Betfair Live Casino Review

LiveCasinoComparer no longer recommends Betfair Live Casino to Players. I advise you to avoid playing at Betfair as they have proved to be an unreliable partner of this site.

You can try this excellent alternative, Playojo.

Betfair live casino review

Betfair Live Casino

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Dedicated Tables – Blackjack & Roulette

Live Dealer Games – Playtech

Andar Bahar
Casino Hold’em
Casino Stud Poker
Heads Up Hold’em
Live Slots
Money Drop Live
Sette e Mezzo
Sic Bo Deluxe
3 Card Brag
Dragon Tiger
Spin A Win
Adventures Beyond Wonderland
Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw

Live Dealer Games – Playtech

Bac Bo
Cash or Crash
Lightning Dice
Mega Ball
Side Bet City
Football Studio
Gonzos Treasure Hunt


Playtech, Evolution

Betfair Live Casino Summary

4.5 / 5 Stars

The Betfair Live Casino has it all. Dedicated tables with European and Asian Dealing rooms. Great promotions and good stake ranges. Coupled with being one of the best Sportsbooks around.

Now includes live games by Playtech and Evolution.


The Pros

  • Dedicated Tables
  • Multiple Casino Rooms
  • Great stake ranges
  • Asian and European Dealers
  • Evolution and Playtech Games

The Cons

  • Not the full suite of Evolution games.

Betfair Live Casino Overview

The Betfair Live Casino is provided by Playtech and Evolution, with the games streamed from live dealer studios in Latvia, Romania, the Philippines, Malta, and Georgia.

I was pleasantly surprised to find there is a selection of private dedicated tables for Blackjack and Roulette at the Playtech casino.

On visiting the main Live Casino Lobby you’re presented with games from both live casino providers. Only when you enter one of the games are you taken to the game in the lobby of the provider. Once in the game, you can navigate around the menu to see the other games being offered.

Bot the Playtech and Evolution lobbies arrange their games in game types, so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.

Betfair Playtech Live Casino

Betfair Live Games Summary

Betfair and the full range of live casino games from Playtech, including their own dedicated tables for Roulette and Blackjack.

Other games include Andar Bahar, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Casino Stud Poker, Heads Up Hold’em, Hi-Lo, Live Slots, Money Drop Live, Sette e Mezzo, Sic Bo Deluxe, 3 Card Brag, Dragon Tiger, Spin A Win, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw.

It’s worth noting, that Betfair has Quantum Blackjack, Quantum Roulette, and Sic Bo Deluxe that all have multipliers. These are great alternative games if you’re looking for a max payout of 500x!

Games Overview

The Betfair live casino games are currently delivered from four studios – in the past, these would have been presented as a series of rooms, but now the games are grouped by game type. However, you can choose to play on tables with European and Asian Dealers, who all speak English as the main table language.

The main looby presents the games in categories:

  • Exclusive – This contains all the dedicated Betfair tables. There is a good selection of Blackjack (Euro rules) and Roulette tables, ranging from low stakes to VIP levels.
  • New & Hot – This area lists the new games that have been added recently and also the most popular.
  • Game Shows – The gameshows are kept together as well as appearing in their own categories. These games tend to be the ones with dealer participation or have big multipliers.
  • Roulette – As it says on the tin, all the roulette tables are presented together.
  • Blackjack – all of the blackjack and varieties of Blackjack can be found here.
  • Poker – Poker related games are presented here.
  • Baccarat – this contains all of the baccarat variations from each of the studios.
  • Dragon Tiger & Sic Bo – As the names suggest, Sic Bo Deluxe and Dragon Tiger can be found here.
  • Around the World – this is a great tab, as it brings together all the native language speaking dealers from around the world. If you want an alternative to English, you’ll find it here.

Apart from the difference in the type of Blackjack on offer at the dedicated Betfair live tables, you’ll find a consistent set of games across the rest of the casino.

Betfair Live Casino Games list

Playtech Live Roulette lovers will be happy to know that La Partage is available on the French roulette table, whilst impatient players will be pleased with the 10 second betting time on “Speed Roulette”.

Roulette Prestige makes an appearance for those that like playing a more modern version of Roulette with multiple camera angles and High Definition streaming. Very much like the Immersive Roulette, you’ll find at Evolution based live casinos. There is also a table dedicated to Russian speakers.

