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Live Dealer Gameshow RTPs Compared

As a massive fan of live dealer game shows games, I have always been fascinated by the unique combination of the excitement of a live game and the thrill of a game show.

In this blog post, I will dive into live dealer game show games and compare the return to player (RTP) of some of the most popular options available at online casinos.

I’ll show you a comparison of the RTPs of different live dealer games – showing you the best and worst bets to place – and looking at why some games are far superior to others.

I want to begin by sharing with you the RTP and why it’s so important when gambling online.

Live Dealer Gameshow RTPs compared

What Does The RTP Mean?

As a live casino game player, I always look for methods to improve my chances of winning. Therefore, the return to player (RTP) % is an important metric to consider when selecting a game.

The return to player (RTP) is a percentage that reflects how much money gets returned to players over time.

You calculate it by dividing the total amount wagered by the total amount of money returned to players in the form of wins. The greater the RTP, the greater the likelihood of winning.

Recognising that RTP is a long-term expectation, not a guarantee of winning in every game, is essential.

A game with a high RTP could still result in a losing session, but the RTP will be close to its theoretical percentage provided over time.

When selecting a live casino game, it is essential to carry out research and compare the RTPs of various games and bet types.

Using this information can assist you in making an informed selection and improving your chances of winning.

I usually opt for live casino games with an RTP of 96% or higher since the odds of winning are better.

It’s also worth noting that RTP varies based on the game rules, betting limits, and the live casino provider.

As a result, it is always a good idea to check the RTP of the individual game variation you are playing rather than relying on the game’s average RTP.

Crazy Time vs Other Game Show Games: The Average RTPs

I love Crazy Time, and it’s one of my favourite games.

I appreciate everything about it, from the live dealers’ enthusiasm to the frequent bonuses and features.

However, how does Crazy Time’s RTP compare to other popular live game show games?

I will analyse the minimum and maximum RTPs of ten entertainment games and discuss each game’s best and worst bets in more detail.

  • Crazy Time: It may surprise you that Crazy Time doesn’t offer the best RTP in an entertainment game. Depending on the bets you place, the RTP varies between 94.41% and 96.08%.
  • Monopoly Live: Monopoly Live has a shameful minimum RTP of 91.30%. The highest possible RTP is 96.23%, which is more respectable.
  • Spin a Win: Spin a Win has RTPs on both ends of the scale; on the lower, it can reach as low as 90.67%! However, optimal betting can also increase this figure up to 97.22%.
  • Live Mega Wheel: Live Mega Wheel has an optimal RTP of 96.51%, which is decent for an entertainment game.
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Adventures Beyond Wonderland has a maximum RTP of 96.82%, although specific bets can lower this percentage significantly.
  • Mega Ball Live: Mega Ball Live has an expected RTP of 95.40%. However, this can drop to 95.05% if you place multiple bets.
  • Money Drop Live: Money Drop Live has an RTP of between 94.40% to 96.48% depending on the bets you place.
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland: Sweet Bonanza Candyland has a very low minimum RTP of 91.59%. The max RTP is, thankfully, better, coming in at 96.59%.
  • Boom City Live: Boom City Live has an RTP of between 93.49% and 96.21% depending on the bets you place.
  • Everybody’s Jackpot Live: Everybody’s Jackpot Live has a minimum RTP of 94.25% and a maximum RTP of 96.75%.

The Best and Worst RTP Bets

I should have mentioned overall RTPs in the previous section. But the numerous betting options offered by most entertainment games make it hard to accurately represent the game’s potential performance with just one RTP figure.

In the sections below, I will break down each of the ten games I discussed earlier. I will introduce them and point out the best and worst bets you can place.

Crazy Time Betting

Crazy Time, which Evolution developed, is the world’s most successful and popular live entertainment game and my favourite.

It uses a Dream Catcher-style money wheel with 54 segments offering monetary prizes ranging from 1X to 10X and four unique bonuses and features.

Its immense popularity among players confirms its position as the clear leader in live gaming entertainment.

crazy time casinos

Best Crazy Time Bets

When playing Crazy Time, the bets you make depend on your goals for the game.

