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PLAYTECH LIVE Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw – Playing Strategy and REVIEW

playtech live deal or no deal the big draw

Quick Game Overview

Playtech Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is a live dealer game show that is a marriage between Bingo and the widely known TV Program and Board Game, Deal or No Deal.

The objective of the game, just like on the TV Show, is to win a cash prize, by either taking the Banker’s cash offer for the briefcase holding an unknown sum of money or by opting to take the prize hidden in the briefcase you’ve been given at the start of the game round.

To take part in the game you simply purchase a ticket for the Big Draw, at whatever stake you want to play. The prizes offered are proportionate to the value of the ticket you’ve purchased.

A bingo machine is used to select numbered balls, which are used to reduce the number of briefcases and prizes by matching them with corresponding numbered briefcases.



  • Stakes from 0.10 – 100
  • Good sign up Bonus.
  • Live Deal or No Deal Big Draw.

4 / 5 Stars



  • Stakes from 0.10 – 50
  • Fast Withdrawals.
  • Live Deal or No Deal Big Draw.

4 / 5 Stars


18+ www.begambleaware.org

Playing Information

The game is played in phases, the first is to qualify for the Deal or No deal offer, which is achieved when 7 numbered briefcases have been removed from the game after being matched to numbered balls drawn from a bingo-style machine.

The banker then makes an offer for your briefcase, based on the value of the prizes remaining. You can either accept the offer or continue to claim the hidden cash prize in your briefcase.

Playing options exist to increase the cash prizes in the briefcases before the game round commences. The player is also able to purchase more balls if the qualification process hasn’t been achieved during the first 20 balls drawn.  More balls can also be purchased if the player wants the chance to multiply his potential winnings up to 25 times the values shown.

An additional side bet can be played alongside the main game, where you can purchase up to 20 nine numbered bingo cards. The game plays during the first 20 balls drawn. Cash prizes are awarded based on the number of complete lines on each card.

See What I Really Think – Watch My Video Review!

playtech deal or no deal video review

What you need to know before you start playing Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

  • Each player is allocated 16 briefcases. One of the briefcases is kept to one side. This becomes the player’s briefcase.
  • You don’t know what prizes are in each of the briefcases. These are revealed only when they have been matched with the drawn Bingo balls.
  • Each of the remaining 15 Briefcases is allocated a number from 1 to 60.
  • A total of 35 Balls from 60 are drawn from the Bingo machine. The first 20 balls cover the side bet game and the main game.  Extra balls can be purchased in blocks of 5 until a total of 35 Balls have been drawn.
  • There is no guarantee that you’ll get 7 cases to qualify for the Deal or No deal section.
  • If you choose to leave the game or fail to qualify for the deal or no deal stage you will lose the money you have invested so far.
  • The cost for the purchase of the extra balls is calculated on how many briefcases you need and also the value of the initial ticket and any upgrades you purchased. This can become quite expensive.
  • The multipliers are reached when more than 7 briefcases have been checked off. To get the maximum multiplier of 25x you need to have opened all 15 briefcases. This means only One prize is left.
  • You don’t need to boost the cash prizes, although it can be worthwhile doing so if you have purchased a low-value ticket, to begin with.

Is there a strategy for playing Playtech Deal or No Deal?

Before starting you need to remember this is a gambling game. So your chances of exiting the game on a regular basis with a profit are relatively small. However, that is not to say you can’t play the game sensibly and with a strategy.

Strategic advice on how to get the most from Playtech Deal or No Deal

  • Buy your game ticket at an amount that you could afford to buy more balls up to 10x the value of the initial ticket you purchased.
  • Unless you have loads of money or are betting really low, don’t bother boosting the briefcase prizes.
  • If you get to the banker offer, always take any offer that is more than the total you have staked. A win is a win, bank it, and play again.
  • The side bet can be a nice earner, but don’t play too much. The 6 line pay-out is achievable (I’ve had one!).
  • The only element of the game that is Live/Real is the bingo machine and balls. The rest is RNG.
  • Assess the remaining prize amounts before deciding whether it’s worth buying extra balls. There is no point in buying them if the banker’s offer is not going to recoup your investment in the game.
  • Aim to take the banker’s offer. This is the only concrete win you’ll see, all others are gambles.
  • Don’t rely on picking a box with a high value in it or switching boxes for a better prize. These are gambles – be prepared to lose when you do.
  • Every Briefcase that is opened is a prize lost.
  • Chasing the multipliers is only worth it if larger prizes remain, you’ll find it difficult to get back your stake money otherwise.
  • The 25x Multiplier if reached means there is only one prize left. You can do the math to see if it was worth it.