The innovative Quantum Roulette provides an opportunity for a 500x payout on a straight-up number with its random multipliers.

Spread Roulette, Spin and Win Roulette, and Football Roulette, both with interesting side bets are great alternatives to the standard European and American Roulette tables.

If you fancy playing for a Progressive Jackpot then Live Age Of the Gods roulette has 4 that randomly trigger when you’re playing.

Blackjack players will be pleased with the games on offer. Unlimited Blackjack can be played for as little as £1 a hand and there are plenty of 7 Seat tables. If you have trouble getting a seat there is a waiting system that can be used so you don’t miss out. The optional side bet of Perfect Pairs and 21+3  can be played on all tables. Sette E Mezzo is an interesting Italian alternative to Blackjack, while Majority Rules Blackjack provides a fast game. Quantum Blackjack has multipliers that enhance the payout but be careful of the small rule change!

Fans of Baccarat have it just as good with tables operating at all of the dealing rooms. Speed Baccarat is a new addition that is proving popular with a section of regular players, but as the game is steeped in superstition the slower games suit the experienced player more. A full range of Baccarat Roadmaps is available on all tables, as is Multi-Seat play and sides bets of Pairs and Big / Small.

Casino Hold’em is a one deck multiplayer game that is derived from Texas Hold’em. The object is for the player’s hand to beat the dealer. The hands are ranked as in normal poker. The dealer qualifies with a pair of 4’s or better.

Sic Bo and Sic Bo Deluxe (with Multipliers) is available from the Asian and Riga studios. Most of the Playtech Live Casinos actually take this popular dice game. Playojo is one of the notable exceptions.

Hi-Lo is popular in land-based casinos, so it’s great to see a live dealer version online at Betfair.

3 Card Brag is another poker derived game, very similar to 3 card poker. The hand rankings are slightly different. The top hand in 3 card Brag is a Prial (3 of a Kind) which pays 40:1.

Deal or No Deal the Big Draw is a mix between Bingo and the game show, Deal or No Deal we’re used to seeing with Noel Edmonds. My advice is to always take the banker’s offer and deal. Read more about a playing strategy for Deal or no Deal.

Live Slots brings online RNG games and a presenter together with lots of players. Everyone play s the same slot at the same time, enjoying the banter and winning and losing (not so much)! Current slots are Buffalo Blitz and Gods of Storm – both have great bonus rounds!

Entertainment Games such as Spin A Win and Adventures Beyond Wonderland rely on a wheel of fortunes to drive the game. For big multipliers and RNG bonus rounds, you should play on Adventures Beyond Wonderland. If you want a more sedate game, Spin A Win may be a better option.