Many players bet on all four bonuses and features, even though some have lower RTPs. For example, the Cash Hunt bet has an RTP of 95.70%, and Coin Flip has an RTP of 95.27%.

These are the two best bets to make when it comes to bonuses and RTP.

The RTPs for the number sections are consistent. My favourites are the bets on 1 and 2, with RTPs of 96.08% and 95.95%, respectively. The Top Slot multiplier makes these two even more impressive, sometimes returning a 50x multiplier.

Worst Crazy Time Bets

Although I don’t think any of the bets in Crazy Time are truly bad, in terms of RTP, the worst bets for bonuses are Pachinko and Crazy Time.

These bets have RTPs of 94.33% and 94.41%, respectively.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Crazy Time bonus has the highest potential winnings by far, so many players still choose to bet on it.

As for the worst number to back, some players avoid betting on 5 and 10 because they have RTPs of 95.78% and 95.73%, respectively.

However, I still like to bet on all four bonuses and then cover a few numbers to hedge my bets.

Monopoly Live Betting

Monopoly Live, created by Evolution, is a game similar to Dream Catcher that combines live entertainment with a bonus round similar to video slots.

I enjoy playing the game, but it’s essential to have a solid strategy.

monopoly dream catcher

Best Monopoly Live Bets

When playing Monopoly Live, I always bet on the “two rolls” and “four rolls” sections, as that’s the game’s primary focus.

However, regarding RTP, these sections don’t offer the best returns. The best bet for RTP is number 2; it has an RTP of 96.23%.

Another good option is a bet on 10, which has an RTP of 96.02%.

Even though the RTPs for the two and four-roll bets are low (93.90% and 93.67%), I still recommend betting on them, as skipping them means you’re essentially playing Dream Catcher.

Worst Monopoly Live Bets

I was surprised to find that some Monopoly Live bets have low RTPs.

For example, the RTP for betting on 1 is only 92.88%, and the worst RTP within the game is betting on the number 5, only 91.30%.

That’s lower than I’d expect in a live dealer game and worse than most video slots.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Betting

I like Adventures Beyond Wonderland, one of Playtech’s new live entertainment game show games, which uses a wheel of fortune format and adds bonuses and features to a modified Spin A Win wheel.

adventures beyond wonderland

Best Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bets

I am pleased to report that most of the bets in Adventures Beyond Wonderland have a near-identical RTP. None have an RTP lower than 96%.

Keeping these RTPs consistent is impressive, especially compared to Crazy Time, where RTPs can drop below 94%.

The best RTP bet on the wheel is on the number one segment, with an RTP of 96.82%, but the payout is only 1:1, which may be challenging for many players.

A better option is the number ten bet, with the second-highest RTP of 96.70% and a higher payout of 10:1.

The “2 Wonderspins” bonus bet has a decent RTP of 96.66%, and the “5 Wonderspins” is slightly higher at 96.67%.

Worst Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bets

There aren’t any terrible bets to place in Adventures Beyond Wonderland, but I recommend avoiding the one and two numbers because the payouts need to be more significant to make them worthwhile.

However, I want to be transparent, so I’ll briefly mention the worst bets at the table.

The lowest RTP bet is between the 5-number bet and the Magic Dice Mini-Game bet, with an RTP of 96.58%, but even this is pretty decent in the grand scheme.

Money Drop Live Betting

I love playing Money Drop Live, a unique live game show game from Playtech based on the hit UK TV show The 100K Drop. It allows me to take control of my gameplay by playing it safe or risking it all to win big.

money drop live

Best Money Drop Live Bets

Unfortunately, the RTPs in Money Drop Live are only sometimes high. I would be cautious about placing specific bets, even if the RTPs look high on paper.

The best bet is on the 8X Quick Drop, which has an RTP of 96.02% but a probability of 37.03%, which is decent.

The highest RTP bet is on the 1,000X spot, with 96.40%, but the probability is only 1.85%, making the chances of hitting slim.

Worst Money Drop Live Bets

The worst bet in Money Drop Live is the 2,500X game round. It has a low probability of 1.85% and a low RTP of 94.40%.

I would also recommend avoiding the Card Clash bet; despite having a decent RTP of 96.62%, the probability of it landing is only 5.55%.

Mega Ball Live Bets

I am not a big fan of Mega Ball Live; it’s not a game I would typically play.