How To Play Playtech Deal or No Deal the Big Draw

The game is played in 5 phases:

  1. Ticket Sales and Boosting Prize Values.
  2. Playing the Bingo Side Bet.
  3. The drawing of the first 20 Balls.
  4. Buying Extra Balls.
  5. The Deal or No Deal Phase

Buying your Deal or No Deal Ticket

Deal or no Deal Ticket Sale

To play the game you need to purchase a ticket. The price of the ticket determines the value of the cash prizes you’ll get.

The higher the ticket price the higher the value of the prizes.

The table shows you how the prizes are calculated based on the price of the ticket you purchase.

Prize Allocation For Ticket Value

Prize NumberPrize/Ticket
Price Multiplier
£1 Ticket£5 Ticket£10 Ticket£25 Ticket£100 Ticket
Prize 10.1£0.10£0.50£1.00£2.50£10.00
Prize 20.2£0.20£1.00£2.00£5.00£20.00
Prize 30.3£0.30£1.50£3.00£7.50£30.00
Prize 40.4£0.40£2.00£4.00£10.00£40.00
Prize 50.5£0.50£2.50£5.00£12.50£50.00
Prize 60.6£0.60£3.00£6.00£15.00£60.00
Prize 70.7£0.70£3.50£7.00£17.50£70.00
Prize 80.8£0.80£4.00£8.00£20.00£80.00
Prize 90.9£0.90£4.50£9.00£22.50£90.00
Prize 101£1.00£5.00£10.00£25.00£100
Prize 111.5£1.50£7.50£15.00£37.50£150
Prize 122£2.00£10.00£20.00£50.00£200
Prize 132.5£2.50£12.50£25.00£62.50£250
Prize 143£3.00£15.00£30.00£75.00£300
Prize 155£5.00£25.00£500£125£500
Prize 1620£20.00£100£200£500£2000

Boosting Your Prizes

Once you’ve purchased your ticket you can boost one, a few, or all of the prizes by paying a small amount and then picking a gold briefcase from a selection to reveal the boost value that will be applied to the prize.

For example, if you buy a ticket at £1, the boost fee per boost is 0.10. The possible values of the prize boost are 0.50, 1.00, 3.00, 5.00, 10.00.

You select the prize you want to boost and open a briefcase to reveal the value that will be added.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like to the same or different prizes.


playetch deal or no deal prize boost

Playing the Deal or No Deal Side Bet

The Deal or No Deal Side bet can be played by selecting the option on the Ticket Purchasing page.

The game is a standard bingo game with 3×3 lines per bingo card. The aim is to complete lines on the cards. The more lines the higher the cash prize.

The top prize is for 6 lines.

The minimum price per card is the value of the ticket price you paid to enter the original game.

You can select a value higher but not lower.

It’s possible to purchase 20 cards, 12 cards, 8 or 4 cards.

Only the first 20 Balls drawn for the main game are used for the side bet. After the twentieth ball has been drawn the side bet game ends.

Payouts for your ticket value are displayed in the game panel, but you can expect the following:

  • 1 Line – 2x
  • 2 Lines – 5x
  • 3 lines – 20x
  • 4 Line – 50x
  • 5 Lines – 200x
  • 6 Lines – 1000x

The side bet has a return to player value of 95.38%, which for a live game is not that great.

deal or no deal bingo side bet

The Main Deal or No Deal Big Draw

playtech deal or no deal the big draw

The Big Draw starts with the player being allocated 16 briefcases. fifteen of them have numbers displayed on them. The sixteenth is reseverd for the player and is set to one side.

