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Sticky Bandits Roulette Live Review and Playing Strategy in 2024

playtech sticky bandits roulette live

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sticky bandits studio

Sticky Bandits Roulette at a Glance

Here’s a quick rundown of the game. If you’re an experienced player, this will provide the information you need to start playing immediately.

  • The game is played with a standard European Roulette wheel with a single Zero.
  • A modified paytable is in place for Inside bets, while Outside bets use the standard paytable.
  • A separate pay table is used when a bet covers a winning Bandit Number. This payout is in addition to the Bonus Round payout.
  • All inside bets qualify for the Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Bonus. The bet type determines the proportion of the winning multiplier you’ll receive. Straight-up gets 100%, Split 50%, Street is 1/3rd, Corner is 1/4th, Line is 1/6th, and the Bandit Bonus is 1/7th.
  • The Lucky Multiplier number can have a value of 2x, 3x or 4x and is chosen each game round.
  • The maximum payout for a straight-up number win with a Lucky Multiplier is 119:1.
  • In each game, three bandit numbers are also chosen; each is assigned a base multiplier number: Green 1x, Blue 3x, and Orange 5x.
  • A number can have a Lucky Multiplier and also be a Bandit number. If that occurs, all Bandit wins are multiplied by the Lucky Multiplier Number.
  • The maximum win on the Bandit Bonus round is 5207x.
  • The Bonus round is optional and requires a fee of 7x the main game chip value to enter. All wins are based on multiples of the chip value, not the fee value. The bet covers all the Bandit Numbers, so no individual bet is needed on a number to win.
  • The Bonus Buy feature at 90x your bet guarantees the bonus round when purchased. You can play this offline or on your own.
  • The Bonus Buy is only available in certain jurisdictions. You can’t play it in the UK, for example.
  • You don’t have to play the main roulette game; you can place a Bandit bet or do the Bonus Buy independently.
  • The RTP for the main game and Bonus Round is 97.30%.

Sticky Bandits Roulette Video Review

In my review video, I demonstrate how to play, discuss, and show my betting strategy. I also play the bonus rounds, including the Bonus Buy feature, that’s restricted in some countries.

playtech sticky bandits roulette live video review

How To Play Sticky Bandits Live

Sticky Bandits Live is a live dealer roulette game with a one-number multiplier. In addition, there’s an optional side bet, the Bandit Bet. If you’ve paid the Bandit Fee and one of the Bandit Numbers wins, you get access to the Bonus Feature, which allows you to win up to 5207x. If you can’t wait for the bonus round to occur naturally, you can use the Bonus Buy Feature, which is only available in some jurisdictions, to guarantee the bonus round

This game differs from Lightning Roulette, which has multiple multipliers every game round and no bonus feature.

The studio has a Wild West theme, including an upright piano that plays Western-style music. The bar reminds me of the one in the TV series Westworld, which has a piano playing hit songs from the 1980s in the Western style.

Anyway, I digress. The presenter plays the role of the Barman, controlling the game and spinning the wheel, which is inset within the bar.

Behind the bar is a screen where you’d typically expect to find a big mirror. The screen displays the Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers for each game.

The roulette wheel is the Single Zero European version with a modified paytable. A straight-up win pays 29:1 instead of 35:1, and all other inside bet payouts are adjusted down from the standard. These inside bet positions qualify for the Lucky Multiplier payouts and entry into the Bandit Bonus Feature.

The game follows this sequence:

  1. Betting Time opens for 22 seconds to allow the placing of bets.
  2. Bets close, and the Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers get chosen.
  3. The dealer spins the ball in the wheel.
  4. When the ball ends up in a pocket, all players with a qualifying bet receive a payout.
  5. If the number contains a Lucky Multiplier, the payout is multiplied by the value of the multiplier.
  6. If the number is a Bandit number, the bonus feature takes place.
  7. The bonus round completes, and all players taking part receive a payout.
  8. The game ends, and the next betting time starts.

Betting Time

Sticky Bandits Roulette Betting Time

There are 22 seconds of betting time, which is plenty of time to place your bet, especially if you’ve pre-configured them using the off-line BetBuilder facility the game comes with.

You’ve got a few choices when betting on this game.

  1. You can bet on just the Roulette game, which has the Lucky Multiplier Number.
  2. You can bet on the Bandit Feature, which gives you access to the Sticky Bandit Bonus Round if one of the three Bandit Numbers wins.
  3. Or bet on both parts of the game to get the full effect.

