Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a variant of Baccarat and is probably one of the simplest casino games to play at a live casino.

Two cards are dealt, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger position.

You bet on whether the Dragon or Tiger card will be higher.

In addition there is a range of alternate bets that can be made in addition or instead of the main Dragon / Tiger bet.  There are more details below.

The game is starting to make an appearance at online live casinos with XproGamingVivo Gaming and Playtech having versions they can offer customers.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is normally played with 8 decks and these are shuffled approximately half way through the shoe.

An Ace is counted as low.

Before any cards are dealt the player can place the following bets, but this will be dependent on the game supplier providing them (not all do!).

  • Dragon or Tiger – which will have the higher card.
  • A tie – whether the cards will be the same value.
  • Dragon or Tiger Big – whether the card will be above 7.  If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Small – whether the card will be below 7.  If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Suit – Whether the card will be Heart / Diamond / Spade or Club. If the card is a seven the player loses the bet.

If you have bet on Dragon / Tiger and the result is a tie 50% of your bet is returned to you. The remaining is taken as commission.

Live Dragon Tiger Pay Tables

Bet Type Payout
Dragon / Tiger 1:1
Tie 8:1
Dragon / Tiger Small 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Big 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Heart 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Diamond 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Spade 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Club 3:1


It’s one of the easiest games to get your head around.

Not many casinos offer it and those that do tend to restrict it to their Asian players.