I find the gameplay boring, and the only real excitement was the multipliers to hit winning lines. However, I have seen videos of people hitting big wins on YouTube, so it might be worth checking out if you are a bingo fan.

purchase live mega ball cards

Best and Worst Mega Ball Live Bets

I will write this section differently than I have for the other games because there are fewer betting options and only one actual RTP to consider. If you play Mega Ball Live, I strongly suggest purchasing only one card because when you do so, the RTP of the game is 95.40%.

If you purchase more than one ticket, the RTP decreases to 95.05%.

The RTP of the game is low, and purchasing multiple cards will lower it even more. Spending more money on one card is much better than buying numerous cards for smaller amounts.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bets

I enjoy the concept of Sweet Bonanza Candyland and appreciate how Pragmatic Play has combined live dealer elements with one of their most popular video slots.

However, I have reservations about the game. Firstly, the RTP is low, with the lowest being 91.59%, which is abysmal.

Additionally, where the RTP gets allocated should be more apparent. Nevertheless, I enjoy the bonuses and features, but they can appear tame compared to Crazy Time.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker

Best Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bets

I almost always cover all special bonus bets when playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Betting on 1 is the safest bet, with a win probability of 42.59% and the best chance of hitting. With a payout of just 1:1, it is unlikely to appeal to most players.

Similarly, betting on two is another reasonably safe bet; it has a hit rate of 27.77%, but the payout is low at 2:1.

Worst Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bets

As I mentioned earlier, I need clarification on how Pragmatic Play distributes its overall RTP in Sweet Bonanza Candyland, which makes it difficult to give definitive advice on the worst bets to place.

But I am confident the worst wager you can make is the “Sweet Spins” bonus bet, with a hit rate of just 1.85%. The “Candy Drop” bonus bet also has a low probability of hitting, at just 3.70%.

Boom City Live Bets

Pragmatic Play Live has significantly improved its games in the last year or two. Despite being a newer name in the live iGaming industry, their releases are consistently high-quality, and I am impressed with the presentation of their games.

While I appreciate some of the elements in Boom City Live, I needed help understanding how the Power-Ups work. Although it may seem like a simple concept on paper, it took me a few practice rounds to fully grasp how everything functioned.

boom city place your bets

Best Boom City Live Bets

It is challenging to find information about the RTPs in Boom City Live. I know that the overall RTP of the game is 96.21%, but different bets can alter this figure between 93.49% and 96.21%.

Like many entertainment games, the “safest” bets are probably the 1X Bronze and 2X Silver number bets. The payouts for these bets are 1:1 and 2:1, respectively, and the hit probability ranges from 33.3%-36.1% and 25.0%-30.6%, respectively.

However, if you are like me, you will likely prefer to bet on the bonuses and features in Boom City Live, such as Power Up, Bust Symbol, Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust.

Worst Boom City Live Bets

I have previously suggested betting on the bonuses and features in Boom City Live.

However, the probability of these segments hitting is relatively low. For example, the Boom or Bust bet has a hit probability ranging from 0.0% to 2.8%, while the Lucky Drop and Dice Battle have hit probabilities between 2.8% and 5.6%.

The RTP of the game is decent overall, but without knowing the individual bet RTPs, it’s challenging for me to give specific betting advice.

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Bets

I was interested when Playtech released Everybody’s Jackpot Live, as it’s a community game where players share the same spins on the slot.

I appreciate the inclusion of a progressive jackpot, four bonuses, and features that can award payouts of up to 6,740X the bet.

However, I have some issues with the game. Firstly, Playtech does not record or produce statistics, so I cannot examine the results of previous spins or see how frequently bonuses and features are triggered.

The standard RTP for Everybody’s Jackpot Live is 96.75%. However, activating the “Double Up” option decreases the RTP significantly to 94.25%.

playtech everybodys jackpot live slot

Best and Worst Everybody’s Jackpot Live Slot Bets

As with the “Mega Ball Live” segment of this post, it is difficult for me to provide specific betting advice for a slot-based game like Everybody’s Jackpot Live.

My only suggestion would be to consider playing after 21:00 GMT. Playtech states the jackpot should trigger by then every day.