Once you made your bets, sit back and wait for the betting time to count down before watching the selection process for the Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers.

Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers Are Chosen

Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers

The Lucky Multiplier and Bandit Numbers are chosen.

The Lucky Multiplier can have a value of 2x, 3x or 4x and is depicted on the betting grid as a Horseshoe.

Three numbers are chosen as Bandit Numbers. Each is assigned a colour and a multiplier value, which is used as a sticky multiplier during the bonus round.

The options are:

  • 1x Bandit Number is Green.
  • 3x Bandit Number is Blue.
  • 5x Bandit Number is Orange.

The Dealer Spins the Wheel

closeup of sticky bandits roulette wheel

Once the betting window has closed and the Multiplier and Bandit numbers have been selected, the presenter spins the wheel and flicks the ball into the rim.

Like all roulette games, the direction of the wheel spin alternates in each game. Spinning this way is standard practice to help reduce advantage play should the dealer have a repeatable “tell”.

The camera zooms into a close-up of the ball, skipping around the wheel until it drops into one of the numbered pockets.

Winning Players Receive A Payout

Player wins

Players with a bet on the winning number receive a payout as per the payout table.

If the result has a Lucky Multiplier, the multiplier value boosts the payout.

If the result is one of the Bandit numbers, the Stick Bandy Bonus feature is triggered, and the game moves into the bonus round.

Players without an active Bonus bet can watch the bonus game.

The Bandit Side Bet and Sticky Bandit Bonus Feature Explained

The Sticky Bandit Bonus feature is responsible for the big payouts in this game. The maximum possible win is 5207x.

Let me explain the qualification process for the Bonus feature, and then I’ll explain how the bonus round works.

The Bandit Bet

The Bandit bet is optional. It’s a bet you can play without making a regular roulette bet.

The bet is 7x the amount of the chip value you’ve previously selected. It can be more or less than the chip values you’ve used if you’ve placed roulette bets.

The chip’s value is the amount that will be used to calculate the payout you receive from the total multiplier the bonus round gives.

If you select 0.20 as your chip value, the Bandit Bet will cost you 1.4.

Three Bandit Numbers are chosen at the start of the game. If any of these becomes the winning number, the Sticky Bandit Bonus round initiates.

Each of the Bandit numbers has a multiplier attached to it.

  • 1x is a Green Bandit.
  • 2x is the Blue Bandit.
  • 3x is the Orange Bandit.

This multiplier value is used in the bonus round for the Sticky Bandits, and which one you get depends on the winning number to which it’s been assigned.

Bandit Bet

Sticky Bandit Bonus

The Sticky Bandit Bonus is a 3×3 RNG slot that contains sticky wilds (the Sticky Bandits), Cigar, and Cowboy Hat symbols, each with a multiplier value.

As a player, you have no role to play in the game. Sit back and watch as the game unfolds, hopefully delivering a decent multiplier payout!

At the top of each column and row and across the diagonals is a randomly assigned Multiplier, known as Blood Money positions, which get paid if three Sticky Bandits line up in one of the formations. The possible values for the Blood Money positions are 20x, 20x, 30x, 30x, 30x, 50x, 100x & 300x.

You get three spins. If the spin contains a Sticky Bandit, it remains within the grid, and the number of spins gets reset to three. If there are none, the spins are reduced by one until no more spins remain.

As each spin occurs, the symbols drop, with some landing in the 3×3 grid. The multipliers they contain get added to the total. Only the sticky bandits remain at the end of the spin, with all other symbols dropped before the next spin

The ideal situation is to complete lines or rows with Sticky Bandits to get the Blood Money bonuses.

Sticky Bandit Bonus Round

The Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy is available in some jurisdictions. If the betting grid displays the feature, you can play it.

It allows you to buy the Bonus Round without waiting for it to occur naturally. It will cost you 90x your chip value.

When the roulette game round ends, a private bonus round starts, which runs especially for you.

The Bandit Multiplier is chosen in the first part of the Bonus Round. From there, the bonus rounds play precisely the same way and end when no more spins remain.

Is the Bonus Buy A Good Idea?

In my limited experience of playing the bonus buy, I’d say no.

To break even, you need a win total of 90x, which is above the average payout for the bonus round.

To achieve anything higher, you’ll need the Stciky Bandit Multiplier to be 5x, and I hope you get one of the Blood Money Bonuses along the way for completing a row, column or diagonal with Sticky Bandits.

My advice is to stick to the normal Bandit Bet.