Twenty numbered balls are then randomly drawn from a selection of 60 from the bingo machine.

If you have a numbered briefcase that matches the number of a ball drawn, the briefcase is opened, the prize is revealed and then removed from the prize wall.

You need 7 Briefcases open from the 15 you’ve been allocated before you qualify for the Bankers Question of, Deal or No deal?

If you have 7 cases open at the end of the first 20 Balls you’ll be offered the chance to Deal. If not, you’ll be offered the chance to end the game or purchase an additional 5 balls.

deal or no deal first 20 balls

Purchasing Additional Balls

If you haven’t completed the qualification process you’ll have the opportunity to end the game or purchase an extra 5 balls.

A few points to consider when you’re at this point:

  • Look at how many briefcases you away from completing the seven you need for qualification?
  • The cost of the purchase of the additional 5 balls.
  • The remaining prizes – consider what happens if one of the last two top prizes is picked. Will the subsequent offer from the banker be enough to cover your total stake?

If the math adds up then you should buy the additional balls. If not, it’s time to leave the game and suck up your loss.

buying more balls for deal or no deal

Deal or No Deal Offer

After the next 5 balls have been drawn you’ll receive the bankers’ offer if you have qualified, or the option to buy another 5 balls.

In this example, I have completed the qualification process and also added a 2x multiplier.

Playtech Deal or No Deal Bankers Offer

The offer from the banker is £10.22, while my total stake is £7.93. You can see I also have two prize options above $10 left.

The options I have are to:

  • Deal – which means I take the Bankers’ offer.
  • No Deal – Where I can take the unknown prize in my briefcase. Or if all 35 Balls have been drawn, you’ll get the offer to Swap the briefcase for an unknown prize in another briefcase.
  • Buy another 5 Balls – Buy more balls to try and work my way further up the prize board – very risky.

In this example, I chose to Deal and take my profit.

Odds for winning on Playtech Live Deal or No Deal

The optimal Return to Player for the Live Draw is 95.28%.

The side bet is better, with an RTP of 95.38%.

Both are relatively poor when you compare them to other live casino game RTP’s.

Summary – My Verdict on Playtech Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

I should start by saying that this isn’t a game that I would play regularly.

While there is an element of player participation, I never get the feeling that I’m in control of what is happening or that I have a chance of getting a big win.

The most sensible way to play Playtech Live Deal or No Deal is to take the banker’s offer when it is above the amount you have staked. You’ll walk away with a profit, which is the whole purpose of the game.

However, when you do this it feels like you’re bailing out — which is the real beauty of the game and the thing it wants to stop you doing the most.

The canny player won’t, but the true gambler in us will and that is where Playtech will make their money.

The Return to Player is the clue, it’s quite poor, there are better games out there to win money on.

Is It Entertaining?

As for entertainment, there is a lot going on, including the side bet (which actually has a better RTP than the main game!).

The studio is great, the colours are great and the live dealer presenters are very good indeed.

I think it’s one of those games you have to try yourself, but please read my strategy tips before so you know what to expect.

You may think Playtech Deal or No Deal Live looks familiar, and it is. Evolution Gaming released a version in 2019 that I didn’t like. The Playtech version is better in my opinion.



Playtech Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw FAQ’s

How Can you Win at Playtech Live Deal or No Deal?

Quite simply, take the bankers’ offer if it is more than the money you have staked in the game. You’ll walk away with a profit if you do this. If you play the game as it’s designed, you will lose in the long term.

Is There a Strategy For Playing Live Deal or No Deal?

There are a number of strategic decisions you can make while playing Deal or No Deal that will help maximise your opportunities to win. You will have to make some tough decisions though. That’s the beauty of gambling!

Where Can I Play Playtech Live Deal or No Deal?

Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw can be played at any online casinos that have the Playtech Live Casino Software.

How Often does Live Deal or No Deal Game Show Run?

Each game takes approximately 3 minutes to run. It can be shorter or longer depending on how you play. Betting time spans from one to two minutes.

The game is available 24×7, 365 days a year.

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