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2022’s Live Casino Game Show Releases: My Verdicts

2022 has been a great year for live dealer games. If you’re a fan of online gambling, there’s a good chance you will have played (or at least seen) live dealer games on offer – and there’s a good reason why so many game developers are now choosing to enter the arena. Players love live dealer games. However, a specific subcategory of live dealer games is doing exceptionally well – gameshow or interactive entertainment games.

This trend kicked off with releases like Dream Catcher and Monopoly LIVE. I’ve seen all the significant live casino software providers competing to create new, cutting-edge, exciting game show releases.

2022 hasn’t seen too many new releases – but the games I have seen are, generally, pretty decent.

This page aims to look at what’s hit the market in 2022 and give you my honest thoughts.

2022 live casino game shows

Crazy Coin Flip – Evolution

crazy coin flip bonus round

Kicking off this list is Evolution’s Crazy Coin Flip – a live dealer-presented gameshow game released on 27 June 2022. It’s available at all Evolution-powered online casinos, and my top recommendations include Unibet and LeoVegas.

The concept for Crazy Coin Flip comes from one of the bonus rounds featured in Evolution’s hit game show game, Crazy Time. The “Coin Flip” bonus round proved popular with players thanks to the frequency it triggered. As a result, Evolution decided to create an entire game around the concept – and Crazy Coin Flip is the result. The game’s outcome is dependent simply on the flip of a coin – but unlike the Crazy Time version, there’s more than meets the eye.

How to Play

There are three phases to Crazy Coin Flip. Before the game begins, you will need to “qualify.” Qualification occurs using a 5-reel, 3-row video slot. You select the amount you want to wager per spin, and if you land three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view, you will qualify for the main Crazy Coin Flip bonus round.

However, you also get paid for matching regular wins – so even if you don’t qualify for the main bonus round, you can end up walking away with prizes.

Once qualified, you enter a “Top Up Phase.” You can win additional multipliers, which get transferred to the main bonus round. You play a simple one-line slot machine. Landing three matching colour symbols in a line will add the multipliers to the prize pool. This phase comes at a cost per spin, so it is optional; it’s a way of winning additional multipliers.

The main Crazy Coin Flip bonus round will begin; any multipliers you’ve managed to collect will carry through to this round. The presenter flips a coin, and the side the coin lands on corresponds to the payout you will win. Winnings are credited directly to your online casino account balance. After the game round ends, you’ll return to the start, where the process begins again.

My Verdict

While Crazy Coin Flip certainly offers some win potential, there’s the “topping up” issue I first saw in Evolution’s Live Deal or No Deal.

This mechanic can prove lucrative for those who get lucky. But it can get very costly – very quickly – and this often pushes out players on small budgets.

While it’s possible to play Crazy Coin Flip without topping up, doing so severely limits the amount of money you can win. It’s also possible to invest more into a game round than you can win back – which is also a turnoff for some players.

The game also feels boring. I appreciate Evolution has “spiced things up” by adding the qualification round and the video slot machine. But at its core, it is still a 50/50 coin flip – which shows a lack of creativity, in my opinion.

If you want a quick gamble – on a game that’s fast-paced – then Crazy Coin Flip can be worth a look. However, suppose you’re playing with a smaller bankroll or want a greater variety of bonuses and features. I suggest checking out a more popular game show release like Crazy Time or Pragmatic’s Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Monopoly Big Baller Live Big Baller Live – Evolution

monopoly big baller betting round

Monopoly Big Baller Live is another release from Evolution. It’s a bingo-style game show that uses the Monopoly Board game as its central theme.

Evolution launched Monopoly Big Baller Live on 10 August 2022. It is a mixture of Mega Ball and Monopoly Dream Catcher – both very successful games from the developer.

Monopoly Big Baller Live utilises a riverboat theme, and the bingo-style machine is the main mechanic used in the game.