Sticky bandits bonus buy

Betting and Payouts on Sticky Bandits

As with most multiplier roulette games, the standard paytable has been adjusted to accommodate the increased payouts through the multipliers. The developers do this by pinching payout points from each bet type that benefits from multiplier wins and moving them to fund the multipliers.

In Sticky Bandits Roulette, as all Inside Bets can benefit from a multiplier win, all of those bet types have reduced payouts. See the table for further details.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets are bets on the inside part of the betting grid. Typically, a one-chip bet on a Straight-Up number covers one number, a Split covers two numbers, a Line bet covers three numbers, a Corner bet covers four numbers, and a Street covers six numbers.

Because inside bets qualify for the multipliers, except for the straight-up number bet, all other payouts are adjusted to account for the lack of a full chip on the winning number.

  • For a Split, the multiplier is reduced by half.
  • For a Line, the multiplier is reduced by a third.
  • A Corner bet receives a quarter of the value.
  • Meanwhile, a street covering six numbers gets a 6th.

Outside Bets

Outside Bets can be found on the edge of the betting grid. These typically pay even money or 2:1, and as they don’t benefit from the multipliers, they receive the full payout value. The bets include Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36, 1st – 2nd – 3rd Twelve, and Columns covering 12 numbers each.

Predefined and Special Bets

Roulette also offers a range of predefined bets. The most popular tool to use the most frequent bets is the racetrack, which is so-called because its shape resembles an athletics race track.

It depicts the numbers on the wheel in the sequential order they appear. The preconfigured bets allow you to bet on sections of the wheel. They are called Voisins du Zero, Tiers du cylinder, Orhpelins, and Jeu 0. You can also use the race track to place neighbour bets, the maximum being 9, covering 18 numbers on the wheel.

Special bets, which are more suited to experienced players, are also available in the betting interface. Complete Bets cover every possible way of betting on one number, while the Half Complete omits Line and Street bets. Other popular bets include Finales en Plein and Jeu 7/9.

Inside & Outside Bet Payouts

Inside Bets
Straight-Up1 Number29 – 119:1
Split2 Numbers14 – 59:1
Street3 Numbers9 – 39:1
Corner4 Numbers6.5 – 29:1
6 Line6 Numbers4 – 19:1
Outside Bets
Dozen/Column12 Numbers2:1
Red/Black18 Numbers1:1
Odd/Even18 Numbers1:1
Low 1-18/High 19-3618 Numbers1:1

Bandit Bet Payout Table

This payout table covers instances where a bet has been placed, and the number becomes a Bandit Number, which subsequently wins. This payout table is only used in those circumstances and has no bearing on the Sticky Bandits Bonus round payouts.

Straight-Up1 Number11 – 5207:1
Split2 Numbers5 – 2603:1
Street3 Numbers3 – 1375:1
Corner4 Numbers2 – 1301:1
6 Line6 Numbers1 – 867:1
Bandit BetUp to 743:1

Sticky Bandits Roulette Results Tracker & Statistics

While Roulette is a random game, with the previous spin not influencing future spins, players still love to examine statistics, results, and patterns in an attempt to predict the next result.

Results trackers are a great way to see this information, and Playtech provides loads of information on results for Sticky Bandit Roulette in the playing interface.

Results are presented for all bet types, broken down by frequency and percentages. You can see information for all Inside and Outside Bet Results and wheel sections.

The statistics that help me most are the raw results data, which show the numbers (up to the last 500) in the order they won, when the Lucky Multipliers appeared, when the Bandit Bonus Feature triggered, and what the payout was. You can very quickly build a picture of how the game is playing, which may help with your betting decisions.

sticky bandit results tracker

Sticky Bandits Roulette Strategy and Betting Tips

You don’t need a particular strategy for playing Sticky Bandits Roulette. Your usual roulette strategy is good enough. So, let’s look at some of the strategic decisions you must make.

Do You Play The Bandit Bet?

The answer is a resounding YES. The Bonus feature is the best part of the game. I know you pay 7x the chip value to play it, but if you think about it, this covers three numbers on the betting grid. The chances of one of these being hit are 8.10%. So, in theory, a bonus round should, on average, hit every 12 to 13 games.

Should you play only the Bonus Round?

The average rate for triggering the Bandit Bonus is 12 to 13 Games. By then, you would have invested 7×13=91 chips. You must win at least 91x during the bonus round to break even. The chances of this happening are not great, so using a strategy of only betting on the Sticky Bandit Bonus is flawed. Most of the time, you will end up betting more than you win. So don’t play just this bet.

