Split against Dealers 2-6 or 8-9, otherwise, Stand.

Gravity Blackjack Video Review

beter live gravity blackjack video review

Is Gravity Blackjack Better Than Normal Blackjack?

The central hand in Gravity Blackjack is as good, if not better, than regular Blackjack.

I say this mainly because you can double on a split hand.

Doubling is an edge a player has to vastly increase their bet when there is more information on the table.

You don’t double on any hand. You have to consider the dealer’s up card before making your decision.

When you get it right, you usually have a nice payout.

The unlimited nature of the game, where all players play the same hand, is handled very well and sits as a great alternative to Infinite Blackjack, ONE Blackjack, and All Bets Blackjack.

The reason for playing Gravity Blackjack is the Multipliers on the side bets. If a multiplier is active on the side bet, you can get some cracking wins for relatively low-value hands.

I’ve seen the player get a perfect pair, and the dealer completes the three-of-a-kind, with a multiplier of 10x on the Pairs side bet. I think the payout totalled 300x across the side bets alone!

Infinite Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Gravity Blackjack?

Gravity Blackjack is a live dealer one-hand multi-player game from BETER Live that offers random multipliers up to 10x on the side bets.

How do the Multipliers work in Gravity Blackjack?

A multiplier is randomly assigned to one of the side bets, but not necessarily each game round. The multipliers range from 2x up to 10x. You have to be playing the side bet to benefit from the multiplier.

Is there a strategy to win the Multipliers in Gravity Blackjack?

The allocation of multipliers is entirely random. The only strategy is to make sure you’re playing all the side bets, so when the multiplier is assigned, you’ll have a chance if your side bet wins.

What is the RTP of Gravity Blackjack?

Gravity Blackjack has an RTP of 99.29%.

What are the Side Bets in Gravity Blackjack?

Gravity Blackjack has four side bets. Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Bust Out, and Lucky Ladies. The highest possible win is a dealer bust with eight or more cards, which pays 300:1 or 3000:1 if the 10x multiplier is in play.

Where can I play Gravity Blackjack?

All online casinos that have BETER Live software should have Gravity Blackjack.