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New Jersey Live Casinos – The Best Online Live Dealer Casinos

There’s a great selection of online Live Dealer games available to New Jersey Residents since online gaming was legalized in 2013.

You no longer have to travel to Atlantic City to play your favourite table games.

Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Crazy Time, Crazy Cion Flip and 3 Card Poker are now available at many online live casinos in New Jersey.

You can play these from the comfort of your home on a PC, Tablet, or Mobile device.

All you need to play at one of these great NJ Live Casinos is to be a resident of New Jersey.

That’s it. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up, and away you go.

Gambling Online in New Jersey

In this article, I’ve summarized as best I can all the things you should know before you start playing live casino games online.

By reading my article, you’ll understand who provides live casino games in New Jersey, the different games you can play, the game’s rules, and, most importantly, where you can play them.

If that’s not enough, I’ve included in-depth reviews of the New Jersey casinos offering live dealer games.

Best New Jersey Live Casinos with Live Dealer Games

These are the Best Online Casinos Offering Live Dealer Games in New Jersey. They have the best Live Casino Table games, offer the best welcome bonuses, and look after players well.

Bet365 Casino

  • Playtech Live Dealer Games
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland
  • Quantum Roulette
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat + Loads others
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

4 / 5 Stars


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PlaySugarHouse Casino

  • Evolution Live Dealer Games
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip
  • Live Baccarat, Live 3 Card Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Live Dream Catcher
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

5 / 5 Stars


100% Up To $250 Deposit Bonus

1 x Wagering

BetMGM Casino

  • Evolution Live Dealer Games
  • Ezugi Live Dealer Games
  • Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat, Live 3 Card Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Live Dream Catcher
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

5 / 5 Stars


100% Up To $250 Deposit Bonus

1 x Wagering

Choosing the Best New Jersey Live Casinos

I use the following criteria to identify which are the best online live casinos for New Jersey players. You can be sure that all of the casinos I recommend meet the minimum requirement of being safe to play at, provide a seamless withdrawal process, and have the games you want to play. Anything else should be considered a bonus.

Safe To Play – The casino must have a good reputation, so I scour the player forums and keep a close eye on the press. The casino must also be licensed by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, so you know it’s legit and there is somewhere to escalate any issues that haven’t been resolved by the casino.

Software – Do they have the live casino software you want to play. The choice is either Evolution or Ezugi.

Games – Do they have the game you want to play? Evolution has some games that Ezugi doesn’t have, like Lightning Roulette.

Opening Times – Are the tables open at the times you want to play them? Most games operate on a 24 x 7 basis, but some tables have restricted hours.

Stakes – Is there a good selection of tables that cater to different stake ranges? Both Low and High rollers want to play at tables that suit their betting styles, so it’s important the casino can cater for both.

Banking Methods – By this I mean is the process of depositing and withdrawing funds easy and straightforward. The last thing you want is a casino holding onto your money unnecessarily.

Bonuses, Welcome Offers, and Comps – Does the casino have a good selection of Welcome offers and Comps? It’s always nice to get something extra and for free!

What is an NJ Online Live Dealer Casino?

That’s a really good question, especially if you’ve never played table games online before.

In the state of New Jersey, you’re able to play casino table games online, with a real dealer, using real cards and casino equipment like Roulette wheels.

The games are broadcast from a physical studio, where the tables, dealers, and cameras are located.

As a player, you gain access to play these tables through an online casino that offers the games to NJ residents.

Two live casino suppliers, Evolution and Ezugi, well known across the rest of the world are leading live casino providers. Working closely with the NJ Division Of Gaming Enforcement they have built specialist studios in the Hard Rock Cafe Casino (Evolution) and the Golden Nugget land-based casino (Ezugi). It’s from these studios the games are run and only transmitted to NJ players online.

What’s Different Between Playing Table Games Online Rather Than In A Real Casino in New Jersey?

Online live dealer games in NJ are almost the same as the games you’d find in any Atlantic City Casino.

  • The games use real cards, real tables, and roulette wheels and have a live dealer/croupier controlling the game.
  • You play alongside other real players in a virtual way. If you’re at a blackjack table, you’ll be playing along with up to six people.
  • The game rules are identical to the ones you get in the real casino – if you’ve played in land-based you be able to play easily online.
  • If you’re new to the game, there is online help.
  • You’re able to chat with the dealer as if you were at the table. They can’t see you, but can read your comments online and will reply back by talking straight into the camera.
  •  The stream is live and in real-time – nothing is pre-recorded.
  • The bad beats are just the same online as they are in a casino!