Monopoly Big Baller Live is a game of bingo played using four bingo cards. You can win prizes by completing full lines on your bingo card. Depending on the type of card you are playing with, the payouts range from between 2X and 199X your stake.

There are also two additional bonus cards – the three and five rolls. You can access the unique bonus feature when the numbers on either card get completed. As you can see, there’s a solid bingo format in play here. It’s a mixture of concepts, so it’s not as straightforward as simply loading up an online bingo game and buying tickets.

How To Play

To begin playing Monopoly Big Baller Live, you must choose how many bingo cards you want to play and whether you will purchase any bonus round cards.

It’s possible to mix and match here, and once you have selected the amount of money you want to wager, click on the bet spots on top of the cards you wish to play.

Once you have done so, randomly generated numbers will populate the four bingo cards on your screen and the three and five-roll bonus cards.

Once the betting has closed, Mr Monopoly pulls a lever, adding a random selection of multipliers and free spaces to the cards.

The main bingo machine begins selecting 20 balls from the 60 bouncing inside. As numbers get drawn from the bingo machine, the corresponding numbers get crossed off the card with a red cross. After the draw of 20 balls has been completed, the game automatically totals up any wins you’ve managed to get and displays your payout on the screen.

Bonus Round

Like many game show-inspired live casino games, the biggest attraction of Monopoly Big Baller Live is the bonus round.

Here, you can win big multipliers – and this is where the majority of the game’s win-potential lies. The bonus round is similar to what I saw in Evolution’s original MONOPOLY Live. You get to work around the board, picking up cash amounts on various properties as you go.

It can sound a bit confusing at first, but essentially, it’s a glorified version of bingo – with a couple of bonus rounds added.

My Verdict

While Evolution could have been more creative with the bonus round, they have combined elements of bingo and gameshow live games. The game will appeal to bingo players and those who like the original MONOPOLY Live game – and the gameplay is pretty exciting.

I like that it’s relatively fast-paced, although if the bonus feature lands, it takes a few minutes before the next game round begins. Monopoly Big Baller Live is not the most successful game Evolution has ever put out, but it’s a decent effort, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something different to try.

I also like that Evolution is trying to think outside the box a bit here – and it’s got a more creative spirit than Crazy Coin Flip. However, the complex nature of the game may turn away players; if you do plan on giving the game a go for yourself, I’d recommend taking some time to watch the game and read the rules; jumping right in will probably overwhelm you.

You can play Monopoly Big Baller Live at PlayOJO and NoBonus Casino.

The Greatest Cards Show – Playtech

Intro for Greatest Cards Show

Playtech is a prolific developer in the live gaming industry. While they are yet to gain the same momentum seen by Evolution, their creativity and ambition have allowed them to become one of the leading providers in the live casino industry. The Greatest Cards Show is one of their latest live dealer entertainment games. It takes place within a large tent – similar to what you would be seated in if you attended a circus.

The game uses a 54-segment wheel of fortune. Each segment contains a different playing card and two joker cards.

Essentially, you need to place a bet on where you think the wheel will land – and the minimum payout is a decent 40 times your bet for a correct guess. If one of the two joker segments lands, you will trigger one of the three bonus features. It’s possible to win up to 5000 times your bet while playing, so there’s some decent win potential on offer.

How To Play

Once you load up the game, you can use several methods to place bets. For example, you can place a wager on a single number section or a range of numbers and select individual cards. It’s kind of similar to Roulette in this fashion.

Once the betting round has completed, a curtain will open, and between three and 12 randomly-chosen playing cards will appear. The dealer will spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on a card you have placed a bet on, you will win 40 times your stake. If the wheel lands on a segment you have not wagered on, you will lose.

You will enter a unique feature if one of the bonus rounds is triggered. Firstly, there is the Spotlight Bonus. Here, you will watch as three spotlights appear in the middle of your screen. A random multiplier applies to each of them, and the winning card will shift towards one of the spotlights. The spotlight where the card lands correspond to the prize you’ll win.

