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Evolution Auto Spins Roulette


Posted December 8, 2017 by

Auto Spins Roulette was released very quietly by Evolution at the beginning of December 2017 and I’ve only just noticed.

An Auto spin facility has been added to all Evolution Live Roulette tables.

It’s the same feature that was first introduced on Dream Catcher earlier this year.

Auto Spins Roulette does exactly as it says. You can set up Roulette to Repeat your last bet for a specific number of spins.

Players in the UK get an additional option that allows them to set a win or loss limit as well. 

Where can you find it?

The option to use Auto Spins is in the bottom right hand corner of the playing interface.

auto spins roulette option

Clicking on the auto spins symbol will bring up the following screen, where you can select the number of spins and the win or loss limit for the chip layout on the table.

auto spins roulette selector

This is a useful feature if you like to grind out the same betting pattern.

It’s available at all Evolution Live Casinos.