NJ Live Casino Suppliers

The Live Dealer games are provided by two fully licensed live casino operators. They happen to be the biggest suppliers in Europe. Evolution (it was Evolution Gaming) has been providing live dealer games since 2006, while Ezugi opened in 2012. Both have a strong pedigree and provide their games to some of the biggest and best live casinos online.


Ezugi has it’s studio located at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, where it offers American Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Baccarat Dragon Bonus, American Roulette, OTT Roulette & Casino Hold’em.

There is a total of 12 active tables, broken down into the following uses.

  • 3 private Blackjacks for the Gvc group.
  • 3 shared Blackjacks between Golden Nugget and Betfair.
  • 1 shared Blackjack between all operators.
  • 1 Baccarat Dragon Bonus shared between all operators.
  • A Casino Hold’em table shared between all operators.
  • 1 American Roulette shared between all operators.
  • 1 Unlimited Blackjack shared between the Golden Nugget and Gvc group.
  • An OTT Roulette table exclusive for the Golden Nugget Casino.

ezugi new jersey studio video

Evolution Gaming

Evolution has its studio located at the Hard Rock Casino. They offer:

  • Blackjack – Both Seven Seat and the very popular Infinite Blackjack with its five side-bets.
  • Roulette – In American double-zero format, with a Live Dealer and two Auto Roulette options. Lightning Roulette with its 500 x win multiplier.
  • Baccarat – With Roadmaps and Side bets.
  • Crazy Time – A live entertainment gameshow driven by a wheel of fortune type wheel, with four exclusive bonus rounds.
  • Crazy Coin Flip – A slot game with a live Coin Flip Bonus round.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold ’em – the same as you’d find in a land-based casino. This caters to an unlimited number of players,
  • 3 Card Poker is the staple and most straightforward version of online poker.
  • Dream Catcher is a Wheel of Fortune entertainment game with interesting payout possibilities.

What you’ll notice about the games from Evolution is the attention to detail in almost everything. The quality of the games and streaming is second to none, and the dealers are as professional as they get.

They are a premier operator; you’ll get a premier experience playing on their tables.

evo new jersey studio video

Things you need to know about NJ Jersey Live Casino games

Regardless of which Live Casino company is providing the games, all games have to conform to the same playing rules, which have been defined by the NJ Office of the Attorney General.

So, it doesn’t matter which version of the game you play, it’s always going to be played to the same rule set, which simplifies choice making.

Live Dealer Blackjack in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it’s possible to play several live blackjack variations online. I’m going to briefly describe them and the rules Live Blackjack has to be played too.

  • Seven Seat Blackjack is the most common version. It looks and plays the same as the traditional casino game, with seven seats. Side bets of 21+3 and Pairs are optional. To cope with capacity the Bet Behind facility allows you to bet on another player’s hand whether you’re sat at the table or just watching.
  • Infinite Blackjack – This version only has one player hand, but an unlimited number of players can play it. The software interface is clever enough to manage each player’s actions separately, so you play the hand as you want to, without anyone else impacting it. There are also four side bets – Bust o Rama, 21+3, Any Pair, and Hot 3. This is available only at the Evolution studio.
  • Unlimited Blackjack is similar to Infinite Blackjack, but there are multiple hands you can bet on and also only three side bets. This is only available at Ezugi.

The games rules for New Jersey Live Dealer Blackjack are:

  • Played with eight decks.
  • The game presenter always stands on hard 17 and hits on soft 17.
  • Game presenter checks for Blackjack on 10-J-Q-K.
  • Double Down on any two initial cards
  • Double Down after Split.
  • Split initial cards of equal value.
  • Only one Split per hand.
  • Split Aces only receive one additional card.
  • Insurance offered when the game presenter shows an Ace.
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1.
  • Push game when hands tie.

Evolution Live Dealer Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack

evolution new jersey infinite blackjack

Ezugi Live Dealer Blackjack

ezugi nj blackjack

New Jersey Live Casino Baccarat Options

Baccarat is essentially the same game at the Ezugi and Evolution studios. The major difference between the two is the side bets.

The Ezgui Baccarat Dragon Bonus is their most popular variant of the game and is offered with a Player/Bank Bonus. This pay table for this bonus is different from what you’ll find on the Evolution Baccarat table.

Depending on your playing habits and the side bets you play it’s worth taking a look at the table to see where the differences occur.

