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5 Reasons why Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack won’t work

Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack
Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack
Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack

Posted January 5, 2018 by

5 Reasons why Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack is likely to fail

Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack is doomed to failure. I reveal 5 Reasons why you’d be better off playing in a Land Based casino.

There are lots of articles written about whether it’s possible to Count Cards when you’re playing Blackjack at an online casino.

Most of the articles provide good information when it concerns the Random Number Generator (RNG) games. i.e Blackjack played against a computer.

The advice is you can’t count cards because each hand dealt is from a freshly shuffled shoe.

But for some some reason, if you add in a real dealer, real cards and a real table, the advice given suddenly becomes inaccurate.

Why? In a nutshell those writing the articles don’t really understand how Live Blackjack has been developed to thwart card counting.

They assume, incorrectly, that online Live Blackjack games are the same as you get in real land based/bricks and mortar casinos. Well they’re not.

I’m here to show you 5 reasons why Card Counting won’t work when your playing online Live Dealer Blackjack.

What is Card Counting?

Card Counting is a not illegal, but land based and online live casinos don’t like players who use this technique for obtaining an edge while playing blackjack.

When used correctly a card counter can maximise their opportunity to win.

A card counter keeps a record of the value of the cards as they come out from the dealing shoe.

This enables the player to judge when to increase his bet by knowing that the next cards dealt are more likely to result in a player win/ dealer bust.

If you’re interested in learning more then you can read about the famous MIT Blackjack Team or watch the movie 21 that they inspired.

1. Live Blackjack has been designed to be resistant to card counting

The Online Live Casinos have designed live Blackjack to thwart to card counter and card counting software.

  • Games are played with 8 decks of 52 playing cards.
  • Shoe penetration is usually 50% of the shoe. The shoe is changed when only 4 decks have been dealt.
  • On some tables Auto shuffling / dealing shoes are used to provide a fresh shoe before each hand is dealt.
  • Cards are “Burned” either at the beginning of the shoe or at some places before each new game round. (Burning is the act of removing the top card or cards face down from the deck before hands are dealt).

These techniques make it very difficult if not impossible for a card counter to keep an accurate count.

2. The live casino software keeps the count

The software monitoring the game keeps a count of the shoe as it’s dealt.

The casino is alerted when a players betting patterns consistently match the count.

Card Counters can’t hide when playing online. They are identified quickly and if they persistently try to take or seem to have an advantage they will be stopped.

3. Not all the players at the table will be playing to standard strategy

Regular players will know that previous cards dealt should have no bearing on the decision you make when it’s your turn to act.

Advanced players using advanced strategy techniques, know this isn’t quite true.

So a combination of on table decisions and the experience level of players will have an impact to the Card Counter/Advantage player.

On most live tables the Card Counter won’t be able to rely on the cards he is expecting will hit his hand.

4. Dealer Tells Don’t Exist

I’ve seen it written, that you should look for dealer tells, as they know what cards they’ve been dealt at the same time as the player. And that will help you make your playing decisions easier.

This is Wrong.

The Dealer doesn’t know what his down card is until the betting round has been completed.

The card has been scanned, but it’s not revealed to the dealer until all betting has finished.

This is done for two reasons:

  • To stop dealer tells.
  • To prevent fraud and collusion.

5. The Casino doesn’t have to take your bets

There is no obligation on the casino to take your bet.

If they suspect that you’re counting cards, you may suddenly lose your connection to the game or even banned from playing at the casino completely.

It will happen quickly and without any fuss.

You’ve been warned.!


Card Counting on Live Dealer Blackjack, Edge Sorting and Shuffle Tracking are virtually impossible when you’re playing online with a dealer. If anyone tells you different they don’t understand how the games are operated.

Using Blackjack Basic strategy will help you achieve an RTP of 99.5%.

Just stick to that and be lucky.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m not a Card counting expert, far from it. I play Blackjack recreationally and I used standard basic strategy when I’m playing.

I do however have in-depth knowledge about live casino games and in particular how the suppliers have developed their live blackjack games.

If you want to try Card Counting, use online tools to practice. Then visit a land based casino where you may find a game suited to card counting.