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Funky Time Vs Crazy Time Comparison: How Does Evolution’s Latest Release Stack Up?

Crazy Time has become a phenomenal success for Evolution, fast becoming their most popular and played game ever.

As I expected, there’s another instalment in the wheel-based range of live dealer games, and the latest is Funky Time.

Funky Time builds upon the success of Crazy Time. If you’re a fan, I expect you’ll like what Evolution has done in their latest game!

Today, I’ll compare the two games, looking at where they both excel and fall short, while briefly walking you through the basics of Funky Time.

Please note; if you’re looking for an in-depth guide on Funky Time and how to play, check out my dedicated guide here.

funky time vs crazy time

What Is Funky Time?

Funky Time is a live entertainment game from Evolution, the long-awaited “sequel” to Crazy Time.

It uses the same general concept – a giant spinning wheel -and there are multiplier wins and four different bonus rounds. The theme, however, is entirely different and is designed to take you back to the lively disco era of the 1970s.

Funky Time blends the iconic charm of the ’70s with state-of-the-art live iGaming technology, including a new cutting-edge wheel of 64 segments. The game’s highlight is the VIP Disco Bonus round, where you can win up to 10,000X!

At its core, Funky Time is built around the same simple concept as Crazy Time, place a bet on a segment on the wheel, and if the presenter’s spin lands on it, you’re a winner.

The Funky Time DigiWheel is no ordinary wheel but an innovative gaming machine containing 64 segments built exclusively for Funky Time. The 64 Segments mean more multipliers, which I think we can all get behind!

The wheel is divided into categories, with 28 #1 segments split into seven blocks of four. The remaining segments feature the letters spelling out ‘FUNK’, ‘PLAY’, and ‘TIME’, along with twelve bonus round segments positioned evenly around the wheel.

The spin result will either award an instant cash prize for the One and Letters segments or entry to one of the four bonus rounds. Random multipliers scattered across the wheel at the start of the game can boost potential wins.

Differences Between Funky Time and Crazy Time

Of course, both games look very different visually, but you may think the gameplay, mechanics, and bonuses are the same aside from the design.

In reality, that’s far from true. Each game has unique features, most of which are pretty different when you look closer.

In the remaining sections of this blog, I’ll show you the key differences between the two games, covering everything from the gameplay and theme to the bonuses and features, payouts, and RTPs.


Crazy Time and Funky Time are based on a money wheel concept, which keeps the game mechanics super engaging.

The goal in each game is to guess where the spinning wheel will stop, and in this respect, the games are pretty similar.

Crazy Time, with its Dream Catcher-inspired money wheel, is all about a main game and four bonus games.

Its interactive features and cutting-edge tech allow random multipliers on the “Top Slot”. The Crazy Time wheel is entirely physical; no digital elements are involved until one of the bonuses and features is triggered.

On the other hand, Funky Time gives us a fresh take on the money wheel concept with its DigiWheel. This wheel has 64 segments, offering more betting options. There are 17 different bets available, more than any live game show game.

Like Crazy Time, Funky Time has bonuses and features. The betting round lasts just 20 seconds, so it’s a little shorter than Crazy Time, although I think this lends itself well to most players who want to get on with the game.

Theme and Design

As for the themes and designs, Crazy Time and Funky Time each have their style.

Crazy Time’s design is a bright, fun blend of elements that remind me of classic game shows and carnivals. Its colourful design matches its name, creating a crazy-looking space where everything is intense, weird, and wild!

In contrast, Funky Time transports players to the 1970s with its disco theme. Between the animated dance floor, disco balls, and vibrant colours that take you back to the disco era, Funky Time creates a feeling of fun nostalgia – at least for me!

I also like how the theme isn’t just for looks; it ties into the entire game, with the bonuses and features all themed around a ’70s disco.

Bonuses and Features

Now that we’ve reviewed the differences in gameplay and theme between Crazy Time and Funky Time let’s check out the bonus rounds and features.

These bonuses are a big part of any live casino game show wheel game, as they’re typically where big wins can be found.

Both Crazy Time and Funky Time have four bonuses.

Three of Crazy Time’s Bonuses, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time, require you to choose a colour or a symbol, ultimately revealing your prize.

In Funky Time, The Bar bonus and Stayin Alive round require interaction from the player.

All of the bonus rounds in both games can benefit from multipliers. In Crazy Time, this comes from the Top Slot, while in Funky Time, they are randomly generated and dispersed across the Digi Wheel at the start of the game.

The Bonus rounds that pay the least are The Bar and Coin Flip, while Crazy Time and the VIP Disco are where the big wins can appear.

