Genting Live Casino Review

GentingBet Live Casino announced that it will be closing down on 23rd August 2021.

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genting live casino

Genting Live Casino

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Dedicated Tables – Yes + Crockfords VIP Area.

Live Dealer Games – Evolution

Casino Hold’em*
3 Card Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker*
Deal or No Deal
Dragon Tiger
Football Studio
Live Lightning Dice
Mega Ball
Side Bet City
Super Sic Bo
Ultimate Texas Hold’em
Dream Catcher

Live Dealer Games – Authentic Gaming

Casino International Roulette
Casino Floor Roulette
Royal Casino Roulette
Foxwoods Casino Roulette
Auto Roulette
Blaze Roulette
247 Roulette
Grand Roulette Live
Viva La Vegas Roulette
NightClub Roulette


Evolution & Authentic Gaming

Genting Live Casino – Quick Overview

4 / 5 Stars

Genting Live Casino uses live casino software from Evolution and Authentic Gaming.

With the Evolution solution, Genting has two private table areas in addition to the regular games. The Genting area has dedicated tables for regular players, while VIP’s have access to the Crockford set of tables.

The Authentic games offer live-streamed Roulette from land-based and studio locations – with some tables streamed from Genting’s own land-based casinos.


The Pros

  • Well known high street brand
  • Great range of games
  • Good VIP Program
  • Cash back on losses
  • Dedicated Tables
  • Crockfords Dedicated VIP Tables

The Cons

  • Nothing

Genting Live Casino Review

Genting UK is part of the Genting Group which is one of Malaysia’s most respected companies employing over 35,000 people worldwide. In the UK they have over 40 land-based casinos including the very well-known Crockfords, Maxims Casino Club, Colony Club, and Palm Beach which are all based in London.

Genting also has an online casino, and it’s probably fair to say that Genting has been improving their online presence and that of their live casino over the last couple of years.

One of Genting’s main USP’s is their large network of land-based casinos, which they have been leveraging with their online presence. This is one of the reasons why Genting is one of the UK’s best Live Casino.

Most of the land-based casinos – well the more popular ones, have live roulette tables that are streamed online.

They have also created a dedicated online playing environment, called Crockfords, where you can play with live dealers in the style of their famous Crockfords bricks and mortar casino. Initially play at these tables were reserved for VIP’s but that has now been extended to all players.

The main Live Casino solution Genting uses is from Evolution. They have taken the complete suite of games and also have dedicated tables for Blackjack and Roulette in addition to the Crocfords tables.

Since 2020, Genting also has the complete range of live-streamed roulette tables from Authentic Gaming – who they purchased to extend their live casino games reach. A bold move that will see more Genting casinos streaming live tables.

Genting Evolution Live Casino

Genting Evolution Live Casino Summary

Genting has taken the full suite of games from Evolution. These currently include: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em*, Craps, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker*, Deal or No Deal, Dragon Tiger, Football Studio, Live Lightning Dice, Mega Ball, Side Bet City, Super Sic Bo, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Dream Catcher.

In addition, there are dedicated tables for Roulette and Blackjack and the Crockfords dedicated studio, that has Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

At first glance, the maximum stakes for Blackjack are a bit on the low side. Minimum stakes of £5 are only available on two tables, so you’ll more than likely have to play with a minimum stake of £25 a hand or Bet Behind on one of the £5 tables, as seats are notoriously hard to get.

Blackjack plays with 8 decks, using Vegas rules, you can double on anything but not on splits. Split Aces take one card only. Side bets of Perfect Pairs, Bet Behind and 21+3 are optional on all tables.

Roulette lovers get a better deal when it comes to stake ranges, you can bet a minimum of £1 all the way up to £50,000 if you have the cash!

French roulette with La Partage can be played on the French Gold table and if you like to hear an English accent then the London Roulette table is the place for you.

The impressive Immersive Roulette is available and also Lightning Roulette with its unique multipliers, which I actually prefer.

Baccarat comes with four tables. Two general play tables, the new Baccarat Squeeze and the Controlled Baccarat Squeeze tables.

There is one Casino Hold’em table and one 3 Card Poker tables. Both are a one-handed game, where multiple players play the same hand. One deck is used in each game and game rounds are very quick. Both games have really low initial stakes, but they are doubled if you want to play each hand, so be wary of that when placing your initial Ante bet.

Dreamcatcher is a wheel of fortune based game and has the Monopoly Live and Crazy Time as alternative options to play. All three games offer massive payout potentials. All the games have a common wheel, where you bet on numbers or bonus segments. Dream Catcher is the most simplistic of the three games, Payouts can be as high as 40 /1 and if the 7x multiplier is active that’s 280 /1. While the other two games have plenty of bonus rounds and provide much more entertainment value.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is my favourite game after Blackjack. You play against the dealer and try and get a better 5 card poker hand than he has. What’s unique about the game is there are 4 betting rounds, so you can decide to bet after each card has been dealt.