The second bonus round is The Light Show Bonus. Here, you choose one of three lightbulbs. Multipliers are added to your lightbulb, awarding a payout of between 50X and 5000X your stake.

The final bonus is The Jokers Bonus, where most of the game’s win potential lies. Multiplier values get added to six playing cards. You choose which card you think will win.

The cards “fight” one another in three duelling rounds until one remains the victor. If you choose the winning card, and there are stacked multipliers attached, you can walk away with some massive wins here. Each card gets a prize, so even when you lose, you win!

My Verdict

The Greatest Cards Show is pretty different from what I’ve seen released in the past. A lot is going on, which may confuse some players. However, I cannot fault Playtech for the design; the studio looks impeccable, with the presenters dressed immaculately.

The payouts are decent. There is some decent win potential – up to 5,000X. Although the main issue is the bonuses are dull. Compare them to Evolution’s Crazy Time, for example, and you’ll notice not much happening. I feel the game lacks interactivity, and the main bonus round takes a long time to complete, which is annoying if you have not qualified.

Still, it’s a novel concept – and if you’re looking for something different, it’s a bit of fun. Check out The Greatest Cards Show at Playojo. Playojo has a solid reputation and offers a vast range of games. They accept all primary payment methods and boast fast cashouts – and their customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to resolve any problems.

Football Card Showdown – Playtech

Playtech Football Card Showdown

Another new release from Playtech this year is Football Card Showdown. Released just before the start of the FIFA World Cup, Football Card Showdown is, unsurprisingly, a football-themed live dealer game. I include it here as there is a high level of interactivity with the dealer, and it’s quite a bit of fun – despite it not technically being a game show-themed release.

The game uses a casino table that looks like a football pitch. The two halves are labelled home and away, and each playing position receives one card. Your job is to predict which of the two sides will end up with the higher card value.

In addition, there are several different side bets that you can place – although, unfortunately, the payouts for these are also even money which is a bit disappointing. If you hadn’t noticed, Football Card Showdown is similar to Evolution’s Football Studio.

How To Play

Once a new game round begins, you will have 15 seconds to place your bets. The standard ones – home and away – are straightforward. It’s a 50-50 chance of winning when you exclude the chance of a tie. If you think the result will be a tie, place a chip on the draw section. Before the game begins, you can also place optional side bets.

Once the betting is over, the dealer will remove the top card from the deck and draw two cards from the shoe. The first card is always the home card, and the second is always the away card. The cards get revealed, with the highest-value card declared the winner. Interestingly, if the result is a draw, you receive back 50% of your wager. If you choose to bet on the draw, you will win at 10:1.

Four side bets are available: big, small, odd, and even. These are self-explanatory; for example, if you place the odd side bet, you are betting that the card drawn to you will be an odd number. All side bets are unaffected by the result of the main game, so it’s similar to a Blackjack side bet.

My Verdict

Football Card Showdown is a basic card game, but it’s a good choice for players wanting some quick action. Of course, the game is geared entirely towards football fans, so if you’re not a soccer fanatic, you’re unlikely to be particularly captivated.

I wouldn’t say I like that the side bets only pay even money; I feel that Playtech could have been more creative here. The whole point of a side bet is to maximise the amount of money you can win – and offering players the ability to win the same amount they can from the primary wager doesn’t make much sense to me.

I also can’t help but feel Football Card Showdown is just a lazy copy of Evolution’s Football Studio Live. Sure, there are some differences, but not enough to make the game as unique as it should be, in my opinion.

Still, for some quick action – potentially alongside World Cup matches – it’s a nifty little game that can result in semi-decent payouts. Try Football Card Showdown at Playojo.

Boom City – Pragmatic Play

boom city main grid

Boom City is a live entertainment game show from Pragmatic Play – and it’s completely different from what I’ve seen before. The majority of games utilise a wheel-of-fortune wheel. Boom City uses a 6X6 grid with 36 individual squares. Two rolled dice determine the outcome of each game round.