All the Baccarat tables come with a complete set of Baccarat Roadmaps. These give details of the past history of the shoe and can be used to help with any Baccarat playing strategies you may be using.

Evolution Live Baccarat

Ezugi Live Baccarat

ezugi nj baccarat

NJ Live Dealer Roulette Options

Both Ezugi and Evolution offer American Roulette from their studios.

Additionally, Ezugi offers live-streamed roulette from a land-based casino. Called Ott (Over The Table) Roulette, it’s American Roulette streamed from the floor of the Golden Nugget casino. If you prefer to play alongside real players you can access the table through the Golden Nugget online casino.

Other options from both suppliers Include American Roulette and Auto American Roulette.

Evolution also has the very popular Lightning Roulette as an Auto Roulette Option. This game comes with up to 5 random multipliers assigned to straight-up numbers each game round.

The maximum multiplier payout is 500 x, with the minimum being 50 x.

Note:- Straight-up bet payouts have been adjusted down to 29:1 to pay for this feature. All other bet payout odds remain the same.

Auto Roulette is a game of live roulette, played with a real roulette wheel that is spun by a computer rather than with a live dealer. This makes the game rounds much quicker.

Evolution Live Roulette

new jersey Evolution Roulette

Ezugi Live Roulette

ezugi nj roulette

Auto Lightning Roulette

Nj auto lightning Roulette

New Jersey Live Casino Hold’em

Only Ezugi offers Live Casino Hold’em.

It’s the most popular single-hand variant of Texas Holdem Poker. It was originally developed as a training aid by Stephen Ye Yeung for his wife who was learning how to play Texas Holdem. Since its launch, it’s become one of the most popular poker games at live casinos. Partly because it is really easy to play and partly because only one table is needed to service 1000’s of players at the same time.

The player and dealers are both dealt two cards and once the flop has been dealt the payer can decide to play or fold the hand. The turn and river cards are then dealt with the best 5 card poker hand winning. The dealer qualifies with a pair of 4’s or better.

There’s some side bet action available with the 6 card bonus, which can produce some really great payouts.

An alternative game produced by Evolution is Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which is played in a slightly different way. This game has more betting opportunities as the cards are dealt.

Ezugi Live Casino Hold’em

ezugi nj casino holdem

NJ Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is available at casinos using Evolution Gaming software. This popular poker game is based on the table game of the same name but is played with only one player hand. This allows an unlimited number of players to play, rather than being restricted to just 7 players. Each player plays the hand as if it’s theirs.  Playing decisions by other players have no effect on how you play your hand.

The game is all about the betting rounds with the Trips side bet adding something extra to the game.

The ultimate aim of the game is to beat the dealer with a better 5 card poker hand than he has. The trip’s side bet pays out even when the dealer wins!

Evolution Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

new jersey evolution ultimate texas holdem

New Jersey Live Dealer 3 Card Poker

Three card poker is probably the easiest poker game to play at a live casino. The player and dealer both get dealt three cards. The best 3 card poker hand wins.

The optional Trips and 6 card bonus side bets make it more interesting. The dealer qualifies with a Queen or higher.

In terms of playing strategy, you should play a hand that is Q 6 4 or higher.

3 card poker is only available at Evolution casinos, although you’ll find it in every land-based casino in Atlantic City.

Evolution Live 3 Card Poker

new jersey live casinos 3 card poker

New Jersey Live Dream Catcher – Wheel of Fortune

Dream Catcher is one of the new entertainment-type games from Evolution.

It’s based on a Wheel of Fortune but has the added spice of multipliers on the wheel, which can increase a win by 2 times or 7 times.

It’s possible to get multiple multipliers to really increase the payouts.

The presenter plays an important role during the game, interacting with players and generally keeping the chat going.

There is a more detailed review of the game here.

Evolution Dream Catcher

new jersey evolution dream catcher

New Jersey Crazy Time

Crazy Time is one of Evolutions’ most iconic live entertainment game shows.

A giant 54-segment wheel’s spin provides instant wins and access to four bonus rounds that can pay more than 10,000x.

The bonus rounds offer a mic of RNG and player participation to determine the results.

Try your luck on the Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and the giant Crazy Time Wheel.

Game rounds occur every 2 minutes, and while relatively slow, this is a thoroughly immersive game that will have you pulling your hair out on one spin and dancing around the room in another.

It’s cheap to play and can give some substantial payouts.