Dice Games are also a feature, with Lightning Dice and Super Sic Bo, both offering multipliers on wins.

Deal or No Deal is an entertainment game, like the TV show, where you buy and reject boxes, hoping to keep one that has a large cash prize.

Mega Ball is a bing game with a twist, with multipliers boosting payouts.

Dedicated Genting Live Casino Tables

As I briefly mentioned above there are two dedicated studios where only Genting players can play.

The Genting dedicated area has:

  • Blackjack.
  • Roulette.
  • Baccarat.

The Crockfords area has 3 tables that are only available for VIP players and are only open between 5 pm to 5 am GMT. VIP players can request them for private play outside of these hours. These tables can also be accessed by members of Crockfords land-based casino when previously they had access to their own exclusive tables.

  • Blackjack.
  • Roulette.
  • Baccarat with the Squeeze.

In addition, there is Roulette Live from the International Casino in Birmingham and land-based casinos in Manchester, Edinburgh, and Mayfair, London. You can play alongside land-based players on these Dual Play roulette table.

I took a trip to all the land-based casinos during 2018 to see the tables in action. You can read more about my trip and watch my videos here.


Genting has a VIP Program and membership is dependent on how much you deposit. Deposit over £1000 and you’ll be straight into the VIP Black program.

  • As a player’s VIP level increases, so his game limits increase.
  • Each player can only view the game limits available to them.
  • VIPs will see additional tables and will be able to bet higher stakes on the existing tables, including access to the Crockfords VIP tables.

At their top-level, the max straight-up bet limit is £3,000 for Roulette. £5,000 per hand for Blackjack, £7,500 for Baccarat & £2,000 for Three Card Poker.

The ranges shown below are for entry-level players.

Genting Evolution Games List

GamesStakesDedicated TableSide BetsNo.DecksMulti HandMulti Player
3 Card Poker3 – 200NoPP / 6 Card1NoNo
Baccarat Squeeze5 – 500NoPairs8NoNo
Baccarat A & B5 – 500NoPairs8NoNo
Baccarat Controlled Squeeze5 – 500NoPairs8NoNo
Speed Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs8NoNo
Genting Live Baccarat5 – 500YesPairs8NoNo
Genting Live Blackjack5 – 500YesPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Blackjack5 – 200NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Speed Blackjack50 – 300NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Blackjack Party0.50 – 100NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Silver Blackjack50 -300NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Blackjack VIP50 – 300NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Platinum VIP250 – 500NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Fortune VIP250 – 500NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Power Blackjack1 – 1kNoAP/21+3/Hot3/BustIt8NoYes
Infinite Blackjack1 – 2.5kNoAP/21+3/Hot3/BustIt8NoYes
Free Bet Blackjack1 – 2.5kNoAP/21+3/Hot3/BustIt8NoYes
Craps0.50 – 5kNon/an/an/aYes
Casino Hold’em*1 – 50NoAces or Better1NoNo
2 Hand Casino Hold’em0.50 – 1.5kNoAces or Better1NoNo
Caribbean Stud Poker*1 – 250No5+1 Bonus / Jackpot1NoNo
Dream Catcher0.10 – 1kNon/an/an/an/a
Monopoly Dream Catcher0.10 – 2.5kNon/an/an/an/a
Crazy Time0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/an/a
Dragon Tiger5- 500NoTies8NoNo
Deal or No Deal0.10 – 1.8kNon/an/anYes
Live Lightning Dice0.20 – 1kNon/an/an/aYes
Mega Ball0.10 – 100Non/an/an/an/a
Genting Live Roulette0.20 – 25kYesn/an/an/aNo
Roulette Live Mayfair1 – 10kYesn/an/an/aNo
Roulette Live Manchester1 – 1kYesn/an/an/aNo
Roulette Live Birmingham1 – 1kYesn/an/an/aNo
Roulette Live Edinburgh0.20 – 500Yesn/an/an/aNo
Vegas Roulette (American)0.10 – 500Non/an/an/aNo
Roulette1- 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Immersive Roulette1- 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Lightning Roulette0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aNo
Arabic Roulette0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aNo
London Roulette1 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Roulette VIP5 – 50kNon/an/an/aNo
French Roulette Gold5 – 50kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette VIP0.20 – 15kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette0.10 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette La Partage0.10 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Side Bet City0.50 – 100Non/a1n/aYes
Super Sic Bo0.20 – 5kNon/an/an/aNo
Football Studio5 – 2.5kNon/a8n/aNo
Ultimate Texas Hold’em0.50 – 250NoTrips1n/aNo

Genting Authentic Live Casino

Genting Authentic Live Casino Summary

Authentic Gaming only provides Roulette, which is either streamed from land-based casinos around the world or their studio in Malta.