Like most gameshow releases in the live casino niche today, Boom City contains multiple bonuses and features. The most lucrative of these – known as the PowerUp Bonus – can award a payout of up to 20,000X your stake!

Cash prize squares, bonus round squares, and power-up squares are on the grid. These squares are “fluid” – meaning the values within them change each time you play. Boom City has two phases – details I’ll cover below.

How To Play

Firstly, you’ll need to place bets on the square you think will be chosen from the roll of the two dice. The value of the two dice is combined to find the winning tile. If the result is a red cross, the round is lost, and the game round ends.

If the result is a Power-Up square, 2X and 5X multipliers get randomly added to 24 tiles on the grid. In addition, all the “busts” become bronze-coloured squares containing multipliers between 20X and 50X. The dice get rolled for a second time. You win if you land a coloured square and have an active bet on that square. If the dice choose a bonus square, you’ll trigger one of three bonuses and features.

Bonus Rounds

Firstly, there’s the Dice Battle bonus round, essentially a competition between the two dice. The dice reaching the highest value after three rolls is declared the winner. You pick the dice you want to back – and if you’re correct, you’ll be paid up to 500X your wager.

The second bonus round is the Luck Drop round, which takes you to a unique grid with six columns. Each column represents one of the numbers on the dice. At the top of the screen, you’ll see four multipliers. The lowest multiplier is 10X, and the highest can be 200X. You pick one of the columns – with the two dice rolled three times. The roll’s result will cause the multipliers to drop, increasing the payouts – and this repeats each time the dice roll.

Finally, there’s the Boom or Bust bonus round, which plays on a 7-row, 6-column grid. It’s a gambling-focused bonus where you manage risk and reward carefully. You can read about this bonus round and how it works in my Boom City review.

My Verdict

Pragmatic Play, while not a new game developer, is relatively new to the live casino world. They’ve had to compete with industry giants like Evolution and Playtech. One of the ways they’ve had to “get ahead” is to develop concepts I haven’t seen in other live dealer games – and Boom City is an excellent example of their creativity.

Sure, it looks complex at first – and there is a learning curve. However, once you get over the initial complexity, you’ll find that it’s essentially the same as all the other wheel-based game shows – just presented differently.

The bonuses and features are excellent and keep you on your toes. I particularly like the Boom or Bust bonus round, as you get to manage and control the level of risk you want to take. The presenters are also very talkative and friendly – which is critically important for a developer today.

If you’d like to try Boom City, I recommend playing at BetVictor Casino. They’re a solid outlet, offering various games, extraordinary bonuses and promotions – and excellent customer support.

Closing Thoughts

Unfortunately, there were no overly impressive releases during 2022. Of course, I still enjoy the highs from the last couple of years – most notably Evolution’s Crazy Time. Pragmatic Play continues to be a force to be reckoned with – and it’s very likely we’ll see this continue into 2023. Boom City is an excellent release from them – and I love that they’re thinking outside the box and working with concepts I haven’t seen before.

Evolution’s two games offer some potential – although I’m slightly disappointed with Crazy Coin Flip. It feels lazy – and I’d like to see them working on new concepts rather than falling back on simple bonus rounds from Crazy Time.

It’s always a fine line for game developers to create a game that’s unique enough to draw in new players while ensuring the game’s easy to learn and understand. As you’ll see from this page, a couple of games are overly-complicated and likely to turn off some players.

Similarly, I’ve seen some releases requiring players to qualify. Evolution’s Deal or No Deal drew criticism for this concept – and while there’s great win potential, you usually have to invest quite a lot of your own money even to have a chance of unlocking the most significant wins.

While higher-staking players may have no problem with this concept, those playing on low stakes will probably choose to avoid it as the payouts tend to be pretty poor unless you’re willing to gamble significant amounts of extra cash.

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