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Land Based Casinos that stream Live Roulette tables online

Land Based Casinos that stream Live Roulette
Land Based Casinos that stream Live Roulette
Land Based Casinos that stream Live Roulette

Posted January 11, 2018 by

The trend for streaming live roulette from land based casinos is increasing.

Players like the additional trust factor it gives and Bricks and Mortar casinos like it because it’s a great way to earn extra income and advertise.

Most live casino providers now offer these tables from locations around the world.

So here’s a run down of the Land Based casinos that stream live roulette tables and where you can play them online.

London, England

The Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome Casino, Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7JH London, United Kingdom. 

Hippodrome Land Based Casinos that stream Live Roulette

For those visiting the Hippodrome, you’ll find the live streamed roulette table located downstairs in Lola’s. 

It’s one of the nosiest environments you’ll play at, as there is a Cabaret show going on in the background every night. It’s so loud the croupier has to shout!

The table is open from 6 pm each day.

It’s powered by Evolution Software and you’ll find it online at the Hippodrome Live Casino and Leo Vegas Live Casino.

Genting International Casino

Genting International Casino – Resorts World Birmingham, Pendigo Way, Birmingham, B40 1NT.

Genting Dual Play Roulette

The table takes center stage in the Resorts World Casino. You won’t be able to miss it as it’s right in front of you on the gaming floor

The table is open 24/7.

Evolution Gaming provides the cameras and technology to stream the table.

You can play online at Genting Live Casino.

Grosvenor Casino The Victoria London

The Victoria London, 150 – 162 Edgware Road, London, W2 2DT

Evolution Grosvenor Victoria RouletteThis is a much quieter environment than at the Hippodrome.

A lot of players switch between the different casinos in London, I know I do. It’s all about ambiance.

Depending on my mood I may well end up here for the evening because it’s nice and quiet.

The table is another one powered by Evolution Gaming and it’s only currently available at Grosvenor Live Casino.

They have some pretty good promotions, so it’s worth checking them out.

The Ritz Club London

The Ritz Club London – 150 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9BS 

Ritz Live Dealer at the roulette table

This is a private members club located in Piccadilly London.

They have an online casino that’s for members only.

The live casino is provided by Evolution Gaming and they have invested in their own Dual Play Roulette table for their members. It can be accessed at the casino and also online.

Currently the only way to play is to become a member of the Ritz Club. Membership details are on the Ritz Club website.



Portomaso Casino – Portomaso, St. Julians, PTM01, Malta.

Portomaso Classic Roulette

There’s actually a few tables within the Portomaso Casino that are enabled for live streaming.

What’s good about their setup is there’s no obvious cameras. Everything is mounted in the ceiling out of the way. The only way players in the casino know that the game is being streamed is by small signs on the table.

The games are kept to a quick pace, but that can change dependent on the the number of players at the table.

Portomaso Gaming provides the technology.

You’ll be able to play these tables at Leo Vegas and at some Ezugi Casinos as they also take a stream from the Portomaso . Just lookout for OTT Roulette.


Oracle Casino – Isle Promenade, Qawra, SPB 2508, Malta.

Oracle Live Roulette

The Oracle Casino is also owned by the same people that own the Portomaso.

Portomaso Gaming also provide streams of the tables from here.

The casino is in a different part of Malta and is therefore a bit quieter. It has a very different vibe from the busy Portomaso Casino in St Julians.

Online you’ll be able to play at Leo Vegas.


Dragonara Casino – Dragonara Palace, Dragonara Road, St Julian’s, STJ3143 Malta.

Draganara live streamed roulette

This is where it all started. Well the modern day, main stream, land based streaming.

Evolution Gaming were the first to offer streaming of land based roulette in stunning HD to a wide audience.

Vuetec (now out of business) were the pioneers of the technology, but couldn’t quite get the online playing experience right for the modern player.

The casino is located on a small peninsula just on the edge of St Julians. It’s a nice walk down there.

The table has gone through a couple of changes since it was first installed with camera rigs etc.

Honestly though, when you’re in the casino you don’t notice the cameras.

When playing online the images are crisp and the game moves along nicely.

You can find the table online at pretty much any Evolution online casinos. Just take your pick, you’ll have a great experience wherever.


Casino Admiral

Casino Admiral – Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

Admiral Live Roulette

Extreme Live Gaming has created this table in association with Casino Admiral.