Live Mega Wheel Bets

Some players accused Live Mega Wheel of copying other wheels of fortune-style games from developers like Evolution, Ezugi, and Playtech.

I do not entirely agree. Pragmatic Play has borrowed elements but has yet to copy other games.

I appreciate the simplicity of Live Mega Wheel and the ease of landing a multiplier that can help hit big wins.

Although I do not love the game’s presentation, it is not the worst-looking live game I have seen, and it will appeal to many players.

close up of the live mega wheel

Best Live Mega Wheel Bets

The optimal RTP for Live Mega Wheel is 96.51%, but the RTP can drop significantly without the multipliers, so keep this in mind before playing.

Unfortunately, I could not find detailed information about the RTP of individual bets, but I can show you the chances of winning.

The three bets with the highest chances of winning are betting on the numbers 1, 2, and 5. The associated probabilities are 37.03%, 24.07%, and 12.96%, respectively.

Worst Live Mega Wheel Bets

Some readers may disagree with my assessment of the “worst bets,” but I am only discussing the probabilities of winning.

For example, betting on the numbers 30 or 40 has a chance of winning of just 1.85%. However, the maximum multiplier can be 500X, leading to enormous wins.

Betting on the numbers 15 and 20 also has a maximum multiplier potential of 500X and the probability of them landing is slightly higher at 3.70%.

Ultimately, there are several different betting strategies in Live Mega Wheel, which I have outlined on my dedicated review page.

Spin A Win Bets

I find Spin A Win to be a simple game, but I can understand why it would appeal to certain players.

It resembles an early Wheel of Fortune entertainment game, such as Evolution’s Dream Catcher and has no bonuses or features.

Instead, players bet on the numbers they think will come up, likely drawing some players to the game.

The RTPs in Spin A Win can vary greatly depending on the bets placed, and I advise caution as some bets can have RTPs as low as 90%.

Spin A win smiling female dealer

Best Spin A Win Bets

There are two bets in Spin A Win with a maximum RTP above 96%. Firstly, the main “10” bet has an RTP of 96.58%, which is respectable. The multiplier bet also offers a decent RTP of 96.30%. Finally, betting on numbers 1 and 2 has set RTPs of 95.34% and 95.51%, respectively, which is pretty good.

Worst Spin A Win Bets

Spin A Win has some poor bets. Betting on the number 40 has a minimum RTP of 90.7%, which is shocking.

Betting on the number 20 has a low RTP of 92.67%. The number 5 has an even lower minimum of 91.22%, so I advise avoiding these bets.

What Bets Should You Place?

In this guide, I’ve walked you through some of the most popular entertainment live games on the market.

I’ve also shown the best and worst bets you can make.

To conclude, I will walk you through some of the best games and specific bets in three topics: overall RTP, straight-up number betting, and bonuses and features.

Overall RTP

While I am a massive advocate of Crazy Time, I should point out that it doesn’t offer the highest overall RTP. Therefore, I will narrow down the list of games to three for you.

Playtech’s Live Spin a Win has the highest overall RTP, at 97.22%. Admittedly, this is impressive.

Second on the list is yet another Playtech release, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, with an optimal RTP of 96.82%. However, placing the right bets is essential, as this RTP can decrease significantly.

Thirdly, there’s another Playtech release, Everybody’s Jackpot Live, with the third-highest potential RTP of any game on this list. Optimal play can result in an RTP of 96.75%.

Number Betting RTPs

If you want to bet solely on numbers, consider Adventures Beyond Wonderland, with the highest single-number betting RTP at 96.82% for the number one.

Monopoly Live from Evolution offers another decent number bet with an RTP of 96.23% for the number two.

Crazy Time also provides a good number bet RTP of 96.08% for number one.

Bonus Round RTPs

If you like to bet on the bonus segments, I recommend considering Adventures Beyond Wonderland, with an RTP of 96.67% for the “5 Wonderspins” bet.

Money Drop Live comes second, with an RTP of 96.02% for the 8X Quick Drop bet.

Crazy Time’s best bonus bets are the Cash Hunt and Coin Flip, with RTPs of 95.70% and 95.27%, respectively.

Crazy Time is still my favourite game for its quality and entertainment value.

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