Evolution Crazy Time

Crazy Time New Jersey

Crazy Coin Flip in New Jersey

Crazy Coin Flip is a spin-off game from Crazy Time and was first released in Europe in 2022.

It combines an RNG slot and the crazy time bonus round Coin Flip.

You play the slot to qualify for the bonus round and generate multipliers for the final coin flip. The top_up process adds multipliers to the Red and Blue sides of the coin, increasing the amount you can win.

Generally, one side of the coin has a bigger payout than the other, so you need to keep your fingers crossed you get the best payout.

Evolution Crazy Coin Flip

usa crazy coin flip

FAQ’s for playing at New Jersey Online Casinos

Is it legal to play online Live Dealer games in New Jersey?

Thanks to legislation passed in 2013 by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, it’s completely legal for residents of the state of NJ to gamble online.

There are however restrictions on players from out of state playing at the casinos. They will be blocked from accessing the casinos by the location of their IP address.

IP Address location can affect whether you’ll be recognized as being in the state of NJ. If you live on the border you may experience problems, depending on where your service provider has you registered. If you’re having problems contact your local provider for advice.

What does being legal mean?

The casinos that operate in the State of New Jersey need to have a license to operate. That license assure they operate to a minimum standard and have in place responsible gaming controls.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement exists to protect the public interest by maintaining a legitimate and viable industry, free from the influences of organized crime, and assuring the honesty, good character, and integrity of casino owners, operators, employees, and vendors. They provide oversight through investigations, inspection, audit, and criminal and regulatory prosecution.

How old do I need to be to Gamble in New Jersey online?

In the state of New Jersey, you have to be 21 years old to gamble. You’ll need to provide proof of identity and age when you’re signing up at one of the casinos.

Is playing online Live Dealer in New Jersey the same as at a land-based casino?

The solution providers have tried very hard to get the playing experience as close as they can to what you experience in a land-based casino.

All games use real cards, casino quality wheels, and shuffling machines with the dealers trained to a very high standard.

Are the games the same?

Blackjack and Roulette are identical games.

Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and 3 Card Poker are essentially the same game but have been modified for online play.

Rather than having multiple player hands, only one hand is dealt, which an unlimited number of players can play. Other player’s decisions will not affect the outcome of the way you play the hand. It’s quite a good way of providing a volume game without having to invest in a huge number of tables.

Ezugi also provides a version of Blackjack that works on the same principles. Unlimited Blackjack with Auto Splits.

How do I know the games aren’t rigged?

All of the games are monitored in real-time by the operator, so they know immediately if the game is operating outside of normal tolerance levels.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement defines how the games should be run and the controls needed to ensure the games are fair.

They perform Audits on a regular basis. Unlike Land Base casinos, every action by players and the dealer is recorded. Statistics are available for everything.

There is in fact more detail available to online players than there is at a land-based casino. That should provide some level of assurance.

If you believe a game is rigged, just stop playing and report it to the licensing body.

Do I need any special equipment to play Live Dealer Games?

No special equipment is needed to play with a live dealer online. You’re playing experience will be enhanced if you have a set of speakers. The dealer does chat with players and in-game sounds are used to alert you when betting time is up or you need to perform a playing action.

You can play on a Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC. The live video feeds are streamed in HD, but if your connection is not up to it, the software automatically compensates and reduces the quality of the stream.

What happens If I get disconnected during a game?

If you’ve made a bet and that has been accepted the game will complete and if you win you’ll be paid. If you’re playing a game that requires a decision to be made and you lose connection an auto decision of stand or fold will be made depending on the game you’re playing. The systems won’t make a bet on your behalf.

Which payment methods can I use to deposit and withdraw money?

Fortunately, most of the most popular methods are available at New Jersey online casinos. The most popular is ACH (e-check), followed by Credit/Debit cards and online wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Each casino has a list of valid methods, so I’d advise checking this out before you sign up.

As with European online casinos, the deposit and withdrawal process is sometimes not as straightforward as you’d like. Transactions are sometimes rejected for no obvious reason, or might be accepted at one casino and not at another! My bank regularly blocks my card as it gets flagged up as possible fraud because it’s online gambling!

Will I have to pay Tax on my Winnings?

The Casino is required by law to notify the IRS of wins over $1200. The tax won’t normally be taken before withdrawal but you’ll be responsible for completing a W2-G form for tax purposes.

I’m from out of state, Can I play at New Jersey Live Casinos?

I’m afraid if you’re located outside of the state of New Jersey you will not be able to play for real money at the casinos. You may be allowed to register and use fun play, but that’s all.