Betfair Live Casino – Playtech Games List

GamesStakesDedicated TableSide BetsNo.DecksMulti HandMulti Player
Adventures Beyond Wonderland0.10 – 1kNon/an/an/aYes
Andar Bahar1 – 3kNoFirst 3/ Cards Dealt1n/aYes
3 Card Brag5 – 500NoPair Plus1NoNo
Baccarat Lounge5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Grand Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Golden Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Squeeze Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Speed Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Mini Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Tiger 7 Seat Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoYes
Progressive Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoYes
Prestige Mini Baccarat5 – 500NoPairs / Big – Small8NoNo
Betfair Blackjack 1 – 85 – 2.5kYesPP/BB/21+38YesYes
Betfair VIP Blackjack 1-225 – 10kYesPP/BB/21+38YesYes
All Bets Blackjack Brasileiro0.50 – 1kYesPP/21+3/Lucky Lucky/Buster/Top38YesYes
Soho Blackjack 1 – 410 – 2.5kNoPP/BB/21+38YesYes
Unlimited Blackjack1 – 1kNoPP/BB/21+38YesNo
Blackjack Lounge 1 – 65 – 2.5kNoPP/BB/21+38YesYes
Grand Blackjack50 – 2.5kNoPP/BB/21+38YesYes
Royale Blackjack 1 – 425 – 5kNoPP/BB/21+38YesYes
Soiree Blackjack 150 – 10kNoPP/BB/21+38YesYes
AllBets Blackjack1 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/Lucky Lucky/Buster/Top38NoYes
Soho AllBets Blackjack2 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/Lucky Lucky/Buster/Top38NoYes
Age of Gods AllBets Blackjack1 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/Lucky Lucky/Buster/Top38NoYes
Quantum Blackjack Plus1 – 500NoPP/21+38NoYes
Majority Rules Speed Blackjack1 – 500NoPP/21+38NoYes
Deutsches Blackjack10 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/BB8NoYes
Blackjack Italiano20 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/BB8NoYes
Colombia Blackjack10 – 2.5kNoPP/21+3/BB8NoYes
Blackjack Brasileiro0.50 – 1kNoPP/21+3/BB8NoYes
Bet on Poker1 – 1kNon/an/an/aYes
Casino Hold’em1 – 50NoAces or Better1NoNo
Soho Casino Hold’em1 – 50NoAces or Better1NoNo
Casino Stud Poker0.50 – 1kNo5+1 Bonus/Progressive Jackpot1NoNo
Dragon Tiger5 – 500NoOdd/Even/Big/Small8NoNo
Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw0.10 – 100Non/an/aNoNo
Heads Up Hold’em0.50 – 750NoTrips Plus / Pocket Bonus1NoYes
Hi-Lo1 – 1kNon/a6n/aNo
God of Storms Live Slots0.25 – 10Non/an/an/aYes
Buffalo Blitz Live Slots0.40 – 2Non/an/an/aYes
Money Drop Live0.10 – 500Non/an/an/aYes
Betfair Roulette0.50 – 80kYesn/an/an/aYes
Betfair VIP Roulette1 – 200kYesn/an/an/aYes
Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette1 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
Roulette Lounge0.50 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
Slingshot Roulette0.50 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
Speed Roulette0.50 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
French Roulette0.50 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
London Roulette0.50 – 25kNon/an/an/aYes
Spread Bet Roulette0.50 – 80kNon/an/an/aYes
Live Football Roulette0.50 – 80kNon/an/an/aYes
Royale Roulette (American)1 – 80kNon/an/an/aYes
Quantum Roulette0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aYes
Quantum Auto Roulette0.10 – 100Non/an/an/aYes
Spin & Win Roulette0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aYes
Turbo Roulette0.20 – 500Yesn/an/an/aYes
American Roulette0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aYes
Roulette Italiana0.20 – 500Non/an/an/aYes
Mega Fire Blaze Roulette0.20 – 2kNon/an/an/aYes
Hindi Roulette0.50 – 10kNon/an/an/aYes
Greek Roulette0.50 – 10kNon/an/an/aYes
Who Wants To Be a Millioaire Roulette0.20 – 1kNon/an/an/aYes
Spin And Win Roulette0.20 – 1kNon/an/an/aYes
Sic Bo Deluxe1 – 1kNon/an/an/aNo
Spin a Win0.10 – 5kNoOdd/Even/Multipliern/an/aNo
Sette e Mezzo1 – 2.5kNoPairs/21+31n/aYes

Betfair Evolution Live Casino

Betfair Evolution Live Games Summary

The Evolution games at Betfair are a relatively new edition (Feb 2021) means that you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most engaging titles from Evolution.

The game selection is not extensive (Betfair has avoided duplication as much as possible), but you’ll get access to the specific Evolution titles of Crazy Time, Monopoly, Mega Ball, and lightning Roulette to name a few.

Other games include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Bac Bo, Cash or Crash, Craps, Dreamcatcher, Monopoly, Lightning Dice, Mega Ball, Side Bet City, Football Studio, Gonzos Treasure Hunt.

Games Overview

Evolution is known to be a leading live casino developer, so it’s great to see them added to the Betfair Live Casino.

The games list is impressive, but what Betfair has done is take the best that Evolution has to offer without diluting the Playtech Live Casino Games.

This means you’re not going to see all the available Evolution titles, but you will see the ones that add value to Befairs Live Casino.

Blackjack has a range of single-player games including Infinite Blackjack, with its five side bets, Power Blackjack with its reduced deck, FreeBet with free doubles, and Splits. High rollers are well catered for with a range of VIP tables. All of the games are played to Vegas rules.

Roulette lovers get standard Roulette, as well as Immersive Roulette, Double Ball, French with la Partage, and a range of Auto roulette wheels. Lightning roulette is the jewel in the crown, which competes well with Quantum Roulette.

Poker games are limited to Sie Bet Side, which is effectively a game of poker side bets.

