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Blackjack Player Types – Which One are You?

I’ve played Blackjack online and at land-based casinos for the past 30 years. It’s my go-to game and one I feel most comfortable playing. Over the years, I’ve sat next to and played with all sorts of players.

Here’s my rundown of all the Blackjack player types I’ve come across. See if you can find yourself on my list.

What type of Blackjack Player are you

What Type Of Blackjack Player Are You?

I’ve played alongside some great and not-so-great players in my time.

I’m observant when I’m at the table. I’m polite to my fellow players and the croupiers, who do a great job running and controlling the game. They sometimes make mistakes, which is natural, so you need to keep your wits about you when playing to ensure you’re not underpaid when you win.

Of course, the players are the most changeable elements of any game of Blackjack. Be it Land-based or online live blackjack, the seats are constantly changing. Online, it’s challenging to get to know your fellow players. But in land-based, it’s effortless if you put yourself out there.

See if you can recognise yourself from my list of the most common types of Blackjack players I’ve come into contact with over the years.

So, in no particular order.

Low Stakes Player

The Low stakes player typically arrives at the table timidly, looking for the Minimum Bet information. If it’s within his stake range, he’ll take a seat and produce from his pocket a selection of scrunched-up banknotes of various denominations to exchange into chips. When playing, he’ll stick to betting the lowest amount possible, and often if he’s running out of money, will produce more scrunched-up bills from his other pockets.

High Stakes Player

The High Stakes player is the polar opposite of the low-stakes player. He produces from his pocket/wallet/Billfold a wad of freshly made $100 bills or £50 Notes and lays them along with his player’s card in the middle of the table, regardless of the state of the game round. Everyone knows he’s got lots of money and has no shame in flaunting it. He wants to bet the table maximum or close to it.

Rich Player trying to impress Girlfriend

This is my favourite player at the table. Usually, he is an older man with a much younger girlfriend. English is not their first language. He might be smoking a smelly cigar.

They both sit at the table with an already large amount of high-valued chips in from of them. Then he apportions some chips out and gives them to his lady friend.

He bets big, and she bets small, but there is lots of talking between them, almost too much, as they pay little attention to the game. They may be at the table for five rounds before departing arm in arm, presumably going off to do something more exciting.

No clue how to play player

This player presumably knows how to play and has a rudimentary grasp of the playing rules but no idea how to apply them or even why. He fails to double and split when he should and takes cards when they are not necessary. He losses and wins about the same, which is fantastic – but he pisses everyone else off on the table with his slow play and decision-making.

The Drunked Player

This player has had too much to drink, so he’s not concentrating on the game. He forgets to put his bet down every time and is never ready to make his playing decision until he’s reminded. He’s a nightmare to have on the table, spilling his drinks and generally just being awkward.

Basic Strategy Purest

This guy knows basic strategy and is not afraid to let you know. He plays everything by the book and silently tuts when you don’t. If there is ever a debate about what to do, he beats the dealer telling you and gives you the stats as to why.

Split Everything Player

This player splits high-value hands when the dealer shows 3 to 6 as his up card. He splits everything he can, including pairs of Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings. This player is not a friend to the Basic Strategy Purest, who’ll leave the table if this person turns up.

The Beginner

This is an inexperienced player who is cautious in his/her play and wants validation for everything they do. Not a pain, like no clue player or drunken player. We all have to start someone where, but clearly, they are nervous and not quite sure of the etiquette at the table, including the visual hand signals needed.

The Not talking to Anyone Player.

This player sits there quietly. Not chatting to anyone, they place their bets and take their chips in silence, using hand signals effectively.

Giving the Dealer Shit Player

This player is never happy. Constantly criticizing the dealer for bad beats,  busting his hand or when the dealer draws a five on sixteen. They affect the vibe on the table and are not a great person to play with.

Celebrate Everything Player

You’d think this payer had never won anything in his life. He is the life and soul of the table, high-fiving when people draw an ace, Blackjack or make a hand!

The Card Counter

This player is concentrating on the shoe and what comes out. They try to fly under the radar, but it’s evident from their chipping that they are counting cards and acting on the information. Good luck to them with the 50% penetration of the shoe and eight decks. The dealers don’t seem too bothered by the pit bosses swing by a little more often than usual.

The Play All the Side bets Player

This player loves a bet. They bet on the main hand and all the side bets, regardless of how many times they lose. They want to play yours, too, if you’re not playing them.

The Chatty Player

This player does not shut up. They have a story for everything and keep talking even when no one listens.

The Winning Player

This person seems to get the hands and wins and wins.

The Losing Player

It doesn’t matter what this player does. They lose. They get every bad beat going, and the dealer pushes even when they have Blackjack.


Do you recognise yourself? If not, drop me a note and let me know so I can add you to the article.

Otherwise, be happy when you spot these players and enjoy yourself at the tables.

If you can’t, I suggest you colour up, leave and find another table to play on.

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