Playing The Roulette Game and the Bonus Bet

The game is set up for this, and if you’re clever with your roulette bets, you can manage your bankroll and maybe make some money while waiting for the Bandit Bonus to hit.

The great thing about this game is that you don’t have to worry about creating a particular strategy. As all Inside bets qualify for the Lucky Multiplier, I advise playing your regular Inside bet game. Outside bets don’t benefit from the multipliers, but the payouts conform to normal European Payouts, so you shouldn’t ignore playing them.

I use these simple rules for my Betting Strategy.

  1. Manage Your Bankroll – don’t bet more that you can win on a single spin. If you win, it needs to be for more than the total amount you bet.
  2. Always play the Bonus Bet.
  3. For roulette, cover at least a third of the numbers, ideally up to 50%.
  4. You can use whatever betting patterns you like. I like to use the race track to play section bets, then add a few “Luck” numbers on top.
  5. Don’t chase the Lucky Multiplier. If you win it, great. The real prize in this game is the Sticky Bandit Bonus Round.
  6. If you’re ultra-cautious, place an Outside bet to offset your Inside bet losses.

Where can you play Sticky Bandits Roulette Live?


Sticky Bandits Live Roulette is available at most online casinos that have Playtech Live Dealer Games. Navigate your way to the Playtech Live Casino Lobby. The game is listed under Roulette, and you may also find it in the Game Shows category.

My recommendation is Playojo. They have every available Playtech Live Dealer game and also a big selection from other solution providers.

Sticky Bandits Playing Interface Features

The playing interface on desktop and mobile comes with some useful features.

I find Autoplay is something I use all the time, as I play the same bets most game rounds, and I like to play for a good period of time. Dialling in the number of game rounds I want to play and the loss limit I don’t want to go below is a great way to manage my time and my bankroll and ensure I don’t miss any games.

The BetBuilder is a great feature for creating a betting pattern offline. You save how you want to be to your favourites and can recall it any time. In fact, you can use it across all Playtech Roulette tables, which saves a lot of time.

I do not use the LuckyDip facility, but it is good for people who can’t decide which numbers to bet on. Lucky Dip will choose up to eight numbers for you.

How Sticky Bandits Compares with Other Multiplier Roulettes

You can play many multiplier roulettes from many live casino providers, but how do Sticky Bandits compare?

Well, Sticky Bandit Roulette falls into the Multiplier Roulette with Bonus Round category, of which there are already five games you can play:

  1. Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, by Playtech, has up to ten multipliers and a bonus round with a max payout of 10,000x.
  2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Roulette by Playtech also has up to ten multipliers and a bonus round that pays up to 2000x.
  3. Red Door Roulette by Evolution has three to fifteen multipliers and a bonus round with a maximum payout of 4000x.
  4. Runner Runner Roulette by Stakelogic has up to five multipliers, and the bonus round can pay up to 5000x.
  5. Diamond Rush Roulette by OnAir Entertainment has between one and ten multipliers, and the bonus round pays up to 4999x.

If you compare like for like, the games above offer better value regarding the main roulette game multipliers and the bonus payouts. However, for most games, only Straight-Up bets qualify for the multipliers, whereas all Inside Bets can be used in this game.

The Bonus round payouts aren’t massive, but they occur more regularly and are generally 50x plus, making this a far less volatile game than the others.


I love the presentation of Sticky Bandits Roulette Live. The studio design complements the Wild West theme from the original QuickSpins Sticky Bandits Slot. No details have been overlooked; even the background piano music is on point.

The game is excellent. I love that I can use all inside bets to qualify for the Lucky Multiplier, and I don’t have to adjust my playing style for this game. I can use my usual Roulette bets and feel I get full value from the game.

I don’t generally like paying a fee for a bonus round, but treating it like a side bet makes it easier to swallow. The fact that you have three chances every game to win access to the Bonus Round is also good, and the average period you have to wait for this to happen, every 13 or so spins, is not overly long. If you’re impatient, you can use the Bonus Buy feature, available in some countries, but I wouldn’t, just because of the hefty 90x fee.

While the Bonus round is totally RNG, you do feel like you’re playing a slot, and the Sticky Wilds, with their multipliers and the Blood Money Multipliers, give lots of opportunities to get a good win.

Overall, I like this game from Playtech. Sticky Bandits Live Roulette may become one of the most popular themed games despite not having the massive payout potential other games in this category have.