Stayin A’Live and Pachinco are similar in payout potential, while Cash Hunt and Disco are aligned with payout potential.

The quickest Bonus rounds are Coin Flip and The Bar, while the rest are comparatively slow, lasting a few minutes each.

Payouts and Odds

Payouts significantly affect how much money you can win from playing, and while both Crazy Time and Funky Time look similar, there are some exciting contrasts when you get into the nitty-gritty.

I will get slightly technical below, looking at probabilities and comparing the two games.

Crazy Time uses a 54-segment wheel, with each segment representing different potential payouts.

The most common segment, ‘1’, appears 21 times and pays at 1:1. This bet has a hit frequency of 38.89%.

Funky Time’s most common wheel segment is also number one, although it has a slightly higher hit frequency, with 28 on the wheel.

The chance of this segment landing is 43.75%, with the standard payout set at 1:1, not including any multipliers.

First Major Difference

Now, we come to one of the first significant differences between the games.

In addition to the number one, Crazy Time has other number segments; 2, 5, and 10. These offer payouts of 2:1, 5:1, and 10:1, respectively.

Funky Time does not offer any additional number bets – but the ‘FUNK’, ‘PLAY’, and ‘TIME’ letters bets roughly correspond to the number bets in Crazy Time.

Each letter appears eight times on the wheel, and the payout for all is 25:1 – without any multipliers.

There is a 37.50% chance of one of the letters landing on each spin, and in my opinion, Funky Time has a clear edge here with its more considerable win potential.

The bonus rounds in Crazy Time allow players to win up to £500,000, with a maximum bet multiplier of up to 20,000X. This is achieved during the main Crazy Time bonus round.

Funky Time’s maximum win potential is also set at £500,000, although the payout potential, in terms of your stake, is 10,000X, half that of Crazy Time.

While this is half that of Crazy Time, I should point out that, in theory, it’s “easier” to hit this 10,000X maximum win, as all four bonuses can produce it.

I’ll be frank; there’s not a noticeable difference between the games in terms of the payouts. 10,000X wins are so rare, anyway. It’s not worth considering, in my opinion.

Regarding number/letter betting, I prefer Funky Time for higher payouts. Regarding the bonuses and features, I’d say it’s up to your personal preferences, which you find more entertaining!


The RTP is one of the most critical factors in live dealer games, especially when comparing games against one another.

The RTP, or Return to Player percentage, indicates the average amount of player bets expected to be paid back to players in the long run.

For example, a game with an RTP of 90% would, on average, net the casino a profit of 10% in the long run.

Crazy Time has an average RTP of 95.41%, ranging from 94.41% to 96.08%, depending on the bet placed.

On the other hand, Funky Time offers an optimal RTP of 95.99%, with most game components delivering within the 95% range.

This means both games are volatile, offering small, frequent wins and occasional large payouts.

Crazy Time encourages betting on bonus rounds due to their higher winning potential. While Funky Time provides a balanced gaming experience regardless of the type of bet. I’ll get more specific about the RTPs below.

Funky Time RTPs

A look at Funky Time’s payouts reveals what we’ve come to expect from live dealer games like this; a variety of RTPs that vary spending on the bet placed.

The #1 bet carries the best RTP of 95.99%, meaning, on average, for every £100 you wager, the casino will make £4.01.

Next are the letter segments; ‘FUNK’, ‘PLAY’, and ‘TIME’. Each letter has an RTP of 95.49%, slightly lower than the number one bet.

However, I think this drop in RTP is barely noticeable, and the minimum 25:1 payout more than makes up for this.

The Bonus rounds in Funky Time all have different RTPs, some better, some worse, than the letter bets.

The ‘BAR’ Bonus has an RTP of 95.98%, the ‘STAYIN’ ALIVE’ Bonus has an RTP of 95.49%, the ‘DISCO’ Bonus stands at 95.51%, and the ‘VIP DISCO’ Bonus offers an RTP of 95.38%.

While the bonuses have a lower probability of landing than the letter and number one bet, the payout potential is significantly greater. I would generally advise betting on all bonuses when playing, as I advise in Crazy Time.

Crazy Time RTPs

Crazy Time’s RTPs are similar to those in Funky Time but are not identical. There are a few significant differences to be aware of.

Like Funky Time, the number one bet has the highest RTP; 96.08%.

In other words, the casino’s profit averages around £3.92 for each £100 wagered on this bet.

This is a better RTP than the number one bet in Funky Time, but there’s not much in it. The lower RTP in Funky Time allows for the bigger 25:1 payouts on the letter segments.