Current tables include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em*, Craps, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker*, Deal or No Deal, Dragon Tiger, Football Studio, Live Lightning Dice, Mega Ball, Side Bet City, Super Sic Bo, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Dream Catcher.

We’re going to see more tables streamed from Genting land-based casinos in the UK and hopefully from the strip in Las Vegas!

This is a bit of an unusual one as Genting owns Authentic Gaming.  However, it shouldn’t matter really, as the games and tables are not exclusive to Genting. Authentic Gaming is a supplier in its own right and its games can be found at lots of online casinos.

Genting obviously has the full range of Roulette tables, both the Studio ones and the land-based streamed tables.

They are also adding their own land-based tables into the mic, so you should start seeing them appear.

They also have their own dedicated GentingBet Roulette and Genting Blaze tables, which are solely for the use of Genting players.

If you’re a roulette player that likes playing at a real table then these tables are where you should play.

One word of caution, the games are slow as you’re playing at the pace of players in the casino.

Genting Authentic Games List

GamesStakesDedicated TableSide BetsNo.DecksMulti HandMulti PlayerLa Partage
Casino International Roulette0.50 – 50Non/an/an/aNon/a
Casino Floor Roulette0.50 – 100Non/an/an/aNon/a
Royal Casino Roulette0.50 – 50Non/an/an/aNon/a
Foxwoods Casino Roulette1 – 50Non/an/an/aNon/a
Auto Roulette Classic 1/20.20 – 200Non/an/an/aNon/a
Auto Roulette Speed 1/20.20 – 200Non/an/an/aNon/a
Auto Roulette Turbo0.50 – 50Non/an/an/aNon/a
Auto Roulette VIP0.50 – 100Non/an/an/aNon/a
Blaze Roulette0.50 – 500Non/an/an/aNon/a
Nightclub Roulette0.20 – 100Non/an/an/aNon/a
Viva La Vegas Roulette0.20 – 100Non/an/an/aNon/a
Grand Roulette0.50 – 200Non/an/an/aNon/a
24/7 Roulette0.50 – 200Non/an/an/aNon/a
GentingBet Auto Roulette0.50 – 500Yesn/an/an/aNon/a
Genting Blaze Roulette0.50 – 500Yesn/an/an/aNon/a


If you’re a regular reader of my reviews or have played at Evolution based live casinos before then you’ll know to expect really slick games that are dealt with quickly. The playing interfaces have everything you need. Most of the settings are optional so you can tweak things to suit your playing preferences.

Without exception all of the dealers like a bit of a chat and while the table language is English they will chat with players in their own language if they are given a chance.

Dealer changes occur every 30 minutes and they rotate around the table games so you can follow your favourite around unless they disappear on a break.

I still get the occasional lag from the video. Quite often it’s my connection. I never experience crashes, only when I do something stupid like shutting down the game by mistake.

Payment Options

There isn’t an extensive range of payment options but the main ones are covered. You can deposit and withdraw using your debit card and also use the Skrill online wallet. Genting also has something called Genting Pay that allows you to deposit money into your account by using the cash desk at one of their land-based casinos.

While you don’t have to verify your account immediately I’d advise you to do so before you start playing. The process is quite simple and they provide a section in the banking area to do so. You’ll need recent copies of your Passport or Driver’s License, a copy of the card you’re using, and proof of address.

Customer Support

It surprised me the first time I deposited at Genting when I got an email from customer support reminding me to verify my account. I got onto chat and they talked me through the process. I quite like that someone was switched on enough to think about making it easier for customers and I hope to see more of this as I play here.


Genting has a gaming license with the UK Gambling Commission.

Bonuses & Loyalty

Genting takes care of their Live Casino players with a range of offers and promotions.

They are constantly changing, so my advice is to visit the Promotions page to see the latest offers.

There are 5 VIP Levels, Black, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond.

As you work your way up you qualify for more benefits and bonuses and a higher range of loyalty points and playing cashback on losses.


Genting is turning a corner and now putting some real effort into their online live casino. They have a well-known brand and they have a real opportunity to create a great online product.

They have taken a big step with their investments in dedicated areas with Evolution and will now be able to compete with Grosvenor Casino & William Hill.

They have one of the best VIP programs I’ve come across. It’s easy to sign up and the cashback on losses is great for maximising your RTP at the tables.

I’m really happy to have them on this site.

If you’re interested, you can read some of the interviews I performed with some of the Genting live dealers.

Play at Genting