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I’ve been taking a trawl around all the live blackjack games from the different software suppliers to ensure that my Blackjack Options page is up to date. I’ve found that there’s been a number of notable changes. This is good news if you like live blackjack.

Some Background

The basic principle of the game is the same everywhere. You, the player, has to beat the dealers hand while not going over 21.

There are several ways to do this, you either have a hand that is higher than the dealers up to 21, or the dealer busts out.

The skill in the game is knowing when to take a card and when not to. A well formed standard basic strategy exists for Blackjack and if followed can increase the chances of beating the dealer.

Not All Blackjack is the Same

New Blackjack optionsWhile the basic principle of the game is the same everywhere, the options when playing are not.

What I mean about options is the actions you can take depending on the cards dealt to you.

Some software providers have different options for the same situation. So knowing what they are and which casinos use them can help you play somewhere where the house edge is not so much in the houses favour. This will allow you to maximise your potential profits in certain situations.

All sounds a bit complicated? It’s not when you get down to it. You can find a full explanation of all the differences on my blackjack options page.

What’s Changed? and Where!


Playtech Live Blackjack

 Playtech have probably made the most changes recently, so its’ worth going through them one by one:

Vegas Rules – The dealer takes two cards but will NOT peak for Blackjack if he has an Ace showing. Players are offered insurance and then continue to build their hands before the dealer checks his hand. If he has BJ those with insurance get paid, those without lose their bets.

What’s significant here is most other providers will peak for Blackjack before the game round continues, therefore not allowing players to build their hands against a Blackjack.

Vegas Rules – If the dealer is showing a 10 (Ten) and a player has played a double he will get half of his stake returned if the dealer then goes on to get a Blackjack. Playtech are the only operator to offer this.

European Rules – The dealer only takes one card. Significant because the dealer can’t peak for BJ and can’t offer money back for losing doubles against a dealers Blackjack.


Ezugi Live Blackjack

 Ezugi have one option that I hadn’t noticed before:

Now looking through the options at Ezugi they actually have one of the best set of rules in the market place.

You can double on splits, the dealer peaks for BJ, it Vegas rules and you’re able to double on anything. This with the Bets returned is awesome.

I’m just sad that Ezugi don’t have a UK licence as I’d be playing at one of their casinos in a heartbeat. 

Net Entertainment Live Casino Software

NetEnt Live Blackjack

 NetEnt have made a few tweaks, some have been around for a while but it’s worth a reminder.


About Neil’s Casino Comparer Reviews

I have tried to be objective and consistent with all my live casino reviews. Hopefully, they will strike a chord with you, but I thought it might be helpful to explain the criteria I use to mark each of the casinos. Hopefully, the categories and explanations make sense.

Playability – What is the overall impression of the casino? Did I have a good time? are the dealers nice and chatty and is everything easy to understand? Does it have a good set of games and is there a comprehensive set of betting options? Are high stakes players taken care of?

Software – What is the software like to use and does it integrate well with the rest of the casino?. Are the images clear and is the video streaming fast? Have they taken more than the default shared tables? Is it available on mobile?

Payment Options – Does the casino have a good variety of payment options? Do they payout quickly and on time?

Security – How good is the reputation of the casino amongst other players? Do they hold a valid gaming license? Are they transparent about the security measures they have in place? Are they regularly audited? Do they publish this information?

Support – Do they have multiple methods for communication with me? Is support available 24×7? Do they have instant chat and are they quick to respond? Are they able to help me immediately? Do they have an online FAQ and self-help library? Are the support people knowledgeable about the product I’m playing?

Bonuses – Do they have bonuses?. How strict are the wagering requirements? Do they offer repeat bonuses?. Do they offer loyalty points and can they be redeemed for cash or playing credits?

After all that, would I play there regularly?

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