Crazy Time also has three other numbers on the wheel; ‘2’, ‘5’, and ’10’. These bets have varying RTPs. The number two bet has an RTP of 95.95%, the number five bet has an RTP of 95.78%, and the number ten bet has an RTP of 95.73%.

Again, while there are some slight differences here, they’re tiny, and I don’t look into them too much.

However, there’s a more noticeable change in RTPs regarding bonuses and features.

Interestingly, the game’s main highlight, the Crazy Time feature, carries the game’s second-lowest RTP of 94.41%. The Pachinko bonus RTP is the lowest, at 94.33%.
The RTP of the Coin Flip bonus is 95.70%, while the Cash Hunt bonus has the highest RTP, 95.72%.

While these bonuses don’t hit as often as the numbered bets, their payout potential is more significant. I always recommend betting on all four bonuses; it’s where the game’s big wins lie.

RTPs: A Conclusion

So, how do both games compare in terms of RTP?

Crazy Time has an average RTP of 95.41%, but it can be as high as 96.08% or as low as 94.41%, depending on what bets you place.

Funky Time’s highest RTP is slightly higher at 95.99%, with most bets falling around 95%.

Crazy Time pushes you to bet on bonus rounds as they can offer big wins. Whereas Funky Time delivers a balanced game no matter what you bet on.

After comparing the two, I’d say Crazy Time is probably the slightly riskier option. But it’s more likely to produce a big win from a bonus than Funky Time.

However, if you prefer consistent wins, Funky Time may be more up your street.

Honestly, RTP-wise, there’s a slight difference between the two games. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I wanted to cover the specifics as this is, after all, a comprehensive comparison between the two games.

Key Differences Between The Two Games

This has become a lengthy comparison, so I’ll try to tie things up quickly.

I want to quickly point out some of the critical differences between Crazy Time and Funky Time:

  • Wheel Layout: One of the first differences between the two games is the wheel’s size. Crazy Time’s wheel has 54 segments, while Funky Time’s is significantly larger with 64 segments.
  • Wheel Type: The Crazy Time wheel was manufactured by TCS John Huxley, a company with a solid track record. While the Funky Time wheel is a product of DigiWheel, a pioneer in digital technology.
  • RNG Involvement: Many players prefer not to have a random number generator deciding the outcome of their bonuses and features. In Crazy Time, two of the bonuses and features use a random number generator. In Funky Time, it’s used in three bonuses.
  • RTPs: While I often argue that RTPs are essential to look at, there’s very little between the two games. The optimal RTP of Funky Time is slightly higher than Crazy Time’s, 95.99% compared to 95.41%. However, individual bets all have RTPs, which I discuss in the “RTP” section above.
  • Win Potential: Both games have a maximum win of £500,000, or currency equivalent. Crazy Time, however, has the more considerable win potential by stake multiplier – 20,000X. Funky Time’s maximum stake win is half this – 10,000X. However, the equivalent of the numbered bets in Funky Time (the letters) offers much higher payouts of 25:1.
  • Bonuses and Features: Both games have four bonuses and features. I’d probably say Crazy Time’s a bit more creative and unique. The chance of entering the bonuses and features also differs. Triggering the top bonus round in Crazy Time has a probability of 1.85%, while in Funky Time, it’s 1.56%.

As I’ve mentioned, the differences from an RTP/payout perspective are negligible. The most significant differences are in the design, theme, and bonuses. It’s entirely down to your preferences about which game is better suited for you.

Which Game Is Better? My Closing Thoughts

The comparison between Funky Time and Crazy Time will inevitably become a Marmite-style debate among players. Some will be fiercely loyal to Crazy Time, I’m sure, while others will welcome the new creation from Evolution.

While both games are similar in many respects, the slight nuances can affect player preferences more than you’d think!

What are my thoughts?

Funky Time offers a higher optimal RTP and better chances at a 25:1 payout, making it potentially more appealing for those wanting more frequent wins in the small-to-midsize range.

Crazy Time, however, offers better potential for those monster wins and boasts slightly better odds for hitting a bonus round.

However, I think both games are excellent; they’re incredibly well made and offer a maximum win of at least 10,000X. Evolution’s state-of-the-art equipment is the best in the industry.

I can’t pick a favourite here, and I’m sticking to the simple principle: play whatever game you enjoy the most!

Both Funky Time and Crazy Time are packed with exciting bonuses and features. The RTP differences are negligible. While differing on individual bets, the payout potential is generally the same at the higher end.

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