Baccarat Betting Strategy

I’ve found that there’s some very good information on how to read and compile Baccarat Roadmaps, I’ve written one myself!.  Finding a Baccarat Betting strategy that uses the Roadmaps is another story.

Until Now.

I’ve been betting on Baccarat for a few years and have played similar games where there are a limited number of playing outcomes. In Baccarat’s case it’s either a Player win, Banker win or a Tie.

I use playing or betting strategies when playing these types of games, as a hap hazard betting approach can and will lead to you losing your bankroll quicker than you should.

I’ve tried a few betting systems out and think the one I’m going to demonstrate to you in my Video is probably the easiest to use and is the one I have the most success with.

If you don’t like reading lots then watch the Video. If you’re really itching to see what the strategy is then skip to 06:30 where I start playing.

Baccarat Betting Strategy Demonstration

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Important Information

A playing strategy is not a receipt for winning. It will help you enjoy your playing time more and if the cards are being kind you may end up in profit. I’m not going to sugar coat it, gambling is gambling there are no easy wins. Being structured in your approach helps hugely with your enjoyment, so follow these tips if your going to use my Betting Strategy for Baccarat.

  • When playing you should set yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • Set yourself a realistic win limit and once you’ve reached it walk away with your profit.
  • Don’t chase losses, take a break.

When using the strategy:

  • Be patient.
  • Follow the betting rules I describe, don’t get cocky and try your own thing..
  • When you’ve made you target profit, get up and walk away, however quickly that may occur. Then start again a bit later. Always bank your profit.

Baccarat Betting Strategy

The basic premise of the strategy is to be betting on runs or sequences of results, this is where you make your money.  The longer the run is, the more money you make.

While Baccarat is a random game if you look closely at the Roadmaps you’ll see runs occurring during the lifetime of the dealing shoe. You’ll be surprised at how many there actually are.

You’ll also see times when the results have been Dealer/Player/Dealer/Player/Dealer. These alternating runs are to be avoided as these will be losing streaks. I’ll explain later how we use these to our advantage.

This strategy is simple and aims to use probability and odds of something happening or not happening to your advantage. You don’t need to be a mathematician to work out what to do, just follow what I do.

What is the Strategy?

Well this is a bit of a mix of playing strategies I’ve seen and used elsewhere.

Underlying it is the Martingale Strategy, where after a losing bet you double your next bet until you win again. Thus wiping out previous losses.

The clever bit is to know when to start betting and on what. Then being able to bet on a sequence as it’s happening until it finishes.

I use the Baccarat Roadmaps to identify the ideal point at which to start betting.

Preparing to Bet

You’ll need a bit of a Bankroll. How much, depends on the stakes you want to play for and your budget.

If your betting £5 a hand then a bankroll of £155 should be sufficient to start with as that allows for 5 losing bets in a row.  £1 a hand and you’ll need £31, £2 a hand £62.

If I’m betting £5 a hand then when I hit a profit of £25 I walk away and bank my profit. That’s a 16% profit on my initial Bankroll. Not bad!

I’ll come back later, often when the shoe has changed and start again.

Baccarat Betting Sequence

Using the Roadmaps, I tend to use either the Bead Plate or the Big Road I look for the sequences and wait until the last 4 hands in the shoe are Banker/Player/Banker/Player or the other way around, it doesn’t matter.

 Then I’ll start betting.

  • I bet on the last winner with 1 x Bet and keep betting on this till I lose.
  • I then double my bet and place it on the last winner. I repeat this until I have won.
  • When I’ve won I reduce my stake back down to 1x Bet and continue betting on the last winner until I lose again.
  • Repeat the process until you either reach your winning limit or bust out.
  • If the result is a Tie between the Banker / Player double your bet and stay where you are.

And that’s it.

If you’ve watched my video you’ll see I followed the strategy and ended up with a profit of £30. I walked away and banked the profit.

I came back later and repeated the process another 3 times and banked an overall profit of £120 for a few elapsed hours of play.

Good luck.