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Who Makes Live Dealer Roulette Wheels?

Roulette wheels are beautiful engineering pieces; some are even close to being called works of art.

A lot of precision and fine-tuning goes into manufacturing a perfect roulette wheel.

In this article, we’ll look at the roulette wheel parts and the leading manufacturers supplying wheels for the live dealer roulette games you see on this site.

The fact that a roulette wheel can spin for so long without slowing down is a marvel of engineering.

The game itself originated from Blaise Pascal, who was trying to invent the machine that would spin and spin forever. Roulette is an attempt at creating perpetual motion.

After reading this article and discovering the true inner beauty of a roulette wheel, you will likely never play an RNG version of this game online again.

Maybe this article will get you on course to become a connoisseur who recognizes the different manufacturers and the exact wheel models!

live dealer Roulette wheels

The Main Roulette Wheel Manufacturers

Two major manufacturers of roulette wheels surpass all others.

TCSJohnHuxley and Cammegh are the two distinguished, traditional manufacturers of roulette wheels.

Evolution, the leading live dealer game developer, utilizes both manufacturers in their live roulette games.

Another manufacturer starting to make inroads in live dealer is King Roulettes, a Bosnia and Herzegovina maker of roulette wheels established in 2002.


cammegh roulette wheel

Cammegh is widely regarded as the premier manufacturer of roulette wheels, known for crafting beautiful traditional models that captivate players.

If you’ve ever found yourself mesmerized by a roulette wheel, it’s likely one of the Cammegh creations.

Cammegh’s roulette wheels can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious casinos, including Caesars, Hilton, and Tropicana in Atlantic City, the Sun Casino in Monaco, and Ladbrokes Grosvenor Casinos and Gala Casinos. They’re also a popular choice for Evolution games.

Every Cammegh wheel is fully customizable, allowing clients to choose from double-radius or scalloped separators, a range of natural wood veneers, and plating options in nickel, brass, gold, or rose gold. The turret can be French, Cammegh, or made to bespoke specifications.

Cammegh’s wheels are maintenance-free for life, thanks to pre-lubrication that eliminates the need for additional lubrication. Their spin times can improve with age, a testament to the precision engineering that sets Cammegh apart from other manufacturers.

While the company’s traditional no-frills Connoisseur roulette wheel is widespread, the flagship Mercury 360 model is the real standout.

The base model boasts four in-rim sensors, and there are also Halo and Aurora LED-lit versions.

The Mercury 360 Monaco is a particularly aesthetically pleasing option, recreating the look of traditional French roulette wheels.

If you appreciate the classic look of a roulette wheel, this is the one to choose.

Cammegh’s most advanced roulette wheel is the Mercury 360 RRS, which features a randomly variable rotor speed to increase the unpredictability of the wheel (hence the RRS name). This system can be implemented into any wheel in the Mercury 360 family.

Finally, the Slingshot 2 wheel uses air jets to propel the ball, making it a popular choice for automated roulette in land-based and online live dealer casinos.


tcs john huxley roulette wheel

TCSJohnHuxley is a renowned UK-based manufacturer of roulette wheels and other casino equipment, such as dice shakers, money wheels, shufflers, chips, layouts, and gaming tables. Interestingly, they manufacture the money wheels used in Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

If you come across a Blaze roulette table with an LED-lit layout, that is a product of TCSJohnHuxley. The same goes for Blaze Baccarat, Sic Bo, Craps, Big 6, and Money Wheel. The Blaze Craps table is arguably one of the most impressive products TCSJohnHuxley offers.

While Cammegh has the best traditional money wheels, TCSJohnHuxley boasts the most technologically advanced ones.

Their Saturn roulette wheels have three built-in sensors hidden in the rim that enable diagnostics, reports, and detection of winning numbers.

There are also Saturn Auto and Saturn Glo variations, the latter being Saturn with LED lights. Paired with Blaze Roulette, Saturn Glo is genuinely impressive if you’re into LED lights.

Like Cammegh, TCSJohnHuxley wheels can be found in many live dealer games and land-based casinos worldwide.

You will find TCSJohnHuxley wheels in Grosvenor casinos, among many others, and immediately recognize the Blaze wheel in the Authentic Gaming Blaze Roulette.

Anatomy of a Roulette Wheel

components of a roulette wheel

The roulette wheel comprises several key components, the first being the Bowl, which serves as the base for everything.

The Bowl is a stationary part containing the roulette wheel’s other elements. It is typically made of wood, has a shiny finish, and is heavy. The Bowl also includes two essential components – the Ball Track, where the ball travels, and the Ball Deflectors, which are diamond-shaped and cause the ball to bounce.

At the centre of the Bowl is a Spindle, which holds the actual wheel in place. The Spindle is the most crucial part of the roulette wheel, as it must be perfectly smooth and balanced without lubrication. The quality of this component is what separates top-notch manufacturers from mediocre ones.

The actual Wheel is a plate with Ball Pockets containing Numbers. The Wheel Head connects to the Spindle and the parts placed on the Wheel. The Wheel must be perfectly crafted and balanced to avoid unwanted bias towards any section.

Older Ball Tracks had a lip, allowing players to guess where the ball would land in relation to its release point. Modern wheels have no lip, causing the ball to drop as soon as centrifugal force weakens. It then hits at least one deflector before landing in a pocket.

Frets, or pocket separators, are usually made of non-magnetic materials, such as brass, chrome-plated brass or aluminium, to prevent magnetic devices from being used for rigging.

Some wheels have lower-profile frets and shallower pockets, allowing the ball to travel further before settling and reducing the number of last-second bounces. Some players prefer shallower pockets, while others prefer deeper ones.

After installing the Wheel Plate, three parts are added: the Height Adjuster, the Turret Base and the Turret.

Conclusion: Do Roulette Wheels Matter?

Undoubtedly, they do.

Now that you have been introduced to the underlying technology and marvellous precision engineering that goes into creating a roulette wheel that spins flawlessly, you’ll know how to recognize a good one.

As a player, you want a roulette wheel that can’t be tampered with in any way and is unbiased. Therefore, you require a quality wheel with self-reporting features so the casino can detect any form of bias in real time and correct it promptly.

Without this technology, you wouldn’t be able to tell if the wheel is biased due to a microscopic crack that affects the weight distribution or any other reason.

This again emphasizes the importance of playing live dealer roulette online rather than playing it at a land-based casino or the terrible RNG version that shouldn’t even be called roulette. By playing live dealer roulette, you’ll enjoy the game with all the latest technological innovations.

In contrast, land-based casinos focus less on technology since they are traditional land-based establishments, even using Cammegh or TSCJohnHuxley wheels with tech features.

The integration with technology elevates the game of roulette to the next level. There is no better example of that than live dealer roulette games like Blaze Roulette or Lightning Roulette.

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