Entertainment games are where Evolution excels. The popular Dream Catcher wheel is joined by Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, with their bonus rounds and large potential payouts.

Mega Ball is a bingo variant also with multipliers, which offers something different from the Playtech version of Deal or No Deal the Big Draw.

Baccarat comes in standard, squeeze, and lightning options, while Football Studio is an alternative way of playing Dragon Tiger.

Lightning Dice brings up the rear so to speak with a unique dice game that has a 500x win multiplier!

Betfair Live Casino – Evolution Games List

GamesStakesDedicated TableSide BetsNo.DecksMulti HandMulti Player
Baccarat Squeeze1 – 15kNoPairs8NoNo
Baccarat A & B1 – 15kNoPairs8NoNo
Baccarat Controlled Squeeze1- 15kNoPairs8NoNo
Speed Baccarat A & B1 – 15kNoPairs8NoNo
Lightning Baccarat1 – 2kNoPairs8NoNo
Bac Bo1 – 5kNon/an/aNoYes
Blackjack A – J5 – 2.5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Blackjack Party0.50 – 100NoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Silver Blackjack 1 -750 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Speed VIP Blackjack A – D50 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Blackjack VIP A – E50 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Platinum VIP250 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Fortune VIP250 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Grand VIP500 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Diamond VIP1k – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesYes
Power Blackjack1 – 5kNoPP / 21+3 / BB8YesNo
Lightning Blackjack1 – 10kNon/a8YesNo
Infinite Blackjack1 – 1kNoAP/21+3/Hot3/BustIt8NoYes
FreeBet Blackjack1 – 1kNoAP/21+3/Hot3/BustIt8NoYes
Craps0.50 – 5kNon/an/an/aYes
Cash or Crash0.20 – 2.5kNon/an/an/aYes
Dream Catcher0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/an/a
Monopoly Dream Catcher0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/an/a
Crazy Time0.10 – 1kNon/an/an/an/a
Gonzos Treasure Hunt0.10 – 100Non/an/an/an/a
Lightning Dice0.20 – 2kNon/an/an/an/a
Mega Ball0.10 – 100Non/an/an/an/a
Lightning Roulette0.20 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Double Ball Roulette0.20 – 4kNon/an/an/aNo
Roulette1 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Brazilian Roulette0.50 – 20kNon/an/an/aNo
Immersive Roulette1 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Roulette VIP1 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
French Roulette Gold1 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Brazilian Roulette0.50 – 20kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette VIP0.20 – 10kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/aNo
Speed Auto Roulette0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/aNo
Auto Roulette La Partage0.20 – 5kNon/an/an/aNo
Instant Roulette0.10 – 5kNon/an/an/aNo
Side Bet City0.50 – 250Non/a1n/aYes
Football Studio1 – 15kNon/a8n/aNo

Customer Support

As you’d expect from one of the largest bookmakers around they have impressive customer support. There is a detailed online support/help section on the website that answers the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer then you can either Chat online, send an email or phone them.

If you’re in a hurry then the best option is the online chat.

Payment Options

Again, all of the major and not so major payment options are available, from debit/credit cards to electronic wallets, bank transfers, and old fashioned cheque. The options may vary depending on your country location.

Security and Licensing

The online casino is licensed in Malta and also by the UK Gambling Commission (which requires specific controls for UK based players).

Bonuses and Loyalty

Alongside William Hill, Betfair probably has the most Live Casino bonuses and promotions of any Live casino.

As they are constantly changing it’s easier if you take a look at the current promotion being offered for new players.

Comp points are awarded when you play, at the bottom level 100 points = £1.

There is also a very good VIP Program with loads of benefits offered if you’re a regular player.


I was surprised at how good the Betfair Live Casino actually is. The dedicated tables really make a difference and the ability to hire out one of the blackjack tables is unique across all of the live casinos I’ve reviewed.

The regular promotions encourage you to come back and the general stake levels are suitable for the whole range of players’ bankrolls.

What’s also impressive is they cater to both European and Asian tastes. They have a wide range of playing environments and tables in the live casino, so you should find something to suit you.

If you’re a Blackjack player then watch out and they use European rules on their dedicated tables and Vegas rules on all the rest.

Prestige Roulette is something well worth trying.

I’d say in terms of Playtech live casinos this is one of the better ones and on a par with Playojo.

Play at Betfair