When you register from a New jersey location the casino may install a cookie or location plugin on your machine to help identify you on subsequent logons. This is completely normal so don’t be worried if you get an alert about this the first time you log on.

Bet365 Casino

  • Playtech Live Dealer Games
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland
  • Quantum Roulette
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat + Loads others
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

4 / 5 Stars


For Welcome Bonus Information Click Here.

PlaySugarHouse Casino

  • Evolution Live Dealer Games
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip
  • Live Baccarat, Live 3 Card Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Live Dream Catcher
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

5 / 5 Stars


100% Up To $250 Deposit Bonus

1 x Wagering

BetMGM Casino

  • Evolution Live Dealer Games
  • Ezugi Live Dealer Games
  • Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip
  • Live Blackjack, Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat, Live 3 Card Poker
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Live Dream Catcher
  • Mobile, Desktop, PC

5 / 5 Stars


100% Up To $250 Deposit Bonus

1 x Wagering

Self-Exclusion – Responsible Gaming

If you think you may have a problem controlling your gambling, there are some basic things you can do to help control your gambling.

  • Never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose.
  • Set yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • When the fun stops, you should stop gambling.
  • Use the tools at the casinos where you play to set deposit or loss limits. These are very effective and will control your gambling, but you must apply them at ALL the casinos with an account registered.

Failing that, some agencies and groups offer support, help, and guidance.

PlaySugarHouse Live Casino Review

playsugarhouse live casino

PlaySugarhouse online casino launched in September 2016, a little later than their peers. They’ve turned the delayed opening to their advantage, seemingly learning a lot from the early adopters.

PlaySugarhouse is all about having fun and giving players what they want and they seem to do that in spades.

Their Live Casino games with Live Dealers are provided by the multi-award-winning Evolution.  The games are streamed live from their new studio located within the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.

The live dealer tables are open each day from 11:am until 3 am the following morning.

5 Live Dealer games are available:

  • Blackjack is played to Vegas Rules and comes with 3 side bets, 21+3, Bet Behind, and Pairs. The tables each have 7 seats, so you need to get in early to bag one, or you’ll be betting behind until one becomes available.
  • Roulette is the American version with a Zero and Double Zero on the Wheel. Options include the ability to make up to 9 neighbor Bets, save your favorite bets, and an autoplay option if you have to pop out to refresh yourself.
  • Baccarat is a very popular Asian game. Digital road maps are provided so you can see the history of the shoe if you like to use that to help predict future bets.
  • 3 Card Poker is the simple poker game we’ve all come to love. The bonus side bets make this an attractive game to play.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em is almost an identical copy of this classic casino game. The difference is that only one player’s hand is dealt. The betting rounds are the same and again the Trips side bets can give some nice payouts.

Playsugarhouse Welcome Bonus

New players qualify for a welcome bonus of 100% up to $250. The bonus comes with 1 x wagering, which is almost unheard of in online gaming. It’s almost like they are giving the money away!

The bonus comes with terms so make sure you read and understand them before you play.

Loyalty Program

I don’t think I’ve come across such an extensive loyalty program as the one at PlaySugarHouse.

Called iRush Rewards, you gain bonus points for every dollar you play. You can redeem the points to purchase rewards in the Bonus Store. The more you play the more points you earn the higher up the reward ladder you climb.

Deposit and Withdrawal options

Deposits into the casino can be made through the following:

  • ACH/eCheck (Maximum varies).
  • Online bill pay (Maximum $500).
  • PayNearMe (Maximum $500).
  • Neteller (Maximum $2,500).
  • Play+ Prepaid Card (Maximum $10,000).
  • Wire transfer (Maximum $50,000).
  • Wyrz Virtual Prepaid Visa.
  • Visa/MasterCard credit cards (Maximum $1,000).
  • PayPal (Maximum $1,000).
  • Cash at the Golden Nugget Casino cage in Atlantic City.

Withdrawals can be made using:

  • ACH/eCheck.
  • PayPal.
  • Neteller.
  • Play+ Prepaid Card.
  • Check in the Mail.
  • Cash at the Golden Nugget Casino.


PlaySugarHouse is a cracking online casino. They have thought of most things and provide a really great experience for players looking to play with live dealers online. That and an extensive range of Slots and RNG table games will have you occupied for many hours.

The iRush Loyalty program is one of the best, so you know that ever $ you wager you’ll get something back in return.