To be honest it’s not the most welcoming table, but it’s functional and works very well with the Extreme Playing interface.

It’s available at all Extreme Live Casinos. If I was to recommend one it would be at the Bet Victor Live Casino

Romania – Bucharest

Grand Casino

Grand Casino – Calea 13 Septembrie 90, București 050726, Romania.

Grand Casino Live Roulette

Another first from Evolution Gaming and proving to be a popular table, if the numbers and feedback in player forums is anything to go by.

The table oozes class, that’s why I like it and that’s why I think you’ll enjoy playing on it.

It can be found at a few Evolution based casinos, but not all as it’s an optional extra.

Pick of the bunch for me include Mr Green Live Casino and Unibet Live Casino

Platinum Casino

The Platinum Casino – Calea Victoriei No 63-81, District 1,Bucharest. 

Platinum Casino Live Roulette Table

Another casino that’s opened it’s doors to Authentic Gaming.

The Casino is located to the side of the Radisson Blu Hotel and claims to be the best casino in Bucharest. Who am I to argue? 

Authentic streams one live table. Depending on where you’re playing you’ll have the option of playing with or without the Lucky Ball side bet.

Just to mix it up a bit why not try the tables at DublinBet Live Casino.


St Vincent Resort & Casino

St Vincent Resort & Casino – Via Italo Mus, SNC, 11027 Saint-Vincent (Ao) Italy.

St Vincent Resort Live Roulette table

The St Vincent Resort and Casino is a famous Italian Spa attracting visitors from around the world. The resort has a casino that attracts low & high rollers.

Authentic Gaming started to stream the tables online in 2015 and since then has developed a very good product.

There are actually three tables being streamed, each aimed at different levels of players. Original, Superieur and Professional denote the levels you can expect at each table, including a very traditional French version with multiple croupiers.   

Leo Vegas has used the resort as a prize destination for players and has even held tournaments there.

Mr Green and Codeta and two good playing options.


Casino International

Casino International  – 40 Rustaveli Avenue, 6010 Georgia, Batumi.

casino international live roulette table

The Hilton Casino International is located in Batumi on the banks of the Black Sea near the border between Turkey and Georgia.

Authentic Gaming stream a couple of tables from this location.  A normal play table a and a turbo play table.

They also stream a table for online players only, called their Casino Floor Table.

The tables are available at all Authentic Gaming Casinos.

Pick of the bunch would be Leo Vegas.

What’s the attraction of Land based tables

There’s up sides and downsides depending on your point of view. So lets run through a few of them.

The table is more trustworthy

Most people believe that a table on a real casino floor is more trustworthy than one in a studio.

Depending on the solution implemented there is actually more monitoring technology for a studio table than one on a casino floor.

Performance issues are going to be spotted a lot sooner in a studio.

You could therefore argue that the game in the studio is more likely to be fairer to the player and the casino. The one on the casino floor may have an underlying issue that takes longer to detect and therefore results may be bias one way or another.

Familiarity breeds Trust and brings players in

Holiday makers and visitors to land based casinos are more likely to play at online brands if they recognise the tables being provided.

Obviously this helps players but also the online and land based casinos as they get good quality players and potentially make more revenue.

Revenue Generator

The land based table is able to make more revenue because the table can now take an unlimited number of players.

This works well for players at the casino Resort/Hotel, as they can continue to access the table if its too busy or they want relax away from the main gaming floor.

Players from other parts of the world also get to play, which give the table unprecdented reach.

Who wouldn’t want to play a table from Las Vegas if you had the chance?

Cost Effective

A streamed land based table is very cost effective as no major capital outlay is required and existing equipment and floor space can be utilised.

It’s a relatively easy decision for a casino. One that I’m surprised many more are not taking up.

Speed of Play

This is probably one of the major player experience things that need to be overcome. Some players like quick games and others are happy to go with the flow.

Studio games traditionally complete within 60 seconds. A Land Based table can take 5 – 8 mins, depending on how busy they are and what chip work is required by the dealer to settle the on table bets.

Tables are being sped up though.

We’ve seen Authentic Gaming introduce a Turbo Table and a Casino Floor table to satisfy players who like a quicker game.


I don’t care what side of the fence you sit on. I think its good to have variety and options when playing live casino online.

I’m all for choice and really glad land based streaming is taking off.